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Cheating, teachers, and new friends.

Slowly, Catalina pealed down Brock's form fitting leather pants, exposing the treasure she sought. She saw man cock spring to life before her eyes -- Not quite what she had expected. To her relief, Brock's cock was not as large as she had thought.

Leaning forward, she gently kissed the head of his cock, feeling the silky softness with her lips as she rubbed it across her full lips. Her tongue, flicking out between her lips, teased the head of Brock's cock. Wrapping her tongue around his cock, she slowly sucked it into her hot wet mouth. Catalina could hear a groan escape from Brock's throat. As his hands tangled into Catalina's long red hair, guiding his cock deep into her throat, she sucked hard on his member. Now, relaxing slightly, pushing down, Catalina let Brock's Hard Hot Cock penetrate her contracting throat. Drawing it deep into her throat, filling her hungry mouth, she sucked harder and harder. She reached up, massaging Brock's Balls, enticing them to give up his juices she so desired.

Reaching down, Brock reluctantly took Catalina by the shoulders, lifting her up over his body and onto her back in one swift fluid movement. He could not allow her to continue to tantalize his cock the way she had been. He would have spilled his seed at any moment. Brock opened the shoestring ties that held the filmy gown to her swollen breasts -- Now heaving with the beat of her pounding heart. Like Catalina, Brock searched her body, looking for the little birthmark she had told him about. There between her breasts was the heart-shaped birthmark. Brock kisses it with a loving remembrance of his dreams of her.

Gently he took each nipple into his mouth, suckling them hungrily. Catalina arched her back and with her hand drew Brock's head down onto her breast, loving the tingling rushing through her body, causing her juices to trickle down her thighs. A perfect triangle of pleasure rushes through her. From her tits' being seared by the heat of Brock's mouth, to her eager pussy awaiting the attention of his promising mouth. Moving from Catalina's lush breast, Brock leans up to kiss her full trembling lips, sucking on her bottom lip -- sending a thrill through Catalina's body. With a tenderness she had never known before, Brock overwhelmed her senses. She needed this dream man more than she could have thought possible.

Brock breaks the sweetness of their kiss to assault her eager breasts again as he continues down her voluptuous but lean body. Over her belly, Brock smiles when he sees the ruby jewel so carefully placed in her navel. He remembered her telling him how one day she would dance for him. Such a sensuous dance belly-dancing is. Licking around the jewel sends shivers through her flaming body. First, nibbling and kissing his way to one side of her full round hips, he proceeds to the other, Catalina's body squirming under his searing lips. His hand wandering down to the dew of her sweet pussy -- Her body reacting to his every touch. Brock's passion for this mystery women of his dream grew ever more.

Feeling the wetness of Catalina's pussy, Brock needed to taste her sweet treasure. Sliding between her legs, pushing them apart to allow him a greater view of her secret passage, with flattened tongue Brock lapped up the length of Catalina's slit. With a delicious delight, Brock tasted the honey, remembering she had told him of the sweetness of her skin. With his tongue pushing deeper into Catalina's pussy, She moaned with such pleasure. Brock had never heard such a musical sound, increasing his ardor, so as to make her sing for him.

Her body rolled with a wave of graceful movement under his sweet torture.

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