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So I stood holding a seat handle for support.

The bus was getting crowded when suddenly I felt somebody pressing my back with something hard. Irritated I turned to see who the irritant was and I found myself staring into the same smiling kid. My heart started to pound in my chest and I felt a sudden happiness sweep through my body. Meanwhile the kid was not wasting any time. His manhood was now firmly in between my ass and with every motion of the bus he was trying to push it further in. It was as if he was going to screw me with all the clothes in between. My pussy was wet and itchy and the best I could do was to use my bag and the seat in front while my back was being assaulted. The cheeky guy didn't even wait for my permission. As the bus became more crowded the kid became bolder.

Using the movement of the bus he was now touching my back with his hand and I felt his hand roaming on my ass and then travel upward on to the naked skin between my saree and the blouse. Electricity was going though my body and my legs were going wobbly. At one point with one motion of the bus the kid actually kissed my neck. My stop was coming and I felt unable to move. His hand had started embarked on another journey and this time I felt it come under the folds of my saree to my right. Now as the saree is a flowing garment a person can actually move his hands around without anybody noticing and he was talking full advantage of that. With my bag and purse in front of me the female sitting on seat where I was standing could not see what was going on and I felt the kids hand traveling around the waste and gently caress the bulge of my right boob. His fingers lingered on for some time and went back and then came back to rest on the bulge. All this while his tool was rubbing me between my ass cheeks.

I didn't know what to do, as I was all wet and needed to release myself but it was neither the place nor the time. The kid suddenly stopped moving. I think he came. I quickly moved ahead as my stop had come and without looking back got down to walk home. That evening I masturbated for the first time in my life.

The next day I looked forward to meet Mohan and did my household chores and proceeded towards the library. I was wearing a biscuit color saree with a sleeveless blouse. I reached the library to find that Mohan was on leave and that left me sad. Deep in my thoughts I walked towards the washroom. As I opened the door to walk inside someone pushed me from the back. I stumbled forward to catch my balance and when I turned around to see the offender I was shocked to see the kid from the bus.

First he had the audacity to push me and then walk inside the ladies toilet. My mouth went dry and my heart started pounding. I whispered, "What are you doing here". He was quite and was watching me. As I could for the first time see him face to face I realized he was about 20-21 and very cute, in all likelihood a college student. I told him to go out, as this was a ladies washroom. He told me to keep quite and took my arm and started pulling me towards one of the toilets. I thought he had gone mad. What he wanted was fairly obvious. I guess my body language and the two days of bus ride told him that I was ready but here in a ladies toilet in a public place, the guy was made and he would surely get us killed.

While these thoughts were still going through my mind, he pushed me inside a toilet, joined me there and closed the door. We were in a 4 x 2 enclosed with the pee pot in between. "How romantic I must say". He cupped my face with his hands and looked intently in my eyes. He was thin and taller than me with black eyes and nice eyebrows. As he looked his lips locked on to mine. He started kissing me with a passion and intensity, which denoted that he did not have much experience. I decided to take charge and showed him how to kiss gently. His hands had meanwhile left my face and were traveling downwards. He opened my saree clip and my saree pullo fell to the ground.

With his free hands he cupped both my boobs

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