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The final Showdown, who will survive?

"Well, Melina? What are you waiting for? You wanted my son, so get him ready and fuck him!" Val instructed her stunned and fascinated friend.

"Yes, Mistress!" Melina happily broke her own trance and began sucking her lover's juices from Jason's dick, finding them to have a fantastic taste.

She got rather moist between her thighs by this point in the act, and now offered her pussy to the young man for his personal use. Instead of lying there on her back, as his mother had, Melina got on all fours and spread her cheeks for him.

"Could Master please fuck this slave's ass? This slave loves a hard cock up the ass," she pleaded with him, continuing the Gorean forms of address.

"Your request is granted, this time. Val, lube her up, so I can sodomize our slave," Jason ordered his mother.

"Yes, honey. I have to confess that I enjoy watching anal scenes. I'm glad to help," Val obeyed her son.

In minutes, a reinvigorated Jason had shoved his dick into Melina's asshole, ravishing her butt with animal eagerness. He continued this for a good fifteen minutes, until it proved to be difficult to avoid his release. For the second time, since he woke up, Jason came inside a girl.

This exhausted him for another moment, so he watched as Val compelled their slave to eat her out. While inexperienced with lesbian sex and BDSM, she proved to have a natural gift for satisfying Melina's need to service her. She soon gushed into her roommate's throat, also spilling some of her juice onto the face of her girlfriend.

Instead of complaining, Melina lapped up the cum with her fingers and tongue, after which she simply resumed licking her partner's sex. She soon added Val's butt, rimming her without being asked. She devoured her Mistress, savoring her body as if it were a entr__e.

"I see that our pet is fond of oral sex. I don't even think it matters whether it's a cock or a pussy she's tasting at any given moment. She gets off on being servile, abasing herself in the presence of a dominant lover. I don't blame her. I like performing such favors for you, my son," Val commented, as she climaxed again on her girlfriend's face.

"You're right, Mom. That's why she was a great choice. That and the fact this was her idea all along. She's clearly a great third in this triad. Hell, she doesn't object to the fact that we're talking about her while she's in the bedroom with us. I love both of you, by the way. It's not just infatuation. The two of you have proven how much you care about me, and it would take a cold heart to ignore that. Too bad that I can't marry you gals," Jason remarked, smiling before he kissed both women.

"Yeah, I wish that we could all get married. Who knows, one of these days, society will be enlightened enough to accept our love. In the meantime, we simply go about our business and mind our own, right? I'm very proud of you, Jason. You're a man now. Not because you lost your virginity, but because you decided to embrace what you really wanted and take responsibility for your own choices. You did this for Jason, not just for Mom and Melina," Val agreed, kissing both of her lovers as well.

"Thank you, Val and Melina. Both of you helped me to become a man in that sense, even though as Mom said, I had to make my own decisions out of my own free will. Each has made me a lucky man. So, for that reason, I want to hold a small commitment ceremony soon. It will just be us, but we will bind ourselves to grow old together. Hey, it works on a slightly larger scale for gays and lesbians. Why not for an incestuous, half-Gorean m__nage a trois? What do you say?" Jason urged them.

"Is that a marriage proposal?" Val asked her son pointedly.

"Yes, but sadly, I don't have a ring," he blushed with embarrassment.

"That's not what counts.

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