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It's get-even time for Paula & John.

"This isn't a sympathy fuck Tracy" I said, looking into the reflected glory of those shining green eyes as I felt her responding. "I want you because of who you are, not because of what you think you are" I continued, running my hands over her belly as my cock slid slowly between the lips of her pussy, "If you think I'm just going to take advantage of your vulnerability tonight, then I'll stop right now & go sleep in the spare room..."

"No, don't stop now" she groaned, pushing my hands between her damp bush until our fingers clasped together & began to stir on her clit while I continued teasing her with my cock, "I want this as much as you do."

"I'm fuckin' achin' for you baby" I groaned, burying my face in the crook of her neck to press my lips urgently on her flesh as I trapped her clit with my thumb & forefinger, then moved my other hand to hold her hip while she used one hand to rub along her slit as the other gripped the head of my cock to pump it lecherously.

"You wanna fuck this fat pussy that much hmm?" she teased, squeezing me hard as I slid a finger into her hot, juicy hole & ran my tongue along her neck to lick her ear then whisper; "I wanna push my prick balls deep inside that fine, wet pussy until I feel you cumm for me love."

Running my tongue inside her ear brought a gasp of pleasure as I slipped my moist finger onto her lips & she sucked those juices off with a groan while my hand slid over her luscious arse, caressing it as I dipped the tip inside her clenching cunt.

"Give it to me" she crooned, letting my finger slip from her lips with a moist 'pop' while my hand pressed on the small of her back.

"Lean back a little babe" I demanded, getting her at just the right angle to stir the throbbing head around her pussy hole as I gripped a handful of bouncing breast. "Yeah right there" I gasped, feeling it sink in to snugly trap the head inside her hot, tight hole; pausing to savour the delicious friction as I looked up, seeing her use one hand to steady herself on the wall while the other strummed busily over her clit.

"Fuck me" she breathed, looking me in the eye. "Shove it up there & fuck me now. Hard & fast you sexy bastard"

With a lunge of my hips I did exactly that to take her breath away with the power of my cock plunging straight up until we collided with an urgent smack of flesh that sent an echo around the tiled room.

She gave a grunt of satisfaction saying, "Oh fuck yeah", as I held her there & ground my hips to fill her with hot meat while she rubbed my balls on her clit.

"Fuck yessss" I agreed, squeezing a hot handful of tit while sliding my hand over her arse as I pulled back to the edge of her cunt before slamming back up with a thrust that pushed her into the wall. Taking her hand away to use both for support as I began to stroke my cock in a relentless rhythm of hard fucking which made her gasp for more. Gritting my teeth & groaning as each deep thrust sent my balls bouncing off her clit, making her body shake as she begged harder for it until I slowed to grind it deep inside her again. Catching my breath, I swapped hands & crushed her left breast as I leant back to admire the view, pulling right back until her inner lips stretched out along the slippery shaft with her rosy hole demanding my attention. Sucking my thumb until it dripped, I moved it over her ring as I fucked her with short strokes to pull her lips out as she bucked back to get more of it inside her.

"Don't tease me baby" she pleaded, "stick it in hard noooooow" she shrieked as my thumb wriggled onto her soft ring which clenched even tighter on my probing digit than her cunt that was sucking wetly around my cock as I slid into her with increasing ardour." Don't do that" she panted, as my thumb dug inside the buttery softness of her arsehole.

"You're arse is virgin hmm?" I asked, slip

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