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The tone sounded once, twice, three times before my roommate, Blaine stomped out into the living room.

"What's the matter with you, idiot?" she shot my way before rushing to answer the door.

Slowly, I managed to move my gaze to the door, but instead of the Chinese delivery man, I noticed a tall, slim figure leaning against the doorframe. My thoughts immediately went to the man across the street and I hid behind the couch in reflex.

"I didn't see anything!" I cried.

"She really is batshit crazy, isn't she?" a familiar voice chuckled, and I peeked over the arm of the sofa to face the intruder.

"Mark..." I gave a sigh of relief upon seeing the man's face. He peered down at me curiously for a moment, and then rolled his eyes.

He tried to step into the apartment, but Blaine blocked him with one arm.

"What do you want?" She blew a tuft of red hair from her eyes to mask her irritation, but I knew that little tick well enough. She was ready to kick ass.

"I just want to have a chat with your roommate," Mark gave an innocent little smile.

"You mean roommate," Blaine corrected.

I rose on shaky legs from my position by the couch, but the dark aura surrounding Blaine warned me to keep my distance.

"Why is it really any of your business if one leads to the other?" Mark let his eyes sweep the room before settling on my face. I bit my lip anxiously. With one look from those eyes, he could make me do anything.

"Hey!" Blaine forced his gaze back to her. "She tells me everything, you know. You're married. She told me-"

"-it was between us. We know how we're dealing with it." David started to touch Blaine's shoulder, but she smacked his hand away.

"She's just a kid," Blaine lowered her voice and started to back David into the hall.

"She's woman enough for me," I heard him chuckle. "You too, huh, Blaine?"

Blaine shouted a curse and slammed the door without warning.

"You could have let me handle it," I said once she turned to face me. Blaine blew at that same tuft of hair.

"You were standing right there, she snapped. "Why the hell didn't you?"

I thought of the man in the window across the street and felt body flush with that same strange heat. Noticing Blaine's hard gaze, I tried to keep myself in check.

"He's leaving his wife," I clasped my hands together over my heart. "He promised."

"Jesus Christ..."

Blaine stomped out of the room without another word.

That was how it had been for months since the fated threesome. Mark would show up unannounced, and like a lovesick puppy, I would follow him everywhere he chose to lead me. I still remembered our first one-on-one sexual encounter. He'd driven to me pick me up from school as soon as he got off work, and checked us into a hotel. We'd planned it out ahead of time with just the expectation of a midday rendezvous, but it turned out to be so much more than that.

I closed my eyes and remembered the feel of his lips on my skin, kissing every dip and curve, lingering as if he wanted to imprint them on his mind. And the way he looked at me - as if I was the only girl, no, woman, he'd ever want.

'He's going to leave her,' I told myself with a smile.

My mind drifted to that day once more, and Mark's words when I started to roll over onto my stomach for him.

"Not like that," he'd said, running his hand down the small of my back. "I want to see your sweet little face."

So just like that, with my hands on his shoulders and his resting at my waist, we made love. It wasn't fucking like the night with Blaine, but real love. I felt it. I was sure.

I could feel him inside me, that thick cock and that insane rhythm. Even when it hurt, it hurt damn good.

"Wipe that fucking dopey look off your face, idiot," Blaine's voice shattered my peaceful silence.

Before I had time to lift my head and look behind me, she smacked it with a rolled up Hustler magazine.


"Hey! Give that back!" I leapt from the couch to snatch the magazine. "That's Mark's!"

"I found three of those u

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