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He walked in and they were oblivious to his presence.

"Now, should I beat you both for disrespect, cavorting and not working, being disrespectful or should I just dismiss you both?"

The boy dismounted, his slender cock glistening below his shirt with her juices, his pants below his knees.

She stood, her jumper and bra above her juvenile tits, knickers and jodhpurs by her ankles.

They both hurriedly began to re arrange their clothing.

"Stop, both strip naked, I am about to give you a stable lesson to live in your minds forever, or you can dress and leave the house now, which will it be.?

"Please Sir I, we are so sorry, we were thoughtless, please beat me as you see fit."

She was in tears, "Please Sir, I am so sorry, please spank me too as befits my stupidity."

"You will both also receive a letter from Mr. Brown as to your future conduct a, a regular visit to his office also concerning your conduct, and a letter for your parents."

Both knew it was going to be a tough few weeks going forward, both from Mr. Brown and both Baptist's parents.

Both now stood naked, he with his hands over his slackening cock and she just covering her pussy, she never bothered trying to hide her small tits, not that noticeable.

"To fit your indiscretion you will both be horse whipped and for starters spanked with my riding crop."

He turned to the stable manager, "String those two up, leave me enough room for my whip swing and gather all the staff together, I'll be back after my ride, I need to cool down."

The manager grabbed the boy by his balls, squeezing them enough to produce tears as he moved to a rope hung from a beam.

He strung him up onto his tip toes by his hands, then pulled out the boys cock and slapped it a dozen times, he was soon in tears.

Her turn, her head lowered as he approached, he pinched her nipples to form small hard mounds and led her to her rope, via a hay bale, he sat and over she went face up. She wondered what was to happen, he spread her legs wide.

Her small wispy covering glistening with her wetness, he raised his hand and spanked her pussy hard, she screamed and cried but made no attempt to close her legs.

She was strung up, both got a final few slaps, her pussy his cock, the manager did not want to mark the bodies the Master was about to discolour.

The outdoor staff were gathered, not one really wanted to come and see two workmates beaten like this, well maybe Mr. Brown might have.

The girls looked in amazement as the spotty boys cock rose as he looked at the naked girl opposite with a bright red and swollen pussy.

The Master arrived back, "Thank you for joining us everyone and apologies for having to put you through this."

He took his riding crop out of his boot and brought it down sharp on the boys cock, it soon deflated.

He cracked his bottom cheeks until they glowed, then moved to the girl.

"So sorry Sir, please beat me as you see fit."

The leather end to his crop splattered time after time on each nipple and tit, she got 6 on her belly and he saw the redness of her pussy and gave her 5 on her hood and clit, her scream echoed around the barn.

He put his crop back in his boot and took the triple flex dressage whip from its holder, 26" of absolute pain when applied to the human body, he knew this and knew he would need to use it wisely.

The girl suffered the most as the whip hit her back it curled round to kiss her tits and nipples.

The master made sure when he whipped the boys bottom it curled onto his cock and balls.

He was not harsh, but thorough. When he stopped he replaced the whip and dismissed the staff.

"I hope you two will learn from your mistakes, and you, your still a girl, not even fully developed, he nipped both nipples, how old are you girl?"

Through her tears she spurted out, "Just gone 18 Sir."

He grabbed the boy by the cock and balls, "Keep your cock in your trousers when on my land in future, understand?" he squeezed as he spoke.

"Oh yes Sir, so sorry."

The Master looked into the boys eyes and saw his remorse, but still sla

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