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Tyrone ventures back to Diane's neighborhood.

Your legs stiffly wrap over mine, your arms wrap around me and push me down against you. Our bodies sliding together as I slam down on you and your hips rise to meet mine.

Your damp chest hair scraping over my chest and nipples send fireworks of sensation throughout my body, both of us panting harshly the pleasure rising sharply as we slam against each other. I keep kissing you through harsh breaths, our bodies woven together as we reach that peak together. With a shriek you swallow with your lips my orgasm absolutely shatters me. Dragging you with me, your hoarse yell swallowed by my lips.

I lay against your sweat drenched chest and panted heavily for sometime before I whisper to you. That was the most amazing experience i've ever had. You murmur something I can't quite make out as you leave a kiss on my neck and wrap your arms around me before you slide off to sleep. Sleep... that's a good idea I think as I rest into your arms and fall asleep.

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If somebody walked passed his desk right now they'd think he was coming down with a fever, his face felt like it was burning. Heat burned throughout his body, his shirt stuck to his chest in places. He had to loosen his tie and unbutton the top of his shirt so he could breathe again.

He had to respond to it there was no way he could drag her off without firing her up just as much as she did him. He grinned and set to writing his response...


Marie was completely restless now, her eyes continually darting to the clock on the wall, 3:45 only an hour to go, she felt she could make an early get away. She couldn't believe how forward she had been with her letter. She still wanted to die from embarrassment that her letter had been sent by accident.

Her email beeped again and she jumped with shock, he'd responded! Instead of having her reported! She opened the file and her eyes rolled back. Maybe he did want her just as much as she wanted him she thought...


I sit in your desk chair and watch you intently, eating up your body with my eyes. You're scorching babe, i'm so hot and hard right now you're in for the ride of your life. The explosion you just felt will be nothing compared to what I give you next I say a crooked grin crosses my face as I stand up.

You lick your lips as your eyes fix on my cock straining my boxers, you want to see me don't you? I grin at you, this is such sweet torture, you're testing my own control lying there with your glistening skin. Your hungry eyes as your breathing turns back to normal. But we can't have that now can we?

I slid my fingers into the sides of my boxers and drag them down ever so slowly teasing you. Your eyes are locked on me as you watch me as I slowly slide them down teasing you. A devilish smirk spreads over my face as I see the red flush spreading over you again. You'll be more then flushed when i'm done with you...

A groan of relief I just can't hold in escapes as my aching hard cock escapes its confinement as I push my boxers off and kick them to the corner of the room with the rest of my clothes. Your eyes widen at the sight of me, I know it's egotistical but I know I look good.

But so do you, I could just eat you up, but I must make you a quivering mess again, i'm still not through with your punishment. Naughty girls can't be let off lightly I say to you. I chuckle as you squirm slightly on the bed the handcuffs rattling as you pull on them. I slide on top of you pressing my throbbing cock against your stomach, I lean over you and kiss you deeply.

You groan and struggle against me, I know what you want. But you're not getting it, at least not yet anyway. I break the kiss and chuckle at you again, you are so fiery and passionate right now. It's making it hard to keep my control, I slide down slightly as I grasp my cock and stroke your lips with my cock making you moan.

You attempt to get me inside of you, but i'm too fast for you and get away.

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