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She was lonely and it was time to let go of the old hurts and resentments. Why DID she hide her beauty and her femininity? Because it kept the world away, but it also kept romance and love away as well.

Possibly it went back to her school days or perhaps the way she had felt when she and Juliette had their falling out. All she knew is that everything Julianna had told her made sense. She wanted to change and hoped that if she made those changes, it wouldn't be too late for her and Julianna. If not, the new Frankie would have other options.

It took time to effect the changes. She didn't want to shock everyone at work or have them talk about her on a constant basis, Frankie knew that.

She had a fair amount of money saved, so she went on the shopping spree to end all shopping sprees. She kept some of her nicer pants and tailored suits, but everything else was donated to charity. Frankie bought skirts and lingerie and heels and vibrant colors. She met with a fashion consultant to pick the colors that best suited her. She went out and bought bikinis and then went to a salon and talked with the staff there. They told her it would take them a bit of work to strip the black from her hair, but if she was willing to be patient, they thought they could achieve that goal. Frankie let them work their magic and by the end of that day, she was blonde again. She hadn't seen herself look like this in over a decade.

She didn't meet with Julianna that day; she wanted to surprise her friend. At work the next day, she still wore pants, but she proudly displayed her new look and the feminine blouse she wore under her jacket. She let a bit of cleavage show and she saw some admiring glances coming her way, even from some of the female employees she knew were bi or bi-curious. It felt very nice to be looked at with admiration. She hoped Julianna would look at her the same way, because as much as she knew she had to make these changes for herself, it was still Julianna she wanted to impress.

That night, when Julianna came up for coffee, her eyes practically bugged out. She smiled at the newly-blonde Frankie and kept shooting admiring glances her way. "See?" Julianna told her. "I told you that you were beautiful."

"I haven't felt like this in years," Frankie smiled. "Thank you for setting me straight."

"Thank you for listening. I hope you'll be happier now Frankie, you deserve to be. You know, I've never asked ... is Frankie your real name?"

Frankie shook her head. "No, it's Francesca, but I didn't think it suited me."

Julianna smiled as she sipped her coffee. She crossed her legs and caught Frankie looking. She didn't try to be demure, she put her hand on top of Frankie's and said "It does know. You should use that name from now on, because it's as lovely as you are." Frankie almost felt like giggling which was most unlike her.

Over the next several weeks, Frankie ... now Francesca ... began to feel as if the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. She smiled more, she worked easier and she looked forward to the end of the day when she could spend time with Julianna. At the end of the month, she finally convinced Julianna to have dinner with her. She put on the sexiest little dress she owned ... still black, but very slink and it looked sensational on her ... while Julianna came in a snug, white dress that showed off miles of leg. They went to a nice restaurant and their chemistry was obvious.

"I finally got you to go out with me, we're on a real date," Francesca smiled as the waiter brought their food.

"I was attracted to you from the beginning, but it's so nice to see you happy and achieving your full potential," Julianna told her. "Oh God, this food is glorious, it's as good as sex."

"Maybe not ... we haven't had sex yet," Francesca flirted.

"Good point ... I have no basis for comparison," Julianna flirted back.

"We'll have to fix that," Francesca told her.

"Indeed," Julianna smiled, sipping her wine.

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