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This brother and sister explore further than before...

The swollen tip was slippery from the pre-cum that had oozed from the eye and she could feel his shaven balls heavy and tight, beneath the base of his shaft.

His fingers hooked in the waistband of her pyjama pants and he tugged at them, trying to work them under the cheeks of her ass. After a moment he stopped and Kat heard a strange, metallic click in the darkness. A moment later, she felt an icy touch of steel against her skin and heard the whisper of a knife blade, slicing through the silk covering her pussy and thighs. She felt the tattered ruins of her pyjama pants being pulled down, leaving her naked, except for the hood. Kat's mouth was dry and she could taste her fear, like a hot penny on her tongue. She felt another shift in weight, as her attacker moved off her and gripped her thighs, just above her knees. His fingers dug cruelly into her soft flesh, squeezing, as he pushed her knees apart. For a moment Kat struggled, but he was too strong and she felt his knee being forced between her thighs. The grip on her knee was released and he swung his hand in a stinging slap against the side of her face. Stars burst in her head and she tasted blood from a split lip as her head snapped to the side.

Kat sobbed as she felt his stubby fingers rubbing at the mound of her sex, the tip of his finger thrusting roughly between the lips of her damp pussy. Kat moaned as he explored the wetness of her opening, the thick fingertip stretching her and scraping across the base of her erect clit.

"Please," she begged, "take the hood off. I won't tell anyone and you can do anything you want."

"I can't let you see my face." he replied, doubt in his voice.

"Why? I've promised not to tell anyone." she begged. "Why do you want to see my face?" he demanded.

"It's not that, Sir." she replied, almost whispering, "It makes it hard for me to breathe and, and I want to suck your cock." She finished in a rush.

The hands moved away from her thighs and pussy, and she felt the cord around her neck being loosened. The light was shut off and she felt the bag being pulled over her head. The room was still dark, but she could breathe freely again and she gulped great whooping draughts of the cooler air. The wait shifted on the bed again and she felt his hairy thighs pressing against the underside of her breasts as she was straddled again. She heard a slap as his slick, hard cock hit her breast, before he thrust it along the shallow cleft between her full breasts.

"Open your mouth then, bitch!" he snarled.

Kat meekly parted her lips and he thrust the tip of his cock between them, filling her mouth with the swollen head. Kat licked at the hot flesh sliding back and forth on her tongue, gagging as he thrust to the back of her mouth and into her throat. Tears filled her eyes and she choked on the hardness of his shaft as he forced her mouth wider. Desperately she sucked and swallowed, gasping around the meat filling her mouth. The room seemed filled with the slurping sounds of her sucking his hard cock as he drove it in and out of her mouth.

"Suck it slut!" he ordered.

Kat could not speak, only suck on his cock as he fucked her mouth, ramming the head over her tongue to the back of her throat. He held her head still as he thrust into her hot, wet mouth, her spittle making his cock slick and slimy. Kat's eyes were filled with tears and her nose ran, lubricating the shaft of his cock as he worked it in and out of her mouth, bruising her lips with his thrusts.

His cock stiffened in her mouth and he pulled away, sliding the head from between her lips and leaving her sprawled on the covers, gasping for air.

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