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She enjoys herself in the oddest places: the garden.

He was naked now too except for a white pair of boxers. Bob hadn't even noticed him undressing, he was so fixated on Julie's provocations.

David's hands were all over her body, sliding over her buttocks, between her thighs and up, where they squeezed her tits lightly. He undid her bra and let it fall to the floor.

Bob looked hungrily at her exposed tits, the nipples hard and erect in arousal. Slowly David peeled down her panties and she stepped out of them carefully.

Her pussy glistened in the soft light; David massaged her wet pussylips and clit with his index finger and began to rub it lightly. Julie moaned appreciatively and turned around, her red lips searching his. She thrust her tongue into his mouth and he kissed her back hungrily.

Julie began licking and kissing her way down his chest, past his navel, towards his crotch. In one swift movement she pulled off his boxers exposing his long thick cock. She gave Bob a sly sexy wink and murmered "mmm, want to see me suck his cock darling?" before taking the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it lazily.

Julie absolutely loved sucking cock. Her pussy tingled as she sucked him off expertly, all the while her hooded eyes never leaving Bob's, teasing him with a sultry smile, making sure he had a perfect view of her red lips sliding up and down David's thick erection.

Bob watched as she planted wet kisses all along David's twitching cock and heavy balls, leaving tell tale smears of her fuck-me red lipstick everywhere.

How he longed to stroke his cock....but she had ensured that he could only watch. He writhed in his chair; the titillation of their foreplay was excruciating.

As if reading his mind, Julie slowly stroked David's cock and gave Bob a teasing look. "Mmmm, you'd love to wank, wouldn't you darling, while I make love to his cock, like this?" Bob's cock bobbed up and down helplessly. Julie smiled and licked the length of David's cock, from his heavy balls to the head. "Mmmm, you know how much I love sucking cock. Just imagine what it will look like fucking my tight hot pussy, sliding in and out....making me moan, making me cum..."

David lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to the sofa.

He lay her down on her back and slowly spread her legs. Bob thought she had never looked sexier as she lay there, completely naked except for her stiletto heels, her shapely legs spread wide open, her pussy moist and inviting, waiting for David's tongue to pleasure her.

Kneeling between her legs he began to lick and suck her hungry pussy voraciously, alternating up and down strokes with light circling motions around her engorged clit. Occasionally he would dip his tongue deep into her warm cunt, tasting her sex, her pussy juices, her desire. "Mmmmmm yes," she panted with pleasure, "make me nice and wet for that fat cock of yours".

As if on cue, David climbed on the sofa and slid under her, his erection protruding between her thighs. Julie leaned back against him as he started to knead her tits from behind. She caressed his cock, pressing it against her swollen pussylips. Then, looking Bob in the eye with a wicked little smile she said "ready to see him fuck me properly, darling?" and pushed the head of David' cock into her slippery pussy.

With his hands on her waist David started to pump her hot cunt rhythmically, lifting her up, pulling her down, impaling her deliciously on his thick shaft. The smell of sex mixed with her perfume filled the room, heavy and intoxicating.

David fucked her masterfully, plunging his cock deep into her pussy with long smooth strokes, both of them gasping and moaning in ecstasy; when he sensed she was on the verge of coming he would tease her and slow down and then speed up his fucking rhythm again.

Smiling at Bob as she rode lustfully on David's hard cock she moaned, "You like watching me get properly fucked like this, don't you darling mmmm?"

"I love it," he nodded, fixated by the sight of David's hands on Julie's tits while his dick pumped rythmically in and

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