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Keven shook his head. "I don't know. I'm really sorry I got you into this."

"It's not your fault," Tolsten protested."It was all me. I wanted sex with you from the moment I first saw you."

Keven looked at Tolsten sharply. "You did? You like boys?"

"I've never had a girl," Tolsten replied simply. "I haven't even seen one close up since before puberty."



Keven closed his eyes and let his head loll back against the side of the small pool. He was sitting on a shelf that ran around the perimeter of the tub, and warm water lapped around his shoulders. It felt great to be clean with clean hair.

"How can you relax like that when you know something bad is going to happen soon?" Tolsten asked. He sat on the other side of the pool making small eddies in the water with his hands. Fear flickered about his eyes.

"We don't know for sure something bad is going to happen," Keven pointed out. "Besides, it's useless to worry about something that you have no control over. Best just to enjoy the moment, and right now, I'm enjoying all this warm water." In spite of his words, their immediate future had been uppermost in his mind, and he was much more on edge than he appeared.

"You've been here before?" Tolsten asked. Keven had already told him he was familiar with the room to which they'd been confined. The strange wedge-shaped room made up part of the center circle of an amphitheater. The walls were high and smooth, but there was no ceiling. Anyone sitting in the amphitheater would have a good view into the room, and the occupants of the room were captive, unable to climb out.

"Maybe not this specific room," Keven confirmed looking about, "but one very similar." The room was furnished with a large four-poster bed, a small table and two chairs, a fireplace that was currently unlit, a leopard skin rug before the fire, and a bucket for personal needs. The pool was apparently a feature of all the rooms, as were the shackles on the bedposts and along the wall.

"Did they chain you up?" Tolsten asked, eyeing the manacles on the wall.


"Something bad happens here, though?" Tolsten pressed.

"I don't know!" Keven answered, exasperated. He did not want to frighten his young friend. "I experienced a great deal of pleasure here," he finally said. "I spent two days having sex with a gorgeous woman. I was also whipped to within an inch of my life."

Tolsten's eyes widened. "All those scars on your back? And the one on your face?" he asked.

Keven nodded. "I think what happens depends on Master Rim's mood."

"Master Rim?" Tolsten squeaked. "You met him?"

"Yes," Keven replied, "and it looks like you get to meet him too," he added under his breath as he caught sight of the grey-haired man approaching the railing above them.

Master Rim was as Keven remembered him, paunchy and flamboyant, but with an eerie calmness about him. His predatory eyes peered down on them intently and a grim smile touched his lips.

"Hello boys," Master Rim's voice was high-pitched, like a child's, but his tone was deadly serious.

A chill raced up Keven's spine and Tolsten let out a small, terrified cry. Being careful not to put any weight on his injured ankle, Keven climbed quickly out the pool. He did not kneel before Master Rim. He had only knelt once, to appease the madman, but instead it had invoked his ire. He was pretty sure Master Rim had guessed his birthright.

Tolsten scrambled out of the pool and threw himself onto the floor near Keven, prostrating himself, his forehead on the stones. His whole body trembled.

Keven stood on one foot, wishing he could kneel. As he looked up at the madman, he hoped he appeared calmer and braver than he felt.

"Word has come to me that you boys have been engaging in some interesting activities," Master Rim said. "What is your name, boy?" Master Rim was clearly addressing Tolsten; he already knew Keven's name.

Tolsten made a noise that sounded like a sob. Keven was overwhelmed with pity for the young man. He knelt next to him and placed his hand on his quivering shoulder.

"Master Rim a

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