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"Hey sis," she heard behind her, and broke into a big smile when she saw Stacie approach with her husband John. Stacie was her younger sister by 12 years, and because of their age difference (Jen's 35 to Stacie's 23), Jen had always felt protective over Stacie. As they spoke and caught up Jen began feeling uncomfortable around John. Stacie and John met in high school and had been a couple ever since, and they got married just last year after graduating from college. But Jen always felt like John was checking her out, undressing her with his eyes. He'd never made a pass at her or even touched her inappropriately, but she had a pretty good sense about when a man was attracted to her, so she kept her distance from John whenever she could. Stacie was oblivious to it all, and that was good, because she was head over heels in love with John, she adored him and her entire world revolved around him.

Jen and Stacie wandered off from Mike and John for sister talk. "Guess what, we're going to try to have a baby!" Stacie said excitedly, clutching her sister's arm.

"That's great," Jen said, pleased. But Stacy detected something in her big sister's voice.

"What's wrong sis?" Stacy asked concerned. Going on her intuition, she asked, "Is something wrong with you and Mike?"

Jen quickly shook her head no. "No, everything's fine."
Stacy looked skeptical. She knew her big sister better than that. "Come on, sis, tell me."

Jen hesitated, looking into Stacie's eyes, and then it all came out. No one else knew except Tina, and it felt good to tell someone else. She told Stacie about how she started partying with the Stallions, how she had sex with Tony, how she met Darius and essentially started going out with him, and how she broke up with Darius and hooked up with Kyle. She left out the part about the drugs.

"And Mike is okay with this?" Stacie asked with disbelief.

"Yeah, he wants me to do it, he's really into it, it gets him so excited."

"He doesn't get mad or upset?"

Jen hesitated, thinking how to answer. "He gets jealous sometimes, especially when I went out with Darius all the time. But, the jealousy just gets him more excited."

"Wow," Stacie said wide-eyed. "Aren't you afraid of being seen by someone you know?"

"We always go to clubs on the edge of the city. Have you heard of Distraction, it just opened? We've been going there lately. No one we know goes to places like that."

Later that night, Stacie turned to John in bed. "You won't believe what Jen told me tonight," she said to her husband. She'd promised Jen she wouldn't tell anyone, and Jen had specifically made her promise not to tell John, but John was her husband after all, and she couldn't keep secrets from him. Anyway, this gossip was too good. "She and Mike have an open marriage."

John had been falling asleep but this jarred him wide awake. "You're kidding? They swap?"

"No, not like that," Stacie giggled delightfully. "You won't believe this! Jen has sex with other men, and then she tells Mike all about it! He loves it! And I'm pretty sure she does too!"

They spoke some more and then fell asleep. At least, Stacie fell asleep. John lay awake looking into the dark. The true was, he no longer felt physically attracted to Stacie. He loved her, sure, and at one time he found her body pleasing, but those days had long passed. He married her mostly because he didn't have any better options. She had a good job that supported them both, while he dabbled in this and that.

Stacie's older sister Jen, on the other hand, was something else. She was an absolute knockout with a killer body. He'd seen her in a bikini and her ass and legs were incredible. Lately her body seemed even more toned and alluring (he heard she'd started dancing seriously again), and to top it all off she had the prettiest face and long silky blonde hair.

Stacie, on the other hand, was a poor imitation of her sister.

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