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Students rendezvous to practice sexual magic.

In my drunken stupor I thought to myself, "why not tease him a bit more then send him away unsatisfied like the bastard he is?" As such I started to pretend I was drunker than I really was, mind you I was pretty drunk and not feeling a lot of pain, plus also I was pretty horny both from my hormones which were racing due to my desire for a baby and from fooling around with my husband before he got sea sick. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

I thought to myself "let's turn the heat up on this bastard a bit and tease him so he will know not to pick on defenseless women again." There were no external locks on the doors so Ernesto just opened the door and half helped me half carried me into the room where we both fell onto the bed. Ernesto was like a vampire and immediately latched onto my neck trailing wet kisses down from under my ear to the top of my breasts. It all caught me a bit by surprise and while I tried to dissuade him by saying "no" my body betrayed me and I found that my hand was resting on top of his head as he slavered down my neck. My heart went into overdrive and started beating faster and a shiver went up my spine. I swear I could also feel my pussy gushing unsolicited juices into my panties. Who was going to tease whom?

Before I could push him away his fingers started undoing the buttons on my top. I knew I should stop him but I also knew my hussy sister wouldn't, she was such a trollop. I, in my drunken state, figured I would let him go a bit further, really get him excited before I booted him out of the room. I mustn't have been paying attention as the next thing I knew was that I could feel his lips kissing my erect nipples. When did he get my bra off? I must have been drunker or Hornier than I thought. It felt so good, he licked all around my left nipple while his hand tweaked my other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I couldn't seem to take a breath to say "no." I know I tried but only a low guttural moan seemed to escape my lips. My heart was hammering and my panties were soaked. I needed to stop this soon. I didn't want to go too far. I just wanted to tease him and then kick him out of the room. Payback to both my sister and him.

He did have a sculptured body and my mind went back to what my sister said about him supposedly being well endowed. He was probably just self promoting! I let him kiss me some more and must admit found myself enjoying having a new tongue exploring my mouth. It felt so strange and so wicked! He kept massaging my breast with one hand and then I felt his other hand start to lift my dress. I both wanted it and didn't. I know my brain was trying to get my hand to stop his. It just seemed to move in slow motion. By the time my hand got down to protect my virtue his was there already.

I felt his hand cup my mound with his middle finger magically placed on top of my throbbing clitoris. It felt so wrong, but also so good. I thought to myself "I'll just let him play with me outside my panties, there is no reason I can't enjoy myself. I'll just make sure he doesn't go any further." I don't want him to enjoy himself. I'm still trying to punish him and my sister.

Along with the booze and my raging hormones I was lost in the moment. His kisses were lovely and his finger was making my pussy gush all over my panties. I still had the wherefore-all to stop him moving my panties aside with his fingers, but his ministrations on my pussy and clitoris were having an effect on me. I could feel my legs slowly start to separate which of course allowed him better access to my gushing pussy where only my husband had been.

In my daze I felt him moving around and he was taking his shirt off.

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