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Father & daughter's first night together.

The last thing he wanted was for Earl to catch him with jail-bait!

"Hey Niki!" Martin pulled her away, looking her up and down. It was hard not to stare; she had grown into a gorgeous young woman. "You're looking...great!"

"Thanks!" she chirped happily. "It's been years!"

"Three, actually," Jodi pointed out. She gave Martin a wary look. "Ever since..."

"Oh lighten up Jodi!" Niki looked past Martin, spotting Brea and Emily. "Martin's not alone! Who are they?"

"Um...yeah where are my manners?" Martin laughed as he scratched behind his back. Damn this was already getting uncomfortable. "Niki, Jodi...that is Emily..."

Emily was enjoying his awkwardness. "Hi there..."

"...and this is Brea," Martin finished, trying not to sound irritated. He turned to Brea specifically, trying to discreetly convey that he had no idea this would happen. "Honey, this is Niki and Jodi."

Rather than be abashed, Jodi walked right up to Brea. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise," Brea said pleasantly. "I don't think we've met before, but I've heard of you."

"Is that so?" Jodi spared a look at Martin.

Determined to end this conversation, Martin coughed pointedly. "So what brings you three up here? I wasn't expecting anyone up here."

Jodi gave him an amused look, sensing his game. "Not us at least? As I was going to say, official business. There have been a few disappearances up here lately."

"Disappearances?" Martin repeated, genuinely surprised. The paths were well marked, and there weren't many dangerous places here. There certainly weren't any dangerous animals here. The only time people disappeared here, they usually showed up later with serious hangovers.

Thinking the same thing, Jodi shrugged. "The usual suspects. Out of towners and the like. We were sent to check up on a group that was supposed to be hiking out here. Apparently they are wanted early, and the others are perplexed why their cell phones don't work out here."

Martin gave her an amused look as he approached Brea. He wrapped his arm around her and held her tightly against him. Cell phones could reach nearly any place in the country, but this valley was one of those 'gaps'. This was no accident; coverage actually was available but the rich families kept the towers locked by codes. "Typical. What sort of outsiders?"

"Yeah..." Jodi seemed to want to laugh. "You remember the General?"

"Lanes?" Martin nodded, recalling the lecherous general well. People called Martin a womanizer, but General Lanes had him beat by a long shot! Every other week he seemed to have a new babe at his lake house. Martin was perfectly fine with that, but he also rented out the guest cabin next to his house to whoever paid him enough money. If the renter had a nice pair of tits it helped a lot, and this was seemingly well known to everyone. "He rent out the house again?"

"Not his house." Jodi looked towards the lake. She couldn't see the house from here, at least in the day. Martin suspected they'd see it at night though. "His daughter's there with some of her friends from college. No, he rented the cabin out to production crew."

"Sounds like him," Martin commented, amused. So the general's daughter was in college now? He recalled her vaguely, yet she was very pretty. She was always with that boyfriend of hers too. Rather than dwell on this, Martin resumed inquiring. "Still, why are you all out here like this? Few locals not where their spouses thought they'd be is nothing new."

Jodi shrugged. "Also a few hikers from out of town haven't reported in. The others are looking into it."

Martin nodded; she still hadn't said anything important yet. "So why are you here?"

His ex fell silent, but Niki happily joined in. "Caves!"

"Caves?" Martin repeated, confused. "What about them? The caves have been here for a long time."

"Not these!" Niki pointed out. Jodi tried to shush her, but Niki pushed her sister away irritated. "New ones have been reported, along with unusual seismographic readings from town."

Martin cocked an eyebrow. "Seismowhat?"

"Seismograph!" Niki giggled

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