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I report to the federation.

In fact, Rob thought, they had pretty much devolved into about twenty minutes or so of foreplay, then a quick fuck and then done. Marni hadn't even wanted Rob to bring her to orgasm with his hand. They hadn't had oral sex in years.

As he was thinking this, Marni began unzipping his shorts and fishing his dick out. She massaged it gently as they stood, still on the balcony.

"Shouldn't we take this inside?" he said.

"Why would we do that with such a great breeze and view out here," she teased as she kissed him again while now stroking his shaft with more pressure, bringing him to almost full hardness. Marni kissed Rob's neck and then slid to her knees.

Rob couldn't believe what was happening, but he didn't complain. He felt a bit awkward, standing on the balcony staring at his wife's head. She'd look up occasionally to see the look on her husband's face, but her main focus was on his now rock hard member. She worked fast now getting in a rhythm and Rob remembered this feeling from long ago. He was enjoying the feeling and also wanted to be in his wife's pussy. He realized that the likelihood of cumming twice in one love making session was low and that what he really wanted was that nice warm pussy.

As if reading his mind, Marni stopped sucking on his cock and stood up, still stroking him.

"How was that?"

"Great," Rob said. "Amazing, but now I want to be inside of you."

Marni began a slot striptease there on the balcony. The neighbors weren't out. Rob liked the idea of public or at least semi-public sex, but it wasn't that late and it wasn't dark. If the neighbors came out on their balcony, they'd see his now topless wife.

Rob now found himself massaging his wife's breasts and bending his head down to kiss them, no longer thinking about the neighbors. He loved his wife's breasts which were definitely large enough to get his head between. He kissed all around the insides and moved to each breast and kissed the outside of each, then the underside, then the areolas, then the nipples. At the same time, he had slid his hand up one of the legs of her shorts and was now moving her panties aside so that he could finger her pussy. It was wet and he was ready.

Again, Rob suggested they move inside, but Marni simply raised Rob up and sat him in one of the patio chairs. She then shimmied her shorts and panties down to her ankles and kicked them off. She laughed as her shorts ended up in the corner of the balcony, but her panties flew over the railing and down to the ground below.

It didn't spoil the mood for long. Marni approached Rob and squatted to put her pussy lips against the head of his now throbbing member.

"You sure you want this?" she teased.

"I'm very sure," he answered.

Marni eased herself down. She felt his hardness separate her lips and then push against her vaginal walls. She squeezed against the shaft as hard as she good. Then she felt the head of his cock against her g-spot.

"Oh," she moaned.

"That feels great," Rob said.

Marni began moving against him, rubbing her pelvis forward and back against his.

"Oh, this feels so good," she said. "We should do this more often."

It had been at least a year since she had wanted to be on top, Rob thought.

"Yes, we should." Rob answered, feeling his own pleasure as Marni's movements both squeezed his shaft as well as put firm pressure on the underside of his cock head.

For now, Marni was content to go slow and rhythmically, enjoying every little twinge of pleasure she could. She allowed her tension to build. Unlike when Rob is on top, it's much easier for her to have an orgasm when she is on top and she knew that she would if she was patient enough.

Rob, on the other hand, always loved being in his woman.

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