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Life after Sixville 3.


"Strap." I commanded and found it in my hand three breaths later. She stood as she normally did when I was to beat her, legs soaked already from her arousal.


I had decided that there would be fewer strikes this time. She enjoyed them, the number, and I was only going to give her one chance tonight to climax. There would be fewer...but harder.

She gasped as the strap connected with her ass, keeping her position. "One, Sir. Thank you, may I have more."


"Ooohh Sir. Two. May I have more." she moaned.


"Ooooh God, Sir. Three. May I have more."

Her body was welting up more than usual since my strikes were harder. Her desire rose as the scent found my nose.

"There are only going to be twenty strikes today. You haven't earned more. You may climax at the last strike, and make it worth it. It is all you will be getting today. After that, I will fuck you and if you can't resist, that would be the second time. One more and I leave."

"Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. I will be a good girl. Please Sir, beat me like I deserve."

I knocked her to the floor. She didn't hesitate to get back up. "Telling me what to do?"

"No Sir. I'm sorry." she apologized.


This strike hit her under her ass, where her legs connected. She moaned and twitched. "OoohhhhGod, Sir. Thank you Sir. Four. Please may I have more."


Two strikes on her front, one stomach and one hip.

"Ssssiiiirrr. Thank you. Five and Six. Please may I have more." she trembled.


Two more, this time on her back up by her shoulders. As she gasped it pushed her breasts out further.

"Gooooddddd, Sir. I am trying to be a good girl. Seven and Eight, Sir. Thank you, may I have more."


The last two went on her breasts, one on each. The strap moved them as it hit, making them move and tugging on the clamps.

I saw her close her eyes and grit her teeth. She was fighting to obey. Her breaths were fast, trying to keep the pleasure at bay.

"Thank you Sir, Gooooddd does that feel amazing. Nine and Ten. Please may I have more."

"That's a good girl." I told her and saw her beam at the praise. I retrieved a blindfold from the dresser and settled it over her eyes.

Now that she couldn't see me, I retrieved a small weight that I fastened to the chain connecting her nipples. The chain sank a bit, pulling the clamps tighter.

"Oooohhhhh," she moaned as she struggled to remain in control with the new sensation. "Thank you, Sir."

"Bed. On all fours." I commanded and she moved to obey. One moan turned into a long wail as she moved the weight swung.

Finally she was in place, weight hanging down to be seen between her legs. I quickly shed my clothes, my cock hard from beating her. I mounted her getting another long moan from her in return.

"You still have ten strikes coming. If you do not maintain control, I will leave again." I warned her as I thrust. Every thrust into her moved her on the bed which sent the weight swaying.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh," her voice was deep as she struggled. "Thank you Sir. Thank you for fucking me."

"The faster you try to please me, the sooner the last ten and your climax comes." I advised her.

She hung her head lower and a moment later I felt her pushing into me, squeezing my cock inside of her. This spurned me to thrust faster, my own release charging at me. I smacked her ass during my last four thrusts feeling my release came upon me. I grabbed her hair, pulling it back to me as I shuddered.

Moments passed and I backed away. She trembled on the bed, barely containing her own lust but knew I had given her conditions.

"Back up." I commanded her as I went to the dresser to get the cane. It took her a moment to get back to her feet, feeling around with her hands. The weight on her nipples also made moving quickly painful and pleasurable.


I started with no preamble. And she screamed in surprise. I watched her to see if she failed, but her jaw was clenched as silence fell again.

"Thank you Sir." she gasped out. "Six and Seven. May I have more."

"You have your word.

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