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Sales Manager has all he can handle with his female staff.

He was cute, she decided. Talk about horny. She licked her upper lip slowly, her stomach tightening. Was he going make a move, or was he waiting for her?

He looked at her and hoped she hadn't realized he knew she was watching him. He saw her breasts and the quiet outlines of her nipples and imagined them hardening. His breathing increased a bit and he had to catch himself before it became obvious. He could just imagine her naked beneath him as he unzipped his pants and kissed her breasts.

He looked like a good kisser, she thought looking at his full lips. She could taste his lips already, and smell the musk. She felt his tongue and his hands through her clothes, gently caressing her back, her butt as she kissed back with eagerness. Her skin actually started to get sensitive and it responded to every move of her clothes with a sigh of pleasure. She squirmed on her stool ever so slightly. Damn, woman, she muttered under breath, control yourself. She sipped at her wine, not knowing what else to do. The warmth of the drink went down to meet the warmth coming up, and she was lost in the moment.

He did not miss the movement, and his crotch did not either. He felt his boxers stretch and a familiar heaviness between his legs. He could see his cock entering her, pounding her shaven pussy as he crushed her nipples between his fingers. He could see her drawing her legs back, asking for more.

The moment faded away and she focused on him again. He was actually breathless, and looking her over hungrily. She smiled ever so slightly in the mirror, knowing he was not watching, and thought of her living room and the music coming through the speakers. She loved the Black Eyed Peas and saw him kissing her to the beat, his hands all over her as he nibbled her ear and her neck. She sipped the wine again, imagining the opened bottle next to them on her side table, the dimmed lights throwing shadows, the smell of flowers filling the room. She quietly brushed against her rock hard nipples, and felt intense shocks of pleasure shoot through her. She wanted to squeeze them hard. Girl, you are horny...

He almost groaned out loud at the sensation as his cock hardened and felt the warmth of his thighs. Her nipples ... she was playing with them, watching him. If he took off his pants now, his cock would spring forward, firm and ready. He wanted to hold and stroke it so badly, but all he could do was rub it through the pants, and he did that quietly. He closed his eyes slightly, and saw her naked sweating body against his as he thrust his glistening cock into her, and she screamed for more.

She heard him whisper how he loved her body, how he wanted her as he started to undress her. She looked at his lips and his arms and sucked in her breath, warmth filling between her legs. She wanted him to touch her body all over.

Suddenly, her heart started to beat harder, and she got dizzy from the pleasure - he was getting off his stool! She straightened up and got ready for him, trying to take control of herself.

She was getting ready to talk to him! His nipples actually hardened with anticipation. Man, this was almost too much, he thought and started to turn to meet her look.

Instead he froze in shock as he felt someone walk up close to him on the other side and press against him. He felt a hard cock against him and looked up to see a young hunk smiling down at him, "Wanna party?" the guy asked quietly.

She was getting ready to smile at the built and bronzed guy coming toward her, when she realized with a shock that he had suddenly veered to the guy next to her. She hadn't even noticed the guy, not her type. Really not her type, she thought wryly, as the hunk rubbed his crotch against him. She had been so sure the guy was coming to talk to her that she was almost off her stool, and had to stand up.


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