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Romantic lesbian fiction.

What did he say after he complimented your legs?"

"He asked to see a bit more of them."

"Have you done him happy?"

"I only raised the hem a bit more. See," she slowly lifts the gown near her groin up and crosses her legs, "so."

He kisses her again and again, while she strokes him on his trousers. With a quick movement Susan takes her husband's cock out, then she lowers her panties and impales herself. They start to make love.

The evening after. Ten minutes past ten pm. Susan's and Andrew's bedroom. He is on the bed in his brief. She stands naked at the full length mirror brushing her hair. He looks at her wife's lovely backside.

"What a beautiful wife I have" he says. She smiles from the mirror.

"Thanks, hon. Fourteen years after our marriage you are always a dear."

"From your ass cheeks I divine you went to Carla's garden in the afternoon."

"Shhh, shut up with this bad word, naughty boy. Never the less it's true, I went to Carla between three and five o'clock when Claire (their maid) was here doing homework. I asked her to give a look at the kids too."

"I divine that you sunbathed in the nude too. Your delightful little ass is rather sunburnt."

"Dont't say that, I gained a few pounds and my delightful little ass as you call it grows bigger," she tapes her asscheeks, "alltheway you divined right, Mr. Wizard. I sunbathed in the nude." She smiles again and going to the bathroom sticks her tongue out to Andrew with a little "prrrr". Leaving the door open she starts to brush her teeth.

"You are the sexiest woman in the world."

"And you are the most loving husband." She flows him a kiss then she soaps her face. In a moment or two she seats on the wc.

"Who was there today in Carla's garden?" asks Andrew.

"The same team. Paula, Laura, Elizabeth and Carla of course"

"What they said? Did they remain for a long time since you left the party?" asks Andrew while she starts to piss.

"They did, but not for a long time. Paula and Elizabeth left with Roscoe and Mark in half an hour. Laura and Peter went away only a bit later." Susan's peepee is heard in the silent room. He turns on the side looking at his wife.

"So Carla remained home with her boyfriend. Do you think they had sex?" Susan seats now on the bidet cleaning her pussy.

"Yes they had. Carla said John had been very passionate yesterday." She is ready to join her husband on the bed now. Still naked as the day she born Susan takes a refreshing cream and lays on the bed aside her husband facing the mattress.

"Had Carla given you girls other details?" Andrew asks kissing his wife's shoulder.

"O dear, don't insist. I can't tell you. That's too personal, I can't be unfair. Sorry dear, you want to hear something naughty maybe, but I can only say Carla was rather extrovert and descriptive, no more. Sorry a million, dear. Carla and the girls were rather curious about my moments with George too."

"What have you told them?"

"Nothing more of that you already know. Will you be a dear, hon? Put a bit of cream on my back. The sun really burnt today."

"Of course, honey, my pleasure." He takes the tube and spreads the cream on his wife's shoulders starting to massage.

"Thanks dear. The girls joked a lot about me," she says lifting up her hair.

"Why dear?"

"Because George has an irresistible fame with the women. They said I have no more than one month of resistance. Lower, dear." Andrews hands glide on Susan's pelvis.

"Are you excited at the idea, Susie?"

"O it's only a joke, dear, nothing seriuos. No more than flirting between adult people. Nevertheless he is very nice. Handsome and nice. Lower dear, just on my buttocks, my ass is scorching. Mmm," (she moans) "just there," (she moans again) "how sweet."

"Is he married?"

"Slowly dear, put a bit more cream. No, hon, he isn't. Never married. He is single." A pause follows while Andrew massages his wife's lovely ass, then Susan's cellular phone advertises a text message. She hesitates.

"Somebody texted a message. Read it" says Andrew. Susan takes the cellular phone and reads.

"It's George.

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