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He takes her down in the woods.

Pictures started coming off the walls. A huge jolt sent the refridgerator halfway across the kitchen and the microwave the entire way. Everything in the cupboards was splayed across the floor of the tiny kitchen section of their one room apartment. "Fuck, not now! We need more time!" Luna shouted and then covered her mouth.

She knew better than to make noise. That was how those things hunted. They could hear you, feel you walking around. The egg heads had some technical term for it like vibrosensationialism or echolocation but it just meant you needed to be very quiet and hold perfectly still when the rumbling started. Everybody knew that.

So why in the eleven frozen hells was Janna stomping her feet like a petulant child? "Stop it!" Luna hissed. She couldn't even hear her own voice though. Even if Janna had heard Luna she didn't seem to be in the mood to listen stomping her foot angrily.

Luna watched in horror as the floor between her and Janna started to bulge upward. Rips started appearing in the carpet (which did match the drapes) and finally the biggest blackest cock she had ever seen came bulging upward from the floor. Janna screamed and the thing turned toward her and rushed her. Pinned between nearly twenty long feet of hard dick and the wall the only thing Janna could do was continue screaming.

Luna didn't dear move to help. She just stared on while it rubbed itself all over her young nubile body. It oozed a clear secretion from its head and soon it was coved in the slick fluid. Soon the goo had coated Janna as well making her already revealing yellow sundress completely transparent as it clung to her shapely form.

"No. Don't. Stop!" Janna begged. Luna had to surpress a giggle since. Punctuation was important she couldn't tell if the gaps were because she was gasping for air or not. Any doubts she had faded away when she saw Janna peeling her dress off and wrapping one leg around her assaulter. The huge black dick's mushroom shaped head started expanding and contracting faster and faster and finally a thick white viscous juice flowed out coating it and Janna.

"No." Luna whispered. The glop covering Janna only took a few seconds to harden into a shell. Luna had never actually seen the process before but she'd heard about it. Heard what happened to the women who were encased in the ooze. There was nothing you could do to save them and it was fast.

A few minutes later the hardened cocoon started crumbling. One hand pushed its way up out of the crust. Another arm shot out and together they started pulling the dried flecks of dried slime away. Beneath it Janna had been transformed, her formally smallish breasts were nearly as big as her head now, her stomach was narrower and her hips flared outward. Her face was perfectly made up with blushing cheeks, blue eye shadow and fuck me red lips.

"Luna, this is wonderful. Why don't you come on over. Be the kind of woman who loves Big Black Cocks rubbing all over her." Janna purred stepping around the now suddenly flaccid cock. It slithered around facing toward Luna who was suddenly painfully aware that Janna and the black behemoth were between her and the only exit.

"You don't want to do this Janna. We're friends." Luna took a hesitant step back and found her back against the wall. She peaked out the window for a moment but that idea was squashed before it was fully formed. Outside there were at least a dozen dicks of every shape and size were leaving enormous fucking holes and tearing up the lawn. They were every size and color ranging from black ones that put the one in the room to shape, beasts towering over the house to tiny pale ones and mottled ones. She would make it if she tried running.

"You're right we are friends. Besties, that's why I want to do this, to let you know how wonderful this feels." She kept walking toward Luna and when she reached her best friend she cupped her face and pulled her into a long deep kiss.

Luna couldn't quite pull away from her friend.

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