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Jeff watches twin sis lose virginity.

The men all watched her large breasts heave up between her elbows as she positioned the straw with her nose. Matt nodded at Shawn and the two smiled at each other as she bent over making her bikini ride up even further like a thong.

She snorted the line of powder, one line, then a second.

She whipped her head up making the globes of her boobs bounce as she felt the electric energy of the bump. The group all laughed and Shawn, sitting behind her ran his big hands over Kristina's exposed shoulders. "That's right, feel good?" Shawn's voice seemed to change.

"Woah." Kristina exclaimed and then laughed. "I can't believe I just did that." She turned, gave him crooked smile and leaned back against his leg as his hands massaged her shoulders. "We do need to get back soon." She sniffed again rubbing her nose.

"There's no rush." Lauren argued from the chair adjacent to the couch where she sat on Matt's lap watching the view of Kristina. As Lauren said it she made sure Kristina could see her massaging Matt's crotch. "Besides we still have more blow."

Kristina was enjoying the hands over her shoulders. There is no rush. The previous feelings of being uncomfortable in the strange suite disappeared and she reached her hand up caressing it over the top of Shawn's hand. What was the harm? Lauren was right, she was trying to get pregnant with her husband and once that happened there would be no new experiences. She wasn't doing anything wrong and Lauren was the one who was going to hook up with this guy.

Shawn slid down the couch and scooted close putting his arm around her. "So why did you get married so young?"

"Ryan and I met in college and we hit it off and everything was great after that. You really would like my husband." Kristina's mind shot back to the Ryan at the pool talking to those girls and she didn't seem so mad anymore. Being here, yes, that made it alright.

"But being married so young, don't you ever feel like you missed out?" As he said it he pointed. Lauren's hand was up the leg of Matt's shorts stroking his shaft, the length and size becoming visible under the stretched material. Matt's hand rested over Lauren's bikini line where his fingers reached her vagina. Her body was responding as she leaned back further and pushed her hips out giving him better access to her pussy.

Kristina realized she was getting wet watching Lauren and Matt and it gave her the quick feeling of discomfort. She took the straw from the table and snorted another line of coke which made everyone laugh. "Get it girl." Lauren exclaimed.

Kristina leaned back into Shawn who ran his hand down inside her bikini top cupping her D breast. Normally her nipples needed more of a warm up but not now. The guilt was still there but the rush of the attention and chemicals kept it at bay. Her D cup breasts were already spilling out the side of her triangle top bikini and Shawn's big hand fit around it. She knew she should stop him, it was wrong letting him feel her up but it wasn't that big a deal, it's just skin right and if she made a scene Lauren would be upset. So Kristina rolled her head back and gripped the material on Shawn's shorts.

At that moment there was laughter and then Matt picked up Lauren and carried her to one of the bedrooms. Shawn was more than nonchalant about the occurrence where Kristina was in shock that she was watching one of her friends act out one of the wild stories she always heard about, and it turned her on. She could feel herself getting wet.

"Good Christian girls like you never watch porn do they?" Shawn asked Kristina.

"No, I certainly don't." Kristina replied laughing.

"Curious?" He gave her a coy smile.

Kristina thought about it then responded. "A bit, I guess."

"Take a look." Shawn nodded behind them to the bedroom where Matt had clearly left the door open.

Kristina's jaw dropped as she saw Lauren on her knees sucking Matt's cock at warp speed.

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