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Jeremy may have finally found his soulmate.

Instead, he was eyeballing me dancing with the two youngsters. I blew him a kiss as I let me hands run down the thighs of the guy pushing into me from behind. My tongue snaked its way around my ruby red lips and I knew I had him hooked! Fuck I love teasing men I thought to myself as the song ended. I blew all the lads a kiss and returned to my stool at the bar. All that dancing had made me thirsty. I ordered another midori, and then took a long slow sip. As I was sucking through the straw, a man appeared to my right holding a billiard cue. "Fancy a game?" he asked. Now those of you who know me well know that I love playing pool and am actually quite a reasonable player.

"Sure, why not" I replied, and grabbed my drink before following him into the back room through the curtain. As I entered a man wolf whistled. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked him in the eye. "Like what you see?" I snarled at him.

"Hell yeah!" he replied grinning.

"Well take a good look honey - cos that's ALL you'll be doing!"

With that his two friends laughed and playfully punched him in the arm at my response. The guy I was with racked the balls and then smashed them from the break. Nothing fell in. I potted a big ball and smiled towards him after missing the next shot. "Looks like you've got small balls" I said as I winked and giggled. Again several of the other guys in the room laughed. I looked round as I waited for my turn again. There were eight men and me in the room. When it was my next shot, I decided to make it interesting. "What are we playing for?" I asked the guy sitting on the stool that was playing me. "How about drinks?" he replied. "Hmm, not pants??" I teased as I wiggled my short skirt in his direction. "If you like - pants it is then" he said. I smiled and spun around, giving him a great view up my thighs as I played the next shot. I was wearing a small thong underneath - the kind that when you bend over in a miniskirt, the guy usually can't decide if you are or aren't wearing any panties.

I took a few extra seconds lining up the shot, knowing that I was getting him going... it was great fun. Only women can understand the power of your body as a magnet. I was revelling in the attention I knew my ass was getting as I struck the ball. Unfortunately it missed. I went on teasing and flirting with all the guys in the room until it dawned on me that I was losing! In fact, the guy I was playing slotted in his last ball and was now on the black when he turned to me and said, "Remember our bet?."

Just as I was about to speak, he whacked the black ball into the corner pocket and the whole room cheered! It was a slightly scarey situation I found myself in. The flirting and teasing had turned me on. I was a little hot and moist, but I had only been teasing them. I had no intention of doing anything like taking off my pants. In fact, I suddenly concluded that it was probably about time I got out of the bar and went home. "Well played" I said to the guy who had beaten me. I kissed him on the cheek and went to leave. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" he snarled as he grabbed my arm firmly. "A bet's a bet - and you owe me your teasing bitch. Did you think you could parade around here making cocks hard and not give us what you promised in my bet?"

"I, I, I..." He spoke before I had a chance to answer. "Get them off now, before I rip them off." I knew he was serious, so I tried to break free and run.

As I struggled with him, two more guys jumped up and grabbed me. They then threw me onto one of the billiard tables and I was held down. The bloke I had lost to reached under my patent leather mini and took hold of my g-string knickers. "Boys - I believe this was the bet" he said before tearing them off my ass in one simple move. The roar of approval was unanimous as he held them triumphantly to the sky. "Yeeeaaahhh!" he shouted.

I was hoping like hell that that was all they would do.

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