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One week later we were heading to the airport for the trip to Malaga.

We'd been told that we didn't need to take many clothes as everything that we'd need for the filming would be provided for us. Nevertheless we still had a small suitcase full of skimpy clothes, and a few girly toys with us.

There was a car waiting for us that took us to the villa where we met the film crew (2 men -- Max and Leo) and Lucas. And what a villa it was; enough bedrooms for all of us, a big swimming pool and reasonably private as well.

Lucas told us that we could chose whichever bedrooms we wanted but we chose just the biggest one.

After asking Lucas if we had to wear anything at the villa we went and had a shower then joined the 3 guys by the pool. Of course we were naked and the guys stared at us as we walked towards them.

Over some drinks we talked about the scenes that Lucas wanted, the proposed locations and what he wanted us to do. Lucas kept telling us that being naked in public is all about confidence; about believing that there was nothing wrong with it and that everyone did all the time. It all sounded very easy to Piper and I but we got a little nervous when he told us that a Spanish lawyer would be dropping by later to introduce himself to us -- just in case.

Lucas put our minds at rest by telling us that nudity around that part of the world is quite common on the beaches but he wasn't sure what peoples, or the police's, reaction would be in the places that he was proposing to use.

He also told us that a Spanish girl about our age would be joining us later; she'd be doing the housekeeping and would be carrying some backup dresses for us when we went out and always be nearby, again, just in case.

Business out of the way, Lucas told us that we could relax for the rest of the day. We took the opportunity to look round the place, swim, sunbathe and flaunt our bodies in front of the men.

Later that afternoon the housekeeper arrived. She's quite good looking and called Catalina. Lucas brought her out and introduced us before she got started with her work. She didn't seem at all phased by us being naked. I guessed that she'd seen lots on naked girls on the beaches; maybe even getting naked herself; she has a cute body.

When the lawyer arrived he couldn't take his eyes off us. We joined Lucas talking to him even though they were talking in Spanish. It felt good having a man stare at our bodies and by the time that he left I was VERY wet and horny. I had to go and dive into the pool again, just to calm down.

We asked Lucas if we should put some clothes on for dinner and were pleased when he said that it was up to us what we wore when we were at the villa at all times.

We talked over Lucas' ideas some more and had a few drinks before going to bed. It was a while before Piper and I got to sleep because we'd both got very horny being naked around those guys.

Next morning found us putting skirts, tops AND underwear on and heading into Marbella. Our first stop was a McDonalds near a big shopping centre.

Lucas took the 2 camera guys in first and got organised. The cameras weren't the big ones that you see on TV; they were expensive looking hand-held ones that could sit on a table and not attract any attention. It was lunchtime so the place was quite busy.

Piper and I had been sat at one of the tables outside, feeling quite hot, until Lucas waived at us. When he waived at us we walked in. As we queued to be served Lucas had told us to take our tops off so we did. One man stared at us and our boring, white bras; so I waved my hand in front of my face and said,

"It's so hot in here."

As we got closer to being served we'd been told to take our bras off; so we did.

When we got to be served the 'would you like that with fries' guy just stood there for a second staring at our tits. I started getting wet -- and it wasn't with sweat.

Piper started to give him our order, which brought him down to earth

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