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But they allowed me to move in with them when they didn't have to, and they tried to help me as much as they could, they really did. I realize that now though I didn't see it at the time. They don't always say it or show it as much as I'd like them to, but I know they love me, and I do love them dearly."

Brad kissed Kellie's hand and held it in his hands, massaging it softly. "That's all I need to know. If they love you then they are all right in my book."

"Thanks honey. They are good people."

Kellie grew quiet and serious again. He didn't want to, but Brad knew he had to probe further. "Honey I hate to ask you this, but... there's bad news too. Isn't there?"

She sighed heavily. "Yeah. My parents... they don't know if they will make it."

Brad was incredulous. "What?! Their own daughter is getting married and they don't KNOW if they'll make it?!"

"Well we are breaking this to them a bit suddenly, and they do have their own lives and..."

Brad interrupted Kellie by shaking his head. "No, Kellie, stop it. Please. These people should be moving heaven and earth to be here, not feed you some bullshit line about how they MIGHT grace us with their presence!"

"Aren't you being too hard on them?"

"No way, in fact I'm not being hard enough! I at least understand your brother and sister not making it because they're all the way in Europe and in the middle of obligations they can't just drop out of, though it would be nice if they at least tried. But if your parents don't even make the effort to drive two fucking hours to see you get married then he's a selfish asshole and she's a selfish bitch!"

"Brad, please! They are my parents!"

The continuing mistreatment Kellie's parents inflicted on her, and her seeming acceptance of it, enraged him like never before, and he found himself unable to control that rage. "Then when the FUCK are they going to start acting like it?!" he thundered. "Christ, they've let you down every single fucking time, what makes you think that'll change now?!"


"Come on Kellie, wake up and smell the damn coffee! They don't give a flying fuck about you and it's about time you figure that out! Fuck them, they can rot in fucking hell as far as I'm concerned!!"

"Brad, you're hurting me!"

Brad snapped out of his fury at those words. During the course of his tirade he had forgotten he had been holding on to Kellie's hand, and found to his horror that he now was crushing it. He let go immediately, and now that the adrenaline was wearing off he felt his own recovering hand pulse and throb with fresh pain. He turned away from her, so disgusted with himself that he felt like throwing up.

"Kellie, I'm so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me," he whispered.

Despite his harsh words Kellie found it impossible to be angry with Brad. She knew in her mind that he was right, and she recalled the strong stance she had made in outlining her plan to him in how to broach this topic with her parents just a few days ago. But he just couldn't see that her heart wasn't quite ready to let her parents go just yet, not that she expected him to. It wasn't his fault, but his own happy experiences with his family meant he could never really understand what she was going through.

She tenderly rubbed his back and said, "I think I know what the problem is, it's the same thing as when you broke your hand after that witch Anita tried to put the moves on you. You're so protective of me and when you see someone hurting me it makes you so mad you lash out. I love you so much for it but at the same time I'm worried something will happen one day... and you'll react just the wrong way... and then you'll be taken away from me. It scares me, it really does."

"It scares me a little also at just how easily I lose control of myself when I see you in pain.

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