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The windows.

She was barefoot and had an ankle length cotton floral print shift on. It hugged her body and had no back with the front held up by a halter type tie behind her neck.. She and Gayle hugged and pecked each other on the cheek. My cock got instantly hard watching Gayle's big tits mash into Kathy's flat chest. I got a nice hug and a peck on the lips. I got a wink from her. I know she felt my hard cock against her thigh. Gayle and I sat down at the umbrella table and Kathy brought three margaritas to the table. We announced "cheers" and literally sucked down the tequila. Before I could set my glass down Kathy produced a pitcher of the frozen drink and refilled our glasses. Kathy checked the grill and turned on her boom box to some very lively Latin music. I savored the second drink but I noticed that Gayle and Kathy were pouring their third.

Kathy was dancing around the patio and we were all laughing and watching her. Having three margaritas in her plus the heat and music, Kathy was swaying seductively. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open. Her large nipples were standing straight out against the thin fabric of her dress. I looked at Gayle and she watched Kathy with fascination . She was moving to the beat on her seat. I could see a peek of her yellow panties as she moved her legs to the music. The song stopped and Kathy took a moment to collect her bearings. It was quite evident that the three drinks were having their affect on her. I glanced at Gayle and her short skirt was up to her thighs and with her legs uncrossed and parted her yellow panties were quite visible, not to mention the black tuft of pubic hair showing through them.

Kathy brought me back to reality when she threw her arms above her head and spinning around declared that she felt so free because she had nothing on under her dress. I must confess that I had not seen any panty line as she had bent over earlier. Looking at my wife's pussy through her panties and now this bit of information brought me right back to severe hardness. Gayle , who was sitting three feet away from where Kathy was standing, shocked the hell out of me , when she swung around on her chair .

She said," I don't believe you."

I noticed that Kathy had now focused on Gayle's pussy. Kathy, grabbing the material on both sides of her thighs, started to inch the dress up her legs. She looked at Gayle and asked,

"Do you want me to prove it?"

I knew they had both drank three big margaritas down very quickly and they were both acting more than tipsy, but I have never seen Gayle behave this way before. Kathy took a step closer and inched her dress up farther. Gayle sat up on her chair and slid forward to it's edge. The hem of her short skirt was now up even with her crotch. Not only could you see the tuft of bush she kept above her otherwise shaved pussy but the top of her cunt lips were visible. Her nipples were pushing out her shirt an inch.

"You don't have the guts." she challenged Kathy.

The heavy beat of the Latin music started once again. Kathy was now only arms length away from Gayle. Her hem was up to mid thigh as she swayed and twirled to the music.

"I'll show you more than guts." she breathed.

She was standing now even with Gayle's knees and never taking her eyes from Gayle's pulled the dress above her waist!

My cock felt like it was coming out the end of my shorts pant leg.

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