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A silky/Silkeon Fantasy.

Clinton himself was a 2000-year-old vampire from ancient Europe. How they met is the stuff of legends. Clinton Roswell was traveling in Boston when he ran into the Cadre of Hunters. The Cadre of Hunters was a secret society of men and women who hunted vampires. They had been around for millennia and Roswell had been one of their oldest and most powerful enemies. Roswell's vampire acolytes were killed. The vampire Master found himself alone in the night, tracked down by people sworn to slay him.

Roswell would have perished, if it hadn't been for Adam Shay, college football star. The young African-American athlete had been walking around the city, just off by himself on a Friday night when he saw an older man surrounded by young people armed to the teeth. They were going to kill him. Adam, the son of a police officer, had a strong sense of justice. He intervened, and attacked the Cadre of Hunters. He had no idea what he had gotten himself into. His timely intervention allowed Roswell to escape, but cost him his life. Roswell's vampire crew came to the rescue, and the Hunters were driven off. Adam Shay was fatally wounded, shot by a Hunter's gun. In a moment of compassion, Roswell rewarded the young man who saved his life by granting him a second life. Thus Adam became a vampire.

Clinton Roswell was a very wealthy and powerful vampire Lord from a long line of powerful vampires. His name was respected throughout the vampire community. Yet he sparked a great controversy when he turned an ordinary man into one of the undead and also made him his heir apparent. The men and women of the House of Roswell, arguably the most powerful members of the vampire community, questioned their leader on his actions. No Half-breed had ever been shown such treatment. The Half-breeds were often considered to be the errand runners of the purebloods. The lackeys. The servants. Yet a vampire Master had heaped great glories on a young Half-breed, and chosen him as the one who would lead the vampire nation into the twenty first century.

Needless to say, many vampires weren't pleased with that. When Roswell traveled, he took Adam Shay with him. The young black vampire was experiencing a world he never knew existed. The world of the undead. The men and women with the potential to live forever. And he wasn't an ordinary vampire either. He had the trust of one of the most powerful vampires in the world. Also, Roswell had granted him great power and knowledge when he made him. If vampires were superior to humans in strength, speed and lifespan, then pureblood vampires were superior to the Half-breeds in all of these aspects as well. Yet the blood ( and power) of a vampire Master flowed in the veins of a very young vampire. Adam Shay made many people quite nervous.

Currently, Master Clinton Roswell was visiting Europe. The vampires were having a lot of fun in the Balkans and he had been invited to preside over a vampire wedding. The union of his daughter, the vampire Isabel of House Roswell and that of his rival's son, the vampire Romulus Kringos of the House Kringos. He trusted Adam Shay to look after things in his absence. Adam Shay decided to have himself some rather hot fun. Master Roswell had a vampire concubine named Martha Shrine who was currently living in an east wing of House Roswell. Shay decided to drop by for a visit.

Martha Shrine looked at her reflection in the mirror. Although she saw the image of a tall, curvy and beautiful woman with pale white skin, blonde hair and pale blue eyes, she knew it to be false. Martha Shrine was born in 1201 A.D. in England. One day, vampire Master Roswell came into her village and took her for his own. He turned her into a vampire. She had been with him ever since. His eternal lover. For eight hundred years. The gal had experienced all sorts of things as an immortal but lately, she felt bored. She was ready for something new, she just didn't know what.

Lately, strange events had been occurring.

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