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She tries to get him to swing--bad idea.

I'd love the sound of his begging, relish it but feel a bit sad for scaring him. He should know me better than that, I'd think to myself and decide to continue, Enjoying touching his body. "What about these?" I'd ask again, feeling both nipples, rubbing and tugging on one with the fingers of my left hand and the other with my mouth while I still held the candle. He's rock hard despite his fear and I wonder if he really knows I probably won't do it. He begs again anyway, knowing I love it and I smile against his chest, his nipple still in my mouth and bite it quickly and lightly, watching him jump.

"You beg so well, I don't think I will sweetie. Though I do so love to watch you squirm, there are other ways to make you hmm?" He'd smile a knowing smile and nod. "Good boy." I'd move back to the bed and sit down watching him. Every nerve in my body would be tingling; I'd need release so badly. "Mmm, you know what this does to me baby." I'd tell him melodically. "I do believe I could use some relief. But seeing as how you're all tied up right now..." I'd laugh at his attempts to convince me to let him down to help me. Seeing him there would turn me on so much I wouldn't want to. I'd tell him how I was getting out a vibrator, my favorite, and moan into the microphone as I send myself over in little time at all. He'd be disappointed, but close himself, hearing my moans.

I'd rest for a moment, telling him how wet he'd made me, how I was seeping, how hot he looks strung up there like that. Then I'd take a piece of ice and hold it in my mouth for a second, letting it chill my tongue before licking his back and shoulders where I'd dripped the wax. I'd then take that same ice cube and run it over those spots instead. His exclamation of "Damn that's cold" or something similar would just make me laugh again and I'd continue running it along his back and neck, following every movement of the ice cube with my tongue.

I'd blow on my hands lightly, warming them, before I embraced him from behind, rubbing his nipples and then his cock, trailing my fingers from it's base to it's head, watching him squirm.

I'd run my fingernails lightly over his whole body, scratching gently, making sure he was at his peak of sensitivity before smiling evilly and getting my last instrument.

I'd kiss his ear and smile, my lips on his ear so he could feel it. "Don't move sweetie." He'd groan, not knowing what I was about to do, but sure it was going to be tough to follow my order.

My favorite red "tickler" would rest in my hands gently. I'd rest it on his back, just to let him know what I have, and smile as he groans again. I'd move it down his back lightly, then to each side, enjoying the extreme concentration and control he's exerting for me, I'd be ready to explode again and want nothing more than to rip him down from the ceiling, push him onto the bed and use his engorged member to satisfy my primal animal urges. But holding myself back I'd remove the feathered toy and scrape my fingernails down his sides, before continuing.

I'd move in front of him, play it around and across each nipple, watching him try not to squirm. I move it down his stomach and smile as he whimpers. "Shh baby, be good." I'd say, before moving it further down to tickle his cock, balls, and thighs. He wouldn't be able to control himself any longer and squirm lightly, though he'd stay quiet, remembering my most recent order first. "Tsk, Tsk," I'd say, shaking my head even though he couldn't see it, "You couldn't stay still for me while I tickled you? Maybe we'll have to practice with something else." He starts to say something but I place a finger over his lips. "Shh, not unless I ask you a question sweetie, remember?"

I know he can't take much more, and neither can I.

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