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A tale of passion and betrayal in Antarctica.

..why?" I gasp out over the sound of the loud smacks to my ass. "What did I do?" I moan.

"From now on," you reply harshly, "you will not answer me with nods or simple replies. You will call me Sir or Master. You will answer along the lines of 'Yes, Master, if it pleases you it pleases me' or 'No, Master, I do not want to do that, but I have no choice since you are my Master and will do with me as you please.' "

"I want very much to know if you want to do something or not, because if you don't want to do it, I will still do what I want and then I will punish you for refusing. And, if you really want to be punished, you'll say yes and then change your mind and say no, or try to stop me or try to get away, because then I will do what I want to you, being as brutal and rough as I possibly can, and afterwards I will punish you over and over in every way I can imagine. So, for the next week, which are you, my wife or my whore?"

I take a deep and shuddering breath, scarcely believing my ears, stunned that you, my sweet and loving husband may also be the cruel and demanding master that I've secretly desired for so many years, not quite admitting even to myself how much I've wanted to be forced and dominated, controlled and punished, and allowed to be the wanton whore that I want to be without feeling ashamed and embarrassed - if you make me do these things, then it's not my really my fault that I want them, is it?

Letting my breath out slowly and arranging the words in my head so that I get it all right, I whisper reverently, "Yes, Master, if it pleases you to be my Master and owner, to control me and force me and punish me whether or not I have given you reason to do so, to treat me kindly or cruelly at your whim, to do what you want with me however, wherever, and whenever you want, and to compel me do to you - or myself - whatever you desire, and the pledging of that agreement starts with the first agonizing shove of your huge, rock hard cock into my tight and defenseless asshole and lasts for the next 8 days."

"Eight days?" you ask, and I can hear the amusement in your voice.

"Today is almost over, Master, and I want to make sure that I fulfill my end of the agreement and you get a full and complete 7 days use out of me," I reply. "Of course, the rest of today doesn't have to count, either, if you don't think it's fair," I hastily add. "We can start the 8 days tomorrow."

"Ah, I see," you answer. I can hear you rustling around behind you, removing your clothes. "It's not because you're greedy, then, is it?"

"Oh no," I quickly reply, then remember a second later to add, "Master."

"Oh my. Slipping up already, are we? I'll have to punish you for that. Given your mouth and your attitude, I have a feeling that I'll be forced to punish you so much that I may not be able to keep track. As a matter of fact..." you trail off as you leave the room. I hear you rummaging around downstairs and you come back up and walk to the head of the bed. You take down the artwork hung there and hang up the large whiteboard from our home office.

"I may end up having to get a larger one, and a calendar to schedule your punishments, but it will do for now," you say as you hang it up on the nail above the bed.

"OK," you say as you write down my first transgression: 'Forgetting to address your Master properly.'

"Now" you say, walking around behind me again, "I believe that, instead of the traditional handshake to seal the deal, the agreement is me putting my cock in your ass? That when I ram my cock deep into your tight hole - all the way in your ass - that once that first complete thrust is complete and my balls slap into your pussy and clit, you are my slave according to our terms and there is no changing your mind or going back on your promises to me? That for the next 8 days (and a bit more) you are mine to do with as I please, body and soul, mouth and hole?"

Unable to speak, I nod.

"Ohhh - 2nd one already," you say, putting x2 behind 'Forgetting to address me properly' on the whiteboard.

"Oh no Master, I'm sorry I forgot!" I sa

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