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She loses her man, and gains a woman.

But no more, do you hear me?"

"Marilyn, it's not going to be that simple. Look bitch, you will do as I say... Do you HEAR ME!"

She was startled, but realized that there wasn't much she could do right now so she decided to do what he was asking.

"OK, John. I'm sorry. What do you want me to do?"

"Well for starters, ditch those clothes."

"What? Do what?" she said.

"Get out of your clothes. I want to see your tits and cunt and right now!"

Marilyn started to disrobe. She unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and put it on a kitchen chair. Next she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Standing there in her bra and panties, she blushed red and reached behind her and removed the bra. John admired her and watched intently her strip act. He had never been with a naked woman and his cock was getting rock hard. He walked up behind her and reached around and started playing with her large breasts and tweaking her nipples. Grabbing her massive melons, he excitedly kneaded and squeezed them. He bounced her large globes in his hands as if weighing them.

"Mmm, they're fantastic! how big are they?"

Marilyn hesitated for a moment then hesitantly replied, "38DD."

"Oh God!" he groaned at her reply. He continued kneading the large orbs in his hands before finally deciding to get the show going.

"Good Marilyn, now get the panties off." he ordered as he temporarily let go of her tits.

She grabbed the sides of her panties and slid them down her legs. She stood before John completely nude. He saw that she had a nice figure, 38DD breasts that didn't sag, great legs And surprise, surprise, a shaved pussy!

"Wow Marilyn, a shaved pussy, how nice. Now get over here and suck my cock!"

Marilyn walked over to the teenager and thought, God, how did I get myself into this situation? She dropped to her knees, reached up and unbuckled his belt. She unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the floor. She looked at John hoping for some sympathy, but saw only lust in his eyes. She grabbed his Jockey shorts and pulled them down to his knees and his cock jumped out at her and stared her in the face. She was amazed. Jesus Christ she thought, this teenager had a cock that had to be 7 inches long and 3 inches around and he was circumcised. It was the first cock she had ever seen that was circumcised and she just stared at the large, purplish head in front of her face.

"Well Mrs. Johnson, come on, let's get started. Suck my cock!"

Marilyn took a deep breath and put his cock into her mouth and began to suck. She had always refused to do this for her husband, so she wasn't very experienced, but she just tried to do the best she could. She licked up the underside, played with his piss hole with her tongue and put the tip into her mouth. She bobbed her head a bit, but John grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep into her throat and pumped his shaft in and out like he was fucking her mouth. It didn't take John very long before he knew he was gong to come in her mouth.

John held tight to the back of her head and rammed his cock deep into her mouth. He heard her muffled voice as he shot all of his cum deep into her throat. He watched as some of his jism dribbled out of her mouth and down her cheeks. John kept pumping his cock in and out of her mouth until he became limp, then he told her to keep sucking and clean his dick up.

"Ok,'s over." Marilyn said. "I've done what you asked me to, now get out!"

John looked down at Marilyn, her nude body glistening, her large breasts swaying invitingly and said, "No, it's not over, it's just started. Or do you want the whole neighborhood to know what a whore you are?"

Marilyn was stunned. "I thought you just wanted a blow job?" she said.

John reached down and helped Marilyn to her feet while copping a feel at her enormous rack. Naked, with cum running down her face, Marilyn looked beaten.

"Now what," she said. John smiled, gave her tits a squeeze, and led her down the hallway towards her bedroom.

"Oh God John, not

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