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Clarissa is caught between her desire for power and pleasure.

I cry but no tears come from my eyes and I feel my pussy stretching open as my legs seem to stretch impossibly further. I am left to endure this new pain and somehow I do. Yet my pussy and my tits are still in pain and demanding release. The weights, which I thought I had learned to endure, have suddenly become more painful and I have to assume they have added more weight to the tethers that clasp my sore nipples.

I am left to endure and I try to ignore the constant demands of my now sopping wet cunt and my hard and tortured nipples and my attempts to do that leave me no time to think about anything else. The continuous pain has made me concentrate on my cunt and my tits. My only thoughts are how to let my pussy release and feel my orgasm envelop my body but I cannot find a way to get there. I find myself for the first time in my life centered on my sexual needs and desires and am amazed that I have been taken here on the wings of pain.

The pain this time erupts in my asshole as I feel something trying to enter that smaller hole. Nothing has ever gone in that back; door not even my own tiny finger and the feeling of this invasion blankets me with fear and of course pain. I feel as though my anal passage will split open as whatever is being pushed inside of me relentlessly fills my anal cavity. I am in too much pain to scream and as the object settles deep in my anus and my body tries to accept the invasion I am assaulted once again my demanding cunt. My body tries, to no avail, to expel the thing from my ass. I want to cry out but there is just too many parts of my body that are being pushed, too much pain coming form too many directions. Yet, amid all of this pain and pressure my pussy becomes more demanding and I can think of nothing more then the orgasm that won't come to me.

Once again the whip starts but this time both my ass and tits are assaulted and the tremors from each strike ripple through my aching body. Pushing my demanding cunt closer and closer but never letting that damn pussy have its release. I feel my arms being pulled forward and my belly comes hard against some sort of padded bar as my body is now bent in half with my secured arms pulled forward and down. The whipping of my tits has stopped and I enjoy a moment of relief from that pain but the whip on my ass continues. Yet I find my desire to cum overriding my pain. I sense that the tempo of the whip on my ass the pulling of the weights on my nipples has found a way to focus my energy on my need for sexual release, my need to orgasm and I cringe inside at the depth of that need. No longer do I feel the pain completely but a constant increase of my sexual need. I open my mouth to scream or beg, I really don't know and before any sounds are emitted a hard but warm pole of flesh invades. It's a hard cock and it drives itself into my mouth and down my throat making me gag.

As this cock brutally fucks my mouth and throat, I feel a soft warm object licking at my over heated sopping pussy and realize someone else has put their face on my pussy as is licking the copious juices escaping from me. The whip continues and the cock is stretching my mouth wide as it plows back and forth and without thinking I find that the little movement I have in my hips are driving my needy cunt into the face below it. My first orgasm screams through me almost as soon as that tongue touches my swollen hard clit but the night does not end yet. I cannot stop the surge of orgasm that rips thru me, not even when the cock that had been drilling my mouth pulls back and sprays it's hot cum all over my face. I can feel the warm sticky mixture coating my skin and oozing down my cheeks and then my mouth is filled again with another cock. Not as large or long and a bit more gently this second cock also fucks my mouth but elects to leave his ejaculate in my mouth and I have little choice but to swallow.

The pressure in my ass is being altered as the obj

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