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Night at the movies leads to so much more.


'Okay Olivia, I understand. This could be your big break! Go ahead, do your magic, and I'll be waiting here for you later. Besides, Brian here is good company and will keep me company!

'Oh, you're so sweet, Tim! No wonder I love you! I do have to marry such a sweet man like you, eventually! Okay, see you in a couple hours!'

And with a quick peck on my cheek, Olivia was gone, leaving Brian as my company.

'Woah, I see you finished your drink! Buy a girl a drink?'

I played up the femme fatale and thanked Brian for a second rum and coke. Which, as I continued my story, turned into a third drink!

'So 'Tiffany', tell me about today and your transformation into such a stunning girl, and French maid, to boot! I'm amazed. I would never have known you were a man at the bar when I saw you!"

'Okay Brian. Well, last night, the day before Halloween, Olivia shaved my entire body, so I could be hairless and smooth, as 'girls aren't hairy' she said. I was surprised at how my body felt hairless and smooth. Quite a different feeling, and not unpleasant. Olivia and I made passionate love that night, believe me! It was wonderful!'

'Hmm, I have to say 'Tiffany', that your smooth legs were what drew me to you when I saw you at the bar! So lovely! The prettiest gams I have ever seen, and you're a dude! Go figure! Haha!'

'Why thanks Brian! I guess! Never had someone tell me that before!'

'My pleasure, 'Tiffany'. Now please continue your story!'

Ok, well this morning we slept in then had a nice breakfast together. Eggs, toast, sausage, the usual. Filled up, we left for her salon around 3 this afternoon. I was in my khaki trousers and sperry boat shoes and a white golf shirt. Olivia looked hot as usual in a sexy black miniskirt and heels. There was no need to ask what was in her garment bag that she was carrying! I knew it was the maid uniform and all the rest of the clothes to make me into a maid!'

'Hard to believe this gorgeous creature beside me was Wearing khaki trousers just this afternoon!'

'Tell me about it Brian!! I can't believe the change myself!'

'So tell me about your transformation, 'Tiffany'.

Brian was enjoying talking to this sexy maid. And as 'Tiffany' loosened up, he got a strange idea in his mind. Perhaps a few more drinks? Yes, that would do it!

'Please continue 'Tiffany What happened at the salon?!'

'Okay Brian, well once we got there, I was put near the back, and into a chair. The first thing Olivia did was my hair, and instead of a wig, she added extentions to my hair, after washing my hair first. My hair is dark brunette, as you can see, but before the extentions, It didn't even reach my collar! As you can see, my hair now goes all the way to my waist! It took some getting used to, believe me! The weight was quite unfamiliar to me, that's for sure! Then she curled the ends of my hair to add some sexy curls and body to it, then trimmed my normally parted hair into bangs, you know, like the girl in new girl!'

'hmm yes, your gorgeous hair was the third thing I noticed about you, 'Tiffany'!'

'Third thing? What was the second thing, Brian?'

''Duh! Your tits, 'Tiffany', straining out of your black satin uniform! They are VERY impressive! What, a D cup?'

'Oh, er, those! Well, they are a DD cup actually! They were the next thing Olivia did to me! I pleaded with her for smaller breasts, But she wouldn't have it any other way. Maids should have big boobs, she told me firmly. And so, with her glue and makeup, I was soon the proud owner of a pair of double d's!'

'Quite fetching they are, Tiffany! They suit your costume most elegantly! So what came next? Makeup? Or more dressing?'

'More dressing, then makeup! Soon I was wearing my first bra, a black satin and lace number that supported my new 'girls'! Then she slipped a pair of panties on me. My, how unusual and sensual they felt! Not at all like my rough, cotton briefs! The panties were black satin, bikini cut, with white lace around the waist, legs and white lace ruffles on the back! It all felt so girly, and forbidden! But it only got worse!

'Yes, I

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