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Even teachers need to cut loose.


She rather melted against me whispering ' I have really missed being with you and I have looked forward to this all weekend.'

To my shame I said 'Would you like to show me how much?'

She smiled and rather drunkenly said ' I'm all yours.'

In a fit of lust I turned her round and bending her over the bed I grated 'Well what about that ass of yours?'

'We've tried that before and it hurt.'

'Well I've been wanting it all weekend since I saw your ass in the g-string and sheer skirt and I'm sure most of the guys tonight felt the same. That ass of yours is made for buggering and I want to be the one to break you in.'

Pulling her string aside I parted her hips and tongued her little brown puckered hole. I heard her murmur 'mmm that's quite nice.' So I tried to insert a finger and hear her say ' Don't just let's make love as normal.' With a few drinks in me this really did annoy me that my girl friend would refuse me what a big mature married woman had enjoyed giving me all weekend, so I persisted.

Again she resisted so I went to the bathroom and found some shaving gel which I splashed between her pert 34" hips before once again starting to put my fingers into her. Once again she said ' Mark, I don't really want this -- it will hurt.'

'Gemma, I really do want to fuck you in the ass and I've been wanting to do it all weekend. Will you not at least try it?'

Rather resignedly she murmured assent and put her ass up to be ridden. I covered my very hard cock with gel and started to ease the head in. This was a totally different ball game to getting into Carole's well used anus as Gemma was very tight and not at all relaxed. However I was rock hard with lust and determined . As I forced the head into her she screamed and tried to pull away moaning that I was far too thick and was ripping her. But this just fuelled my lust more and grabbing her by her pretty girlish buttocks as she tried to pull away from me, I pushed my cock hard into her. Initially she was moaning and tried to pull away from me but soon realised I was determined and as she stopped fighting the penetration I was soon in her up to my balls. The tightness of her sphincter on my cock was really exciting and getting what I had desired for so long also drove me into something of a fenzy of lust and I totally ignore her moans 'to take it easy' as I really gave her up her virgin ass.

It was really satisfying to deposit my cum deep within her virginal bowels and as I came off she fell forward whimpering on the bed. To my shame being drink fuelled I found that the fact that I had taken her hard and it had hurt her to be arousing and as I lay embedded in her I realised I was hardening again. Kissing her on the neck I grabbed two handfuls of small tit and started to thrust gently into her again.

'Mark, it's hurting'

'I want you again -- I have wanted your rear for so long. I'll be a little more gentle and hopefully now that you're opened up it won't be as bad if you relax -- now ease back on to me.'

As she eased back on to me it reminded me of how Carole had so willingly pushed her big ripe buttocks back to take my cock up her big ass and I started to thrust deeply into Gemma. Once again she started moaning with pain which I ignored and really buggered her hard again.

This time when I climaxed my lust was completely spent and I withdrew to let her flop forward on the bed moaning that I had really hurt her and that I had ripped her anus and really bruised her inside. Having achieved my objective of giving her it up her pretty little virgin ass I did feel guilty momentarily when I saw her ass was seeping a mixture of blood and cum. But then the thought that I should have had it before now and would be enjoying it in the future replaced that thought.

When she came out of the bathroom having tidied up her rear she had sobered up dramatically and was extremely annoyed with me.

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