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Alyssa gets into assplay.

She pulled the cock almost all the way out, pumped the bulb again and again. Pulling herself off it completely now, she pumped it once more, and a stream of the mixture I'd been stirring spurted up on to her stomach and splattered in the thin patch of hair leading to her pussy.

"Oh damn," I said..."oh damn Ginger..."

She pulled the cock away, and a thick drop of the fluid slipped out of her and on to the sheets. She looked down, then at me.

"You gonna get that for me, Thomas?"

I was overcome with lust as she lay back against the pillows. I could see the fluid pooling at the bottom of her slit. I dropped to my stomach and crawled up between her splayed legs.

She grabbed my head and said "Off the sheets first..."

I licked the thick drop that had slipped out of her. It tasted slightly of her, no taste otherwise. It was viscous on my tongue and slid down my throat.

"Good baby?" she asked.

I dove my face in to her slit in reply, pushing my tongue up inside her, feeling the thick cream slide over my tongue and down my throat.

"Easy baby...easy...I want to see..." she said from above me, pushing her hand against my head.

I regained control, pulled back, and looked at her. She squealed in delight, a slight shudder coursing through her body. I could feel it on my chin and lips, began to feel self conscious, but she put an end to it.

"Dammit baby..that looks so hot...don't stop..just let me see it..."

A thought tugged at my subconscious...a memory, a common thread. No time to think now, however. I extended my tongue, ran it along her slit from bottom to top slowly, catching the cream that had begun to pool at the bottom again and smearing it along her slit, then pulling back slightly as I brushed over her clit. A thin string of the fake cum stretched between us like a flimsy rope bridge from her clit to my tongue and I held it there, watching her as she gazed at it, her head shaking back and forth slowly as she murmured,

"Oh damn damn damn baby...I want some...bring me some so I can taste it..."

My tongue darted back in for another dip, I captured some there, then crawled up next to her on my hands and knees. She pulled my face to hers, pushed her tongue in to my mouth, and I let the slick juice run in to her mouth. She moaned in to my mouth, swallowed greedily, sucked on my tongue. My cock throbbed in my shorts, she seemed not to notice or care. She pushed me away, looked at me harshly,

"Now clean me up, Thomas...clean my sloppy pussy up good...hurry!"

I couldn't get back there fast enough, dove in and lapped hungrily, pulling back slightly to tease at her clit, to give her a view, before driving my tongue back in deep to capture all that I could. When the juices I could draw out began to thin, I moved to her clit, nipped at it, drawing erotic yelps from her. I clamped my lips over it fully, sucked on it furiously and felt her body shake, heard my name, kept at it, pulling on it with my lips while my tongue lashed across it. She couldn't take it after her orgasm, thrashed, pushed me away breathlessly. I pulled back, but she placed her hand firmly on the back of my head again, looked at me.

"Bring me some more..." she said, placing a finger next to the stream that she'd squirted on to her stomach.

I placed my tongue in her tightly trimmed hair above her clit, drew it up alongside where her finger still lay directing me, gathering it all on my tongue, then crawled forward again.

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