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I am punished for leaving Sir's protection foolishly.

He had her pressed against the back wall and was rocking back and forth. A cheer went up from many of the watchers. Jim and Stacy didn't stop for the open door. Her arms and legs remained locked around his neck and waist.

I pulled Anna guiding her on to my lap. She continued to watch then moved her left leg across my body. She stood up enough to grab my hard cock and guide it into her warm moist sex. She braced her hands on my knees and pushed down. The velvety tightness surrounded my erection. I moaned as I returned the motion. Our eyes were still riveted on the stage.

Ashley approached Jim and Stacy. She gently urged them out onto the stage. Jim reluctantly complied. Two young men rolled a large gym pad next to them. Ashley coaxed them toward her as she lay down pulling Jim to her. The three of them lay side by side on the pad and Ashley kissed Jim fiercely.

Anna leaned back against my chest as she turned her face to the side to entice me to kiss her. I obliged as I fondled her breasts.

When my attention returned to the stage Ashley was atop Jim. I could see his long dick as she bounced up and down on it. Stacy sat at Jim's side gliding her hands across Ashley's back and Jim's chest.

Anna raised herself off me and my cock slid out. Standing she turned to face me, took my hands guided me to a mat that was now on the floor to our left.

She lay down on her back and spread her legs inviting me to enter her again. I knelt between her thighs and mounted her again. She moaned happily as I looked down at her. Her long hair fanned out on the map framing her face. Her eyes were bright with desire. Her breasts jiggled with every thrust.

I noticed movement to my right. When I turned to look I saw Ben lying on his back with Vicki's head bobbing up and down as she sucked him off. I looked around and saw that everyone was having sex with their closet partner on mats fanned out around the stage.

Debbie was on the far side straddling Alberto. She was leaning back with her hands on his shins. Her head flung back with a look of utter wanton abandonment on her face.

I returned my attention to Anna when she pinched my nipple.

"Look at Vicki sucking Ben. I've never been this close to someone else having sex. I can't believe she can take his whole cock that far in her mouth."

Vicki was deep throating Ben when I looked over which took some talent I observed as when I saw the size of his cock. Ben's hips started to jerk back and forth. He grabbed the back of her head and shot his load in her mouth. Vicki pulled back gulping most of the cum down but strings of it oozed out of her mouth as she gasped for air. She noticed Anna and me watching as she slowly and sensually wiped capture the stray love juice from her lips. Vicki examined the cum on her fingers then languorously lapped it up.

Anna's eyes were glazed with lust. I felt my cum rising up my shaft from my ball sac and couldn't contain it. I warned Anna and ground my groin tightly against hers. I forced myself as deep inside her as I could. I felt my seed boiling out and into her womb. As the first stream of my cum shot out I felt Anna's nails raking across my back. As the second stream erupted her legs locked around my waist and she screamed in my ear. When my third shot let loose I felt Anna's body shake as she came.

I collapsed on top of Anna. We were both panting from our exertions as well as the relief of our orgasm. Anna held me close as she nibbled my neck. I was still inside her with her legs still wrapped around my waist.

We held each other for several minutes before I slowly rolled off of Anna and sat up to survey the room. Anna at my side sat up too. Anna pointed at her husband Tony who was lying on his back as Rhonda rose and fell riding his cock with wild abandon. We watched as his face contorted as his orgasm approached. Tony drove up deep into Rhonda then his hips shuddered in short bursts as he came.

Rhonda slowly

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