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I was about to meet my best friend of 10 years.

'I want you to lick me, you will see a little knobbly thing hidden in my pubic hair just above my cunt lips, that is my clitoris and if you suck it, it will feel to me as me sucking your cock feels to you, it's called 69ing'.

He had read about 69 and could see her golden pussy clearly and as she lowered it onto his face he stuck his tongue deep inside her and licked and sucked for all he was worth.

She lowered her head until her mouth slipped over his knob again and gently sucked it, while she massaged his balls.

He was in heaven his face was covered in her cunt juices and they ran into his mouth where he greedily swallowed every drop.

May was also really enjoying herself, it was a good feeling to have total power over her very own toy boy and she loved the taste of fresh young cock in her mouth once again.

She lifted herself off him and turned away from him with her bum in the air.

'I want you to slip your fingers up inside my cunt and really finger me hard', she instructed him in an urgent voice.

He knelt behind her and found that his fingers slid in so easily that he could put four of them into her without any trouble.

He then began to thrust them in and out of her cunt, faster and faster until she began to moan again. Soon her cunt juices were running down the inside of her legs and she was coming for him again. 'Push your fingers up my bum, and finger it just like my cunt'.

He quickly pulled his fingers out of her sopping wet cunt and pushed one of them into her tight little bum hole. It was slippery from the Vaseline he had rubbed in earlier but still gripped his finger tightly and he started to rotate his finger in her bum so as to stretch it enough to get more in.

She relaxed her bum muscles and he was soon able to insert four of his fingers up her bum.

Again she was moaning and thrusting her arse back against his fingers until she gasped and more of her creamy cum squirted out of her cunt and ran down the inside of her thighs. He then realised that fingering her bum could also make her come.

May was really starting to have fun, she had already had two orgasms and knew there were lots more to come.

She crawled away from him and told him to lie on his back again. 'This time I'm going to lower my cunt onto your cock.

I'm doing it this way so I can control the friction on your cock. It will be the first time your cock has been in a woman's cunt and if you feel that you have to come, then tell me, and I will stop for a bit to let you cool down'. She knelt over him with her breasts hanging down in front of his eyes, and slowly lowered herself onto him.

At last John felt the wet heat of a woman's cunt as it slid slowly down his throbbing shaft. He closed his eyes and savoured the sensations as she gently fucked his cock with her cunt.

May was really enjoying the feel of a big young cock in her cunt, it had been years since she had been well and truly fucked and she was enjoying every minute of it.

She could feel her cunt being stretched from her lips to her womb as she bounced up and down on his cock and she tightened her cunt muscles to increase the feelings as much as possible. She had already come twice and her cunt was red hot for another orgasm. It hit her sooner than she expected and she buried her face in his chest and gave a muffled scream as her hot cunt juices ran down his cock and soaked his balls.

After laying on him for a little while he felt her lifting her cunt off his cock, but before he could complain she had turned around so that he was looking at he naked little arse.

'I'm going to lower my arse onto your cock now, it will take me a while to get comfortable so be patient while I do it' she explained. He watched in wonder as she positioned her bum hole onto his knob. Very slowly she increased the pressure until his knob disappeared up her bum.

She then stopped and stayed very still relaxing her arse muscles until she could take a few more inches.

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