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The ongoing training of silk from the slaves viewpoint.

"I'm very sorry, but I don't remember studying with you at all." He blushed a little, hating to make the admission, but it was true. The eight weeks between returning from Europe and heading off to Yale were a blur of parties and lazy summer afternoons, far from his most focused time of life. He was a little embarrassed to meet someone who only knew him as a lazy and distractable freshman-to-be.

"And that's just what I'm talking about," Maura replied, if anything even more amused. "It's been seventeen years, and you've remembered all your lessons-well, all my lessons, really-just perfectly. Why, I imagine that you'd still respond if I said, 'Emerald Gaze', wouldn't you?"

"I..." Joe blinked heavily, suddenly lost in thought. He hadn't heard that phrase in years, not since...not since before he went to college, he realized suddenly. It reminded him of warm, sunny days, sitting in his bedroom in the guest house and...and staring at something? Something beautiful, something deep. Deep enough to look into for hours, never quite seeing the bottom. He sighed, caught in a reverie that somehow never managed to come into focus.

"It certainly seems to be having an effect," Maura said, her voice deepening into a husky purr. "Let's try that again. Emerald Gaze. What is that doing to you, Joseph?" She reached up to her throat and brushed her fingers slightly against the gemstone in her necklace, drawing his attention to it like his eyes were magnetized to its depths. Depths, he thought, the word echoing strangely in the sudden stillness of his mind. The stone had depths. The more he stared at it, the deeper they went. The more he stared at it...

"...the deeper I go," he murmured, his voice unusually soft in his own ears. He was only half-listening to himself, though. The rest of his attention was on the emerald gemstone, and the way it seemed to have hidden facets within facets that drew his gaze in deeper and deeper. He felt like everything around the edge of his vision was fading, leaving him swimming in fathoms of endless green. It all felt so wonderfully familiar, like he was returning to a place that he had never wanted to leave in the first place. Joe let out another sigh, loving the way that his tension flew out of him with every breath.

"That's right, Joseph," Maura said, taking a step closer, pitching her voice just a bit softer and lower. "You see? You're a perfect student, and you remember all your lessons. You remember to forget, and you forget to remember, just like I told you that you would. Doesn't it feel nice to be a good student?"

Joe nodded, his head bobbing like a marionette and his eyes never leaving Maura's necklace. "Nice," he mumbled, his conversational skills deserting him in the face of all that green, pleasant warmth. It felt too much like effort to think of words, now. Maura could tell him what to say, what to think, and he could just agree. That was so much easier, he remembered now. That felt so much better. Maura would teach, and he would learn.

Maura took his hand in hers, and said, "It's so good that it's all coming back to you, Joseph. But I think you'll remember even better if we were in the same room that you learned your lessons, all those years ago. Wouldn't you agree, Joseph?" Of course he agreed. Maura had just said it, and everything Maura said made so much sense to him. He nodded absently and allowed her to walk him past the kitchen and off into a hallway well away from the throng of guests. If anyone noticed him being led away, they didn't say anything to him.

She took him into his old bedroom, the one he hadn't been inside since he graduated from law school.

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