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Single mom fesses up to her love of transsexuals.

I had to do something or go mad. But I knew I would have to take it very carefully.

One weekend I decided that we would go out for a meal. I carefully chose the restaurant to be in an area that we weren't know. I asked her to wear a short skirt, something she rarely did, and no bra which she never did. She wasn't happy but I insisted and reluctantly she agreed. As we sat in the restaurant I could just see the colour of her nipples under the fabric of her blouse. You could clearly see the imprint of her nipples and it was obvious to anyone that she had no bra. I watched in increasing excitement as the waiter openly stared at her and I could see she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. When the wine waiter came to the table I placed my hand on her knee. As we discussed the wine he also enjoyed the sight of Karen's nipples. As he stood at our table I slowly pushed my hand up her thigh, exposing more of her leg. She started to squirm and gave me a pleading look to stop. I smiled and continued to push my hand higher until I felt the lace of her panties. I looked across at a the next table and saw and older man watching what I was doing. He quickly looked away as he saw me looking at him, but I gave him a slight nod of encouragement and he smiled back and then continued to enjoy the show.

My index finger was now stroking the front of Karen's panties and I could feel the dampness grow. I pushed my finger inside her panties and that produced a slight gasp from Karen. The wetness of her pussy was now very noticeable. I whispered in her ear that the old man at the other table was watching and could see everything. She closed her legs on my hand and glanced sheepishly at him This was the moment. Could I compel her to open her legs again? I forced my hand deeper inside her panties and said open your legs in a voice that could easily be heard by the old man. She was shocked and looked at me in horror. I commanded her again to open her legs. Slowly she complied but not enough so I roughly forced her legs wide open. A tear trickled down her cheek and her face became flushed with embarrassment. She mouthed the word why to me but I just smiled and pushed three fingers inside her, rubbing her very wet pussy. She gasped but kept her legs wide open.

I glanced across at the old man and saw that he was transfixed by what he could see. I told Karen to look at him. she shook her head but then slowly turned and looked into his eyes. He was smirking at her, laughing at her predicament. I continued to rub her pussy and suddenly, without any warning she orgasmed, right there in the restaurant. It was obvious to the old man she had cum and he grinned at her shame. Her pussy was soaking and so was my hand. I withdrew it and there was an audible slurping noise that made her looked down in total embarrassment and shame. The old man watched as I wiped my hand on the napkin. He then stood up and walked over to our table. He picked up the napkin and held it to his face. Karen looked up and he smiled at her. She gave a sort of half smile back and then to my shock he reached forward and slid his hand inside her blouse, cupping her breast and playing with her nipple with his thumb. She froze and allowed him to squeeze her breast without protest. I thought I would explode. He then withdrew his hand and walked away. We both sat there in silence for the rest of the meal.

On the way home I pulled into the car park of a bar. It was very dark and where I parked was hidden from the main road. We sat in silence for a few minutes. I didn't know what to say, I was both ashamed of what had happened and excited. As I turned to say sorry a rear door of the bar opened and out stepped a guy who probably worked in the kitchen. He was a big guy and had come outside for a smoke. He stood only a few yards from the car. After a few minutes he saw us for the first time and came over to the car. He saw Karen and grinned. He opened her door and I watched as he pulled her from the car. She looked back at me but I couldn't move.


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