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A hot young coed has a strange sex addiction!

"So you like that?" Victor asked.

"Oh yes. More please, lots more."

"Well, since you asked so nicely..."

Victor's hand squeezed her breast tightly, and he pressed his cock firmly against her ass. The riding crop slid over her clit and brushed against the swollen lips below. Victor slid the entire length of the riding crop across her hot, wet pussy. In return Fiona rocked her hips up and down, sliding against Victor's rock hard erection. For the first time, Fiona seriously considered letting someone fuck her in the ass. The idea had never really appealed to her, but she wanted to feel Victor some way, any way. Her mind was calculating the pros and cons, but her hips seem to have already decided what was going to happen next, rotating upward.

The riding crop swiftly moved to her backside, delivering a blow that stung just a bit. The noise of it echoed in Fiona's ears. Her skin felt warm where the blow landed.

"You need to hold still," Victor reminded her in a stern voice.

"Yes sir," she responded.

"Now hold this," Victor ordered, placing the crop between her teeth like a bridle bit. He moved away from her, placing both of his hands on her ass. His fingertip stretched towards her hips, and his thumbs ran down in between her buttocks. She felt like her pussy was absolutely gushing down her thighs.

Victor's tongue brushed against her swollen lips, and her knees almost buckled. He moved his hands so his thumbs were under her hips, supporting her weight. His oral assault on her continued with his lips wrapping around her clit. Her whole body felt electric. She could feel each drop of water that splashed onto her skin. She took her weight back, lifting herself off Victor's hands. He responded by cupping her breast in his hand again. This time his palm pressed her fully erect nipple back into her firm flesh.

She bit down onto the shaft of the riding crop. She could taste the leather, and something else. She fought to keep from dropping the riding crop.

His other hand skimmed over her ass, his thumb pressed inside her aching vagina. Fiona cried out again, even louder than before. Her mind was sending the word MORE to her mouth, but all that came out through her clenched teeth was a scream of ecstasy. Victor's tongue lashed her clitoris over and over. She felt his thumb penetrate her, and the heel of his hand press against her wet, swollen lips. Her whole body shudder as the orgasm washed over her. She almost fell back on Victor. Fiona felt Victor stand behind her as her climax faded away.

"Turn around," he instructed, taking the riding crop from her mouth.

She began to stand up, but Victor stopped her by putting the riding crop on her shoulder. "I did not say stand up, only turn around." Fiona slowly turned to face him, still bent at the waist Her eyes were level with his hips. The only hair on his body was a small tuft above his cock. The skin on his abdomen was heavily scarred. He put one hand on his penis and pressed it to her waiting mouth. She felt the smooth skin of his cock on her lips.

"Now get on your knees and take it."

Fiona put her left hand on his erection. She put her right hand between her legs, pressing her fingers into her drenched pussy. As she looked directly at Victor, she brought her right hand up and smeared his penis with her wetness. Slowly she began to stroke his dick with both hands. HIs skin was velvet smooth, sliding easily within her grip. Fiona lowered her head slightly. With just the tip of her tongue, she licked the swollen head of his cock.

"I'm not sure you know what 'Take it' means, " Victor said, putting his hand on the back of her head. He slowly pushed her head down onto his penis. Her tightly pursed lips slid over the head of his cock, stretching to accommodate his girth. When she had taken his entire length into her mouth and throat, he removed his hand. She pressed her tongue against his shaft and massaged him inside her mouth.

Fiona put her left hand between her legs.

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