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"NOOO! STOP! PLEASE DAVID, STOP IT!" Allison's pleas had turned to begging. "I'M YOUR SISTER...THAT HURTS."

'WHACK!' Another smack across her tits was her brother's only response.

"OKAY...OKAY, I'LL TAKE IT OFF. I'LL SHOW YOU," Allison's begging quickly changed to acquiescence, bargaining with her heartless brother.

"Please...just...uh...stop hitting me," she followed meekly.

David's sneer suddenly turned to a smile, and the 18-year-old recent high school graduate felt just the slightest twinge in his cock. This was going in a direction he hadn't predicted, but now that it was, he intended to follow it to its logical conclusion.

"That's more like it. I'll stop hitting you...if you just do as you're told," David advised, loving his newfound control over his disdainful big sister.

"Let go of my hair," Allison asked.


"You have to let go of my hair if you want me to get my sweater over my head, stupid," Allison answered, instinctively retreating to familiar habits, which she immediately regretted when her brother, in a fit of spite, jerked her hair hard.

"YIIIKKEES!" Another shriek issued from his set-upon sister.

"Or I could just yank it out by the roots, sis," David retorted fiercely.

"Don't call me 'stupid.'"

"Oh...okay, I'm sorry! Please, you're going to tear it out of my head," Allison pleaded as more tears flowed from the excruciating pain in her scalp.

David let go with a shove, bouncing Allison once more against the wall with a thud. Allison thought about making a run for the door, but was afraid of what David would do if she didn't make it. That was a real possibility, since he stood between her and the door. He wasn't smart, but he was fast and strong. Allison thought the better of an escape attempt in favor of doing as he said.
Grabbing her sweater by the hem with each arm crossed over the other, Allison drew a deep breath before deliberately lifting the bottom of the garment up her torso.

'Oh, my god, she's doing it!' David gloated inside with amazement, eyes glued just a foot away as his bitchy sister began to follow his order and take off her top. There was a satisfaction in his expression only a person enjoying full control can realize.

Up her chest the sweater came, revealing Allison's constraining black bra as it went until she pulled the neck hole over her head and the knit fabric was removed.

"Just toss it on the floor," David advised authoritatively. "You can get it later."

Allison was pink with shame. The bra was functional and not terribly revealing, built for support rather than allure. Still, her full cleavage overflowed the top, pressed together to form a deep valley between her tits, with the black fabric contrasting sharply against her white skin, which rarely saw daylight.

She wanted to cover-up, and her immediate instinct was to move her hands to her chest. She quickly thought better of it, knowing her brother would just remove them by force.

'She really does have a major set of jugs,' David's inappropriate thoughts ran through his twisted mind as he appraised his sister.

"Wow, Allison, are you secretly a lesbian?" He asked facetiously, hoping to demean his big-titted sister, but in a faux complimentary manner. "I mean, wow, I don't know how you couldn't get a guy to fuck you with a big pair of tits like those?"

"I'm not a lesbian...," Allison shrank from the comment, then became defensive, "although men are such assholes maybe I should be!"

"I'm just not interested in dating," she added more contritely,

"Or sex," David remarked off-handedly.

"How big are they, sis?" The tormenting young man added in an inappropriate attempt to embarrass his chastened older sister. "Your tits, I mean. What's your cup size?"

"David! I'm your sister!" Allison shot back, appalled. "You can't ask me that."

"Inquiring minds want to know.

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