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She's blackmailed after being caught on web cam.

He was beautiful I was in awe of his presence.

The band started to play loud and fast. I watched him caress and stroke the neck of his guitar. I wanted that to be me, I wanted him to touch me and pet me with the same passion and gentle precision. I watch and studied him move and play; his expression showed that he was concentrating only on his instrument.

After the second encore the crowd began to file out, the show was over. I was still left with an intense feeling running though my body like electricity it traveled from my head to my toes. I then remembered that I had the pass, it hung from my neck and it almost shined with its presence. I fond my way to the backstage entrance and walk into the long narrow hall. The walls were bare and cold white, crowded with people. I sheepishly walk past hookers, roadies and other fans. I was on a mission to meet the man I have dreamed about.

At the end of the hall was the room that held my desires. I pier around the corner of the doorframe. I see him siting on the couch with a beer in one hand. His head resting on the back of the couch, sweat running down his shirtless body. He was dressed only in leather pants.

Something makes him look in my direction; he has noticed my looking at him. He motions me to enter the room. I walk in to the room in disbelief it's him, its really him. I am almost paralyzed with fear and joy. He gets up from the couch and steps towards me. I start to take a step back but he grabs me by the waste of my pants and starts undoing them. At the same time tells me in that gentle soft voice of his

"It's too hot to ware cloths, strip."

I am enveloped with lust for him and do as I am told. I take my shirt off, kick off my shoes. He slides my pants down over my hips and with them go my panties. I unhook my bra and slide it off my shoulders and then step out of my pants that are now bunched around my ankles. I am standing necked in front of him with nothing to hide behind.

He looks deep into my eyes and into my sole. His large warm hand is placed on my neck. He smells incredible; I want him but say nothing. He brushes the cold bottle of beer still held in his hand across my breasts making my nipples hard. Then he licks, sucks and bites at them. I become weak in the knees and find it hard to breathe.

I bite at my bottom lip; he sees this and kisses me. His tough slides in to my mouth and explores every crevice. I sigh he lowers his beer and places it on the table. He gives me a smile; I some how find comfort in this act. I again feel his large hand on my body. He reaches in between my legs, with my pussy now wet; he slides his finger in me. I now know what it is like to be his guitar; the gentle precision of his finger in me is beyond my dreams.

I moan and gasp for air.

He laughs at me slightly and positions me on the couch. One leg thrown over the back of the couch the other bent over the seat.

I am more nervous than ever knowing that I have never been with a man.

I blurt out "I am a virgin."

He replies "I'll be gentle."

I feel his warm sweaty body press into mine. His large erect cock placed just at the opening of my pussy.

He asks me "do you want this?'

I respond in a half mumble half pant "yes I want you".

He forces his cock into me at the same time biting my nipple the pain is intense but pleasure flashes over me. All of his body weight is on me. My fingernails dig into his shoulders. I squeal with delight as he begins to thrust himself against me. His already large cock swells even further until he finally explodes into me filling me with incredible wet warmth.

We then switch position. I am now siting on his lap his cock is still in me. He puts his hands on my hips and guides me. Teaching me how to rock my hips. He still sucks at me nipples and neck. We are coupled for close to an hour before we become too tired to continue.

He offers me a sip of his beer I accept it.

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