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Jamie's ordeal continues.

Ana didn't break her gaze with Chad when she felt Alex's touch. She acknowledged it with a slight breath in, a little unexpected squirm, and an opening of her legs just enough for Alex's hands to fit between her thighs.

Alex wasn't ready to give her direct stimulation yet. She wanted to tease her for a while this night. Ana was good at teasing her to some really insane levels of pure ecstasy. Tonight though she was determined to return that favor to her. With nothing more than her open palm over the top of Ana's dress she began a very slow rub over Ana's growing penis. She wanted Ana to feel and anticipate her touch, waiting for her fingers to encircle her but not yet.

Chad wanted to keep Ana's attention on him so what Alex was doing would remain physically felt only. The one time she started to look down he gently corrected her with one finger and told her to keep her eyes up. To punctuate his command he kissed the side of her jaw and told her what a good girl she was.

He also discovered she was not wearing a bra. She was one of those rare gurls who did not need additional enhancement to her breasts. She was naturally feminine before she transitioned. The hormones and some natural additives gave her very nice full 36 c breasts. Her nipples were also large and very sensitive to all their liking. They were now poking Chad's palms as he gave her breasts a full squeeze. She practically purred with delight.

Alex loved Ana's legs. Tonight with thigh high tube socks on she was just delicious looking. Alex squirmed her way in between Ana's legs. She was now sitting on her legs with her knees even with Ana's so she could run her hands from her toes all the way up to her very erect penis. She was careful however not to do more than barely brush up against her. Such a pretty sight thought Alex with a big bright smile as Ana's cock jumped with every touch. She also felt her pussy turn up her liquid fire another notch.

Chad laid Ana flat on the floor. He looked over at Alex who looked back with an adoring smile. They leaned forward and kissed each other deeply once before turning their attention back to Ana. Alex then slid backward so she could have better access to Ana's legs.

Chad stood up and pushed his pants to the ground. He was not yet hard and not entirely soft either. Ana would change that quickly as she was already reaching out for him.

Ana reached up from below him. He was almost out of her reach and probably would be once he was fully erect. She slipped her hand between his mostly flaccid member and his balls. Encircling him with her thumb and fingers. She started a slow downward stroke enjoying the feeling of him. He was still soft and supple in her hand. Squishy she thought but very sensitive from the look of enjoyment on his face. He would not be like this for long. She knew just how solid he would become and just how hard he could fuck her with this piece of man flesh. It was always fun to feel it grown in her hand but at this moment she really wanted him in her mouth.

Then she felt Alex's long pretty nails run up her thighs from the tops of her socks up to the waistband of her red lacey panties.

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