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A hot night with two women at a swing club.

Suddenly you move around to the back of the chair. Grabbing the elastic at the back of the thin panties, I feel it ripping away from my body.

"I told you that tonight I was in charge of all the pleasure you feel. You are not going to get yourself off by masturbating on the chair. You will be punished for this. Right NOW."


I flinch as you administer a stinging, open handed slap across the cheeks of my ass.


Another, harder slap this time.


Again, I can feel the heat as each successive slap lands square across my rump.


I notice the warmth generated by the spanking spreading throughout my pelvis.


You stand there, regarding me solemnly."I think I'd better stop this now. Punishment isn't really punishment, when you start to enjoy it."

"You think I LIKE this?"

"I know you do. I can see in the way you're waving your rear at me like a matador waving a red cloak at a bull. What's more I bet, let me see here...."

As your voice trails off, I can your hand slipping between my thighs and coming up to cup my entire pussy in the palm of your hand. Sighing as your fingers slide over my outer lips, parting me easily with the tip of your index finger.

Leaning over my back, I can feel your breath warm against my neck as you continue to let your fingers roam over the folds of my lips.

"See, you greedy slut, I was right. You're soaking wet. Right now all you are thinking of is how much you would love to feel my fingers slide into you, fucking you. Am I right?"

A strangled whisper escapes against my will. "Yes."

"What? I couldn't make that out?" As I feel one of your fingers poised at the entrance of my vagina.

"Yes, please".

"Please what?"

As you probe around at the entrance of my cunt.

"Please fuck me." I plead.

Pushing back against your fingers, trying to push them in, where I know that they will do so much good.

Your amusement at my plight is so apparent in your voice. "No way, not yet. I want you really ready for this. Your not nearly excited enough for what I have planed for you."

As you speak I feel your fingers being pulled away. A wave of indigent anger washes over me as I feel the frustration of being left wanting so much more. Harsh, bitter words rush unbidden to my lips.

"Your not being nice you know. You're being a bastard. You think your being so dammed manly by doing this to me? Is that it?"



Suddenly you are back around the chair, standing before me. I watch you as you quickly strip off your clothes. As your your clothes dropl to the floor, I can see that I am not the only one in the room who is excited. Your cock is jutting straight out, hard and swollen. Your eyes are closed as you stand inches away from my face, stroking yourself lightly. My hands stain against the bonds that are holding me fast to the chair, wanting nothing more to reach out and touch you.

Opening your eyes, you look at me and I know you can read the naked lust and need that is mirrored in my face. I want so to be able to touch you, to run my hands over you, to cup your balls in my palms, to stroke your cock between my hands. Your expression changes to one of, well, almost compassion, as you look deeply into my eyes. Stepping closer to me, your cock grasped lightly in your hand, you hold it in front of me so I can watch you. You guide the head of your hard prick so that it lightly touches my cheek, letting your hand glide the soft head across my face, down the bridge of my nose, over my eyelids, down the side of my neck and brushing across my chin to lips, leaving trails of pre-cum over my face. As you continue to massage my face, you start to murmur, gently speaking.

"I'm not doing this to harm you or to hurt you. But you must learn to obey me when I tell you to. I have a plan for you tonight and I will not be dissuaded from it, no matter how hard you beg me or whimper or complain. I told you I am the one who is in control. You have no choice but to do just as I say."

As you are speaking your other hand has found the silver chain hanging be

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