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The continuing humiliation of voyeur husband.

Slipping to stand between their two bodies, my arms around each of their backs, I yelled at them so they could hear me. "Hey boys, Telly isn't feeling good, she's, uh -- she needs to go home, or something." I gave each guy a squeeze on his ass, and Brad's more meaty ass pushed back against my hand. "So Brad, I hear you live near here?"

The two men looked at each other, and without saying a word, it was decided.

I was going to get to fuck TWO men at once!

We walked out of the bar with me arm-in-arm with both studs, sandwiched between them. I was hardly walking, I was floating, my pussy was on fire and I was light-headed from the noise, darkness, and lusty expectations for the rest of the night. We left my car in the parking lot -- it wouldn't be the only one, I was told -- and the three of us climbed into Brad's roadster. It was a two-seater, so I sat on Tommy's lap. I had to crouch a bit and it was definitely a cramped space, but I certainly didn't mind. I could feel the bulge of his dick against my thigh, and his hand wandered up and down my lower back and butt, while his eyes continued to stare at my cleavage in front of his face.

When the car got roaring down the highway, I turned to look at Tommy and his face was right there next to mine, and it just happened. We started kissing -- making out, really, furiously. I opened my jaw to say it was okay for him to stick his tongue in me, and he did, and I whimpered like a schoolgirl feeling his tongue and lips invade my small mouth. Meanwhile his hand shot to my chest, he began pawing one of my C-cup tits, squeezing and groping it through my babydoll and bra.

The car lurched to a halt at a red light, and our faces broke off. I glanced at Brad, wondering how he'd react to seeing Tommy and me making out. Brad winked at me.

I was feeling in control and on fire. Playfully, I chirped, "You guys don't mind I'm married, right --you won't tell my husband about this, will you?"

Tommy laughed. "Are you really -- I thought we wore the ring just to keep guys away."

That made me laugh, I never would have thought of that. "Nooo -- see, my husband's dick is like this big--" I put up my fingers about four inches apart, maybe understating things just a bit. "And he's not at home tonight, so I thought, maybe I could go find something a bit more, uh, fun!"

Brad's hand, when he shifted the car into gear, slid up my leg towards my crotch, inside my mini-skirt. I wasn't expecting it so I let out a gasp, but I leaned back and moved my knees apart briefly anyway. His fingers fleetingly touched my crotch, finding my damp thong. But he needed to shift the car again because of traffic, and instantly when he pulled his hand out, Tommy replaced it. I leaned back into Tommy's arm, my head against the car window, as Tommy's entire hand was now over my thong, my knees spread open, the mini-skirt pulled up.

In the front seat of the car I was getting petted heavily, Tommy's big fingers were rubbing my clitoris and pussylips, stretching my soiled thong into my slit even. Then he yanked the thong to the side, exposing my freshly-shaved pussy, and he started expertly stroking my clitoris with fingertips. I was heaving and gasping, wanting to cum, pushing my pussy against his fingers. "Yeah, baby," I grunted, wanting more. He gave me more, Tommy's fat finger slid to my pussylips and pushed inside, one finger now fucking me while Brad drove to his house.

I made out with Tommy more, brushing my face against his stubbly chin, while his big finger filled my tight married pussy. It was a quick trip, it seemed, I was still headed for an orgasm that wasn't there yet, as Brad drove into a parking lot. The car engine stopped, and Tommy withdrew his finger from my pussy. Time to head inside and get the party started.

I'd never fucked two men at once, this was a fantasy come true for me. I couldn't believe it was happening! There was nothing that was going to stop me from fucking both men tonight, I was a thousand percent sure it was going to happen.

The walk to Brad's townhouse seemed to take fore

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