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A new dungeon is built in the garage.

They net over $1,500 each. Most of the footage is good camera work and lighting of member's normal shags, with plot shots to link the sex shots together. The series is getting a name among mature sex buffs, partly because we don't use rubbers and we do shoot our stuff right inside. You just might have heard of it. It is called The Viagrans."

The sergeant's skin had gone a shade milkier. "But you are a Registered Nurse, Miz Johnson. Isn't that a terrible risk of disease?"

"Not amongst us, sergeant. I mentioned my monthly medical check ups, and anyone who had sex outside the society, except for ladies husbands, of course, would be expelled at once."

"Jean checks our husbands too, Pete -sergeant. The rule is that if we are too sick to take our turns here, we are too sick for sex with our husbands. In that case Jean helps us out with meeting their needs."

" It does stop the sluts getting lazy," said Jean, "and if they have not had a day off during the month I pretend they need one before it ends. Sorry, Suzie. I try to remember that you don't like being called a slut; but I would not have chosen you for Chivas if I hadn't been sure you would make a good one."

"Just what does Chivas stand for ma'am?"

"Charitably Inclined Viagrans And Sluts. The Viagrans are all retired men without permanent partners. Women are no good to us unless they are natural sexy sluts. I recruit them when we need one, and so far they have all been housewives with an itch and a case of boredom."

"You ladies are all volunteers?" Suzie gasped. "Oh, no! How could you suggest such a thing. Jean forced us all into it of course."

"Indeed I did. I blackmailed you into joining by getting you drunk and taking a video of you with George and Jim, didn't I? You need to force a slut into it to bring out that side of her character properly you know, sergeant."

"You say they forced you into doing this and are forcing you to go on doing this, Miz Harris?"

"Don't get so solemn lawman about this Pete. Jean is right. I hate to admit it, but being used as a slut all the time is just what I really want, and I need to be forced into it."

"Forcing women into having sex is a serious crime in this State, Miz Johnson, and I don't think that law says anything about a woman who wants to be forced into it. But the law does say somebody has to charge you with it. So I guess it won't come to a felony case."

The sergeant shook his head and slowly wiped his brow. "Going back to what I am here for, I take it Miz Johnson that you have been giving Sam Perkins regular medical examinations?"

"So far as a nurse is allowed to, sergeant. He seemed very fit and strong for his age. I saw no sign of heart trouble, or of an other serious disease. The last time that I examined him was eleven days ago. There was no sign of a problem then; in fact, he left me a little sore when he finished. He looked quite as usual when I saw him today."

" And what happened when he started taking his clothes off, Miz Harris?"

"I started sucking his cock before he finished taking them off.

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