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Brotherly love or lust?

She leaned forward and away from me, putting her hands on either side of the taps and let her tits hang down to the water. The twin globes of her butt were presented to me, and her brown eye stared at me expectantly. I licked my lips, afraid I'd make a mess of this. I'd done anal before, but it was a low light of my sexual career, and a brief one at that. Here in a bathtub, in a hotel room, the woman I had yearned for for so long, and who had wanted me as badly was offering her anal cherry.

I pulled my legs out from beneath her and got on my knees again. Gooseflesh was spoiling the perfect smoothness of her bum. I ran my hands over it, firm and muscled, running down in clean lines over her haunches. I wanted to eat her.

There were sachets of lube in my wash bag on the counter beside the tub. I reached over and fumbled one out at random. My hands were too wet to pull the sachet open, so I tore it with my teeth. I tasted strawberry. I must had picked an edible type, so I squeezed the entirety of it into my mouth.

Her pussy lips were slightly parted, I ran a finger over them and then rubbed gently on her clit. She gave a little moan and pushed her knees as far apart as the tub would allow, widening her gash. I slipped two fingers in, and then put my face to her ass and spat a little of the lube onto her other hole. Braced with one hand on the side of the bath I pushed my tongue past the seal of my lips, keeping most of the lube in my mouth, and worked the tip of my tongue into the little creases and folds of her sphincter. I felt the moment that she relaxed, the little muscle giving my tongue a kiss. I pushed in with my tongue, dribbling out a little more lube. The first penetration made her tighten again, and I waited until she let go, taking that as silent permission to continue. All the while my fingers were working her pussy long and slow, her juices coating them liberally. I pulled my fingers out, spat the remainder of the lube onto my erection, and then licked my fingers clean.

Once my cock was nice and slippery I turned my attention back to her bum hole. My fingers were well lubed too, so I pushed one into her, not stopping til I was all the way in. It was a tight fit, and she was breathing quickly now, it took several moments for her to loosen her tight grip on my finger. I didn't want to draw this out too long so I pulled my finger out, and then went in with two together. She yelped and then laughed at her own surprise, before pushing her ass further in the air and helping me get both fingers in fully.

The time was now. I got up as high as I could on my knees to give myself an angle to penetrate her, and then eased her legs backwards to lower her a little. I grabbed my cock from just behind the head, and pressed the tip into her anus. I couldn't get through, so I let go of my cock and the edge of the tub, and pulled her cheeks as far apart as I could. This time with a better angle my cock head slipped inside her. It was as tight as a vice. With the beachhead made I used my weight to push all the way in. Her tight little ass hole seemed to gobble me up in little bits and I thought I could feel her organs move to accommodate the intrusion. She gave little sobbing pants as I finally got all the way in.

I was bent almost completely over her. I put my left hand to the bath's edge and took some of my weight onto it, and then reached all the way round her with my right arm, until I could touch her pussy. It took a second or two to align my fingers to her slit, and then I started to wank her off. Her hips moved and I alternated with her stroke to pull my cock an inch or two out her and then push all the way in again. As before she dictated the pace, getting faster as she grew accustomed to the invasion of her ass, and the excitement of being masturbated built up.

I clenched my own buttocks and tried to take long deep breaths in, and lots of rapid short exhales to control my coming.

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