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Sam takes Brandi in a most wicked way!

I looked at her cunt again. It did look like a taco, now that she had said that. Folded way up on the sides, with red meat showing in the center. If I had been doing this back home in San Antonio, I supposed it would be a Mexican Taco.

"It's pretty spicy too. German spice." She giggled again. "German spice in a Texas taco. Teeheehee. Wanta taste it?"

Oh, yes, I wanted to taste it.

She hunched her big round jiggling butt forward, lay back, and cocked her knees up high. She used her fingers to spread her fat, heavy pussy lips apart. The inside of her cunt was all red and juicy. "Go to it, Jack. Eat me. Eat me out good. Most of the boys don't wanta taste a girl's pussy. They don't know what's good. But a boy's got to get a girl hot so she's ready to get fucked. Eat my pussy, Jackie boy. Get me hot. Get me real hot!"

"Get her hot. Get a girl hot enough to fuck." The word foreplay hadn't yet been coined. I dipped my head down and took a tentative lick on the outside of her fat pussy lips. Her skin was super smooth and rubbery. I licked her again. That was nice. I lapped her cunt a few more times, then put one finger in her at the very bottom of her fat slit. I could feel her juice oozing. I dug my tongue into her and began a determined upward licking motion.

"Ooooooh, Jack," she murmured.

At the top of her cunt I could feel when my tongue touched her clit. I pulled back a trifle and looked at it. Her clit was tiny, just a little button under its hood. I thrust my tongue hard up under the hood and managed to get the button of her clit between my lips. I sucked it like sucking on a soda straw. She quivered. And when she quivered, she jiggled all over.

"Oh, Jack! Do that! Do it again. Nobody's never done that to my pussy before! O-O-Oooohhh, J-J-Jack! Wheeeeee!!!"

I found I could rest my chin on the crack of her nice big soft butt and burrow my face deep into her wet red cunt. The taste of her pussy juice was tangy, like pepper and vinegar. Her fat thighs were like big soft pillows on both sides of my head. I guzzled that fat pussy for all I was worth. I cupped my hands under the huge globes of her ass. I tongued her tiny clit. I flicked it in rapid fire tongue movements. Karen had shown me how important a girl's clit was. I thrust my tongue up against the underside of her clit in a series of short stiff jabs. I scraped my teeth over her little button. Heidi screamed, "Yeeoowww! OH MY GOD, JACK! THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!!!"

Heidi's heels were tight against my back, right between my shoulder blades. She clamped her thighs tight around my ears and jammed her heels into me, driving my face deep into her hot fuck box.

"Mmmmmmmmpphgggh!" I said.

"Eat me, Jack," she cooed. "Eat my wet pussy! Aahhhhhh!"

My mouth and nose were literally buried in her foaming, meaty pussy. I couldn't breathe!

"You're gonna fuck me real good after this, Jack. Get me hot. Get me hot enough to fuck!"

I was suffocating in her pussy, unable to move my head or take a breath. I let go of her big fleshy butt cheeks. I flailed my arms. I tried to pry her legs apart.

She was on a roll. "Ooooooooohhhh! Aaaaaahhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

I grabbed her knees on both sides and put all my strength into pulling them apart. Finally she noticed and the muscles of her thighs relaxed. I came up for air, gasping for breath.

"Heidi," I gasped, "I like eating pussy, and I really like your pussy, but...."

"Jack, Jack!" she cried, "Fuck me. Fuck me now!"

Even though my prick is seven and a half inches long, I wasn't too sure I could get it in her crack, her thighs being so thick and all, but I crawled up on top of her and rested my tool on the outside of her fat mound, just touching those swollen lips.

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