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My slut, my good little sub, gets more than she expected.

You worked all day and had to babysit a basket case all night. I should let you go. The trouble is, I don't want to let you go. Are you from Philly?"

"Yes. I moved away at various times, but this is home."

"Then, I bet you're like the friends I have in D.C., who never go to the Mall. Feel like being a tourist with me tomorrow?"

"I'd like that a lot actually," he answered, his dimples deepening.

"Want to meet at, say, 10:00?"

"How about 9:00? I know a wonderful French bakery that will be closed by 10:00. You haven't lived until you've had their French roast and fresh croissants with jam."

"My God, that sounds perfect!"

"Okay ... 9:00 sharp in the main lobby."

The next morning, Jenny wore the barest of make-up ... just a little mascara and light pink lip gloss. She towel-dried her hair and let hang loose and free. She wore a baggy sweater and peasant skirt. Ryan picked up on the natural look immediately and beamed.

"And, I thought the sunrise this morning was impressive ..."

She blushed.

After breakfast, they took a walking tour of the Freedom Hall area. Ryan bought a disposable camera to record the event. Jenny bought him a three-corner hat and refused to hold his hand unless he wore it.
They rented bikes and rode to Little Sicily in South Philly to explore some of Ryan's favorite haunts. He took her to Geno's Steaks for lunch ... a Philly tradition. They peddled to the zoo. The cool air and bright sunshine made the animals frisky.

Ryan offered to buy her some cotton candy. "After that giant beast from Geno's? I may never eat again!"

She sat on a grassy spot under a tree sipping lemonade. Ryan lay on his back with his head in her lap.

"So, tell me, my romantic superhero, how come there aren't a kazillion girls lined up at your door?"

Ryan reached into his wallet and pulled out two pictures: one of a pretty young woman and one of an adorable 10-year-old girl. "Remember when I said I learned the hard way that women were to be cherished?"


"This is Maggie. We were married for eight years. She and I competed in pairs figure skating. We were good and had hopes of competing in the Olympics. We were in practice, and I lifted her in a routine move I'd done a thousand times. Something went wrong, and my shoulder virtually tore away from my body. I had three surgeries to try and correct all the damage. During that time, I kept pushing myself in rehab so we wouldn't miss our Olympics window. The pain was intense. I got hooked on pain-killers. It destroyed me. It destroyed my relationship with Maggie. I was so far gone; I broke into the drug closet at the physicians' practice where I worked as a physical therapist. I got caught and went to prison for a year. When I got out, I'd kicked the habit, but Maggie'd split. The only really good thing that came from that experience was Kelsey."

"Ryan, I'm so sorry. I had no idea. Kelsey's beautiful. Do you see her often?"

"Whenever I can. Maggie moved to Denver and got remarried, so it's not easy. I try to make sure that Kelsey knows I love her deeply. She comes here for a few weeks every summer, and we just pal around and explore. She's a great kid. I'm so proud of her."

"Did you ever try to get back with Maggie?"

"Not really. I was pretty much an asshole. She deserved better. Brett seems like a decent guy. I'm happy for her." He sighed. "I wish you didn't have to go back tomorrow."

Jenny pulled out her cell. "Hey, Jas ... It's me. Listen, I know the senator's home next week fund-raising. Think I could extend this vacation a little?"

Ryan sat up and watched her face.

"I don't know ..." She looked at Ryan.

He mouthed, "A week?"

"How about a week from Monday? ... Right ... Yeah ... I already wrote that. Check the bill support folder on the F drive. ... Thanks, Jas! I owe you!" She looked at Ryan and shrugged.

He jumped up and brushed himself off. Then, he reached down for her, pulled her up, and brushed the leaves off her back and skirt. He smiled and hugged her.

"One more thing .

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