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A day with Daddydom and his "babygirl".

Boobs, hips, butt cheeks, legs, all of it going in slightly different directions at once. That's what mesmerizes us men.

Well that was one of the most teasing of their teasing times. There were lots of cute little outfits that teased David like crazy. Some sheer and nearly see through, some form fitting, some loose and short and whatever it took to show off Catherine's fine body.

One of the most extreme times actually happened by accident. David had arrived on a summer night on a Thursday, when he was not expected until Friday morning.

Catherine had already gone to bed, but Michael welcomed David in and got him set up with a sleeping bag on the couch in the living room. Catherine got up early while Michael was still asleep. She wanted to put her clothes in the dryer to warm them up while she took a bath. She often did that and then after her bath she'd walk down to get them. Michael always loved when she did that, as he loved to see her walk naked.

This particular morning, thinking they were home alone, she walked down the stairs and carrying her clothes to go put them in the dryer. What she didn't realize was David had heard the door open from her room and he was looking up. He watched her walk down the stairs naked. He could even see all the way past the kitchen and to the laundry room where she bent over to put her clothes in the dryer.

As she was walking back she was startled at seeing David sitting up on the couch looking at her. She had nothing to cover herself with and for a moment she stood frozen while she put it all together in her mind.

Looking at David she quickly realized he was staring at her, but like a man mesmerized in adoration and not as pervert would stare.

She would have thought this situation would have been extremely embarrassing but then she realized it was David who seemed the more embarrassed. For some reason she just stood there right in front of him and said, "David!!! When did you get here?"

David could hardly speak, but stammered out, "Last night Catherine, about 11:00."

Seeing him in such distress over her condition, she said, "Well I did not know you were here or I would have been dressed, but now you have seen me naked. You said before that nudity didn't offend you. Are you O.K.?"

He said, "You could never offend me. It's like looking at an angel."

So Catherine replies, "O.K. big boy, since you have now seen my naked body, tell me, what do you think of this 'andel'?"

At this point she slowly turned around letting David see her beautiful bubble butt and even poked it out at him a bit. She then faced him again, legs slightly apart, awaiting his answer.

David could barely speak. Eventually he said, "You are so beautiful Catherine, I have never seen anything or anyone so lovely in my entire life. Not even in a picture!"

She playfully spanked her pussy three short spanks that nearly made David shoot in his pants, "You can see that although I've kept my sweet little pussy shaved since you convinced me it looked nice, that it is in need of some attention and a fresh shave. Oh, and you must have been right last time, because my doctor also said he thought it looked great. Do you still think so too?"

"Oh, without a doubt, you have the finest little pussy in the entire world and I mean that!!"

She said, "Well thank you Sir. Every girls likes to think she has a nice body and especially a pretty pussy. I'm embarrassed that I let it get somewhat hairy. Still I am so glad you like me. I've got to go finish getting ready for the day. I'll make you boys some breakfast in a bit."

At that she walked back up the stairs and let David see her fine butt swish side to side as she strutted up the stairs away from him.

As she walked back into the bedroom, Michael was awake. He said, "Hey gorgeous!!! I forgot to warn you that David is sleeping on the couch. You didn't go downstairs like that did you?"

"I sure did Michael and David got an eyeful too. I wish you had told me."

Michael was excited, "Did he really

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