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A secret code leading to sex in the boss' office.

"Watch me," she purred as she leaned back so I had an even better view. "See how deep you go. You are hitting my core each time I move my hips forward. You like seeing me like this. You enjoy my vulnerable body. Wait until you see your seed pulse inside of me. I have picked up a strong voyeuristic streak in you."

Indigo took my hands and placed them on her breasts. They were large with puffy inverted nipples. I squeezed them, and they changed while I played with them. They became firmer and slick with sweat as she rode me harder. She was right of course. I loved watching. I loved when a woman masturbated for me or in this case made a show of love play. I let out a gasp when Indigo squeezed her pussy and ass around me. She was a very talented lover and surprised me when I least expected it. If she kept up squeezing me like this I was going to blow in no time at all. I was panting and fighting the urge to climax a few minutes later.

"Stop fighting me," she growled. "I know you want to cum."

"I want you to come with me."

"As you wish." She moaned.

We cried out together as cum splashed her insides. She fell atop me and I held her close. Damn, that was intense! I ran my fingers through her hair and she clung tighter. It took a few minutes for her to catch her breath. She sat up and gone was the translucent skin. True to her word she was the perfect blend of beauty I had seen when she first stepped into my bedroom.

"No. I want you to be yourself." I said, and she laughed as she reverted to her normal state.

"I knew it." She whispered as if talking to herself. "I knew you would want me as I am."

I surprised her as I stood up taking her with me to my feet. A few steps and her back slammed against the wall. I began hammering her hard from below. She cried out each time my cocks were buried in her. She could take it and I gave her my all. I felt the plaster crack under our assault. Indigo never asked me to slow down, thrust with less force, or even give her a break after her third orgasm. She rode out the storm that was a perfect blend of rage, relief, and longing. When I was finished I collapsed to the floor and wept. I had been so frightened of ending up on Bambi's hit list and finding my soul exiled to hell that I lost sight of so many things. It was time to make amends and begin the schedule that Tia had put so much work into.

"You could do them all at once." Indigo purred in my ear.

"You think so." I gasped as I lie on the floor.

"I have touched their hungers. They want it even if they will never voice it aloud. Rest and gather your strength. When you are ready strike without mercy. Fuck them until they cannot move. They will worship you after that. Your Osirin heritage will grant you the stamina required."

"I'm glad I have a few bottles of Ambrosia on hand."

"Ooh, I have heard whispers of Ambrosia. I can't wait to see you in action."

Her eagerness was both encouraging as well as alarming. I was loath to trust so quickly. She showed me the depth of our connection. Indigo declared that she would earn my trust as Violet had. I asked her to bring Violet so that I could talk to her. I trusted Violet's judgement. A few minutes passed, and I was washing up when my little sister walked in.

"Indigo said you wanted to talk. Indigo, you really have a way with words. She said you don't trust her, is that true?"

"After trusting Bambi, well I am a little gun shy."

"I saw the damage to the wall. Now tell that deep down you don't trust her, even a little. You pounded her so hard you broke the wall. Jeez! That has got to be a first."

"Yeah, I got kind of carried away. I... you are right. My heart trusts her."

"Your heart..." Violet laughed. "Your cock adores her. Trust the cock."

"You sound like Victoria."

I couldn't help but laugh.

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