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She has a strap-on just for you.

They really don't know what I am but I know when a guy is hitting on me. I can smell his testerosterone. Taste it on my tongue and I tingle...

Let me tell you about Garth.

I met him at Antonia's, a white girlfriend who is into blacks and has fucked a few of my friends. He was visiting with his wife. They lived in Belgium and had come over to London for a week's holiday as Sara, his American woman, had never been to Britain. They were friends of Antonia's.

We turned on to each other immediately. I could feel him lusting after me. There we all were drinking tea as he and I flirted outrageously on the sofa. Sara didn't seem to mind and she was chatting with Antonia who suggested they look over the house. It's a big Victorian one with lots of rooms and a huge garden.

"We're just going to look round, okay?" she said.

Leaving Garth and me alone on the sofa. He is tall, twice my age and very sexy and funny. Makes me laugh all the time, I feel so good with him. We're talking and touching each other on the arms, shoulders, thighs where he leaves his lovely, elegant hand lingering as he looks into my green eyes with his green eyes. And a shuddering sigh escapes me. I want him so bad. I can feel my nipples pucker and my pussy has that oozy feeling. My skin is tingling. Then he gently puts his hand on my nape and I start to melt into him.

In slow motion we kiss... oh, his soft lips and gentle tongue licking at my mouth! His hands moving over my back! I just want to wrap myself around him, want to be taken and used by him. I had fallen madly in lust with Garth. He could do anything to me. My perfect, little chocolate body was his and he could feel that.

His hands are all over my body as I suck on his tongue, whimpering. I'm lying on the couch with my legs spread, my skirt up to my waist as he rubs my pussy, teases it through my panties, fingers pulling at my hairs and I am drooling.

I want him and press my little hands against his groin, fumble with his jeans, the zip, the button, grope into his underpants and grab at his hard cock.

"Oh god, oh god, this is so good!"

We both know Antonia and Sara could come back at any minute but we just don't care. We need to fuck. I pull him over me and guide his cock into my soaking pussy, pulling the side of my knickers apart and he starts to drive into me urgently. He holds my ankles, spreading me wide, getting full access to my cunt... he is using me, taking me, dominating me and I want to scream in pleasure but all I can do is whimper and moan as I suck on his tongue buried deep in my mouth, pull at him and thrust my hips against his, getting all of his cock inside me with each violent stroke.

I was coming as soon as he entered me and the orgasms didn't stop. I peaked when he started to come inside me, grunting and fucking me like an animal. Then I think I did scream.

He laid on top of me, kissing and sucking on my big, black tits and I had my arms around his head telling him I loved him. And I did.

Then we heard Antonia and Sara outside in the garden so we got up to look out the window.

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