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Cyber-cafe flirting leads to alley-way fun.

Exactly 15 minutes later, he walked into his room to see her lying on the bed, in a hotel robe, reading the novel. Looking at her hungrily, he silently took her in as he loosened his tie and hung his jacket in the closet. "Stand up.", he said, sitting down in the only chair in the room. "I want to look at you." She stood up,and removed her robe, standing before him in the preselected lingerie. "Turn around for me." he said, his eye roaming over her body. She complied, blushing as he stared at her so brazenly. A heat intensified deep within her.

After a tense moment or two, he pointed to a desk and said, "Bend over and place your hands on the desk." He stood up to approach her. She hesitated for a few seconds, looking at him, assessing his seriousness, before bending over with her hands on the desk. There is a moment that he just stares at her bent over, appreciating the curve of her buttocks and her long, smooth legs, and then he stands. Walking over to her, he gently caressed the soft swell of her ass before swinging his hand back and delivering a solid smack to one solid cheek.

"You have disobeyed me." Smack, smack, smack; his hand descended on her ass time after time, raining blows upon her full ass cheeks causing her ample flesh to shake. He paused briefly and rumbled, "The robe wasn't in my instructions, and I'm not seeing a buttplug in your ass."

"I'm sorry, Sir.", she feebly said, the word barely heard over the slapping of her ass. He began to spank one of her ass cheeks four or five times, before switching to the next one. Back and forth, he continued until they turned rosy red. Then, abruptly, he stopped and began slowly caressing the skin with his fingers, once again marveling at the round smoothness of her butt and the now-red, but unblemished skin. He allowed his fingers to wander, tracing lines down the back of her thighs, then to her inner thigh and finally, to trace the outline of her pussy lips. The wetness between her legs was obvious now and he slowly inserted two finger into her. Barely moving the two fingers inside her, he used his thumb to simultaneously rub her clit. After a few moments, he slowly increased the tempo of his fingers, until they were forcefully thrusting in and out of her soaking pussy and the room was filled with wet sounds they made and her quickening breath. Then, he stopped.

She let out a soft, needful moan, as the fingers withdrew and her pussy felt empty. As he stepped away, she began to rise and rub her still tingling ass. "Don't you dare move!", Tom said in a firm voice, startling her. She quickly resumed her position. "I didn't tell you to move. You're going to stay there until I tell you you can move, unless you want an even more severe punishment." Bent over and with her hands on the desk, she couldn't see what he was doing, but it sounded like he was going through his luggage. Uncertain of what to expect next, a shiver of excitement ran through her as she heard him move back to her. "When I give you instructions, I expect them to be followed.", he said, firmly placing his hand at the base of her spine.

A cold, wet sensation shocked her, as lube was poured down the crack of her ass.

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