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Dinner and dancing turns into an overload of the senses.

He let his robe fall to the floor.

She had positioned herself directly behind the maid, and now spoke softly into her ear.

"Do you like what you see, babe? Isn't that the most gorgeous cock you've ever seen? I've had it in my mouth, and it's delicious. I've had it in my asshole, and it stretched it so wide, I thought I might never walk again. And, I've had it in my juicy pussy, and it made me cum so hard and so many times, I thought I might die! And do you know what, my lovely? (She reached up to the maid's neck and began slowly undoing the zipper of her dress) you can have it, too. All those places and more."

The maid stood mesmerized, unblinking, staring at this vision of manhood with a lustful, lascivious gaze that spoke of fantasies about to come true.

"Maybe you should get a closer look, my sweet." She nudged the maid slightly in the back, and the maid began walking slowly toward him. As she walked away, she felt her dress being quickly removed from behind, and she walked across the room in only panties and bra. When she reached him, she stopped, and heard from behind, the voice of an angel.

"That big cock is for you , now. I think you should get on your knees in front of it and get to work."

Without further delay, she dropped gently to her knees, her face inches in front of his throbbing pole?

"Feel how hard we've gotten him," She wrapped her hand around his shaft. "Now start to massage it slowly. That's perfect. Up and down, slowly.....oh look, his pre-cum has started to flow. That's a sign that we're going in the right direction!" A large glob of pre-cum flowed out of his pee hole, running down the shaft and onto the maid's hand.

"You'd better let me clean that for you," she said as she slowly reached her arms around the maid and cupped both her large boobs in her hands.....

"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhh" the maid brought her hand up to her shoulder and our dear protagonist eagerly began lapping the sweet tasting nectar from her fingers.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM," she said. "Now, I think this would be a good time to see how much of that colossal cock you can get down your throat, don't you?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM'" came the answer.

"Now, take that big cock and swallow it all!!"

The maid opened her mouth wide, and began working the head into her mouth, which was stretched still further by its girth.

"Yeah, baby, keep working on the head, and I'll get the shaft nice and slippery for you." She licked up and down his length, slobbering on it, licking, spitting on every inch, making it glisten. "Now you can slide it in easier, my lovely. That's right, open up your throat, relax, and take that fucking monster all the way to your stomach, you can do it!!"

The maid had more than half his dick disappearing down her hungry throat, when suddenly, she started to gag, and thought she might vomit......she was able to relax again soon, though, and the feeling subsided quickly. She dove at his cock once again, but her gag reflex took over again.

He said, "We need to get her in a position where she can straighten her throat."

"Such a clever man! Darling, would you lie on the bed face up, please?"

He complied quickly.

"Now, my dear, let me give you a quick demonstration how this is done...." With that, his lover leaned down and took his monster cock in her mouth. Without hesitation, as the maid watched in admiration, his pole disappeared down her throat until her nose was resting firmly against his heavy balls.

"Oh baby, you do that so well," he groaned. "Teach her how to do that, and we won't have to turn her in!"

She withdrew his meat from her mouth, and a long trail of thick saliva formed a bridge between cock and mouth. She stuck her tongue out and lapped her way back down, playfully tickling his pee hole. Another deep moan escaped his lips.

"All right, sweetie, now it's your turn again. Get on top of him in 69, your pussy in his face, and you'll be able to swallow that cock in no time. Just relax and breathe.

The maid was determined not to fail this time.

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