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Martin begins his recovery.

Wriggling downward again, I kissed and licked as much of her tummy as I could reach, working my way down to her mound. I felt the firm resistance of her pubic bone under the smooth skin there, and now the scent of the wetness leaking from her pussy filled my nostrils. I inhaled that wonderful scent as I kissed all over her now quivering mound.

But my mouth did not immediately go to her pussy. She had teased me with her striptease act, and now it was my turn to tease her. So I kissed and licked down her thigh to her kneecap. This area is very sensitive, and, aroused as she was, my gentle nibbles there caused her to shriek and jerk. To her credit, Mistress did not pull away from me, but allowed me to have my way with her kneecap.

Continuing, I kissed my way down her leg, squirming my body along the grass. When I reached her feet, I made another request, "Please open up your legs for me, Mistress. Wide apart."

She complied. With a lot of wiggling and struggling I managed to get my body between her legs, on my back, with my feet pointed towards her head. In this position, I could not exactly see where my feet were, so I inched them cautiously up her thighs until I reach that warm, wet space between them.

At this point, I spoke skyward, loud enough for Mistress to hear, "Please move one of your feet to my face, Mistress." Her foot came into view, and lowered itself, becoming available to my lips. I began kissing and licking it, worshiping that foot with my mouth. At the same time, I blindly used my own feet to part her labia, and inserted my toe into the bubbling heat of her pussy.

I heard a loud groan escape from her lips, and her hips moved towards my foot, impaling herself more firmly on it, causing another toe or two to enter her now sopping opening. I found the warmth of her mound with my other foot, and began stroking there with it, both caressing the tissue there and also searching for that rigid little button that I knew I would find at the top of her labia.

Meanwhile, Mistress had moved her foot so that her toes were now at my mouth. I began sucking on her toes, and licking the sensitive skin between them. At this point, my seeking foot found her clit, and pressed against it, feeling the surges of blood throbbing inside it. I began a small back-and-forth movement of my foot, making her engorged clit roll side to side in tiny movements.

I was wiggling the toes of my other foot deeper into her vaginal tunnel. Their entrance was assisted by the churning movements of her hips as her excitement grew and grew. Amongst the cries of pleasure issuing from her lips, I heard other strange sounds that I could not identify. Later I learned that this was the sound of grass being ripped up by her gripping hands as she thrashed under my loving attentions.

It was not long before the movements of her hips suddenly intensified, and then abruptly stopped - the brief pause before the storm of her orgasm crashed over her body. And crash it did! My foot was bathed with spurts of her hot fluids as her vaginal muscles rippled across my toes. What a delicious sensation!

Since I could not see very well in this position, I closed my eyes and focused my attention on the nerve endings along my foot and toes. Mistress was again rocking her hips, making my toes glide in and out of her still quivering tunnel. After a while, the rocking stopped, so I carefully slid my toes from the warm embrace between her labia. Now I wanted to taste her honey. So I flipped myself back onto my belly, turning so that my head was pointed up between her widespread legs, and began squirming upward. My hair brushed along her sensitive inner thighs as my face neared its goal.

Her swollen pussy lips were still parted, and I had an amazing view of her pink, gaping vaginal opening, the internal muscles still rippling gently, making portions of her tunnel wink invitingly. The intensity of her sexual scent grew and grew as I got closer.

Finally, my mouth reached her opening, my lip

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