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h my God, you look so sexy Anna"

"Thanks Tony" she said as she slipped by him to pour the champagne. She handed each a glass and proposed a toast "To a very sexy and erotic night"

As she started to the bedroom she said, " Stay hear a few minutes and I will let you know when I am ready for you to come back."

Walking into the bedroom she lit the candles then turned out the bedroom lights. Taking the robe off, she crawled in the middle of the bed. "Ok Tim and Tony, ready for you to come in here."

As they stepped into the bedroom, Tony's eyes became large with a twinkling gleam in them. "Wow Anna, I always knew you was a very sexy woman but never imagined this. And Tim, your one lucky man."

"Well are you going to stand there looking pretty or are you going to come to bed with me Tim and Tony?"

As they started to walk toward the bed they began pulling their shoes off. Tim went around to the right side of the bed as Tony went around to the left side of the bed. They crawled in beside Anna on the big king size bed.

Anna kissed Tim teasingly on the check then turned to Tony. Wrapping her arm around his neck, she pulled him into her as she kissed him deep and passionately. She could feel Tim's hand running down along the side of her breast. She moaned softly as her lips spread Tony's and she slides her tongue in teasing his tongue.

Tim crawled down at the foot of the bed. He began to softly kiss the soles of her feet and nibbling on her toes. He was tickling and teasing her feet as he watched her kissing his best friend. Tim continued to kiss and lick his way up to Anna's knees.

Tony's let his hands begin to role across her shoulders and down to her fingertips as he kissed her slow and softly on the neck and around to the ear lobe. She laid back and watched as the two men began to take over her body. Both was kissing and nibbling on her soft and luscious body.

Slowly, Tony caressed his rough long fingers around her breast and began to squeeze them thru the black teddy. She moaned as she felt Tim kissing on her inner thighs teasingly. First kissing her right thigh and then her left thigh, as he continued up and kissed her slit over her black throngs

Tony slowly slides the teddy strap over her shoulders. Letting her slide her arms out the rest of the way. He felt her nipples hardening thru the teddy as he massaged them softy occasionally pinching on them.

She arched her back so that Tim could pull the teddy off over her big beautiful body. Leaving her in nothing but the black thronged panties, as he kissed her gently on the lips of the pussy thru the black throngs. He took his teeth and began pulling at her panties, slowly pulling them off as he went. He handcuffed her hands and ankles to the bedpost.

As Tony continued to fondle her breast, she reached over and pulled at his shirt. She pulled it over his head and was reaching for his belt buckle. He began to suck on her tits. Tim was kissing his way back of her leg. She arched her back as she continued to undo Tony's pants. As she unfastened his pants, she felt his hard meat against his cotton boxers. She pulled at his pants and boxers, so that she could free his manhood.

Tim was nibbling at her thighs when she gasped, "God you guys are so making me hot and wet!"

As Tony continued to suck, bite and tease her breast, she began to lick the head of his penis. She rubbed his perineum as she twirled her tongue around the head of his cock. Then taking his middle leg deep in her mouth she began to suck on it slow and gentle at first as she picked up speed. The more she sucked him the harder he sucked and bit on her very swollen nipples.

In the mean time, Tim spread her legs. He twirled his tongue around the lips of her pussy as he teased it. Lifting her hips, he pulled her ass checks apart and rammed his finger in her ass as he began sucking on her clit. He slipped his finger in and out of her asshole as he sucked on her clit then pushed his tongue deep inside her. She began to cum in his mouth as he pushed his tongue very deep in her pussy.

She continued to

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