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Divorced daughter goes black, takes others with her.

She started to protest, but he kissed her hard and her arguments faded as her arms wrapped around his neck. He pulled her away from the wall and pulled her clothes off of her. He threw her bra across the room and pulled off his shirt, revealing his Army hardened body. He backed her up across the room until the backs of her knees hit the bed and she fell back, propping herself up on her elbows to watch him. He stood between her knees, looking down at her, and began unbuckling his belt.

He dropped his underwear and pants in one foul swoop, and kicked them away. She sat up and tried to capture his enormous cock in her mouth, but he put one hand in the middle of her chest to stop her and shook his head.

"That's not how I operate," he said pushing her back, "You first." He knelt on the floor, between where her feet rested on the floor and pushed her legs up, a thumb under each of her knees, and spread her open. She felt exposed, even in the relative darkness, and she bit her lip.

"You're wet again," he said, gently kissing the skin around her womanhood, "You aren't done with me either." She felt her hands clutch the blanket as her back arched in anticipation.

"Tell me."

"What?" she managed.

"That you aren't done with me, that you want more."

"I want more," she gasped as he dipped ever closer to the target.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want you."

"Be specific," he coaxed, nipping the inside of her thigh.

"I want you to lick me," she said shutting her eyes.

"Where?" he chuckled.

"My pussy," she whispered.

"Like this?" and he slid her tongue easily into her soaking wet hole. She released the blankets and grabbed his thick wrists and gasped. He thrust his tongue into her, making her squirm under him and cry out. He pulled his tongue out and slid is slowly up the crease of her pussy until he reached her clit, and he flicked at it teasingly. He pulled her knees up and apart until her knees were pressed into the bed and her pussy was gaping open for him to ravage and he buried his face in her, eating her out in earnest.

He put one of her hands on her own leg for her to hold it in place, freeing up one of his hands. He put his middle finger in his mouth momentarily to get it wet, and then drove it into her as he sucked her clitoris into his mouth. She pulled down a pillow with her free hand and screamed into it as he made her come so violently that she was afraid that she might pass out. She bucked against his face and hand as he finger fucked her with first one, and then two fingers. She lifted the pillow and begged him to stop, to let her catch her breath, but he shook his head into her pussy and began changing his rhythm to a new maddening tempo that made her come again and again, and she found herself unable to stop from grinding back against his face as he moaned his approval into her soaking cunt.

He pulled back abruptly, and stood flipping her easily and placing her so that she stood in front of the bed, bent over with her elbows on the mattress.

She spread her legs and he moved behind her and placed his rigid cock between the lips of her dripping sex and stood stock still, savoring the fiery, moist heat against the tip of his cock. She pushed back against him, capturing the head in her hole before he grabbed her hips and held them in place.

"Please," she begged, desperately trying to pull him into her.

"Please what?" he teased.

"Please give it to me," she whimpered.

"This?" he coaxed, pulling the head out of her.

"Yes," she cried.

"Do you want it soft?" he asked gently easing his dick inside of her, "Or do you want it hard?" and he asked slamming into her.

"Hard," she gasped, "Fuck me hard."

He groaned and then began thrusting into her roughly. She met him stroke for stroke, backing up to catch him.

"God, I love your pussy," he hissed, reaching around her hips with his hand to find her clit.

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