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Mac gets a personal and intimate look at Delilah's shoeplay.

", that feels sooo...sooo good. Mmmmm. Don't stop!"

With that encouragement I was lapping at her pussy more ferociously now. Licking up any of her juices that were beginning to leak from her. Moving my mouth upwards to her clit, I began to suck on it while flicking quickly with my tongue.

"Mmmm...oh god," she breathed heavily. "Keep going...that feels sooo...sooo good. Please Max... please."

As I continued lapping and sucking at her clit, I slid a finger into her ass pushing it as deep as it could go. I began to feel her start to shudder. She arched her back and her hips began to buck into my face.

"Oh Max yes...yes," Darcy moaned. "God yes...yes...mmmm...oh yes...oh fuck I'm going to cum!"

Her hands and moved to her breasts, which she was massaging and pinching at her totally erect nipples. Moving my finger from her ass to her pussy, I started to move it in and out quickly as I continued to suck and lap at her clit. Her shuddering hit a high point with a great scream and a moan. With her subsiding from the orgasm, her chest was heaving up and down with her heavy breathing.

Her juices began to leak out of her pussy and I moved my mouth down to start licking them up. Taking in the sweet taste of her liquid as it trickled out of her pussy it was so sweet and wonderful. I lapped at her pussy, getting every last bit of her. Her breathing got under control as I was cleaning her up with my mouth. I then looked up at her and smiled.

"Oh god Max," she said in heavy voice. "That felt so, so good. Even though I could start to go again right now, I think its someone else's turn!"

Standing up rather quickly, she looked down at me and smiled. Smiling back I also got up and kissed her. As we kissed long and passionately we pushed our bodies into each other, once again feeling her soft skin against my own. It felt so good to feel her against me. My now hard cock was pushed against her as we continued kissing. She pushed her hips harder into me, feeling my hard cock better as she slowly just grinded against it a little bit.

"I think its time you sit down hun," Darcy said with a smile as she stepped away from our embrace.

Sitting down on the chair I slouched toward the edge of it. Darcy almost immediately was down on her knees. She reached her hand down between her own legs touching her pussy getting her fingers wet with her juices. Then grabbing on to my cock, she started to stroke it up and down slowly massaging the head of it with her thumb using her own juices as lubricant.

"Mmmm...oh god Darcy," I said as I looked down at her.

"You like that?" she asked playfully looking back up at me with her gorgeous brown eyes.

"Yes...oh god yes," I moaned a little as she started to stroke it a little faster.

"Oh good," she said as she smiled at me before moving her head over my hard, thick cock.

She slowly slipped her lips around the head of my cock, sucking on it lightly as she moved up and down on it only flicking the tip with her tongue.

"Oh Darcy..." I moaned. "Please...please suck me."

I felt her mouth open and hot air run around my cock as her mouth started to engulf me. She slowly moved her mouth down my cock for the first time. Her tongue feeling my cock as its in her mouth and her lips sucking on me. Then slowly going back up my cock, reaching the head and playing with it with her tongue. She then started going down and up again, increasing her speed just a little each time.

"Oh yes...oh god yes Darcy...that feels, sooo good," I moaned as I looked down at her. Watching her lips surround my cock and go up and down all the while her deep brown eyes periodically flash up at me is amazing. She started sucking me harder and faster as her left hand's thumb and index finger grasped around the base of my cock. With her right hand going to my balls, massaging them lightly and giving them little squeezes.

My hard cock moving in and out of her mouth felt so good.

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