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How she'd like to be woken up.

I lifted his face and saw tears moisten his eyes. It was my turn to speak now.

"You're not doing anything ...that I don't want u to."

I put my lips on his and slipped my hands inside his shirt. It was unbuttoned at the top and only two buttons below kept it together. Warmth oozed from his hairy chest. He was sleekly built very unlike me. I had been thin once but at 32 far from it, and I wondered what he would think of me now. My heart skipped a beat.

He was the only one who had seen me naked and the only one I had no qualms of showing myself to. He groaned and pulled me roughly to himself and into his bed ...our bed. Unbuttoning my nighty he slipped it off my shoulders. I remember the only time he was rough with me was when he lost control and right now he had. I smiled inwardly.

He pressed my boob, "You're beautiful," he said. I felt ashamed. I was overweight now although the extra pounds I had gained were luckily in all the right places. There was a time I was beautiful but once we drifted apart I had lost interest in my looks. He pushed the nighty away from my belly. I had gained a little extra weight over my midriff and there was a small bump on my belly that looked kind of sexy. I looked freshly pregnant and my pussy twitched as naughty thoughts flashed through my mind. Maybe it would put ideas in his head ...but how? I wished it again. Both of us alone on an island perhaps where no one knew we had been brought up as siblings. We could marry and raise a family. I pushed the thought away. I felt guilty thinking of the world, thinking of ma.

He smiled. "You've been really happy living away from me...packing up pounds," he rubbed my belly. I slapped his hand away. "Don't get annoyed. You know it turns me on when you are and I need to keep control more so now than I had to before because now I know exactly where everything goes," he laughed.

"Hush , ma will hear you," I whispered. His finger slipped into my pussy and I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes.

"I love the way you close your eyes when I do things to you." I smiled. He didn't know it was my way of blocking the world out. Right now I wanted to enjoy every bit of what he was doing to me ... chick chick chick his finger went in and out my pussy lips. It was the most erotic sound in the world and it made me hot. I felt the warmth rise in my neck then spread to my face.

"Ummmmmmhhhh," the sound rose from deep within my throat. He stopped. He never let me cum so soon. I know he would drag this on for almost half the night.

"This isn't sex," he had told me once. "This is tantra. Hold on to that sensation in the pit of your stomach here," he had touched my uterus. "And picture it travel up your spine to the tip of the Sahasara. He had touched the top of my head. I know we are born together to give each other this experience. To free each other, to reach enlightenment and you are my soul mate. What else can explain this bond we share?" and back then I didn't believe most of what he said, perhaps ignorance was a reason and I was always a stubborn soul.

I wanted to reach a conclusion on my own but now I knew in the pit of my stomach I knew he was right. He was my teacher and I his student. What he had done to me all those years probably didn't feel like sex because of this very reason. For it wasn't sex. It was something greater, perhaps that was why the world did not believe it for it was supernatural, beyond the comprehension of common logic, of worldly knowledge.

I felt all the warps in my head smoothen out. "I want to try something new." "Hmm," I kept my eyes closed just nodded and felt my heart flutter with excitement. "Now remember its only successful if the experience lasts forever not for a few seconds.

" Hasn't it already," I whispered. We've been apart more than ten years and neither have had sex elsewhere."

"Always the lower soul .

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