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Sometimes "no" means "if you bite me first".

Only every third shower had a drainage hole; Kate's didn't, but Madison's did.

Thoroughly washing her vagina with soap and water, Madison saw her cousin's soap come floating through and go into the drainage hole, then Kate's voice. "Madison, I lost my soap into your stall, could you please pass it back to me?"

Madison was horrified. "Ew, no, I'm not putting my hand into the drain. It's disgusting."

Kate sighed and stormed out of the shower. Pulling aside the curtain, the soaking wet girl, her pubic hair covered in soap, pulled open Madison's curtain. Madison looked in shock at her cousin's entry, and although too late to prevent Kate seeing her breasts, pubic hair, vagina and bare bottom, Madison cupped her hands over her pubic hair and vagina, backing against the wall to hide her bare bottom and moving her arms to cover her tits as best she could.

"Kate, what the hell?" she demanded.

"You won't get me my soap, so I have to get it myself," said Kate, her big naked breasts wobbling from side to side as she walked forward, soap and water running down her long legs to her bare feet.

"Can't you cover yourself up?" complained Madison. "I don't want to see you naked."

"Nor me with you, but as you wouldn't help me, I didn't have much choice," said Kate. She bent over to retrieve the soap from the drain, Madison seeing her cousin's pink vagina in the process thanks to her parted legs. Kate picked up the soap and turned back to Madison, making no attempt to hide her bare breasts and hairy pubic area. "That wasn't so hard, was it?" she said. "And why are you so shy? We're both 18-year-old women. What did you do at school when you had to shower after gym class?"

With that, Kate left and pulled the shower curtain closed, before returning to her own shower. Madison got a view of Kate's plump bare bottom as she left, which was only marginally better than seeing her cousin's huge tits, or her pussy. "Do you keep a squirrel between your legs, Kate?" she thought to herself.

Full of indignation, Madison resumed washing her feminine area. At her school, the change rooms were divided into cubicles for the girls to change their clothes, and separate private shower cubicles to give the wealthy female students complete privacy. She, nor any of her classmates had ever had to see each other in their bra and panties, naked or in the shower. This was all done behind closed doors.

Kate, also washing her vagina, thought nothing about changing her clothes and showering in front of other girls. Having gone to a public school, the girls' change-room was open, with open showers too. The girls just changed and showered in front of each other for gym class, and that was it.

The girls then soaped up their buttocks, before each of them thoroughly washed between the cheeks of their bottoms, concentrating on their anal areas, applying plenty of soap and water to the tight openings to their back passages. Finally they washed their legs and feet, gave themselves a final rinse, before turning off the showers. The naked, dripping wet girls then dried themselves with towels, both very thorough when drying between her legs and between the cheeks of her bottom.

Madison and Kate put on their panties, and reached into their bags to retrieve, put on and fasten their bras. They then dressed, Madison putting on a lilac colored tee-shirt and a pair of jeans. These were not ordinary, comfortable jeans but skin-tight around her tummy, her buttocks, crotch and legs. She had to ease into them every time she put them on and they were not comfortable, but vanity prevailed and Madison loved how good they made her wonderful figure looked when she was wearing them, the denim accentuating every curve.

One time, however, the jeans had brought Madison unstuck.

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