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Martin gets a handjob from a sexy woman on the plane.

Their hands seem to be everywhere, I was getting so wet. I had never had two men run their hands over me at the same time. Damn this is good. Gilberto by now was at my pussy and was checking out the badly hacked privet hedge and within a few second using, what seemed to be some sort of blue light laser tool was trimming the bush back. I could feel no tugging or pulling just his hand rubbing slightly on my already engorged clit, in what seems just a few seconds he said you feel, I lowered my hand to the area.

"Oh my God!" I though. I am a perfect baldy with just a small section of pubes above my mons.

Gilberto then came alongside me and kissed me, His hands trailed down my shoulders, onto the sides of my breasts, kissed, and sucked my nipples leaving them erect and needing more, continuing to the curves of my hips where they came to rest. He pulled me close and his hands slid around my waist and onto the curve of my arse a feeling I enjoyed immensely. Gilberto was now standing directly between my legs with his erection angled at 45 degrees up. Barely touching the slit, the tip of his cock traced a long slow path. Twirling around my clit, it repeated its wet slippery circuit as my pussy lips puffed and parted. He ran his cock through my slit a couple of times then slid it into me. It astounded me, He was thick like I had imagined, thicker than Martin, thicker than anything I had ever felt. He scared me a little but the fear was also a turn on. I was full. My insides felt full all the way up into my chest, my ass even felt full and the feeling was even spreading down into my thighs. This must be what heaven is like.

While this was going on Polo was kissing my neck face and giving my nipples all the attention possible, I allowed my hand to get back to handling his weapon and with a sideward glance got to see it again in all its erect glory. 'Oh my God' I thought, it was longer and wider than the one inside me, I am going to die a satisfied women I though. As I was pulling his giant cock he took each breast separately, kneading and squeezing, sucking a nipple into his mouth, licking it, flicking his tongue back and forth until I felt each nipple had turned into a separate clitoris. I lost count the number of my time I climaxed but just knew I wanted and needed more, I glanced up at Gilberto to see him covered in sweat and getting near his crescendo and then it came. As he came, wave after wave of sexual relief flooded over me, he continued pumping for a few seconds and then withdrew a great feeling of loss came over me.

But not for long, Polo set up position between my wide open legs, and with a small bowl of ice cubes in his hand and started to wash my whole overheated body with the cubes, this was a wonderful feeling as my body cooled down, he then finished off by rubbing my pussy with a couple of ice cubes which was an absolute relief, Gilberto dried me with a towel as Polo prepared to enter me for the first time. I put my hands down to control the entry, he was so much thicker than Gilberto and he was longer, much longer. I needed to be sure I could take it, but I was so wet and ready he slid in without any hesitation and that great feeling of fullness returned. I humped his dick, moaning with each stroke as I rubbed my clit up and down the length of his shaft. I sat upright and moved farther down onto Polo dick. When I felt the tip of it hitting my cervix I gasped and cried out, it was painful but I just wanted him inside of me even more. I put my hands around to his buttocks and pulled him in tighter and tighter, we both came with a second of each other, with an explosion of lust.

My body went limp and my whole being went into darkness.

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