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Nikki has to face her biggest challenge.

What's got you so desperate?"

"After the ritual, I overheard them talking. They were going to force the bond, then turn me back into a little blond bimbo, and put a lust curse on me. That would have been worse than what I had. I would have been in perpetual heat, so I ran. Simon tried to stop me, and I ended up killing him. Taggert could probably live with my getting away, but he will never forgive my killing Simon. I have to run, and hope I get far enough away that he can't find me."

"You know," I said, "my life used to be so nice and boring before I met you."

I continued, "First thing, clothes. We're about the same size now, so some of mine should fit. When we find a place to lay up for a few days, we can look into getting you some that fit better."

I continued, "Any idea where we should be heading?"

"You're coming with me? Why? I mean, I'm the one Lord Taggert is looking for. You should be relatively safe if I leave you."

"Two, no four reasons. One, I need to find out where that collar came from, and you're my best bet for that. Two, From what I've heard, Lord Taggert likes to spread the shit around. Because we were together at his house, he's going to blame me, along with you, and come looking for me. We probably have a better chance together. Three, I've discovered he's a greedy bastard, so he'd kill me for whatever jewelry I have left anyway. And four, I need somebody to help take care of the horses. They're just not the same when you're not around."

"Now, let's get ready to run."

The next morning, after telling the innkeeper we were headed west, we headed out the north gate. We had to abandon Kira's horse. It was obviously to high a quality for what we were planning. Kira and I were dressed as a down on his luck trader and his companion, leading six scrawny pack horses out of town.

As we were leaving the gate, "I don't care." screamed Lord Taggert. "Find them. Whatever it takes and whatever it costs you will find them for me. I will personally have those two dead and buried. They killed Simon, and they shall suffer for that. They shall suffer so that they will find death by torture a mercy."

Although I didn't know what was being said at the time, that was what made the next month so interesting.

The first bit of the journey was relaxing. We left through the north gate, and a half day later turned off on a trail headed east. As we stopped for our mid day meal I noticed Kira squirming a little bit.

Kira" I asked, "what's wrong"

"I don't know. It's probably nothing. I feel OK, just a little warm."

I shrugged and went to get some water. When I came back Kira had straddled a log and was furiously grinding against it. "Kira? What are you doing?"

She looked at me with a vacant stare, "Good. Feels so good."

Alarmed, I set down the water and stepped towards her.

She came of the log to me, wrapped her arms around me, and proceeded to try swallowing my tonsils.

As I placed a hand on her cunt, "What are you doi oooh," from Kira as she humped forward on my hand.

"Ooh do that some more." as she tried to grind on my hand.

Stepping away, I asked, "You've never felt this before?"

"No, never. Not like this. Please, more" she moaned.

I pulled her close. As she started grinding against my leg I undid her belt and slid her pants down. Pushing her to the ground, I positioned myself between her legs, slid my cock out. She was gasping, "More, I need something more."

"You're first time is supposed to be special," as I pulled out my cock, "but somehow, I don't think you have the patience.

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