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Finale - The Wedding.

I was so mesmerized by his voice and his coffee brown eyes that I sat silent long after he was done speaking.

"Well? Alexandra, are you interested?" He jolted me out of my trance.

"Uh, oh yeah, I, what about the compensation?"
"Of course," he began, "we are prepared to offer you five hundred dollars for the first week. The pay increases weekly as the research becomes more, uh, intense shall I say."

Trying to maintain some semblance of a cool air, I said, "Ok, sounds good to me! Where do I sign?" They didn't have to know that I probably would have done it for fifty bucks.

They wanted to start right away, presumably to detect my level of commitment and to be sure I didn't get scared off and never return. They gave me a short, silk, burgundy robe and told me to take off all my clothes and put that on. They instructed me that once in the changing room, there was another door, which led me into the observation room. I was to go through this door and wait for further instruction. I quickly disrobed and wondered what I had gotten myself into...again. I was clouded by the offer of good money and anything to do with sex caught my interest. I shooed away any reservations I was having and opened the door into the observation room.

I was immediately surprised at how warm it was. The next thing I noticed was how nice it smelled; like lilacs and sex. The room was set up like a studio apartment. There was a card table with four chairs around it, a queen size bed, a recliner chair and a television mounted on the wall. Music was playing softly though I couldn't see a stereo. Just then, the music cut off and I heard Amy's voice over a microphone, "Just sit down and relax Alexandra, we're getting set up here." I sat down in the recliner and tried to relax, closing my eyes and inhaling deeply. I heard the dressing room door open and looked over to see Jack walking toward me. He was carrying all sorts of wires that I figured he was going to plant all over my head. He had changed out of his business clothes, though, and was wearing loose shorts and a faded blue t-shirt. He told me to stay put and he slowly opened up the robe, exposing my breasts.

"Don't worry," he said, "I don't least not until week three." I giggled and he placed the electrodes on my chest, stomach and one near each nipple. As he was placing the second one on my right breast, my nipples swelled to embarrassing proportions. He gave me a little wink and told me to please open my legs. I turned a color of red that wasn't even fashionable in the eighties and looked over to the glass partition. Amy caught my eye and spoke into the microphone, "Don't worry Alexandra, Jack is a researcher as well as volunteer in the study. You can stop anytime you don't feel comfortable, but this is a basic part of the setup. It doesn't get any less exposing from here, so just relax and enjoy yourself."

I looked back up at Jack, who was still hovering over me waiting for me to open my legs. He gave me that charming reassuring look and I slowly lifted up my knees and opened myself up to him. Having been distracted by the goings on, it just occurred to me how completely turned on I was. Here was this incredibly sexy man touching me while I was completely exposed and to boot we had an audience. He went to put an electrode at the base of my clitoris. When he got there, we both looked down to see that I was more turned on than I thought; there was moisture seeping out of my vagina. I looked up, into his eyes and gave a sheepish look and mouthed I'm sorry. He kept looking directly into my eyes and said, "You're going to be perfect for this. I, for one already like working with you." He then ever so gently placed the electrode on the base of my clit, causing it to jump from its hood and my whole body to twitch.

"Ok, Alexandra, here's what we're doing today.

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