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Katya give's Malcolm a surprise and he returns the favor.

Sometime in the early hours of the morning, I heard something rustling in the corner of the bedroom. I lay there, pretending sleep for a while, straining to hear what was making the sound. Only a little nervous at first, I thought perhaps it was a mouse that had gotten in when I had left the patio door open. However, the sounds only continued and seemed to be getting closer to the bed.

Getting a little more nervous now and not really wanting to turn on any bright lights, I cautiously leaned over and opened the blinds on the window, letting in some moonlight.

I was surprised and a little terrified to see that my aloe had grown to at least 10 times its original size, and was moving onto the bed! I was so filled with shock and fear that I was paralyzed as the first spiny leaf wrapped around my ankle, gripping it tightly.

I let out a shriek and quickly reached to the bedside table to turn on the low bedside lamp to better see what was happening, and another thick spiky leaf quickly shot forward, encircling my other ankle tightly, pulling me back more squarely onto the middle of the bed. I watched in disbelief as the long leaves began winding their way up and around my legs, then began spreading them widely apart.

I could tell that other changes had taken place with the aloe in addition to its rapid growth. It hadn't been in bloom yesterday, but it now had tall thick bloom spikes with giant bulbs on the top 6 inches of each stalk, looking quite phallic and not at all like the normal bloom spikes it used to put out. The stalks themselves were fairly thick and completely covered with the small spikes similar to the leaves.

I didn't have too long to contemplate these changes before I realized more of the plant had slid onto the bed and many of the thick spiky leaves were sliding up along my body. Having my legs spread so wide made it awkward to even move, so despite my struggling to escape, I had no leverage to pull myself away. My struggling also seemed to excite the plant, and it started moving faster, rapidly sending up two more leaves to encircle my arms and wrists, pulling them out wide to either side, and sliding under me until I was fully lying on top of most of the plant. I could feel the spikes pushing into my skin all over my body, not sharp enough to break the skin, but more the sensation of pencil points pushing against me.

Some of the leaves under me now began to wrap themselves around the front of me, running over my breasts and stomach. I shuddered at the sensation of the spikes over my nipples, which again made the plant more animated. Two smaller leaves began wrapping themselves tightly around the base of each breast, squeezing tightly, while the larger spiny leaves rubbed themselves vigorously over the sensitive tips.

I began to writhe and moan, and one of the smaller tall bulbous "bloom spikes" slid its way up and pushed itself deep into my mouth. The head of it was oozing something sweet, tasting like some kind of exotic fruit, and I began to lick and suck on the bulb that had been forced into my mouth.

At this point, I could feel what I could only assume were other bulbs, pressing at the entrances to my pussy and ass.

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