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How important women are to a man's success and happiness.

"Marni, I'm sorry, I certainly didn't mean to dredge up unpleasant memories....listen, if you'd prefer to push on to Colorado Springs and not stay in Denver, I'd be good with it," I assured her.

"Nope. Really looking forward to a couple of days here, with you," She replied, turning to flash me her beaming smile...

"I do have a King Suite," the young desk clerk said to Marni, "But, it's an interior, no views really. Now, I do have a mountains-facing Suite with two queens if you'd like."

I was about to snag the king when Marni told her the two queens would be fine.


I was seriously bummed-out with that.

"Damn sure big enough," Marni observed as she threw her bag onto one of the beds."

"Yeah, surely is," I replied but eyeing the two beds as if 'they' were the enemy.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I mentally shook off the thoughts. No big deal. I'm probably projecting and not assessing, I remember thinking at the time.

But, I really wanted to have only the one bed. I really did.

"I'm going to make a few calls, check out a couple of things if you want to shower or anything...and, I'm going to order up some wine, 'K?" Marni declared.

"'K, sure, that'll work," I answered.


Didn't want to shower with you again anyhow, Bitch! Didn't want to run my soapy hands over your body at all, Bitch!

Man, what was wrong with me?

In planning our no-plan va-cay, Marni and I decided on a couple of nights in one or two towns on our way to and from the Gulf. Denver was the first one. Austin and New Orleans were also on the 'short list' but no decision had been made, yet.

"Wow, gotta' say, you clean up nice," Marni said in compliment of me as we got into the elevator for the trip down to the lobby.

"Not so bad yourself, chickadee," I replied, returning the kind words.

We were both in dress jeans and simple blouses. Mine a vee, hers a simple button-up. Sweaters as well in case the evening turned coolish in the Mile-High City. I had a bit of cleavage going on thanks to my gene-given 36Ds and Marni was really rocking her jeans, her ass looking like it was poured into them.

A really good meal at a restaurant she recommended somewhere on Larimer Street and several stops at various clubs and bars in the area. I 'think' they call it 'Lo-Do', but not really sure. It was nearing midnight when we stepped out of the last bar of the night, for us.

"Snag a cab?" I asked. We had cabbed down to the area rather than risk a DUI.

"Nah, let's walk, it's only a few blocks up Sixteenth," Marni replied and, slipping her arm through mine, she led us 'home' in the refreshing night air.

"Smell like bar," I correctly observed, the close confines of the elevator making that observation abundantly clear.

"Yeah, just thinkin' that myself," Marni agreed, "flip you for the shower?" She suggested.

Double Boo!

But, I won.

Toweling my hair, I turned the shower over to her, standing there, looking at the two beds. Fuck it, I finally said to myself and chose the one closest to the opened patio doors of our suite.

I crawled under the covers and lay facing the patio, my back to the other bed. I had just closed my eyes when I heard her exit our bathroom and walk towards the beds.

I felt the weight shift and the covers move and was turning my head to say something when she leaned down and whispered, "Just 'cause we have two beds doesn't mean we have to use 'em, does it? Okay if I sleep with you?" turning out the lamp after saying it.

"Yeah, sure," I replied, turning over onto my back so that I could look at her.

"Besides, if that offer for a back-rub is still good..." She said, turning onto her stomach, her face turned towards me and her eyebrows arched in a questioning manner.

"Of course, it is."


"Sit on my ass, straddle me, it'll give you better leverage," Marni suggested and I did just that, the heat of her ass on my crotch feeling really, really good, so good that I could feel myself start to moisten.

"Ooooh yeah.

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