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A brother's conquest of his lovely sister.

Slowly stroking it, sliding with her thumb over the slit pre cum was slipping out.

Jake's cock was weird looking in a way. It looked so big. So perfect. Jake appeared to be cut so the massive head was bulging straight at Jamie's chest. I saw Jamie smile and reach for my hand as she took it and brought it up to Jake's crotch. Jake smile seemed to grow a little wider as he nodded in approval. And then for the first time I was holding another man's cock, but somehow if felt like the most perfect thing in the world. I drew back the smallest sliver of foreskin there remained and back again, some precum was forming. The thick head was already wet as my hand, that seamed so small, slowly cupped it in my palm. I felt some effort from his groin and looking up I knew what he wanted. I softly guided him towards Jamie's face, it must have seemed like the biggest thing in the world to her, I steadily drew if over to her closed lips, instinctively she opened her mouth. She slit her lips over the head like you would lick a lollypop. Then next I guided it towards Cindy, who made the tiniest of effort to take him in, she didn't get far. Half of his head disappeared but it seemed to be the biggest thing in the world compared to her mouth.

Then it was my turn. I looked up and saw pure lust on Jake's face, I was in a haze and leaned forward to suck the first cock I would ever have in my mouth. I drew his skin all the way back and then put his head between my lips. I could feel the sour taste as I brought my hand back again. God I wanted more, I needed more!

"Jamie first." Jake said as he looked down at her.

"YES!" Jamie actually squealed as she stood up and walked a bit towards a grass covered spot, as I saw her move I could see drops of liquid run on the inside of her thigh. Her engorged cunt clearly visible to us. We all followed her and stood and watched as this heavenly body lay down. She lay down and drew up her legs, her pussy spread open, a small streak of slime traveling down to her butt hole. She was wet all right, as Jake knelt down between her legs, and placed the giant head of his cock against her cunt, first mixing the tip that held a big amount of pre cum with her juices. As he started rubbing the thick dick through her lips and back it was only a matter of time before he would slip in. Me and Cindy stood on and watched, we would fuck, but we needed to see this.

"Aaah ooh" was all she cried out as the thick gleaming bulb entered the tight hole, she reached with her hand towards Cindy, reaching out for support during this. Cindy walked over and stood by her cousin as she was being penetrated by what seemed an alien device. I walked over towards the other side of her and kneeling down, softly kissed her breast while rubbing the lower part of her stomach. A small tear escaped from her eyes, that got kissed away by Cindy. I looked down and Jake was half way in. I looked back at Jamie's face and she was still crying a little and holding in her breath. I saw him draw out and watched as thick string of juices trailed from the tip to her.
He looked at her face and smiled. "It only hurts a minute, you're so tight too." He had seen this all before, with every women he fucked it was the same ritual. She would enjoy it soon enough. And slowly he moved forward again. Cindy brought her head down and licked at Jamie's clit as well as her cousin's dick, licking away any juices that their interlocking brought forth.

Jamie reached out but apparently not knowing she grabbed my dick. She jerked her hand away and that in turned seemed to startle everyone. "Whoops! Sorry!". She just shook her head in horror. I felt mortified.

Thankfully Jake resumed his activity and as he had stretched her enough to comfortably penetrate her he was finally picked up a nice pace, with Jamie letting out small sighs of pleasure. All drama already forgotten.

The real fucking could begin.

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