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Daisy gets fed.

Using some nail scissors from Sally's makeup bag I quickly removed the longer hair. Even though Sally had showered only a short while ago her special female scent worked its way into my nostrils, a very pleasant mixture of light sweat and musky odours purely designed to arouse the opposite sex.

A light coating of soap and water was followed by gentle strokes of my Gillette. Many gentle strokes in fact - I knew that the light tickling effect of the blades was something that Sally loved. Little by little the offending pubic hair was removed leaving the bottom half of Sally as naked as the day she was born.

"That feels much better," said Sally. Then a pause. "Remember when you used to trim Sophie?"

Remember? How could I forget? Sophie is our only daughter. For years she had a problem with lush, thick, fast growing pubic hair, even suffering teasing and occasional bullying by her peers. Then 18 years old and anxious to take a rather slimline and sexy bikini with her on holiday with some college friends, she had confided in her mother. After some discussion and persuasion by Sally I had agreed to at least take a look. Maybe I'll tell you about that another time.

Unlike Heidi at the nudist beach, Sally didn't quite have the sexy curves that I love so much, nor the deep valley of pleasure. But, hey, life never is perfect and Sally is still a good fuck even after many years of marriage. Sadly not as regular a fuck as before but abstinence isn't always a bad thing. When it did happen it was good .... very good.

My handiwork was complete, but rather than stand back and admire it I gave Sally's bare puss a kiss ... or two .... or three, and ran my tongue along the groove.

"Brian! No!" Sally's prompt but mild protest fell on deaf ears. The 'new' Sally considered tongue on genitals 'improper'."

"Brian ..... Don't! .... Brian .... " I sensed an involuntary shiver, followed by "mmmmmm......." I continued taking no notice whatsoever. Without the slightest prompt I could sense her relaxing. I ran my tongue a little lower down her groove, down to the lips that marked the entrance to her den of endless pleasure. Again Sally protested just a little.

"Brian .... no not there. You know I ...... Brian!" Her protests trailed off. Just a little lower and my tongue caught the tip of her clit.

"BRIAN! ...... Oh! Brian! ..... Oh! ..... Ooooohhhh! ..... Mmmmmmm!"

Her legs were slowly opening almost of their own accord allowing me to probe my tongue further and further. Her clit enlarged noticeably, became ultra sensitive, her breathing quickened, her pussy juice became a flow. In my mind and in the mind of many other guys I know the scents and the tastes are a potent aphrodisiac. My cock was already engorged, swollen, painfully pressing within my trousers. Releasing it was easy. Delaying the desire to push it in hard, ram it in Sally's cunt as hard as it would go wasn't quite so easy. It had been weeks, no, months since it last entered Sally's pleasure den and even then it had been more out of Sally's duty. My birthday, her birthday, our wedding anniversary. A duty, a kept promise.

Now though we were on holiday. Another routine fuck? No! Today had been different. Our moods, our senses, for different reasons had been enhanced, heightened, increased. I had to resist the urge to fuck her hard, take her like an animal would take its mate. I had to resist for at least a short while.

My mind went back to tonguing Sally, teasing Sally, arousing Sally, pleasing Sally. My tounge wanted her to come, to come hard, to make her orgasm from nose to toes, to make her shiver with overwhelming pleasure. I had betrayed her trust that very afternoon, being selfish, allowing myself to take in what was offered with no concern for Sally at all. I owed her this. My tongue quickened, darting here and there, tasting her nectar, flicking her clit time and time and time again until she gave her ultimate submission.

"Brian, mmmmm, oh! Brian, no, not there. Yes, Brian, mmmmm."

I slowed right down.

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