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I drink a lot of Tyrome's cum all the time. Every time we are together he has me suck him off at least once. So what's the problem if Matthew taste a little of it too after the fact. It's no big deal!"

I asked: "Did Tyrome tell you to do that? I mean let Matthew drink his cum? (Even if you think he was kidding around)"

Alice replied: "Well we have joked about it. He tells me all the time after our last fuck session if I am going to hold his cum inside me so when I get home Matthew can enjoy the taste of it too. But he is only joking, I think. Yes he was joking, pushing my buttons so to speak."

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Alice replied back the next day with her answer: Well I tried to answer your question the first time. But I will try my best to answer it again. OK? (I still think I already did this, but here we go) When we went to the hotel room, I was really nervous, I mean I had never been with another man except Matthew, and here I was going to a hotel room with a big black man and my husband was going to watch! Even though I thought Tyrome was really hot and I wanted him, I still wasn't 100% sure if I was going to go through with it. We went into the room and Tyrome and I stood and kissed for a little bit while Matthew sat on one of the beds and watched. I felt Tyrome' strong arms around me, as he held me and ran his hands all over my body, especially my ass and tits. I was nervous kissing him at first, it felt strange to kiss someone else, but I got into it because he was a good kisser and he was getting me hot and horny. He started to undress me, and explored my body. I just had to see his cock, so I went down and undid his pants and took out his big beautiful cock. Well it sprung out at me! LOL! Then I sucked him super hard like I told you. I couldn't believe the size of it!!! It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and I had to have it....I stroked it and played with it, and it got so much bigger and harder in my hands! Tyrome pushed my head down so I could suck it and I took it into my mouth. It was much longer and thicker than Matthew's, so it took a little getting used to, but it felt so good sucking his cock. I have always loved giving head, but this was special! I loved how his throbbing cock felt in my mouth, I felt like such a slut doing this right in front of my husband!! Sucking cock always gets me wet, but this was really making me crazy! I was dripping wet as I worshipped his cock with my mouth. I loved looking up into his dark eyes as I sucked him! Once he was hard as a rock I had him lay back on the other bed and I slowly stood on the bed over him and stripped off my nylons for him. Him watching me made me even hornier as he looked up at me and into my pussy. I took off the nylons and opened my legs as I did it for him so he could see my entire slit.

Once I was totally naked I got on the bed with him and kissed him some more, and he squeezed my tits and ass, and sucked on my titties and nipples which always makes me horny. After sucking his cock some more now I saw it sticking up in the air and I knew I just knew I had to have him inside me! So I cleaned his cock with my mouth and licked his cock and balls until he was super hard and then begged him to put it in my pussy and fuck me.

I just had to feel him inside me.

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