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A couple enjoy an eventful drive back from the beach.

She remembered how he was babied by his mother. She knew how her intentional actions when he was younger drove him to run to his room and stroke himself off. She fantasized about it. Elaine also knew that Jeremy was a virgin, that he hadn't been able to catch a girl yet.

She watched as he reached into the cupboard for a glass, his shirt lifting up a bit, she could make out the side of his stomach, her heart fluttered a bit with the tiny glance she got. Lately she had been having a lot of mixed feelings about watching her son grow into a man. Jeremy had a humble build like her son, but he wasn't as confident. It was as though he needed to have someone overtake him and show him the way. Elaine's mind started to wonder as she watched Jeremy go to the freezer to get her some ice, and then to the jug with water on the counter and pour it out for her.

She imagined herself on the counter, her legs spread before him, and him shyly taking his hand and touching her, as though for the first time. It could very well be the first time Elaine thought to herself.

Jeremy walked over and handed the glass to Elaine, she thanked him and took a sip from it as he watched her. She allowed a drizzle of water to slip out. It trickled down her chin and fell to her chest. She clumsily held her hand under her chin and laughed. "Oops! My goodness, just can't take me anywhere. Jeremy would you be a dear and get me a napkin please?" She looked up to Jeremy whose eyes were following that single droplet of water as it glided between her cleavage and out of sight. She smiled to herself, I'll bet he wants to see where that ends up, she thought. "Yeah, here you go." Jeremy broke out of his locked gaze and reached behind for a napkin.

Elaine took the napkin from him and laughed as she cleaned herself up. "I'm just as clumsy as ever." She dabbed the napkin over her lips then took it to her chest. She undid the zipper a little on her top as she cleaned up. She made sure that quite a bit of her cleavage was showing now and she dried herself up.

She looked in front of her to where Jeremy was standing, his hard on obvious in his pants . He noticed her looking and quickly turned around and walked toward the sink, he shuffled about pretending to be doing something.

"Jeremy? Is something wrong honey?" She asked in a questionable tone, knowing full well that the poor boy was having a difficult time concealing his excitement.

"No Mrs. Bradford, I-I-I just need to clean this place up, it's such a mess."

Elaine knew what he was doing, and she saw it as her perfect chance to move in on him. Move in on the boy she had watched grow up, move in on this innocent man who longed for a woman's touch.

She got herself up and walked over to where he was standing by the sink. She curled her body right up against his and tilted her head to the side so her lips were right beside his ear. "Now, now. You tell Mrs. Bradford what's wrong honey." She took her hands and placed them on his waist, then she slowly slid them forward, toward each other, so they both ended up sitting on his stomach. She could feel his flat stomach beneath her hands and it was making her crazy. She sent more pressure to her hands and pulled him toward her, squashing her breasts into his back.

Jeremy began to stutter a little as he spoke, his voice quiet, "M-M-Mrs. Bradford, W-What are you doing?" Jeremy looked down at her hands on his stomach and he thought she could surely feel his heart beating a mile a minute. "Jeremy, I saw you looking at me, and I saw that you have a hard on in there. Isn't that true?" Elaine spoke directly into his ear and then backed off a little, releasing her hold on him, wanting him to turn around and face her.

He turned to her, slowly, his hands clenching and unclenching his face flushed as he tried to make eye contact with her. Instead he stood shyly, "Mrs. Bradford, I know you are my mom's friend and, I shouldn't be looking there but, It's just that you are a very pretty woman and, I am a man now you know."


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