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From the car to the house.

Shyly she would look away, glancing occasionally to see if he was still looking. Invariably he was. And this sent a thrill through Chloe. She loved the look men gave her. The dueling glances thrilled Chloe to the point where she just stared, smiled and once-very carefully- licked her lips while Terrance watched. This level of distraction almost caused him to drive of the sand lined road.

A stop at a turtle farm and Chloe stayed close by Terrance as he explained the history and delicacies of the turtle, much to shrieking dismay of the tourists. Chloe however stayed just far enough away to keep that sense of aloofness about her. Sure she would bend over the shallow cement tank's opposite him and let him catch a glance of her sumptuous, deep cleavage. But just as quickly she would demurely turn away.

Was she being a tease? For sure. But she knew what she was doing, never going so far that she felt in danger, but just far enough to titillate. And on a bus full of tourists, Chloe felt just that sense of danger that thrilled her.

Getting back onto the bus Terrance reached out to help Chloe in. As she squeezed past her heavy breasts brushed tightly against Terrance causing him to smile and apologize.

"Pardon me good lady."

Walking up a step, her cleavage eye level to Terrance, Chloe turned back, " Don't apologize for something I did."

She winked before turning back and finding her seat.

In the seat by the window she watched Terrance circle the mini-bus picking up stragglers. He was polite, friendly but got everyone back onto the bus. Occasionally he would turn back and look at Chloe watching him from the window.

She savored the way he moved, tall and athletic, with long wiry arms and delicate fingers. As he turned away his high, firm muscular ass readily apparent through his khaki pants.

"Yummy." Chloe mumbled.

"Ladies and gentlemen how do you feel about going to Hell?" Terrance said to the laughs of the tourists.

Slowly Chloe nodded in the affirmative.

Hell is a series of jagged volcanic rocks tucked behind a tacky tourist traps and small homes, amidst mangroves and palm tree. And when Chloe pulled up she was less than impressed.

Off they trundled again, weaving through the tourist snares of " I've Been To Hell and Back" T-shirts and expensive Hell shot glasses.

Once setting eyes on the pumice gray rocks that pointed angrily up from the ground Chloe achieved a modicum of impress, but just a little. 35mm cameras clicked and digital cameras silently snapped shots of the small rock formation formed when magma cooled as it bubbled to the surface of the Caribbean sea. Chloe played with her sunglasses and paced around looking at the small black birds hopping from rock to jagged rock. From behind she felt a presence and slowly looked back to see Terrance smiling.

"Aren't you enjoying Hell?"

"It's not quite what I expected. I expected something..."

"What?" Terrance asked looking down at the shorter woman standing inches away from him.

"Well I expected something much bigger. Larger." She said slowly, languidly looking him over. "I see," he smiled back," Well its not always the size of something that make it worth appreciating."

"Hmm I guess so." Chloe said, looking back to the rocks.

Then she turned back, " So do you think its not the size of the attraction that makes it worthwhile, in your case is that your experience?"

He smirked and rested an elbow on the railing overlooking the cluster of rocks.

"Well pretty lady you have not seen all the sights Grand Cayman has to offer."

"Is that right?" Chloe replied raising an eyebrow quizzically.

"We may be a small island nation you'd be surprised about the size of some things."

Without hesitation Chloe took the opportunity to look him over and lay down the gauntlet, " All talk...I bet you say that to all the tourists."

"Not all."

Crossing her arms and putting on a stern look, Chloe said, " Well then...let's see what you got."

Terrance laughed, head rearing back, thinking Chloe was joking.

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