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Just a little fantasy.

We laid there in each other's arms without speaking. We didn't know what to say, our bodies and minds both in shock.

Stacey broke the silence, "I am so glad you made that move you whore!"

"Oh please! Your eyes were begging for it!"

We went back and forth like that for a while, and we both conceded that our sexcapade was long over due. I was so relieved that my bravery was rewarded in giving me a new, sexy, and erotic lover in Stace.

I realized that when Stacey was there for me through the tough times, my feelings strengthened for her and met my sexual desire for her. We connected on a deeper level, and her sex appeal made it all the sweeter. Her love made me feel like a teenager again, not a 40 year old woman! Part of the excitement was that we were two older women ravaging one another, not just college age sex crazy young girls!

Stacey made my mind and sex drive young again, and I knew what else I wanted. I was still missing cock, and I figured that the connection I had with Stace could only be met by one male. In my mind it was wrong, but in my heart and deep in my cunt, it was so right. I needed cock bad and only Phillip could meet that need emotionally and physically.

Phillip is quite the physical specimen, he is buff and cut. Not like some meat head that hits on me in the gym. His body is young, tight, and firm and it had driven me wild for years now. I didn't want to admit because of how wrong it would be viewed by society, but my new sexual revitalization put those constraints to rest. I new I had to have Phillip but how?

Before I could put my plan into action, I wanted to run it by my best friend (both sexually and emotionally). Stacey already knew how her support during my time of need strengthened our relationship. She also knew that despite our relationship my need for cock was not satisfied. I told her that I found someone I was deeply emotionally and physically attracted to, and told her about fantasizing about him lately. I questioned whether or not she would be interested in a threesome with this man, and she said from my description she would love to. I was scared, but I had to tell her who this man really was.

"The only problem is... The man is my sister's son" I confessed.

Stacey looked at me in the eyes deeply, and then replied, "Why is that a problem?! If you are attracted to one another then I don't see any problem with it at all... Hell, we've all fantasized about of family members from time to time, whether or not we admit it to ourselves is another story. But don't be ashamed at all! I know a couple people in my family I would fuck in a heartbeat!"

Stace's reassurance gave me such a great feeling of relief, to know someone had experienced the same feelings I had. Now assured in myself, I made Stacey an offer, "Well if you help me get Phillip in the sack, I'll return the favor with whoever you are trying to get with! Whadya say?"

Stacey responded, "Well my incestuous fantasy might be a little harder to pull off... It's my son, Justin.."

Stacey caught me a little off gaurd... her son?! I would have never expected Stacey to have feelings for Justin like this. But I could understand why, he was very muscular and handsome. I know the saying about African-American men and their large cocks, and if it was true I am sure Justin would be very large. I had always loved eyeing him down from time to time, and hopefully I would be able to help. Then, I got the best idea I'd ever had!

"Stacey! I have the best idea ever! Phillip is leaving for college next week and will be stopping in town to stay the night. I will invite him to my place, and you bring Justin. We will have some good clean family fun and introduce the boys, before we get down to business... If you know what I mean!"

"Jennifer, you are a genius! That'll be perfect! We will just have to dress and act a little slutty so that they will get the hint!"

I couldn't have agreed more, and Stacey and I shared a long night fucking each other

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