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Haitian man fights vampires and zombies in Canada.

It's always been hard to measure because of the curvature but it must be a good eleven or twelve inches.

While gently massaging Julia's shoulders I bent over and took my glans into my mouth, gently tonguing the fat helmet and enjoying the pulsing and throbbing in my mouth.

At that moment my wife got back and wandered into the garden.

"Hi honey, another hard day at the office?" she said (I work from home as an IT consultant)

I got up and kissed her on the mouth, she gently stroked my pulsing erection. Julia turned over and realised that her G was round her knees. She lifted her legs up and pulled it off.

"Hi Sofie - I popped in to see how things were going and look what's happened - I've had a fabulous massage, drank a G & T, and lounged in the sun with your gorgeous naked husband playing with me."

She then did a double take at the 12 inches throbbing in my wife's hand.

"I didn't realise that was sitting on my back!" she said, her tongue moistening her lips.

Relaxed and happy to see her sister, Sofie started to undress and get some sun. I went into the house to open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc - my wife's favourite is the Quincy.

I came out with a cooler and the bottle, a few glasses and my cigarettes. As I lit one up I watched my naked wife climb on top of Julia and continue where I'd left off. I sat at the teak table and poured the glasses out, enjoying the gentle pulsing of my penis against my stomach.

Sofie grabbed the oil and poured it over tits in a long stream, before lying down on her sister and using her body to rub the oil into herself and Jule. Jules just hugged her and giggled.

Now, as they lay on the sun bed, I had a lovely view of their two naked cunts gently grinding into each other, my wife's covered in a down of red hair and Julia's completely smooth and shaved .

The girls then turned over so that they were lying next to each other on the sun bed, arms draped around each other's shoulders and reaching out for the wine that I had poured. I admired the difference between their vaginas - the smooth sculpted look of Juia's and the rather more 'used and abused' lips of my wife.

I suddenly thought about our privacy - our back garden is just about private in the summer as the leaves bush out, but - as anywhere in London - there are a few windows that overlook us. My attitude was generally - "they can look if they are interested" and nobody had complained yet...

Julia took a long gulp of her wine and her other hand dropped down to rest on Sofie's pudenda. She gently started to slide her finger between the - now very well oiled - lips of my wife's cunt. Sofie's reaction was to open her legs further, allowing one of them to fall off the sun bed onto the deck.

Again, I dropped my head to my engorged penis and sucked on the head, harder now than before. Julia motioned me over and said "let me do that for you darling" at the same time as thrusting three fingers into her sister's pussy.

I was over there like a shot and bent my erection down to the girls. Jules started licking the head while my wife sucked one of my balls into her mouth and then began tonguing between my legs at that superbly sensitive area between the anus and the testicles.

Suddenly Julia became even more animated, holding my penis in her left hand.

"Have you seen this Sofe? - I learnt it watching a porn move on the web"

With that she simply slipped the entire length of my penis down her throat. The feeling was indescribable - her tongue was now licking the underside of my balls and almost reaching my anus. Sofie was not to be out-done:

"Let me have a go then"

She had never really enjoyed giving me oral sex before (partly because of my size) but did it because it pleased me - it was one of the things that I had always loved her for.

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