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Cassie gets lost on Halloween.

Lust Grenade. Basically, any one who inhales it's smoke when it's set off gets unsatiably horny, like an animal in heat or rut. The mythical four-hour erection, as it were," Talos explained with a smirk. Casiama's eyes were wide as saucers, a smile forming on her face.

"Does it work?" Markus asked, clearly interested as well.

"Oh yeah," Talos replied curtly.

A silence fell over the party. Eyes were dancing between members at the table and the purple stone, lewd grins forming on faces. Talos chugged his ale down a moment after realizing what could possibly transpire, if he so willed it.

He decided he could use a distraction. "So. Where do we use it?"

"In a room upstairs?" Silvia said.

"No, too much collateral," Vex responded.

"Outside somewhere?" Markus offered.

"And fuck in the dirt?" Vex asked incredulously, denying the plan.

"We could uh, always save it for later..." Sigismund responded nervously.

"I got an idea!" Casiama exclaimed with a smile, a finger pointing towards the sky. She explained her personal plane to the group, offering assurances they'd be perfectly safe and that no one would ever find them there.

"I don't know, guys, I'm getting too old for teleportation..." Sigismund replied with worry, Casiama gripping his shoulder with a light squeeze and a sweet smile.

"What are ya, lieutenant? A chicken?" Markus asked boorishly, flapping his arms like a bird.

"Bawk bawk!" Silvia clucked then giggled.

"Alright, alright," Sigismund conceded, chugging his ale. "I wouldn't have to take this abuse back in the Blood Moons, Talos," he whined gruffly after he finished his drink, pointing at the man. Talos shrugged with a smirk as he rose to his feet with his friends.

The party paid their tab, then promptly and hastily ran upstairs to Talos' and Casiama's room. Casiama opened her arms as wide as she could around the group before her, closed her eyes and took them on a journey to Tor Casiama in a blinding flash of light.

The party opened their eyes not a second later on top of a massive, plush bed high in Casiama's castle, surrounded by massive windows revealing a view of the cloudless pink sky. Everyone had, somehow, lost their clothing in the journey to Casiama's realm. The elf brought a hand to her mouth and giggled mischeviously.

"Not very subtle, are you Cass?" Talos smirked at her, his member already growing to the sight of her toned body.

"Honey, we have a... Lust Grenade!" she spat out before laughing harder.

Vex held the stone up, her other arm rising subconsciously to conceal her naked breasts.

"Alright, everyone gather around. On three, you breathe as deep as you can and hold your breath for ten seconds."

"One... twoooo... three!" Purple gas erupted from the glowing rock, shrouding the group in its magic.


Casiama held her eyes shut, holding her breath.

"Two... one..." and deeply exhaled. She felt a rush, a burning sensation flow down her throat as if it were the thickest liquid, straight to her lungs. After one terrifying moment, the sensation transformed into a gentle, tingling feeling that permeated her whole being. She opened and closed her hands, feeling just a bit disconnected from the appendages as they caressed the pricks of a thousand roses. She curled her toes, feeling as if she were standing on a dozen sandy beaches all at once. She took a deep breath, leaving her inner voice behind. Another, losing her shame. In and out.

Then, suddenly, every one of those feelings converged on her pulsing heart and held there for two, long beats. The sensation dripped down her tummy, as if water on leaf, landing onto her cherry as a burning, growing desire. She felt her juicy folds pulsing, her clit throbbing as her entire essence became nothing more than finding pleasure for that one small part of her.

Casiama gasped with need and opened her eyes, panting for air that would never satisfy her. Talos fell on her then, his eyes distant and non-communicative. She needed to tell him that -- ooooh!

She sighed like the slu

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