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Asian girl lost anal virginity to step brother then got double penetrated.

Succubus-Incubus cons at double the prices for the same demon. Thrifty up-the-ass-with-a-hot-poker booths on the cheap. Live nude souls. Monster giant cocks and fairy pussies. All Magic, All Sex, All Eternity. Nothing is real but your next climax. Everyone knows; everyone sells it.

Pockets full of credit, veins full of blood, the Xhouse drifter descends lower - level to level - the incense of the just fucked a mist in the air. Inhale it: salt, sour, old, pungent, earthy, wetness. Dripping off your skin, it's so thick in the air. Like the juice of Mother Earth herself. It stings in the lungs and sets a fire between your thighs the wanderer believed was ashen. Arousal!

Zombies, jaded nipples erect once more and ache for the feel of lips and tongue and teeth. The deeper the breath - so deeply now - the more aroused by the scent of it; the slight burning of nostrils as they flare to suck in more and more; that chilling feel of the darkness and The Deep taking control: breath, heart, skin, surrendering to the tidal wave of erotic overload - and only steps along the path. So much further to go.

Tripping now and easier, the Xhouse nomad plies fingertips along the rows of cock heads - taut and multicolored - each glistening with a drop of precum atop the slit - each drop licked off by a pink tongued shiny oiled demon with impossible sex parts. A huckstering hulking nude with an enormous set of male and female genitalia offers a bisexual threesome with his twin sister. And suddenly - silence - stillness...

The shock wave roar of a cavernous female climax deafened The Deep. The world reeled and parts of it crumbled. Again.

"Oh, fuck! It's her again!" cried each denizen in turn. In their mind. Never aloud.

The newly arrived, the explorer from above, the neglected or stalked - the newbie from up there - wipes blood from her split lip and crawls painfully into a hissing pool of shadow in the darkness. She tastes her own salt, licks the wounded mouth. She likes the taste now. It's not blood, it's ink, darkness, blackness, blindness. Blindness where they say love is.

Her pussy was so wet and hot she felt diseased; scaled beyond want to NEED. The need to be made love to; taken, possessed, owned, and cherished. Her thoughts radiated out like a nova. The darkness in The Deep sighed with hunger for her. Surrounding her with obscene whispers of pleasure beyond dream or nightmare. Surrounding her with the promise of caress and grip; the whispering.

Chained, she knelt. Chained around, nipples, breasts, belly, cunt. Chained as an adorned slave, a captive to be tamed, a princess to enslave. Chained for the first time - for real - she climaxed in several shudders on her knees. The sensation of the stiff collar locked around her neck - the hard tug of the chain leash - a leash that felt locked to her nipples and clitoris as one. And her mind and heart. Each pull, each command, rippled her sensations like a drug. She was rolling in The Deep...

"I can take you deeper," she heard clearly in the haze. The voice had no gender, only quiet authority. A serpentine wave snapped along the chain link leash to her collar ring. "Watch," the voice said.

In the blink of her eyes, the leash was shortened by an arm's length and she felt her mouth forced open. She gasped loudly and felt something long and thick thrust between her lips and nudge the back of her throat. She gagged a moment before catching her breath through her nose. It pulsed in her mouth, throbbing against her imprisoned tongue with erratic rhythms. And spewed thick gobbets of lava hot cum down her throat in an instant.

In the taste of the first spurt there was a chaos of emotions and sensations. Her life long quest for more was sated. She felt clear and directed. The addiction for the dark found its cure.

"No," whisper hissed a thing at her ear. "Deeper."

She had never before felt wracked by pleasure.

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