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One day, Eric came home, his head buzzing with a fever.

Sam stood up and smiling at her said, "It has been my pleasure to meet you. Thanks for the coffee. I look forward to seeing you again on Saturday."

"I will be looking forward to seeing you again Sam. I promise I will make sure that you will give me the job after talking it through with John. Why don't you and your wife come for dinner on Saturday."

"I have no wife Susan, we divorced six years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that Sam."

"No need to feel sorry, it is just one of those things that happen in life I guess. I accept your offer to dinner though."

She walked with him to the door and watched as he walked to his car.

She felt elated that she might soon have a job as the personal assistant of Sam Goodman. She had noted how every now and again Sam's eyes had lowered and she realised he was looking at her legs, her knees exposed due to the shortness of her skirt.

She had taken a liking to Sam. He was old enough to be her father she knew, but he also exuded an air of confidence and what is more sexuality. She liked the compliment he had paid her when he said she was a beautiful looking woman. She also saw the way he had looked at her legs as a compliment to her femininity. Having heard stories about black men having bigger penises than white men she wondered if it was really true. She had woken up that morning feeling horny, and she suddenly realised how wet her panties now felt. She could not believe it was because of the way Sam Goodman had looked at her, yet there was no other explanation. It was to late to go into town now; it would be better if she went after lunch she decided.

The heat and wetness of her sexual need was now paramount. She went upstairs and stripped off her clothes. She took her vibrator out of the bedside cabinet drawer and lay back on the bed. This was how she always relieved herself, as she stayed faithful to John. She usually fantasised about a big strong man who took her forcefully, and usually ended up bringing herself to orgasm twice before she was satisfied.

As she lay on the bed she played with her breasts, pinching the nipples hard making them stand up. Then moving one hand down she began to rub her fingers over her pussy lips, feeling them already slightly apart and the wetness inside as she began to rub two fingers back and forth inside the pink valley. She rimmed her hole twice and then slid her fingers up and played with her clit which was now enlarged and peeping out from under its hood.

For some reason today she began to think about the man being a Blackman, all the other times the man in her fantasy was always white. The only image she could conjure up of course was a mental picture of Sam Goodman. Well older man or not he was going to have to be the one. She imagined him kissing and caressing her body, his fingers playing with her nipples, her clit, then being pushed up inside her hole as he began to finger fuck her. Once she had aroused herself and was ready for this imagined man, this Sam Goodman, she picked up her vibrator and turned it on low. It now became Sam's cock sliding up and down in her pink valley, rubbing over her swollen clit making her moan. After a few moments of this teasing she moved the vibrator down and positioned it against the ring of her sex. She moaned loudly and said to her imaginary lover, "Yes Sam, take me ride me." Then she pushed the vibrator deep into her sex enjoying the lovely sensations it brought her. Soon she was highly aroused and said, "Harder lover, ram that dick deep into me." As she began to ram the vibrator back and forth hard into herself, she imagined it was her imaginary lover responding to her urging. Then the lovely orgasmic waves started as the imagined black dick brought her to orgasm. She moaned loudly as her sheath rippled along the vibrator, which she now had buried deep inside her as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure flowed over her and her pussy flooded with her release.

She lay there on the bed for a few moments enjoying the after eff

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