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Caught sniffing panties by mother-in-law.

I looked at the ID.

I answered the phone, "Hey, Nat. I'm actually just about to be to your room. What do you need?"

"Hey, Chris, I was just going to tell you, I'm already at the party. Just come over when you get ready. Okay? Bye, love you."

"Love you, too. Bye, babe." I said and got back on the elevator before I left. I caught the bus to the other side of town. When I got to the address I realized that this was not the best part of town. I was in the ghetto. I just walked to the door and saw a bunch of black guys. In stark contrast there was a bunch of teenage white girls, asian girls, and latinas. I realized what kind of party this was as I walked in. Natalie ran up to me and started chattering, but I couldn't hear shit over the rap music.

Suddenly, Natalie grabbed my arm and led me into a back room. In the room was Hailey and three black guys smoking weed. I introduced myself and learned that two were on the football team and the third is the guy that supplies Nat with the weed.

After a couple of minutes of smoking I saw Natalie's hand on Marcus, the drug dealer's, dick. Also saw Hailey with each hand on both football players' cocks. Natalie looked at me, "Hey, Chris. Marcus said he wanted to talk to you for a second. He plays nice pinky promise." She giggled as Marcus got up. I went down the hall with him and into a room. I heard somebody screaming from an orgasm next door.

"So, Marcus, what do you need man?" I asked as he sat on the bed.

"I need a blowjob," he said forcefully.

"Dude, I'm not gay," I said and backed away.

He got up and undid his pants. His big black cock flopped out as his pants fell. It was at least as big as mine was hard, and he was completely soft. "Look, boy, Natalie told me what you were into. Plus, I mean if you don't I've always got her. Yeah, she told me y'all don't fuck, but I fuck her every day. I even fuck her ass. All I want from you is a blowjob. It's not tough. My cock goes in your mouth and you suck til I cum." Marcus said as he put his strong hand on my head.

I got on my knees and his big black cock was just staring at me. "Put your hand around it, Chris." I wrapped my left hand around his thick shaft. It felt so heavy as I started to run my hand up and down. I spit in my right hand and put it on his shaft as I started stroking quickly. His cock got fully hard and stood at least eight and a half inches. Twice the length of mine when hard.

"Now, lick it Chris. Be my cocksucker." He put his hand on the back of my head and I started to lean forward. I was fixing to have the head in my mouth when the door opened.

"Come on, you guys. No one's in here," I heard Hailey's voice and turned around. She spotted me with my hand around a big black cock and started laughing.

"What a fucking faggot!" She laughed. I got off of my knees and ran out of the party. My face was extremely red.

I got back to my room and just ignored all of the phone calls and text messages. The next morning I got up and checked my phone to see a video message from Natalie. I opened it and saw her bobbing up and down on Marcus's big cock. At the end she let it fall out and said,"This could be you." She put it right back in as the video ended.

I got a text message after I closed it. It read 'Hey, Chris. This is Marcus. Call me when you want some more time with my cock.'

* * * *

I tried to get some sleep the next night, but just stayed up. So, doing the usual ritual, I got on the internet and started looking up porn. Instead of looking up my usual porn, I decided to try out interracial. Eventually, I started looking up Mandingo and small teen girls. I found a super hot video. It had Mandingo getting blown by a small teen girl and eventually fucking her ass. I started stroking my cock when just as I was about to cum my phone vibrated. I stopped for a second and paused the video.

I picked up my phone and saw that it was Marcus. Instead of just letting it ring I answered.

"Hey, bitch," he said in his deep voice.

"Dude, stop calling and texting me.

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