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A lame party steams up from a challenge.

"Yes, that's her name ... she and I exchanged a few e-mails and then, when we each got this invitation to a Literotica Writers' party during the Henley Regatta ...well, to cut the story short, she said she was thinking of going and I said I'd love to meet her if she did ... so we both did and we met and then we each chatted to various people and then."

"What does she look like?" Ruby asked, her intuition working overdrive.

"Like an angel ... believe me, Ruby, she is as pretty as anyone you have every seen, creamy olive skin, luminous dark eyes, fabulous high cheekbones, sexy sensual lips, lustrous dark hair and a figure to die for, pert rounded breasts, long legs and a bottom that wiggles so seductively you cannot but ache when watching her walk by ... all night long, all I really wanted to do was be with her."

"She sounds divine," Ruby replied, her mind replaying pictures of her own Cristabel.

"She is, and despite her aristocratic background - her grandmother is the Duchess of somewhere or other - she is really good fun, I mean, everyone at this party just adored her, and, of course, like me, they all wanted her."


"And, well, as the evening was drawing to an end, I asked if she had far to travel home and she smiled and said yes, but I'm not going home ... oh, I breathed, daring to hope she was trying to sound me out ... I have some friends in Oxford, she continued, deflating my every expectation, I thought I might stop with them ... 'might', I thought, only might ... and you, she asked ... m-me, I stuttered, no, not very far, not very far at all ... nice, she smiled ... y-you c-could, I stuttered ... no, really, she breathed, I couldn't put you any trouble ... no, honestly, I said a little too quickly, a little too pleadingly, it would be no trouble, no trouble at all, I'd love to have you stay, I mean, there's no-one else."

"So, she stayed?" Ruby put in matter-of-factly.

"She did, but long before that she put me completely under her spell - she remained silent for a moment, thinking. I say a moment, but it seemed like an age to me ... please, I added desperately ... OK, she whispered huskily while brazenly yet casually unbuttoning the top three buttons of my black silk blouse! ... it might be fun, come on, let's go."
"Oh how romantic," Ruby replied, her mind full of certainty that the Cristabel in question was the same one she too adored.

"It was, it was lovely and sexy and deliciously memorable, quite the most submissive night of my life."

"You let her pee over you?"

"Let her - oh no angel, I didn't let her, I begged her to - and so much more besides!"

"Mmm, Suzanne, please, tell me more," Ruby begged in type.

"Well, as I said, she had me under her spell in no time ... as we turned to go, my blouse now daringly open, she whispered seductively: you have a delicious bosom, Suzanne ... t-thank you, I smiled, my heart racing and fluttering dangerously. I followed her across the street to her car - a sweet little open-top roadster - happy to keep her close rather than risk that, had she followed me home, she might have had second thoughts and turned off towards her friends in Oxford after all. As I sat next to her, searching for the seatbelt, she leaned across and slipped her hand inside my blouse to caress my warm, soft breast ... as I said, she breathed, a delicious bosom - then she kissed me lightly on the lips ... oh dear, the blood just rushed to my head Ruby, I couldn't control myself, I tried to force her mouth open with my tongue while pressing my trembling hand between her thighs ... later, she whispered with greater kindness than I deserved, adding with a suggestive giggle: if you're good, by which I mean bad."

"Oh Suzanne, how did you feel?"

"Exhilarated, excited, pensive, submissive," Suzanne gushed, "all of those things, I guess, but more than anything, I felt desperate: desperate to please her for as long as she would let me.

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