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Are you both happy to eat in here off your laps?" She paused until the happy couple smiled and jointly nodded their acceptance, "Now, the rest of you, do you want drinking chocolate and biscuits or mince pies for supper?"

A glance around the room was sufficient to confirm that were more requests for mince pies than biscuits, with drinking chocolate universally agreed on. Once she had everyone's acceptance, Lisa disappeared into the kitchen again. This time Stephanie stood up from her end of the couch and moved into the kitchen to help her.

"Steph's so nice, to offer to help Mum in the kitchen, isn't she, hon?" whispered Jennifer, while gazing lovingly into Junior's eyes.

"Yes, sweetheart, Stephanie is a very good and lovely girl. I believe that your Mum has really landed a great second family."

"So, what've you been doing while I was soaking away all my cares and woes?" she asked, seeing her depleted shopping bags, "have you been sorting out my presents?"

"Yes, I've taken the liberty of putting yours out under the tree already, and put Andy's back in the bag. I was about to put out the others that I took the liberty to bring with me, to see what I had that was suitable. I may have to explain later how I think I've filled in most if not all of the gaps."

"I'm sure you have filled every single one of the gaps, sweetheart." Jennifer whispered close to his ear. "Explanations are unnecessary here and now in front of the family, but I expect they would be something along the lines of your extraordinary memory, an ability to choose the most appropriate gifts, and some surplus presents you happened to have in this sack that you fetched from your cab?"

"Er, yes, something vaguely along those lines. Not the complete answer but that explanation will do until I have a chance to explain to you ... privately ... later on this evening."

"Oh, I fully expect you to explain a lot of things, later. But I can wait until then for explanations, and answers. Please, though, no lies later. I think I really have had enough of those lately."

She glanced nervously at Scott, who squirmed in his armchair at her look.

"No lies, Jen," he whispered back. "Hopefully there will be no need for secrets between us, but together we need to keep certain shall we say confidences, but they will be ones that we can share between us."

"Of course. Now, as for your Christmas present from me, I haven't actually got you anything yet, but I will sort that out tomorrow, perhaps while you service the car. Have you got something in your bag for me?"

"Yes, I do have. More than one present, actually."

"Ooo, do I get a chance to see them, what shape they are and perhaps rattle them or feel how heavy, or soft they are?" She had a mischievous look on her face, reddened by her steamy bath, or perhaps flushed for some other reason.

"Not now, I thought I would leave them hidden in the sack until Christmas morning."

She crinkled her nose and bumped him, shoulder to shoulder, "Spoilsport! But, what if I wake up early on Christmas morning? Or maybe when I wake up but think I'm still dreaming on Christmas morning? Or while you are putting my present at the bottom of our bed, even though it's still dark outside, may I open my presents then?"

"You may open one. This Christmas, and next Christmas, and maybe, every next Christmas, sweetheart, if you want."

She put her head next to his and whispered even lower, "I think I know who you are, 'Jeff', Junior, or whatever names you like to be known."

"Oh yes? You think you know?"

"Yes. I have been thinking long and hard about why I was so comfortable with you, from the moment you rescued me. I think it was because you seem so familiar to me, both in appearance and the comforting sound of your voice. I thought about where and when I had seen you, while I was lying in the bath."

"OK then, Jennifer clever clogs," he smiled as he rubbed her back, whispering in her ear, "exactly who am I, then?"

"The man of my dreams, perhaps?"

He nodded. "I certainly hope so, Jen."

"And, my dream man, why so early this yea

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