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Victoria learns her lessons well.

If I wasn't so scared, I'd think him handsome. His steel-blue eyes show lust and malice. His lips curl into a wicked grin. "Now you didn't actually think you could lay there on that couch doing those nasty deeds and not have some retribution from the poor bastard watching you from outside, did you?"

He shoves me up against the wall; the mirror hanging there rattles with the force. He grabs the blanket and rips it away, exposing my naked breasts. He grabs one and squeezes it harshly, pinching the nipple as he does so. I cry out in pain... and pleasure. He releases my breast and slaps it. I wince. He grabs it and squeezes it again. It sends a jolt of electricity straight down between my legs. My already damp pussy is becoming even wetter. My cry sounds more like a moan.

"You like that, don't you slut," he growls. "Little fuck slut. I came to deliver a package. Guess you'll be getting more than one delivery today." He laughs at his own joke and starts to unbutton his uniform shirt, which I only just notice is from a delivery company.

He drops his shirt by the front door and looks back at me. "Time to get rid of this vile thing," he snarls as he rips my skirt off my body. He then reaches up and grabs me by the hair with one hand, and grabs my pussy with the other hand. I feel his fingers impale me. Deep inside they wiggle and explore. My pussy is dripping.

"Yeesss..." he moans with a snarl. "I knew you were a slut. You fucking like this." He pulls his fingers out of my pussy and sticks them in his mouth. "Mmmm... I love the taste of pussy."

Still holding onto my hair, he drags me over to the couch and throws me down. He kneels in front of me, drapes my legs over his shoulders and buries his face into my snatch. I can feel his tongue penetrate me. It's so intense. I try pushing him away. He grabs both my hands with his larger hands and holds them down to my side. I can't squirm away. My toes curl. I'm crying out and moaning... And cumming!

My orgasm rolls over me like a bulldozer and cum pours out of me like someone just opened a dam. He lets it drip.

He grabs me by the hair again, pulls me up, spins me around and bends me over. I hear his belt unbuckle and his pants hit the floor. He smacks my ass and I cry out. "Shove that face into the couch," he orders, and pushes my head down. My lip quivers. I feel his hands on my hips.

There is no ceremony. There is no ease. There is only harsh impalement, like a warrior plunging his sword into an enemy, he plunges his long, hard cock into my wet pussy.

I swear it's the biggest cock I've ever had. I almost scream from the shear force of it. I can feel my tight pussy stretch further than it's ever stretched before and the head of his cock is pressing so deeply into me I can almost feel it in my stomach. If he hadn't gotten me so wet it probably would have hurt.

He pulls almost all the way out, I can feel the head still inside me; and then he pushes it in again. My scream turns into a groan, and then a moan. He gets a rhythm - in, out, in, out. I'm moaning and groaning.

"Yah, bitch," he growls. "You like that... You fucking slut. Little whore banging herself on the couch for anyone to see..." He smacks me hard on the ass, grabs my hair and pulls my head back.

Harder and faster he fucks me. Over and over I cum, my orgasms are intense and I'm screaming as tears pour down my face for the intensity.

Suddenly he shoves in me hard and deep and stays there. I feel a warm explosion inside me and he releases my hair. My head collapses onto the couch and, as he pulls out, the rest of me collapses onto the floor. I feel wet stickiness dripping out of me.

He's not finished with me yet. He grabs my hair again, pulls me up to my knees. "Clean my dick, bitch," he says.

Still semi-hard, it takes 2 hands to hold him. I lick it from his balls to the head and all the way around, taking as much of it into my mouth as I can and sucking. I can feel it begin to grow again. "Looks like I'm ready for round two," he says. "Keep sucking."

His cock grows back to full

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