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Raj gets liberated from virginity through his maid.

Shit happens," Diane said.

"Thank you for understanding. I'm sorry though," I replied.

She came over close to me and gave me a hug. Unfortunately that just got me even more turned on and she felt it up against her as she hugged me.

"Even though you got an erection from your own mother, I'm still your mother. It's OK, I'm not mad," Diane said.

"OK thank you once again. You are just an attractive mom. I guess I can't help it," I replied.

"Well Eric, can I ask you something?" Diane asked.

"Sure, what is it?" I asked.

Then she looked down towards my erection and put her hand right over it to feel it a little more.

"Can I see it?" Diane asked.

I was just beyond stunned by the question. Was she serious? Did she really wanna see her own son's cock?

"Well, if I got it hard like that. I think I should be able to see it," Diane said.

I wasn't sure what to do. It seemed to be an innocent request.

"OK mom," I replied as I got above water and whipped it out.

When it was hard like that, I got it to be about 8 inches long and a little thick.

"Wow, you got some package Eric. You must make some ladies happy," Diane said as she got close.

"Thank you," I replied as I put it away.

She had a disappointed face.

"What? Did you wanna see it some more?" I asked.

"If you don't mind," Diane replied.

I was a little skeptical, but I was horny and she obviously was as well. So I just took my shorts off and put them on the ground. She loved that.

"You look pretty damn good at 20. What is that 7 inches?" Diane asked.

"8 inches actually. Why do you really think it's a good size?" I asked.

Then she did something I thought would never happen. She took it in her hand.

"Why yes I do Eric. Do you have a lot of sex with the ladies?" Diane asked.

I was very nervous to say the least, my heart was racing.

"Yes. Now I think it would be better if I put my shorts back on," I replied.

I was gonna pull them up, but she stopped me.

"Well I think it would be better if I took off this pesky bikini, what do you think?" Diane asked.

I was sold on wherever this was going.

"Yes, I think you should take it off mom," I replied as I was eyeballing her boobs.

She let go of my dick and took off her top first. She got out and stood up. I watched her very slowly take off her bottom as well. My eyes were super glued to her naked body.

"So you really like what you see here?" Diane asked as she got back in the pool.

My eyes were glued to her boobs. I couldn't help it and I was a little ashamed, but it was just impossible to take me eyes off her.

"Yes mom. You are beyond sexy," I replied.

She came over to me and gave me a hug. My dick was as hard as a rock. She noticed and grabbed onto it once again.

"Do you like that Eric?" Diane asked.

I couldn't answer, I just slowly nodded and she planted a kiss on my lips.

"And did you like that?" Diane asked.

"Yes. May I feel your boobs?" I asked.

"They won't bite," Diane replied.

Then for the first time ever, I felt my own mother's tits. They felt even better than I imagined. I guess mostly due to the fact that this was actually happening.

"Well, you must like that, your cock is just getting harder," Diane said.

I kissed her on the lips as I still had my hands on her boobs and she had her hands on my dick.

"And what was that for?" Diane asked.

"I just wanted to do that," I replied nervously.

"Well in that case I'm gonna do whatever I want too," Diane said.

She brought me over to the shallow end of the pool and pushed me over the wall. I was laying there on the ground she grabbed onto my dick once again.

"Holy shit Eric. You are really horny. I don't think I've ever seen a harder cock," Diane said.

She leaned down and took my dick in her mouth. It was unreal, I wondered if I was dreaming. I looked down and saw that my dick was inside my mom's mouth. It was real and it was happening. I wanted to say something, but I was speechless. I just put my hands onto her head as she began going up and down slowly.

"I'm guessing you are liking your mother blowing you?" Diane asked.

"Yes mom," I

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