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Nameless strangers meet and have sex.

Just as this thought went through my head I felt my arms being raised above my head and felt the guys pulling my sweater up over my head. I was amazed at myself in that I let them do this with no resistance. I shivered when TJ rubbed the tip of his cock around my clearly visible nipple. The feelings of him rubbing me through my satin bra sent tingles through me. I continued to suck on Tony. Loudly and energetically I sucked on TJ as Tony dropped down and started to fondle and kiss my breasts. My entire body felt electric as I continued to suck on TJ while fondling and tickling his balls. I felt my breats expose themselves to the air as Tony removed my bra. As he lick and nibbled on my nipples I could feel my juices flowing freely. I knew thaen that I had better make them come fast or I was in deep trouble. I stroked TJ as I heard a grunt come from Heather. I looked over and saw that she was on her knees straddling James while sucking on Darrell. I could clearly see James' cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. The look on her face was of total abandon.

Seeing this must have given TJ and Tony an idea too. TJ felt ready to burst in my mouth and hands but he pulled back and turned me around so I I faced Tony. Tony sat on the desk and lowered my mouth back to his twitching cock which I hungrily slurped. I felt TJ's hands undoing the buttons on my skirt and for the first time offered some resistance. I brushed his hand away with mine but he quickly resumed his activity after lightly setting my hand aside. I felt my skirt fall around my ankles as I continued to lick and stroke Tony. I was now there for all to see bent over in front of one aroused man while sucking on another wearing just my control top pantyhose and black knee high boots. When I wear pantyhose, I never wear panties because I hate panty lines. I remember thinking that I was glad to be wearing them because they would take longer to get off than panties and I could voice any objection I wanted if they tried to take them off. I also was glad I wore my boots because I knew that I would have to take them off before things went to far giving me another opportunity to gracefully back out.

I stood up and Tony cupped my breasts and started to nibble, lick, and suck them again. TJ knelt behind me and started to rub and lick my through my pantyhose. He told Tony, "she is so wet and ready for us . . ." and I knew he was right as he could feel my wetness that had soaked through the pantyhose. I could feel his fingers pressing along me, combined with the attention my nipples were getting I had a mini orgasm right there. Tony pushed my head back down on his cock and I began to suck for all I was worth. I could hear Heather moaning and grunting as she was getting fucked by James and Darrell. I had to make Tony cum then get TJ back in my mouth and finsh him off before this went too far. TJ's fingers were pressing into me when I felt the nylon between my legs separate a bit as his finger pushed against it. I felt my pantyhose give way as he wiggled a finger into me and slowly started to fuck me with it. My entire body quivered as his finger fucked me, lightly rubbing over my clit as he thrust it in me. He quickened the pace and added a finger as I began to feel Tony's balls tighten and his cock start to twitch. I sucked hard and rolled my tongue around his head as I felt electricty course through my body from TJ's fingers. Tony erupted in my mouth as I started to cum again. I thought I had done it now I just needed to get TJ back in my mouth. I came loud and long. I tasted Tony on my tongue and swallowed most. What I didn't swallow I had taken on my breasts and while gasping for breath I rubbed his cum into them. I looked over and saw Heather in extasy and gasped as I saw that she was fucking James while Darrell fucked her ass. She looked at me with pure pleasure in her eyes. I was transfixed watching her.

I was brought out my trance by the sound of tearing.

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