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Meeting an online friend for some unexpected fun.

His hands went to my butt and I heard, "Those feel so nice Erin. Look, just relax and surrender your pussy and yourself to me for tonight. I think in a few hours you might be asking or maybe begging for more orgasms. We both know you are lacking great sex at home and you are seeking it from hot looking guys. I love young pussy such as yours desiring to be made to feel good. Just put blinders on and fantasize about one of the other guys as I am pleasing your pussy. All I desire tonight is a sampling of your pussy. If you desire more it can be done, just ask."

"Let's have a sip of wine and get turned on."

We took a sip and then Harry took me to a coffee table and said, "Kneel on the cushion Erin and we will watch the porn together."

I looked down at the table and saw a TV monitor facing the ceiling. There was a couple in the process of kissing and stripping.

I knelt and Harry knelt next to me and said, "Does watching porn do anything for you Erin?"

My throat was dry but managed to say, "Sometimes."

"Any particular type that interest you, more than others?"

" not really."

"Well have a sip of wine and lean down and watch the flick."

I did as he suggested.

We watch the couple strip as the passion between them grew.

After the girl had tossed the guys shirt she undid his belt and lowered the zipper.

She then reached in and pulled out a semi-hard cock. She looked the guy in the eye as her hand wrapped around it, placed her mouth in the center of his chest and began soft kisses, working her way to the cock in her hand.

I felt Harry's left hand slide between my thighs and was softly massaging my right thigh.

The girl knelt in front of the guy and playfully licked the head a few times until it was fully erect, then took it between her lips and mouth fuck it a couple of times.

"Do you do that for guys, Erin?"

My body was warming up seeing the action, his hand between my thighs and knowing soon we would be watching the girl being used for the guys' pleasure.

I answered, "Yes."

She then began licking the cock again. After a few minutes of licking she slowly sucked his cock to the base. She moved her head slowly, sucking as her cheeks sunk in. When his cock head began to spread her lips on its way out, she opened her mouth to circle the head with her tongue around the sensitive crown several times before repeating the mouth action.

Harry was working his hand closer to my pussy opening. I could feel his thumb searching for it.

The girl in the mean time had removed her mouth from the cock, was holding it with her left hand and flicking rapidly that very sensitive area of the cock. The guy placed his hands on the girl closed his eyes and let out with a soft moan and some hip movement.

I felt Harry's hand sliding around on my soft skin from the liquids leaking from me. I was giving myself away. The guys in the porn said, "Let me fuck your tight pussy. I don't want to waste my spunk this way. I want to coat your insides so it leaks for days so you can remember the fucking you had."

The girl stood, stripped her jeans and panties. The guy took her to a table and said, "Lie face down. I will make this quick and then you can clean me and we can do your ass when you have it hard again.

Harry's thumb was really close to my opening and there was lots of fluid flowing.

I was tensing for the insertion of his thumb into me.

The girl in the porn did as asked. The guy lined up his cock and shoved. The girls screamed and I screamed, "Ohoooooooooo, as Harry's thumb entered my hot leaking vagina.

Harry was fucking me with his thumb and rubbing my g-spot with it, as a finger massaged my clit I closed my eyes and raced to my orgasm. The orgasm hit me and the longest stream of words that I had emitted that far was, "I'm there, Oh god I'm going to Ohhhoooo...Ohooo...ooooohoooo!"

My body convulsed, my pussy clamped the thumb and I had the release I needed as well as desiring more from this stranger.

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