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Wife confesses to exposing herself.

He was through the door and leaping for the bed when he caught a glimpse of her reflected in the bathroom mirror through the cracked door. She was standing in profile to the mirror, washing herself carefully with a face cloth. She lifted up each breast, then rinsed the cloth, washed under her arms, rinsed again, down her belly, rinsed, down one leg then the other, rinsed and finally, lifted a foot to the seat of the toilet and slowly dragged the cloth through her nether lips, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as she did so.

She rinsed the cloth and repeated the motion, this time tipping her head back slightly and cupping a breast with her free hand. He heard her moan lightly as she dragged the cloth over her clit and dipped back down for one last wipe. Then she came through the door and threw him the cloth, which he caught in his mouth and chewed as he rolled on his back with his paws in the air. She laughed sweetly and sat beside him, petting his belly. Her hand swept past his cock a few times, as she rubbed and scratched him, making him shiver and whimper with delight.

She murmured to him lovingly as she sat there, sky-clad, stroking and petting her pup. He rolled back onto his belly and put his head in her lap, sniffing and nuzzling at her crotch. She giggled at the feeling of his soft fur on her thighs and ran her fingers through his hair, talking to him softly about what a good boy he was, as his tail thumped against the bed blissfully.

As he began to sniff and lick at her soft mound in earnest, she suddenly pushed his face from her lap and hopped off the bed, slapping her thighs excitedly calling, "Who's hungry? Is my boy hungry? Wanna eat? Hmmm? Is my boy hungry?"

His eyes lit up at her suggestion and he leapt from the bed to sit between her legs, looking up at her face and into her patch, back at her face, then back to her patch. He moaned and pawed at her thigh, just below the dangling, swollen lips protruding from her shaven puss and rolled his tongue out from his mouth, panting and lapping at the air to show his enthusiasm.

"I meant dinner," she chided him, "I told you, that's dessert."

She wagged I finger in his face and turned to the closet to grab her robe, the sheer black one that barely covered the sweet round curve of her ass. He knew he was in trouble now. She'd make him sit and watch her prepare dinner, his face staring right into that incredible ass, barely covered and begging for him to sink his teeth into its meaty flesh.

Sure enough, that's exactly how it went. She took her sweet time, savoring his whimpers and attempts to nuzzle her. At one point she turned to get something from across the kitchen and eyed his swollen member, stiff and purple between his legs.

"Is that for me, baby?" she cooed in her sweetest voice. She knelt down, taking his head in her arms and bringing his face to her breast, which was falling out of the opening in her robe.

"Do you love Mommy, baby? Such a good boy." He nosed into her robe a bit more, probing for her nipple, finding it and suckling sweetly as she purred and sighed lightly. She held his head there for a few moments, enjoying his soft attentions, then patted him gently and rose to finish her cooking.

He ate at her feet from a bowl on the floor and when he was done, laid his head in her lap under the table as she slowly finished her meal. She stroked his head as she read the paper and ate; he was grateful for the attention and not being told to 'go lay down'. Finally, she pushed her chair back from the table and took his chin in her hand, ruffling his hair with her other hand.

"Have you been a good boy today?" He whimpered and whined deep in his throat as he inched closer to her feet.

"Did you see the present I left you today?" He growled playfully and tried to snap at the hand under his chin.

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