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Death & Bondage!

Looking into the mirror gave her a fair idea as to what Body modification probably entailed, but changes to her behavior? If these changes in behavior were to bear any similarities to her bodily changes... she shuddered at the thought of what she may become. However she would find out the answers to all of these questions very soon.


Seconds after the man had left the cuffs around Jenny's wrists snapped open. She immediately went to cover herself up, as if she felt that somebody was watching her. A small ripple of sensation rushed through Jenny's body as her hands brushed against her newly enhanced breasts. Although this sensation was a shock it was a far from unpleasant feeling. In fact it felt great and Jenny had to summon up all of her resolve to resist fondling her new assets. However this resolve was short lived and her wanton desire to discover the limits of this heightened sensitivity drove a stray hand to her right breast, lightly caressing it whilst her free hand homed in on the left. Small waves of pleasure began pulsating throughout Jenny's body as she began gently massaging herself. She squeezed a nipple and couldn't stop herself letting out a small moan. Although Jenny was aware that her actions were probably being watched or at the very least recorded by her would be captors she could not stop herself. Actually she did not want to stop herself. Subconsciously her left hand began to stray Southwards and latched onto her pussy. Her body quivered as if in shock, she felt herself just moments away from orgasm when a voice behind her brought her back to her senses with a bang.

"Here are some clothes for you to wear, please put them on and follow me to the meeting room" said a young but plain looking woman. She did not seem to be thrown in any way by the scene she had walked in on.

"Thank you" said Jenny, her face bright beetroot now. She hurriedly put on the clothes (which could probably most accurately be described as a potato sack with arm and head holes) and chased after the woman. After a short walk the woman stopped outside a nondescript door and typed in a password, a light changed from red to green and the door opened.

"Please wait in here," the woman instructed "Mr. Williams will be here with your friend in just a minute so just sit down make yourself comfortable. Oh and one more thing..." a sly grin crossed her face "try to keep your hands off yourself for a few minutes." With this she ushered Jenny into the room and the door shut behind her.

Looking around, it seemed that the room was nothing special and Jenny could only assume that it was just a normal meeting room. She sat down in one of the chairs in front of her and tried to concentrate on just putting everything out of her mind whilst she waited for the others to arrive. Minutes past and Jenny began to experience a tingling sensation in her crotch. She tried to ignore it but the sensation was just growing and growing. Finally her urges got the better of her and she retracted her right arm into her sack and began to finger herself. Once again just as she was approaching orgasm she heard the door start to open and managed to hurriedly get her arm back through the armhole just in time before anyone could suspect what she was up to. Finally she saw a familiar face:

"Jenny!" shouted an ecstatic Kelly, "thank God you are OK I was so worried about you"

Immediately upon hearing her friend's voice Jenny jumped up in a mixture of delight and excitement, but when she looked up the person she saw was not the Kelly she once knew.

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