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Dinah finds her own way to escape controled reluctance.

l get some use outta you!"

Jason was horrified as his mother used his face, grinding her thick hips up and down, rubbing her pussy through her short shorts against his mouth, nose, and teeth. He tried to beg her to stop but couldn't speak. Her iron thighs grew tighter and tighter on his skull as she scissored him harder.

"Hope you got good lungs, son of mine, you're gonna need 'em now!"

Debby unlocked her legs only to lay Jason on his back on the floor and rudely sit on his face, holding his arms down with her spread knees, lowering her wet crotch to his face. He saw it coming, a big moist spot showing through her shorts, and couldn't stop her. She rode him hard, her hips hunching, her thick ass quivering as she used his mouth and nose, punching her pussy down hard on him, her hands on the floor above his head as she worked his face.

"Damn, Jason, this is soooooooo good.....been awhile since I've rode face like like it, honey, you like Mommy on your face?" she teased. "S'matter, can't talk? Well this oughta make it a little worse for ya!!"

She leaned up a bit to quickly peel off her short shorts, and to his horror Jason saw his mother's dripping wet and very hairy cunny lower back down on his face. She spread the meaty lips and buried his mouth inside the sweaty mulch of her hunching cunt, pinning him flat again and riding him hard.

"Fuck, yeah, that's it, that's it......" she hissed, eyes closed, thick ass quivering, thighs flexing, pussy chewing his mouth and lips, punishing his nose, bending it flat in the hairy grip of her cunt.

She leaned forward on one hand and used the other to grab his head and pull it even harder into her pussy. Jason could barely breathe, grabbing lungsful of air from the furry grip of her cunt, his eyes wide open, terror-filled and crying at the shame and degradation of being forced to be his mother's pussy toy. Her slightly distended belly brushed his forehead and buried his nose as she banged her tireless pussy back and forth on him and the whole package of gut and cunt threatened to kill him by suffocation.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice, baby, nice face you have for's my pussy smell, little boy of mine, how's momma's hot, sweaty cunny smell?" she growled, thrusting her sex all over his face, sloshing, wet sounds filling the room as her big, moist pussy lips washed over his face like a furry sponge. "Is it all cheesy and nasty because Mommy was doing aerobics all morning? Hmm? How's mommy's cunny SMELL!!!"

She went wild now, throbbing hard on him, cumming hard, washing his face down in pussy juices, pulling back her cunt so her clit banged his chin then slamming forward to engulf his entire face with her open puss lips, like a giant, wet clam bathing his entire face, chin to forehead, back and forth she went, faster and faster until her cunt was a blur on his face, and even her open and dripping asshole was being smashed repeatedly against his mouth, chin, nose, lips, eyes, forehead. For a solid minute Debby came with such brutality it nearly knocked her son out. When she finally stopped and settled down to a slow grind, Jason was sobbing hysterically beneath her soaking wet cunt.

"You gonna listen to mommy from now on, Jason?" she said, sliding back to sit on his chest and look at his crying, sopping face.

"Y....yes...." he stammered.

"Yes, what? Say, 'Yes, Mommy, I will obey you.' Say it."

"Yes, Mommy....I" he continued.

"And 'Yes, Mommy, you have the strongest thighs in the world, the tastiest pussy and the smelliest ass!"

"Fuck YOU!!!"

Jason bucked and bucked hard but succeeded only in making his mother slide back to sit on his crotch and lash out to take his neck in her socked, muscular calves. She lay back and let her calves chew at his face, vibrating them brutally hard, snapping his head back and forth as they crushed his neck, snapping her sneaks this way and that and nearly busting his neck.

"Oh, and make that 'Mommy has the strongest CALVES in the world, too!' SAY IT!!! SAY IT ALL!!!"


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