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When my roommate told his girlfriend about me I couldn’t say.

She plugged it in, turned it to the news. Just then Dale felt himself back in his body, he could hear the TV set but could not see it because all he could do was look directly at the blinding lights.

He felt himself beginning to feel angry, this was going to ruin his eyesight if it kept up, assuming he ever got out of here.

The nurse came over and carefully tipped the bed until he was facing the tiny TV as the older nurse stood in the doorway, her arms folded across her chest and a scowl on her face.

"You really are being silly, Alice. You know he has almost no brainwave activity, he is basically a vegetable." She told the young woman.

"It's just something I wanted to try." She said, as the older woman left in a huff.

Later, she came in and bathed him, he felt nothing at all. He sat and watched the TV set until very late, finally she came in and shut it off. Then she did something with the bags hanging nearby, he could see most of that out of the corner of his eye.

When she put the cot back down, Dale felt his eyes close.


Dale walked over and turned on the TV, keeping the sound down very low. He really liked the night nurse so he didn't want to mess with her and get her upset like he did with the older woman who often got delightfully crabby.

Searching the channels, he found a movie and stood there watching it.

It was nearly over when Alice came in, she looked at the TV set, stopped.

"Oh." She said.

She walked over and shut the set off, Dale turned it back on. With a puzzled look, Alice reached over to shut it off, Dale grabbed her wrist.

Alice screamed. Several people came running, they looked everywhere as Alice tried to explain what happened.

Finally they all left, shaking their heads.

Dale was more careful after that, for quite some time Alice acted a little bit afraid of his body lying there on the bed.


His wife Janet came in one evening, sat by the bed for a long time as Dale slept.

Dale sat near her, just far enough away so as to not touch her.

"Has there been any change at all?" Janet asked Alice when she came in to take care of the feeding bags.

"No, not really. For awhile there I thought..." Her voice trailed off.

Janet just sighed.

"Maybe if you came by more often, talked to him? Maybe that would help." Alice said.

"I came here every single night for over a year, now it's coming up on three years. I have a right to a life, too!" Janet blurted out angrily at what sounded almost like an accusation.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean....It's just that, your husband is such a fine looking man, this is a shame. If only...." Her voice trailed off.

"This just goes on and on, it's broken me. I had to sell the house, everything and he just lies there! It could be years, maybe decades before he dies." She blurted out.

Dale sat there, a feeling of sadness came over him. Of course this was not her fault. He couldn't help himself, he reached out and stroked Janet's hair.

She jumped, then froze. The touch was identical to what Dale had done literally hundreds of times.

Dale pulled his hand back.

"My God, I....?" Janet stood up, looking around.

Just then a tall man walked in, Janet turned to him. He took her in his arms, hugged her tightly.

"This him? Bummer." The man said, looking over at Dale sleeping on the bed. Just then Dale began to open his eyes.

"Hey, he just woke up!" The man said, sounding puzzled.

"No, he does that all the time, but he isn't really awake." Janet said.

"Oh, OK. Well, ready to go?" He reached out and took her hand and they left.

Dale was sure he felt a tear drift down his cheek, and he became sure of that when Alice took a tissue and wiped the tiny spot of moisture from his eye.

"You are in there, aren't you? I knew it." She whispered.

Later, the Doctor came in and ran some more tests.

"You say he wept?" He asked Alice, she nodded.

"Interesting, but there are still no responses at all. Perhaps just a tear duct leaking." The Doctor left.

Dale lay there asleep when Alice came in later that evening

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