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An incredibly vivid account of a sexcapade between 4 lovers.

But I hoped Britney would like these ones. It was all I could think of as I left, all I desired to think of.

And then before the performance, she unveiled her thong for me with her friends: a pastel green, cotton thong with a tiny picture of a tiny worm with a ruler above it and the caption, in pink letters with a black drop shadow: "Little Inch Worm." I thought her friends would die laughing. I thrust my box at Britney with the thong inside, not wanting to stick around to see what she thought. Britney urged me into the men's dressing room to go put it on saying, "Go get ready, Inchy! Better hope I don't catch you..."

Right. That was the final part of the game. If you ran into your thong partner backstage, either person could demand their partner show them their thong so that they knew they still had it on. Some people-- especially men-- tried to back out of the prank at intermission, so this was the tradition's failsafe.

But did it mean she liked me? Or was she just making a fool of me for her amusement? I was so confused, but still felt heat rushing through me. It was a provocative thong, and clearly she had thought about my... nether regions in her purchase. But she thought I was... an INCH?

I thought about the game of truth or dare after one rehearsal where she'd given me a lapdance. Shyly, I'd controlled myself from getting an erection because I didn't want her to think I was a pervert or that I'd wanted to bend her over, whip her pants down, and fuck her right there. I also knew from my limited sexual experience that I have a problem sometimes with cumming in my pants, before I can even get it out, and I didn't want that to happen while she was grinding on my lap! But now she thought I was just an inch? Hard? God, I hoped she didn't think I was that tiny hard.

I remembered in high school (only a couple years ago at the time, and I basically hadn't grown since middle school) how terrible I was with numbers and, ahem, measurements, how I'd been a total womanizer under my false impressions. Then one lonely night came the shocking realization that I'd been using the wrong side of the ruler, that I could no longer brag about being bigger over 10 inches. In fact, I was barely even half of that! Just a tiny, little bit short of 10, in fact... a tiny, little... short... I couldn't bear now to think "inch worm."

My sex world, and my regular behavior since then turned upside-down. I feared I couldn't act macho and show off or lie about having a "big dick" without being discovered. Again this is before I knew that this sort of thing actually turned me on, so when all the dudes bragged about having a gigantic shlong, I would just laugh nervously or nod, hoping to change the subject-- or I would just say I was normal, if pressured to answer. I changed into my humiliating thong in secret as best I could, in a corner near the shower away from the other guys who were all busy joking about the thongs two other guys got for each other.

On my way out, one of the guys asked, "Where's your thong, newb?" And I just said, "It's, uh, a thong," and made myself scarce. He couldn't demand to see it because he wasn't Britney, and he knew it, so he shut up.

The stage lights and fiction of theater helped me block my panties from my mind during the performance, but backstage was another story. We still had costume changes and crossing backstage from one side to the other to do from time-to-time. Each time, I could only hope Britney was in the women's dressing room or somewhere else where I wouldn't run into her. Once, while crossing from stage right to stage left, we did cross paths.

We were like two knights crossing each other in jousting, and she felt just as threatening to me as if she'd been charging at me on a horse instead of merely sauntering upon her own feet. She walked toward me from the other direction with her utter confidence, knowing my "little lance" was no match for her. She didn't ask me to show it, but just smiled knowingly at me as she continued past me.

I caught myself staring at her as

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