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A vampire finds his soul mate

I still didn't know what would happen if one of them wanted to take that way out after all; yet I would trust myself if the time came, and if it came now.

"And like I said, I'm happy to get your 'friendship' while I can." Seeing that she squeezed my hand again when she said that, it confirmed she didn't want the way out. Once her face tentatively rose up to meet mine, the last bit of defense was shattered.

For the second time, I was kissing a "Glee" actress on a show set. The first kiss was slow as I guided Lea's face up to mine by cupping her cheek, and the second went a little faster as our tongues met. My eyes slightly opened to try and see hers, but then I saw the right door to the room instead and realized something. "Wait....we can't be spotted by bloggers or nosy crew members. We might be too exposed from this angle," I pointed out after I broke from Lea.

"Nope, we're not giving this secret away for sure," Lea insisted. So she got up again and l followed her to the center of the wall that separated the two doors to the "classroom." If we stood there, it decreased the chances that someone could peak through the doors and discover us. Of course, we would have to keep standing, but we could find ways to make that work.

I started to make it work by leaning onto the wall and letting her press herself against me while we kisses again. Like with Alison, I was about 4 inches taller than Lea, so I had to lean down while she came up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. My hands went to her waist and started to explore, eventually brushing the bottom of her blouse to try and get at the skin underneath. But first, Lea pulled her arms from my neck and slid them down my chest.

"Uh uh, you've had to serve me enough already. Unlike Rachel, I want to do something for someone else least for a little while." With that, Lea's hands reached my pants and started to unbuckle them. Since she was taking the lead to start off, I just had to stand still as she dropped to her knees.

For a minute I hoped she wouldn't be visible from this angle, on the off chance someone was spying or was coming to the set. But those thoughts had to become secondary when Lea pulled my cock out and started to stroke it with her delicate hand. All she did was rub my shaft, as her mouth didn't take it in although it was pretty close. What's more, she found a way to use her other hand as she delicately placed it on my balls.

Rachel Berry lost her virginity to start the season on "Glee" yet it appeared Lea already knew a trick or two of her own by then. In this one, she was giving me a hand job while palming my sack, and then topped it off by just sucking the head of my dick. And my head was all her mouth worked on throughout, since her hands were busy covering the rest of my genitals. However, the mouth and tongue work on my head and tip perfectly complemented the rest of her handy work.

It appeared this would be one of those times where I had to cum early so I'd have enough for later. "Ugh....this isn't gonna last long like this...." I warned; which came back to haunt me when Lea pulled her mouth off and kept her hands still.

"You know what, I'm not that selfless yet," Lea said, in a superior tone that was Rachel Berry's hallmark; although she was probably trying to make it more playful. "After all that, this thing should be even harder, hotter and wetter when it goes off later. And now I think you should help make my equipment hotter and wetter when it meets yours."

With that, Lea rose from her knees and went to lean against the wall next to me. I fully pulled down my pants and underwear before going to stand in front of her and help get her blouse off. I soon lifted it up and threw it on top of my clothes before paying full attention to her bare skin and lacy blue bra.

I had to bend my head down to start kissing Lea's neck and upper chest as my right hand went onto her upper back.

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