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STD screening by company nurse.

Rob set them at ease. "Guys, she seems pretty nice. And she's not bad looking either, which will make things a little easier for you."

"So Rob, how was YOUR night?" teased Eddie.

"Christy was... definitely very flexible... that's all I'm going to say," said Rob, as the guys began to snicker.

"Yo, Ted, what happened to you last night? Did you take home any hot chicks?" Eddie joked.

"Haha very funny guys," Ted said with a glare.

"What's that look for?"

"I know you guys sent that girl to my room, it's ok the secret is out," said Ted.

The guys all looked at each other. "Dude, we didn't send anyone to your room," Eddie stated in all seriousness.

* * * *

Ted couldn't get the image of the mystery woman out of his head for the remainder of breakfast. He tried to put her out of his head completely, for he knew he had some serious matters to focus on with the sales auditor. The team made their way in to the small conference room, where a woman in sharp business dress, stylish glasses and tight bun hairdo stood by the window. She turned towards him, and his jaw immediately dropped to the floor -- it was Stacey!

Stacey was the auditor? No way!

She began the meeting, but he couldn't focus on anything that she was saying. His mind was filled with a mix of the night he'd spent with her, the night that taught him that friends can definitely be more... and the night with the mystery woman.

"Let's dismiss for lunch for 2 hours -- see you all back at 1pm," was the only thing he'd heard her say the whole morning.

He got up to leave the room, but he felt her grab his arm. "Ted, are you OK? You seemed distracted this morning," Stacey asked with a mix of concern and... something else... in her eyes.

"I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night, that's all," he stammered. "I want to apologize for not calling you after -- you know, that night. A lot has been going on lately with this company merger and all that -- you know how it goes."

"Yeah, I'm sorry too. No hard feelings -- friends?" Stacey said, as she offered out her hand.

Ted took her hand to shake it, then a wave of sensations came over him. It was something about her perfume she was wearing, that seemed very familiar. He tried to think about it as he walked away, but all he could see in his head was the mystery girl.. then it dawned on him... "No, she couldn't be the girl too..." he mused.

"Stacey, what hotel did you say you were staying at?" Ted asked. He wanted to remove doubts from his mind.

"I'm at the Hilton, why?" she asked with a quizzical expression on her face. That expression is the same one the mystery girl had before the blindfold...

"Can you come with me for a second?" Ted asked.

She followed him out of the conference room. As they went down the hallway, he grabbed her hand and led her to a vacant side room, where he shut the door and locked it behind them. Ted could see a mix of surprise and fear spread across Stacey's face, as she had no clue what was about to happen.

"I know it was you," accused Ted.

"Me... what? What did I do?" Stacey asked.

"It was you last night in my room... your perfume, the handwriting matches the note..." he accused as he got closer and closer until he'd backed her into a corner.

* * * *

Stacey saw no use in trying to deny it, so she went with it.

"Yes, it was me -- it was me at the club, it was me in the cab, and it was me in your room," she revealed.

Without warning, Ted grabbed her and began kissing her, right there in the vacant office.

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