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An Indiana highway is a good place for a few orgasms.

"Turn it off, turn it off. Oh my god he recorded us. Why would he do that?"

"That's exactly what we were thinking? Why would he do that?"

"Oh my god, it suddenly dawned on her why everyone in the station seemed to know her. Everyone in the station must have seen this recording probably several times. That stupid bastard, where is Frank?"

"Mr. Stanton is dead, murdered by his wife. Who in a moment of remorse committed suicide right after she shot him, with his own hold out gun."

Angela sat back in the chair, her face turned white, her eyes rolled back in her head, she made a small noise, and toppled out of the chair in a dead faint. Her head banged quite hard on the floor.

It was about ten minutes later, Angela was being forced back to consciousness, and someone was waving an ammonia ampoule under her nose. The woman wearing the suit was holding an ice bag in her hand.

"Here hold this against your forehead, you're developing quite a lump, where your head hit the floor. I was about to ask you why you left the DVD in Frank's mailbox?"

"Me? You think I made the DVD and left it for Frank's wife to find. Why would I do that?"

"Firstly, you can't stand your husband. Anyone watching the video can hear you clearly say you haven't had and orgasm from him ever in all your married life. He suffers from premature ejaculation. I believe you said 30 seconds and he has an orgasm."

"But ... but ... that doesn't prove I made the disc. I didn't do it, I swear."

"Okay, then tell me who else besides you has the where-with-all to make a recording like that. It was very professional I might add. You have a BS in computer science and a Masters in it too. You have been a programmer and you've been working in information technology for years.

"I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I'm telling the truth."

"We're wasting our time here, Sergeant arrest her, read her, her rights. The charge is murder."

"But you said Frank's wife killed him."

"That's right, she did. Your little scheme drove her to a killing frenzy, with the recording. It backfired on you didn't it. That's Man1. When she killed herself that's Man2. There might even be another we're looking into." Right now, you're looking at life imprisonment."

"Wait, what about Casey? What about my baby"

"Don't worry about your baby, Child Protective Services have her. Lock her up sergeant."


It doesn't look good, Angela. They have added another murder charge against you.

"What, who do they say I killed now."

"Lisa Walker, your one time neighbor, she was your friend wasn't she?"

"You won't believe this but Lisa was an escaped slave. She was stealing money from her husband. She had a numbered account in a bank in the Seychelles Islands. There was over 100 grand in it, small amounts deposited every month over the last 3 years. The bank's security people installed a skipback about 7 months ago, whenever you made a deposit they were able to trace it back to the same ip address. Guess who the address belonged to?"

"Me ... You think I'm guilty too, don't you?"

"It doesn't matter what I believe. There is so much circumstantial evidence against you, and no one else to point a finger at. Let's say we go to trial, there's a 90% chance you'll be convicted. That means you'll go to a high security prison. Such as the women's facility at Danamora. You're a good looking woman with a good figure. You're what 5'2" and you weigh 100-103 pounds. Have you ever seen the dykes at a place like that? They'll be 5'8'- 6'3" and weigh about 200-250 pounds easy. You will get the shit kick out of you every day until you are forced to become some dyke's bitch. Then she'll be renting you out to everyone she can for extra cigarettes and any other goodies she can get. You'd be better off taking the needle it's faster."


"Or, you volunteer to become a house slave.

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