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Jessica is chaperoned at the office.

He continued to kiss and lick her thighs. She parted her legs - the unspoken signal for him to proceed further.

He unfastened the next few buttons at the front of her dress, and flicked it open to bare more thigh. Her thighs were well toned. He traced his fingertips up and down the tops of them, barely touching them, teasing her with the lightness of his touch. He gently scratched her soft skin with his fingertips and nails, then gently kneaded her firm flesh.

He glanced up at her proud, expressionless face, her piercing eyes, her modest pink lips and her well-groomed, reddish-brown hair. She had resumed smoking her cigarette and was gazing intently at the page of her magazine. She glanced at her watch again, raised her eyebrows and tutted. Then she drew on her cigarette and lowered her gaze to her magazine again. Again the sounds of her sucking in the smoke, the slight kissing noise as she withdrew the cigarette, and the blowing out of the smoke made him harder.

Her feigned contempt fuelled his desire, too. He knelt right in front of her and gazed up her dress. This stage always aroused him. She was not wearing any knickers. He knew that she must remove them just before he arrived, but he fantasised that she was often knickerless under her work clothes throughout the entire working day. He tried to imagine her in the meetings that she chaired, bare-crotched and with her juices running in anticipation of his ministrations. In his mind he taunted her with the terms that suggested themselves for a woman who would behave in such a way. But he kept silent.

He saw her glance at her watch once more.

"Just another twenty five minutes till that meeting," she said, impatiently. "And bear in mind I'll have to bloody leave here ten minutes before that. So that just leaves fifteen minutes, doesn't it? I think you'd better get a move on, don't you?"

"Yes, Ms. Lewis."

He tugged her legs apart, not roughly, but suddenly enough to make her give an involuntary gasp. He licked and kissed her inner thigh, but inched higher. He sucked her fleshy upper thigh, aware of her pussy-musk. He stroked her swollen, verdant mound. It was soft and spongy to his touch. He watched and felt her reddish-brown, silky pubes entwining his fingers, and he felt her tense with delight and anticipation. Fleetingly, and with a very light touch, his fingertips brushed her slit and her pouting pussy lips.

He glanced again at her haughty face. She did not avert her eyes, and seemed determined to hold his gaze and to show no sign of emotion. She exhaled smoke from her cigarette, blowing it down towards his face. Her pretended contempt and indifference to the obvious pleasure he was giving her both aroused and irritated him. Moreoever, he knew that once outside her office she would ignore him completely, even if she passed him in the corridor. This was an important way of preserving discretion, of course, and he was more than happy to give no indication to any other colleague that there was a sexual bond between him and Ms Fay Lewis. But while he had to resist the urge to acknowledge her, she seemed to enjoy it.

He took her long, slender legs in his hands and draped them over his shoulders. Her dress rode up to her waist and exposed her hairy crotch. Her pussy was slightly open and the folds of her lips were very alluring. Her earlier jibe came to mind. He wondered which male colleagues would allow themselves to be taunted as he did. More importantly, he wondered whether there really was a female co-worker who would gladly do what he was now doing. He tried to picture this or that one, kneeling before Ms. Lewis' office chair and gazing at her reddish-brown hairy pussy before performing oral sex on it.

With his left hand he kneaded her breasts - but avoided squeezing them - and gently pinched her hardening nipples through her dress.

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