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Home Game and a new theory.

"So you don't mind?" He didn't give me time to interrupt. "I can wear them? Any time I like?"

"They're yours," I said.

"You can put them on now, if you want." Shit. Sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain.


I couldn't get out of it.


He dropped the towel in a heartbeat. But with his hands shaking, and his cock heavy and bobbing, or maybe jousting, he struggled to get the knickers up over his legs.

I got a right eyeful. And I wasn't complaining.

He pulled the flimsy material up over his thighs, covered his erection. But the fabric stretched out as if it had no resistance at all. Showed off the shape and curve of his cock to perfection. And between the gaps in the lace, I could see so much hard, excited flesh.

"Come here a minute," I said to him.

He had them on all wrong.

When he stepped forward, I pulled the knickers up higher on his hips. Straightened out the sides, and some of the back, until they fit snug on him. Making his balls hang in two well-defined globe shapes.

I managed a quick breath.

But it was still his cock that stole the show. Thick and meaty, unfurled across the top of the knickers, toward one hip. Some of the exposed crown stuck out of the underwear. Glistening.

I couldn't resist. I know I should have. And I know I should have done everything necessary to do so.

But I just couldn't.

I stroked my fingertips over the front of the knickers, until they brushed against his wet glans. And tried to poke it back inside. There wasn't enough material.

"Hmmm," I said.

He didn't make a sound.

"I'm guessing every time you wear these, it'll be like that." I prodded a fingertip against the shaft.

He didn't reply.


"Yeah. I guess." He blurted the words out as if answering a headmaster.

"They won't really do then, will they?"

"What? Why?"

I moved my fingers again. Grabbed the head of his cock. "Because it doesn't fit in there when it's hard."

His breathing stopped. But I could still feel his pulse. It throbbed all the way up my arm.

"How about another pair?"

"No. It's OK. These are fine." His body tensed.

"It's okay. There's a few others that might fit you better. And I don't have a matching bra for this pair anyway."

I was in now. Whatever it was. I was in.

"I don't want a bra." His pitch rose again. As if indignant.

"Just the knickers?"


I pondered it for a few seconds.

"Why? Wouldn't it be nicer to have both?"

"I just like the feeling of these.." He nodded down to the underwear.

My intrigue was piqued again.

"So, you're not interested in dressing like a woman?"

"No. Of course not." The indignance had no almost to it now.

"Just one other question, and I'm sorry for asking this. It's no business of mine. But, are you gay?"

"No." He almost screeched it.

So it was all about the feel of the material on his cock. I got it now.

"I think I have just the thing for you, then." I stood up, and padded to the chest of drawers on the other side of the bed. After feeling about in the middle drawer, I pulled out a pair of actual silk knickers. Small. In fact, too small, for me. I'd stopped wearing them a year or so previous.

I rushed back to the bottom of the bed, and sat myself down again. My breathing ragged, and a grin on my lips. I was having fun now.

He stood there. Unmoving.

"Come on," I said. "Get those ones off.

He inched his hand toward them, but it seemed to be taking a lifetime.

I reached across and yanked them down his legs.

His cock sprang out and almost hit me in the face. In that second I was disappointed it didn't. But I tried to wipe it clear from my thoughts.

He stepped out of them, and I made him wait a few more seconds before I handed him the silk ones. They were a bit ragged and frayed at the waistband. But I figured that might be a good thing, for what he had in mind.

He pulled them up. Tried to get them into the right shape. Failed.

I tweaked them, twisted them on his hips, neatened the edges, until his balls nestled in just the right place.

I couldn't see the f

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