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Two superheroes fall in love - but share a forbidden secret.


Amy responded, "But right now, only you and I know of my alleged misdeeds. Maybe there is some way that we could work this out between the two of us. Maybe I can make it worth your while to forget about all of this. And I will promise to resign in a couple of weeks, not take anymore money, and never work in government again."

When the day started, I was looking forward to nailing this girl with the law. Now, it appeared that she might be suggesting that I could have my way with her. I had to be careful here.

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"What do you think I am suggesting?" she responded.

"I don't have any idea" I deadpanned. "Why don't you tell me? But first, I have to ask, do you have any tape recorder on you?" She shook her head 'No." I sat there for a few minutes while the possibilities raced through my head. She didn't have a purse when she came in. If she had a recorder, it would have to have been in her hands or outfit. She would have no way to have known what was coming. The staff didn't even know that an audit was happening. There a no way that she was taping this conversation.

"Before you explain your offer, I want you to stand up." She stood up as requested. I then went all around where she was sitting to see if there was any recording device. I locked the door to the conference room. "I think you may be offering me something that I don't want a record of. Please take off your blouse so that I can see that there are no recording devices on your body."

She slowly took off her blouse to reveal a taught stomach that showed that she believed in ab crunches. She was wearing a white underwire bra that revealed that her boobs were at least C cups. She said, "Are you satisfied that I am not wired. I had no idea this was coming. Who do you think I am? A secret agent that takes small amounts of money from the cash register?"

She laughed when she said this and it made me angry. I was one with the power. She was the one that would be going to jail. She was the one that suggested that there may be another way to resolve this, but she was thinking that she would manipulate me into making this all go away. I was curious how little she thought she could do to make it go away. "Tell me your offer now."

"You are probably married" she started. "I bet you don't ever get a blow job unless it's your anniversary or birthday. I happen to give a wonderful blow job. In fact, if you agree to forget all of this accounting confusion, I'm willing to give you the best blow job that you have ever had."

I looked at her and made a mean face. "Listen Amy, what my wife and I do in the privacy of our bedroom is not open for discussion here. But, I have to tell you that your offer isn't even close to enough. Finding a theft of money like this will help my career significantly. I'm not going to give it up for a blow job. And, I seriously doubt that it would be the best of my life." She got a surprised look on her face as she started to realize I had the power now.

"I do find you very attractive though. You represent every bitchy girl that never gave me the time of day. I have to be back in Richmond on Monday. Today is Friday and I think that I would be willing to forget about this matter if you agreed to be mine for the entire weekend."

Amy looked hard at me trying to determine what I would really settle for. Then she asked, "What does it mean to be yours for the entire weekend?"

"You would agree to be my sex slave starting at 6PM tonight and lasting until 9PM on Sunday evening. If you do everything that you are told, I will forget that this ever happened. You will have to resign from your job and agree to never work in Virginia government again." Then, I went for the whole enchilada.

"You will do whatever I tell you to do. If I ask you to suck my cock you will. If I tell you to suck my cock until I come in your mouth you will. If I tell you to swallow my come you will. Do you understand?"

Amy was shocked by the words coming out of my mouth.

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