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An older man comes on to me...

When I sat back down I put one of Karen's prettily manicured hands onto my hard prick to let her feel my own passion. We had exchanged by e-mail and telephone enough, over the last couple weeks, to fill a life time. I was a harsh, experienced Master and woman trainer with a very sexist edge. It turns out that only such a bold, harsh Master could have broken her carapace and stupor and exposed her essential truth as slave.

"So this tough, business lady act is all bullshit?" I said.

"I know that now, Sir. I'm strong in so many ways. I intimidate men without even thinking. But...really, I'd only had the vaguest idea of this before, I just so deeply respond to your strength. I may never have... I'm just so glad I got so drunk that night." I loved her hesitant, nearly stammering, girlish softness and hesitancy. It was a place deep inside her that she had never been lead to go to. Until she met a Master. No one but no one would have guessed that Karen in her heart was slave material.

"So you understand then that I don't give a fuck about how you're used to doing anything. That, with me, things are my way and only my way?"

She was so bold as to put one of her pretty hands on my cheek and bring her pretty painted lips up to mine in the most sweet, submissive kiss I'd every gotten. Sometimes a man can feel the full, complete surrender of a woman in her soft, pliant, nearly worshipful lips. So was it that moment for me.

"Master. You made me your cunt that night. How did you know I NEEDED control? How did you know I need a firm, harsh hand? I'll NEVER be the same and (my heart is pounding now) I wait with real expectation the day when I can bow down to your Master's boots and kiss them the way a woman should."

This deeply submissive declaration made my stiff prick ache and brought me out more truthfully. That moment I took out of my suit jacket pocket a pair of metal nipple clamps and there, in the dark, secluded quiet of this fancy hotel bar, I secured one on each of Karen's tit nipples, over her expensive black dress and bra, and I turned the clamps nearly as tightly as I could. I was pleased to see her tears that came from her pain, though it angered me that she had ruined her perfect make-up. But I heard no objection or protest from her. No waiter or customer saw what happened. It only lasted five minutes. But it began to secure and anchor a proper relationship that was budding and would develop beautifully.

After her tears were dried and she had made-up her face again to please me, Karen thanked me, unreservedly, for the pain I'd given her.

Her status certified, I reached again under her dress to play my fingers in her bare cunt. She was dripping there and it took no more than a few moments before her legs seized my hand, she pushed very hard against it and let her orgasm breath itself out in my ear, in a beautiful, feminine and controlled way that impressed me. Though I am not inclined to allow a female any action that is not scripted and dictated by me, I indulged her bringing her pretty lips up to mine for a very passionate kiss. When she tried to tongue kiss, I admonished her that she was NEVER to stick her bitch tongue in my mouth-and then I shoved my own tongue into her mouth like a stiff prick to which she responded properly by allowed its probing quietly, passively, femininely and with an increase of breathing and excitement that brought forward a second gasp of orgasm. Karen strongly responded to decisive control and aggressive male assertion.

When she had settled herself and had carefully redone her make-up we talked.

"So you understand now how it's going to be?"

Karen just softly answered, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" I said a bit annoyed.

"Yes, I know that you're the Master and I'll do as told."

"You've never had a relationship like this.

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