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Virgin Huntress and her new Consort celebrate Beltane.

If I was going down, I wasn't going without a fight. He kept me pulled tight against him, but let his hand off my face long enough to blindfold me. Raw fear paralyzed me. I was drug backwards into one of the rooms.

By now I was shaking. His hands slowly undid my button down, and left my chest almost completely exposed. I whimpered. That seemed to ignite some kind of reaction in him, and he was gone for a moment. When he returned, he placed a gag in my mouth and restrained me to the side rail of the bed. I moaned against the gag. His hands came down to rest on my breasts, which were still securely in my bra. But he seemed to find the nipples just fine. And my body, being the traitorous bitch that it was, reacted immediately. When I had left Nate's place that morning, my underwear had been in tatters on the floor. I was going commando, and the wetness was seeping through my pants.

In a swift motion he gathered me up against him and snapped my bra off. There was something slightly familiar about the way he was holding me but I couldn't place it. In a second he had let me go and had one of my nipples in his mouth. I couldn't help the moan that slid out of my mouth. His tongue caressed it artfully. He took his time and I could feel the sensation deep in my pussy. It was almost as though he knew my body before this. Almost completely against my will, my back arched up and thrust my breasts closer to him. While he took his time with one nipple, he was teasing the other with one of his hands. With his other, he explored the rest of my body.

I wanted to be wholly disgusted by this. This man was doing things to me that I didn't want, but my body reacted violently, positively, to his touch. It wasn't scared or repulsed by him. It wanted him. He slid his hand in between my pants and my skin. I froze and tried to back away from him. He let go of my nipple and reached behind my head. To my surprise, he let the gag loose and then put that arm around my waist to steady me. His other hand was now rubbing down the center of my pussy. I was so wet for him and I didn't get it.

"Why me?" I said in a small voice. Laughter bubbled out of his mouth and I felt a spark of electricity go through me.

"Because all I can picture right now is you powerless to what I'm about to do to you," the thick, sexy, accent washed over me. "And you're so wet for me, too." Nate inserted one of his fingers inside me. I jumped up and welcomed him inside.

"So your idea of a good time is to kidnap and rape me?" I questioned. I tried to close the gap between our bodies, but he was just far enough away that I couldn't.

"Well, I remember you mentioning at one point..." He let the sentence die off. I knew what he was talking about.

"In a hospital? While I'm working?" I fought against the restraints. I was kind of upset at this, I couldn't lie. He had to have been following me for most of the night to know I would be here right now. There was a small amount of discontent floating around in my stomach. It was unsettling. Nate pressed his lips against mine. I let him kiss me, but I didn't really reciprocate. "Can you let me go?"

"No," He said, his mouth still against my lips.

I was really afraid of him in that moment. Something in him sounded off, but what he was doing to me with that finger was driving me mad. He used the arm supporting me to pull my pants down. I was now completely exposed to him, but blind to what he was doing. My breathing got more and more shallow as he took his time doing whatever it was he was doing. My question was answered when the bite of his belt took me by force. The pain radiated from my abs up into my chest and down to my thighs. The second swipe landed across my breasts, and a moan tore from my lips. I was turned on by this, I couldn't believe it. When I had mentioned the idea of a rape fantasy to him, I hadn't thought that he would actually do it.

"Please, Nate, stop.

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