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Therapist helps a woman with an unusual request from husband.

I heard the bartender say, "that will be $6.50, and I handed her a ten spot and walked nearer to my luscious find. She and I met midway on the dance floor. The gyrating bodies around us added to the sexual friction. I took my goblet and raised it to her lips and she drank from it, leaving the dark color of her black lipstick around the rim. I ran my tongue around the rim after her, and then drank it all in one swallow.

I felt her move her hands to my bulging crotch and I moved my leg in between her legs, pushing them apart. I felt her tugging on my toy and she smiled and started to move up and down on my extended leg. The music changed to the cocteau twins and the place became a wild scene with bodies everywhere jumping up and down, but my vixen was moving slowly, sensuously, riding my leg...rubbing up and down. I grabbed her waist with one hand and she threw her head back. I kissed her neck, almost biting as my teeth raked across her flesh. I felt her throat muscles as she laughed a deep low primal sound. Again I tried to bite her, this time I felt as her other hand came plunging down into my pants and stroking the top of the phallic toy. I pumped my pelvis into her, pushing in and then pulling away.

She smiled and suggested that maybe we should go elsewhere, to which I agreed. I told her my car was around the corner. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bar where she ordered 2 more cosmos and we headed towards the door. I thought the bouncer would have stopped us with our drinks but he actually looked the other way when we approached. blindly he opened the door as we stepped into the cool night air. She was dressed in black satin, a lengthy dress just below her knees, with a slit that found its way to her ass. It was T strapped and one strap feel down upon her arm. She had a tattoo of a whip on the left side of her chest, just above her breast, but below the collar bone. She stood about 5ft 8" in spiked heels. As we walked thru the darkened alley she asked me if I cared to smoke. before she could utter another word I reached into my pocket and pulled out a blunt. Again I heard her laughter, it was seductive and somehow sinister and it drew me in to her like a moth to a flame. When we rounded the corner I hit the keyless beeper and she smiled when she saw the car. I opened her door for her and helped her get into the Z3.

I watched as her dress inched up to her thighs revealing long slender bare legs. She caught me staring and asked me if there was anything there I liked that she could help me with. I smiled and quickly got into the car. We smoked as I drove towards Twin Peaks. The fog was just coming in as we did the zig zag approach to the crest. Just as we pulled into the parking lot, she slipped her hand into my pants, bringing a finger up slowly under the base of the dildo touching my clit. I almost drove over the edge, having to slam on the brakes as we hit the curb. She laughed and smiled again. I laughed with her. She then unzipped my pants, letting the head of the phallus spring to life. She leaned down and started sucking on the very tip, then with long slow licks up the shaft, and then down the other side.

I was growing hotter watching her, seeing her body pumped on the toy in my pants. I felt her fingers toying with my wetness and I grabbed her ass as it moved up and down in the seat. When I could stand it no more, I pushed her away from me and stood to get out of the car. I pulled her from the sporty and laid her back down on the rear of the car. I watched as she slid her dress up to expose her naked belly and furry patch. I knelt to the ground before her and buried my face in her scented pouch. My tongue flew inside of her and I heard her gasp. My hands grabbed at her ass and pulled her cheeks apart and then slipped a finger so sweetly into her brown pearl. Again she rocked and moaned in my ear. The night air was cold on my ass as I knelt there in the blacktop with my tongue flailing wild on her clit.

She started to beg me, saying she needed me, but still I

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