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Returning home.

Her head moves closer to mine, I can smell her now, her pristine clean skin and lust washing off of her naked body. The air filled with hot dampness and her amorous musk. Her wet hair also adding to her scent and she knows I adore that as I adore her and my eyes tell her precisely that, the subtle grin on my face confirms it, the tips of my fangs are moistened and ready and she knows full well I will use them soon enough. Her eyes are amazing, full of her love for me and that little sparkle that tells me things inside her soul currently are copacetic. Only the faint drift of the shampoo and body wash scent stopping me being overcome entirely by the smell of her. She always tasted faintly of Strawberries, a very subtle hint, just on the edge of perception. Her skin was always soft, sensual and a delight to run a finger or tongue over.

Her full lips are now so close to mine I can almost taste them. Soft, moist and delicious. One of the things about this woman I fell in love first with in fact. I knew from our first kiss that I was going to love her and deeply. A sentiment and feeling also mirrored by her. Not in all the time we spent together did a full passionate kiss fail to arouse me, a fact she always found deep comfort in and of course ensured she knew my passion and love for her burned strong. So aroused her and made her feel like the Queen she was to me.

We dance around the edge of contact, lips a mere fraction of an Inch apart. Tongues both ready to dart forward and taste each other but holding off as the anticipation builds. Her hot breath on my lips and mine on hers, fresh mint tainted saliva ready to be infused with the others. Eyes still wide open and upon each others as the moment builds.

The initial touch of lips soft, sensual, and heavenly. The moments holding off from the kiss ramping up our desire, not that it was required. Moistness sliding over moistness, lubricated deliciousness. The tiny imperfections of our lips, the stratified squamous epithelium, dancing with life at each others joyous intimate embrace. The gateway to our souls entwining, the connection between us growing exponentially with each brushing together.

Softly sliding over each other, the kiss starts to gain momentum, lips pressing harder, mouths opening more by the moment. Both of us holding our breath, seeing who will relent first...

The kiss increased with intensity, neither of us yet prepared to give in. Passion rising with each motion of our jaws, as we sink into one another. Eyes now closed and thoughts of deep affection flowing as we get lost in the other. The feel, the taste, the lust, the love and the bond. Souls now on fire within and crying out for it's counterpart. The heat from inside swelling and growing, seeking it's playmate, desiring to be together, united; complete. The key to joining them together; we both give in at the same time and our tongue tips meet in the middle. Perfection encapsulated in a moment of pure joy. The real sparks start to fly.

Dancing tongues inside each others mouths, parry and thrust upon and with each other. Graceful yet clumsy, no sight to guide them just tactile instinct and hours of practice. Thousands of moments spent doing just this, knowing what each other likes, able to gauge each others need, when to speed up, when to slow down, how much pressure needed and how to Tango with each other. It is a dance and one we are well versed in, our pulses and heartbeats uniting and our inner souls rushing upwards to greet each other.

The kiss has now overtaken everything, no longer can the birds outside the window be heard, faint traffic sounds have faded, the subtle background music she put on has vanished, the only thing to be heard and felt is the sound of two hearts beating as one and the sumptuous sound of lips sliding over one another and moist mouths working

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