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Kate does something she shouldn't do with her cousin.

At this point we where pretty wiped out for a while. So we cleaned up and headed back to the living room to watch some TV. About an hour and a half later Shelly started rubbing my leg but avoiding my hardening manhood. I then eased my own hand to her pussy and discovered it was soaking wet. I began fucking her with my fingers and a moan escaped from her lips. I slid us down on the floor and moved us into the 69 position. Soon we were eating each other out. We must have been at it for 15 minutes before we both came. It was great having her lovely legs wrapped around my head with her shaking all over. We got up and headed back to her room and went fast asleep.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of bacon being cooked. I walked into the kitchen and found Shelly fixing us breakfast wearing just an apron. She turned her head toward me and said, Good morning, Love". I she went back to what she was doing and all I could do was stare at her tight ass.

As I continued to stare at her I walked up to her and wiggled into her ass Shelly responded by moving her ass against me. But before I could take her she said to sit down and eat up so I would have some strength for the day. As she cleared the table after our meal I was eyeing her ass again. This time I walked up to her and grabbed her and kissed her neck as I rubbed against her. Shelly started moaning form my handling of her tits soon I had her bent over the counter so I could have access to what I wanted and needed. I reached over and got a glob of butter and spread it over her ass and my dick. I then eased in to her as she moaned for me to fuck her in the ass. I grabbed hold of her hips and began thrusting into her.

The faster I went the more vocal Shelly became. With one last lunge I was deep in her ass shooting another load deep into her ass as Shelly began shaking all over. When we had calmed down she lead me into the bathroom for us to clean up. As we washed each other our desire for each other was soon building again. I turned her around and placed her hand on the towel rack and soon buried my self into her lovely ass again. This time I reached around and played with her pussy while I shagged her tight ass. When she came I had to hold her up to keep her from hurting herself. I had not come and she realized it. I lead her back to bed and eased her down and began kissing her lips and neck. I then moved between her legs and grabbed her legs at the knees and lifted them into the air. I thought about just going ahead and taking her other virginity but thought about what might happen so I aimed my dick at her asshole and pushed back into her. As I did Shelly began kissing me and sending her tongue deep into my mouth.

As I was building up to my climax Shelly began begging me to fuck her ass harder. This just served to set me more on fire; soon I was shooting into her as she called out my name. I rolled over until she was on top of me. We hugged and kissed for several minutes until the phone rang. Shelly answered the phone and it was Mom and Dad. They chatted for a few minutes with Shelly still on top of me. Shelly told them I was busy right now with a project and could not come to the phone right know but she told them we were having a great time and that everything was fine and not to worry. As Shelly hung up the phone she whispered that it was all she could do to keep herself calm and cool since I was still buried deep inside her.

Since I was still in a state of hardness, Shelly started moved her ass up and down on my dick.

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