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Right time, right place, right man.

The two of them changed positions. Erin got on her hands and knees while Logan got out of bed for something, then knelt behind her.

Lube. He'd gotten out of bed to grab lube, and now he was pouring some on Erin's ass.

My fingers sped up on my pussy. That was their game, was it? Give me an anal show, get me too horny to stick to my principles?

Well... it would probably work.

Erin stared straight at me while Logan fingered her ass. I saw the lust in her eyes, the way her lips twitched into little 'o's. She wanted to make me envious, and she was succeeding.

It could be me on the bed if I wanted. That was the insidious thing about me and Logan. We could do those sorts of things. There was nothing stopping us but us. I could take my clothes off, push Erin aside, present my ass...

No. Bad Kelsey. Stop that.

But I could.

Erin was offering low moans in tribute to her anal fingering. She was ready. Logan was ready too. His cock was massively hard, and I could see the look of barely contained eagerness on his face; especially pronounced when his erection bumped against Erin's butt.

I bit my lip as my brother guided his dick to Erin's rear hole. My pussy was totally flooded, and it was only getting worse.

An aura of relief spread through all three of us as Logan penetrated her. His magnificently erect shaft sank into her ass like they were made for each other. She mewled happily and arched her back, then braced her arms and pushed herself further toward him.

She liked it so much. It still amazed me just how easily Erin took my brother's cock up her butt, and how pleasurable she made it seem. That was the sort of thing that was meant to be confined to porn. Seeing her in real life-both of them really-was so much more visceral, so much more... tempting.

Yeah, tempting. Goddamn did I want to be Erin. Maybe I wouldn't like it, maybe it would hurt, maybe it'd be too gross or... or whatever. But I so badly wanted to try it. I wanted to feel what she felt. I needed to know.

Logan got a good rhythm going, and Erin was forced forward onto her elbows. She grabbed a pillow and hugged it beneath her, leaving her ass sticking lewdly up in the air.

Erin grinned at me, and again beckoned me closer. This time I didn't have the willpower to resist.

I stepped forward woodenly as I pulled my hand regretfully away from my pussy. I could see even better the nearer I approached. Logan's cock drilled deep into Erin's ass, and I watched in awe as it surfaced and sank in long thrusts.

"You like to watch, don't you?" Erin asked softly.

I bit my lip and nodded.

"Better than participating?"


"Because it keeps you separated?"

I considered the question. "Maybe."

Erin held out a hand and dragged me closer still. I sat down beside her. She ran a warm hand up my bare thigh.

"It's ok to want something even if you think you shouldn't have it," she said.

I snorted. "I know that." My gaze flicked to Logan. "Believe me, I know."

"I s'pose you do, don't you?"

Logan slapped Erin's ass, making her squeal. He grabbed her hips firmly and started fucking her harder. Her words were transformed into a series of happy moans.

Maybe he thought he was rescuing me from awkward questioning. He kind of was. But I was in a whole different place from worrying about that kind of thing.

"I want things lots of times," I said, as much to myself as either Erin or Logan. "Sometimes I let myself have them. Sometimes I don't." I pushed some of Erin's hair back from her forehead where it was starting to get sweaty. "It's not really about what I should or shouldn't do. It's about the consequences. What my life turns into."

I didn't think Erin was paying attention anymore. Logan was. He wasn't so far gone as her. His eyes met mine. An unspoken message flashed between us. A slight nod, no furrowing of his brow. He was ok with me being here. I suspected he would be, but it was good to be sure.

"The thing about watching," I said, "is it doesn't change anything.

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