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Can you fake love to get the life you want?

.. maybe ten seconds.

I didn't answer her question about the verb.

She looked back up at me, nervously.

"You were just looking at my lips," I said, with a little playful tease in my voice.

"I was not," she lied, her color deepening.

I smirked and snickered at her. She unconsciously looked at my lips again and then quickly looked away in consternation.

"You just did it again," I said.

She opened and closed her mouth for a moment and then met my eyes, "That's because you said I did before, when I didn't. It was a perfectly natural thing to do."

We looked at each other for a moment, and then both of us just laughed.

While I was laughing, adrenaline suddenly surged through my body and I could immediately feel definite electricity in the room as she looked at my lips yet a third time.

"Anyway," she shrugged, still looking, "So what if I was, you're a handsome guy, and it's not like you'll ever actually do anything about it."

She said it with a playful grin playing across her face and I thought to myself, "Now if that wasn't an invitation, I have absolutely no idea what is."

It was decision time. Do I make a move on her or not?

My cock, incidentally, had actually already made it's decision. It was hard as a rock and now painfully restrained in my jeans. And it didn't take more than a few seconds for my cock to convince my brain to follow it's lead.

I stood up. Stretched toward the ceiling and then sort of sauntered around the table. She watched me with a twinkle in her eye. I leaned down close, looked her right in the eyes and asked, "Is that a dare?"

She smirked and raised her chin slightly. I leaned closer. Our lips just brushed and then parted for some gentle first kisses. She wrinkled her nose after a few moments, giggled and said, "You have Dr. Pepper breath."

"So do you," I grinned.

"Let's brush our teeth," she said.

We quickly stood and went to the hall bath. I had a toothbrush there already, for Christy's benefit, not Julia's, since Julia and I were not doing it. We brushed. Julia's hands were trembling a little with excitement. I couldn't help but notice. And she couldn't help but notice the insanely aching hard-on at the front of my jeans.

Julia gargled some mouthwash and spit it out after handing the bottle to me. I did the same, and now happily refreshed, she sat on the vanity in front of me and said, "Now what were you saying to me?"

Shit the things that happened in the next few minutes on our way to not doing it!

It was pure heaven: Tongues dancing, pulses racing, fingers in my belt loops pulling me tight against her, legs wrapping, groins grinding eagerly, body arching back, biting her neck, fingers shaking, lifting her shirt up, bra clasp undone, breasts free, body arching further back, shoulders against the mirror, my hand massaging one soft mound, lips and teeth catching the flesh of the other, nipples hardening. Yes ... it was heaven, this not doing it together.

Julia pulled me tight with her legs and thrust her pelvis out for me to grind with her. The fingers of one hand tunneled through my hair as she pulled my mouth down more firmly against her breast. She definitely wanted me to suck it harder and I was happy to comply, even as I thrust my jean clad manhood against her jean clad flower in the sweet motions of not actually doing it together.

It was then that she had her first orgasm with me. She stiffened and let out several short gasps followed by a delicious groan as the hot waves of pleasure swept through her body.

When it was over, she relaxed and eased me back a little. She looked at me, her eyes slightly dazed with pleasure. "You're not done are you?" she asked with slightly breathless hope. When you're not doing it together you sometimes have to ask questions like that, I guess. Then squeezing her legs, she felt the reassuring hardness pressed against her sweet spot.

"No," I said with a grin.

"Good," she grinned back.

Then she suddenly unwrapped her legs and pushed me back as she slid off the vanity.

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