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Sometimes love was right in front of you.

I admit that I did this on purpose since it was an area where Jason couldn't see me from the area where he was at and I was rather curious to see exactly what Jason would do. Now, the computer section is in the rear corner of the store and it probably the most secluded portion of the store, but it can still be seen by those persons outside the store and looking in or by a person in most parts of the store itself.

The woman wasn't even out of the store and Jason was joining me in the computer section. Needless to say, he wasn't looking me in the eye. In fact, the way Jason was looking at me I seriously thought he was about to push me over one of the desk and start fucking me. For some unknown reason, I wanted him to do exactly that. I'd thought about Jason devouring me often as I Masturbated. I'd talked to a friend of mine several times about Jason and since he is more than a bit perverted, he'd encouraged me to simply enjoy myself with Jason giving me the excuse that since I wasn't getting any attention from my husband and distance was keeping us apart that I should just enjoy Jason and then tell him about it.

The woman was gone now, leaving Jason and I alone in the store. There were no other customers but I didn't know, at that time, that his Aunt and Uncle were out of town. Jason was standing just inches from me and the way he was looking at me I was just a little scared. I didn't know what to do but stand there. Here we are in his Uncle's store. Even if we are alone anyone could walk in at any moment and besides, I live in this town and it is quite possible that a person walking past and seeing me or walk into the store may know me. In fact, a girl who was at my wedding works at the shoe store, right next door and I'd talked to her one day and know that she is also a customer of this rental store.

I don't know what caused me to do it but, as if my hand was being drawn to him on it's own, it moved till it rested on his chock. OK, so, this was one muscle that didn't get built up as much as the rest of his body but it was as hard a iron. I think for the very first time Jason actually looked at my eyes. It seemed like hours that we simply stood there, each looking into the eyes of the other and my hand constantly massaging and moving over his hard chock, with only the material of his pants separating us.

The next move was Jason's and he reached out and first put his hand on one of my tits. Maybe it was just to see what I'd do and when I did nothing to stop him he suddenly started to actually attack me. He pulled his hand from my tit so he could use both hands to reach around me and grab me by my ass, pulling me up tight against him. His face he buried into the side of my neck and later I learned that he was biting me hard enough that he left marks on my neck.

I guess I was suddenly caught up in the lust of the moment and even though I refused to release his rock hard cock I was using my other arm to pull him even tighter to myself. Of course being squeezed up against him as I was part of my hand was massaging my pussy. Suddenly, I was over the edge with desire. I'm not sure that I would of stopped if someone had walked into the store at that moment. Then, I realize that Jason was about to tear my dress. The poor boy had no idea as to how to unfasten my dress and he wanted it off of my body.

I only had two choices and I didn't want the dress torn so I released his cock and started to push him away. He wasn't about to stop now. I started promising him repeatedly that it was "OK" and finally it seemed to start to register to him but even then he wasn't willing to simply turn loss of me. There was only one solution to this predicament. I simply slid downward so that as I slid out of his arms I found myself on my knees. This happens to be one place that I'm very happy being for I do enjoy giving head and it had probably been a couple months since I'd been able to enjoy my husband's.

Jason didn't seem to mind this

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