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A passionate interlude.

We both say no thanks, and she continues toward the back of the plane. You turn back to the window, leaning your head back on the seat and gazing out at the clear night sky.

Your shirt is open a little too much, and I can see the tops of your breasts rising and falling with your breath. The jean shorts leave a delightful amount of your bare upper legs exposed, and the way you're casually sitting back with your thighs hanging slightly apart is very, very appealing.

After some quick scribbling on a page of my notebook, I lean over and kiss your cheek, letting the kiss slide down to your neck, just enough to elicit a satisfied murmur from your throat. You sigh deeply, the curves of your breast swelling erotically as I watch.You feel me slide a piece of paper into your hand, and your eyes turn to meet mine, our faces inches apart. I can feel your breath on my lips, your warmth on my cheeks. My handwriting on the paper says, "God I wish I could fuck you right now."

Your lips come apart slightly after you've read, and I know it turned you on. I put my hand on your leg in a familiar way, subtly moving it down, between, applying pressure the fold of denim between your thighs. I hear your breath catch and feel your legs spread ever so slightly. My forearm is against your body, and I can feel your pulse rising, beating faster and faster as I feel your pussy heating up through your shorts. I reach over and turn the paper over in your hand. On the back it says, "In one minute, come to the back row and sit beside me in the aisle seat. Undo your pants, bend down to suck me, and I'll rub your pussy till you cum."

When your eyes stop reading, I get up and go to the back of the plane. You get nervous and look around, expecting everyone to be watching. The few people on the plane are all farther forward, asleep or reading. The crew is sitting in the front service area, idly chatting. You stand up and start walking. It's only a few steps, but your skin tingles, feeling eyes on the back of your neck. When you turn to sit down next to me, they're all still sleeping. We're alone in the dark, and my fingers are wrapped around the throbbing hard on rising up from my pants. Your heart thumps. You unbutton your shorts and bend down into the darkness of my lap, your lips kissing my fingers as they slip around my smooth, hard cockhead. You feel me laying a light blanket over you from the shoulders down, and my hand going down the back of your pants, past your ass, between your legs, over your pulsing cunt hole and right against your hot, tingling clit. I play with it while you blow me, tracing circles, your name in little cursive letters, dipping inside you for more hot wetness, making you whimper and sigh minutely around my cock.

I play with your pussy till my fingers are drunk with you. My erection strains in your mouth, ready for release. My fingers beg you to cum for me, please, please, oh god please cum for me while you suck my cock. My stiffness in your mouth promises yes, yes, I'm ready. I'll cum in your throat and you can drink me while your insides spasm and unwind, the adrenaline shooting through your blood. My head twists to the side with taut pleasure, and behind the curtain at the back of the aisle I see a stewardess watching us.

I hadn't noticed her there in the dim cabin shadows. It's the same one from earlier, except now she was staring right at us in the middle of our discreet little tryst. She can see your head bobbing up and down on my cock. Her hand is down her pants and she's breathing heavily with her head back against the wall, and as soon as my eyes meet hers I feel your thighs locking around my hand, and a slight sound escapes your throat as your body tenses against me, and I gasp a little as the cum shoots up through me and into your waiting mouth. I feel you gulping, drinking around my dick while your orgasm throbs, and I watch her bite her lower lip and push her head back silently against the wall, writhing on her fingers while she watches us get each other off.

You sit up, breathing hard.

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