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After Lilith's departure from Eden, The Creator made Eve. Eve, the soft-minded dumb beauty who would plunge all of humanity into chaos. Eve, the woman who would become Adam's wife. Eve, whose stupidity doomed all men and women to mortality and suffering. Verchiel was fond of Lilith. Lilith was beautiful and strange. She was also headstrong. Verchiel didn't like Eve. Eve was a dumb and submissive cow. All humans partook of her bad traits. For this reason, Verchiel hated all of humanity.

Verchiel was there when Adam and Eve made love for the first time. This had been briefly after they left the Garden of Eden. Verchiel and Camael had been the Angels assigned to keep them away from the Garden. Adam had been trying to build a shelter for them and Eve, the incessant nag, had been a real problem. The Angel Verchiel shook her head in disgust. Women and their incessant nagging and bullshit. This went back to Eve. Go figure. That's when Adam got the brilliant idea of silencing her. Or at least trying.

Adam told her to shut her mouth and when she wouldn't, he tried to make her listen. Eve pulled away from him. He wrestled her to the ground and took her down. Eve struggled and howled, then she turned and looked at him. A fierce desire shone in his eyes.

Eve watched, fascinated. Excitement rose inside her as well. She felt a need for him. There, in the mud, Adam took Eve. He was on top of her, and she had her arms around him. He thrust his cock into her, and their bodies fused together in lovemaking. Eve howled in pleasure and pain as Adam took her. When he came, sending his hot seed deep inside her, Eve finally relented. She lay underneath him, silently kissing his forehead. Adam did love Eve, and Eve loved him, as much as she could. Together, they would become the founders of humanity.

Verchiel watched how Adam and Eve made love. It was different from how she and Lilith had done it but not that different. Verchiel looked at her fellow spirit, the Archangel Camael. Verchiel stared at him. Tall and muscular, with dark brown skin, Camael was a beautiful male Angel. Verchiel found herself attracted to him. Fortunately, the feeling was mutual.

There, the two Angels made love for the first time. They freed themselves of their heavenly armor and tunics, and were naked on the grass. Camael was a glorious sight when naked, like all Angels. Yes, he was beautiful. Verchiel looked at her lover, and kissed him. She kissed every inch of him. Remembering something she had seen Eve do for Adam, Verchiel sucked on Camael's cock. The black male Angel caressed her hair as she sucked him off. He seemed to really like it. When he came, Verchiel drank his seed.

Finally, Verchiel experienced what Eve knew in Adam's arms. Camael placed her on her back and took her. He thrust his cock into her. Verchiel gasped as he went inside her. She had never felt anything like this before. Camael grunted as his flesh fused with hers, and they made passionate love. He thrust into her, and she responded in kind by undulating under him. When his hot body pressed into her, she knew pleasures no other Angels knew. Except maybe Lucifer, who banged Lilith in Hell every night. Later, Verchiel and Camael lay on the grass together, sated.

Verchiel lay next to Camael's sleeping body. He was simply beautiful. Yes, she did love him. And this was only the beginning of their eons of lovemaking. Warriors need solace every now and then. Angels had needs too. Verchiel didn't want to sleep with mortals. She feared that she might get pregnant and give birth to a Nephilim, and she hated them. Angels could not procreate with each other since they were all spirits, even when they took physical form, there were still certain rules. Angels could procreate with mortals, though. Verchiel and Camael were lovers for thousands of years.

The female Angel blushed when she remembered some of their most intense moments.

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