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Guy must do some unorthodox gay things to marry his girl.

If he could have chosen, Jeff decided, he would settle for a night with his face between Amanda's breasts.

At 11 the hostess called for silence and the bowl of keys was produced. The women drew lots to see who chose first and the men sat back watching to see the outcome.

Debbie had the honour of first choice and to everyone's amusement drew her own husband, Ken. The keys were returned to the bowl and this time she drew the host of the party who embraced her and together they sat to one side, her on his knee.

Sheila the blonde hostess, drew next and Jeff was relieved not to be chosen.

Next was Sally, the thin older woman, and again Jeff relaxed when Debbie's husband Ken was chosen.

Next up was Susan and she walked forward looking a little nervous. She pulled out a set of keys and Tim, big and brash, let out a roar of delight. He gave her a big kiss and led her to an armchair in the corner where he sat her on his knee and gave her tits a rough squeeze through her dress.

That left a 50/50 chance of getting Amanda, Jeff told himself. Marion had the choice of keys and she walked up to the bowl, slim, and pale.

Jeff held his breath, then his mind raced when he saw her holding his keys. She came over to him and they kissed awkwardly, then sat down.

People were sitting in their couples, chatting and in some cases kissing. Jeff again wondered why he had got himself and Susan into this - but also realised he had no choice but to go through with things.

Music started and some people danced together. Jeff occasionally glanced over to see Susan, kissing and dancing with Tim. He felt a pang of jealousy as he watched her and concern for her as Tim was openly pawing her, his big hands all over her ass as they danced.

Conversation with Marion was a bit strained. Jeff studied her as they spoke. She had light red hair, not quite to her shoulders. Her face was pale with little make-up and her clothing gave little away in terms of her figure. She was very slim and petite and compared to Susan's soft curves Jeff imagined that Marion must have tiny breasts. At one stage she walked across the room to get a drink and from the sway of her lower body Jeff did imagine that under her loose skirt she might have quite a nice ass.

As midnight passed the atmosphere got even more relaxed and some couples, as they kissed, let their hands wander over each others bodies. While Jeff and Marion occasionally kissed it felt awkward and did not develop.

Marion's husband came over, to tell her he was leaving, and kissed her goodnight. They watched him leave, his arm around Debbie's beautiful body as they headed for the front door.

Jeff realised it was time to leave so he went to find Susan, to say goodnight. He didn't have to go far. He checked the kitchen, opened the door letting the light flood in on the sight of his wife, on her knees, sucking vigorously at the rigid cock of Tim. Tim smiled when the door opened and Susan turned, embarrassed to see Jeff standing there. Jeff muttered goodnight and left hurriedly.

Outside, as Marion had been drinking only soft drinks all night, she suggested that she drive them home rather than getting a taxi. Jeff agreed and got into the passenger seat.

They drove about a mile away from the house and to Jeff's surprised she pulled over into a dark carpark.

They sat in darkness as she apologised for her nervousness at the party and explained that she felt uncomfortable with her husband watching her and was unable to relax. She would understand if Jeff wanted to go home alone and forget the whole thing.

Jeff reassured her, told her that she was doing fine and that he too was tense and unsure.

She thanked him and leaned over to kiss him.

She held the kiss, their lips together, and moved closer to him. Then he felt her tongue, probing between his lips and when he opened his mouth slightly it slid in, darting and exploring.

This kiss was so much different from their stifled exchanges at the party and Jeff felt himself being pushed gently by the force

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