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Two girls make themselves at home.


"Fine. I can do it by myself," Scott slurred.

It was obvious that she knew how to hold her own and proved so by tripping the man she was moments ago trying to help. He fell to the floor, landing painfully on his knee then crying out in pain. Manni leaned over him, slapping his cheeks to get his attention. He looked up at her, head still dizzy, eyes semi-closed, breath and pores reeking of alcohol. "Do you see how defenseless you are if I was able to trip you? Will you let me help you now?"

Scott smiled unable to keep his head steady as it bobbed from side to side, "Manni."

"Yes?" she answered, reaching to help him to his feet.

"I love you," he told her, pulling her down for a whiskey flavored kiss. She felt more intoxicated by his lips than the strong after taste of the alcohol, but she didn't fight it. She allowed him to have his way with her, knowing that Scott rarely, if ever touched a bottle of alcohol in his life thus deeming him a lightweight drinker. Most likely, he would forget everything in the morning. Besides, after the loss that he had suffered, he deserved to have his own way for a while. He pulled away gazing up at her as tears misted his green eyes. "I really love you."

"Ok," she replied, helping him to his feet with shaking hands as her heart stuttered inside of her chest. It's only the alcohol, she told herself and kept repeating so as she led him to her car.

"I can drive."

"Over my dead body," she stated, pushing him into the car and driving towards his house. Surprisingly, he didn't throw up in her car saving that just in time for when they pulled up in his driveway. He would have a nice present to clean up in the morning, she surmised digging into his pocket to retrieve his keys. He stumbled away from her heading to the moonlit beach right behind his house with her worriedly following behind.

"Scott, you can come back tomorrow once you've sobered up," she told him, but he was determined to go, dragging her along with him since she refused to let go of his waist. Manni released him, rubbing her fatigued arms before trying another strategy. This time she ran in front of him and pushed, however her efforts were nonetheless futile proven by him forging forward, making her feet dig into the sand and leave two lines in their wake. He trudded to the ocean not caring that he was soaking his new pair of leather shoes only needing to feel the waves crash against him.

Manni fell, twisting her ankle and glared up at Scott who was too drunk and mesmorized by the water to come to his senses. She hobbled after him not wanting to put too much pressure on her aching ankle then wrestled with him to get him out of the water. "Scott," she pleaded as they fell and rolled into the violently crashing waves. Water slammed into them, threatening to take them out farther into the ocean away from the safety of the shoreline. Manni was afraid. What was he trying to do?

"Scott!" she yelled, holding on so tightly to his shirt that the fabric screamed as it ripped apart from their struggle. He pushed her aside still heading forward as she forgot about her injured ankle and trudged after him, fighting the deepening waters to get to him. She tackled him then swung her arm back to land a hard slap to his face. His trance was broken though he still remained drunk, looking down at her in confusion as she cried from relief.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" she screamed unable to control her fear as she held on to him tightly. He heaved a sigh only looking down at the top of her head as she continued to cry, finally leading them out of the water when they both shook from the cold wind.

"I'm sorry," Manni told him once she had composed herself. "I shouldn't have slapped you, but you left me no choice," she justified while he dropped down to the sand and stretched out on top of it. She searched her pockets becoming frantic when his keys were nowhere in sight then checked his own.

"Scott, I think your keys are in the ocean," she told him, nudging him when it looked as if he was sleeping.

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