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College professor learns about the rainbow party.

Carefully, he stuck his fingers underneath the fragile fabric, and slowly started working it down and off my leg.

After removing it, he stuck it in the bag with my shoes, then returned his attention to my leg. Starting at my foot, he began massaging it, firm enough to not tickle, but gentle enough to not hurt. I moaned a little louder at his attentions.

"Oohh, that feels great.." I said, wiggling my toes a little. His hands slowy made their way past my foot, massaging my calf, then slid up past my knee, to my thigh, still massaging. My eyes were barely open, staring at him while he worked. He looked up at me and smiled, then bent down to plant a kiss on my knee.

He started peeling the next stocking off, paying the same attention to that leg as he did the other. When his hands reached thigh level again, he slowly pushed my skirt up a little. My eyes popped open, slightly alarmed.

My hands covered his, stopping him from pushing my skirt up any further. "What if someone walks by?" I gasped, looking around suddenly as if people would start swarming out of the woods to watch. Jacob laughed and patted my hand.

"Don't worry. I've been here plenty of times. Barely anyone comes here, or even knows about this place. And if anyone does happen to come by, we'll hear them miles away." he reassured me, then gently, but firmly moved my hands back to the rock's surface.

"Relax, Bella. You'll enjoy this." he said, his voice a gentle timbre. I quickly took my jacket off and threw it on top of the bag. He looked at me inquiringly.

"It's a little warm." I said, blushing a little.

I leaned back on my elbows as he pushed my skirt out of the way. He smiled when he saw my black lacy panties. "I was wondering what you were wearing underneath all this." Swiftly, he removed them, before I could even begin to form a protest.

He tucked them in the bag, and folded my jacket and put that on top of everything. He placed one hand on each of my knees and parted them a little, looking down at my slightly wet lips.

"Ah, I see you had more frustrations than the office and your car." He growled softly, then lowered his head between my legs.


Bella was a little reluctant to go up the trail with me, but after a little gentle persuasion, she didn't put up too much of a fight. The walk up the trail was peaceful, and the day was beautiful, making it even more pleasant.

When we got to the rougher part of the trail, Bella balked a little. I let her catch her breath, then asked for her shoes. This part of the trail, she would definitely break something if she used them. Whether it was a heel or her leg, I'd rather avoid either of those situations.

She just stood there with her arms crossed, staring daggers at me. "Look, if you don't take them off, I will...", I said, mock threatening, walking closer to her as if to tackle her to the ground for her shoes. She started backing off a little, then gave in, holding me off with a wave of her hand.

I stood there and waited patiently for her to take her shoes off. She saw me and rolled her eyes at me. I just smiled. She walked over to the outcropping of rocks and sat down, taking her time to remove her high heels.

While she was sitting down, I got a pretty good view under her skirt. The sunlight didn't quite reach at the angle she was at, so I couldn't see what kind of panties she was wearing. Rats. Well, I figured there was one good way to find out.

As she was stretching her legs and massaging her feet, I walked over to her and put her shoes in my bag. While one of her legs was stretched out in front of me, I made a grab for it, capturing it in my hands.

She gave a little squeak of surprise, but didn't remove her leg from my hands. I started removing her stockings, going real slow. Each time a stocking came off, I rubbed her bare foot and leg. She moaned a little throughout this whole process, commenting on how good my hands felt.

As my hands crept slowly higher up her leg, I tried to discreetly push her skirt up.

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