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The degree you resist will be visited two-fold upon your bastard. Nod if you understand, Sara."

Philip nearly wept as he felt the waves of despair flow off of his chosen. As the man turned to leave, he got his first look at his face. White-hot anger replaced the pain until he wanted to kill the man. Gaerwn, King of Sandova, thanked the headmistress for the care of his former daughter and left, not caring he'd just subjected his own blood to a life of abuse and humiliation.

As the door closed behind the headmistress and Gaerwn, he spun wanted to pummel the door with his frustration.

"It'll do no good, Philip." Sara's soft voice startled him. He faced her - bewildered at her acceptance of her fate.

"How do you accept such a fate without protest, Sara? I'd be fighting it tooth and nail." He walked over and knelt next to where she sat holding her son.

"Love, Philip. I'd walk through the fires of hell to keep him safe. He's the only piece I've left of my former life. Whether you believe it or not, he's got both your brother's and your blood running through his veins. I don't understand all the details...ask Aunt Clara."


Philip was jerked out of his dream merge with Sara by a rough shake to his shoulder. Opening his eyes in frustration, he was prepared to chew out the person for disturbing him.

King Rand crossed his arms over his chest and arched a brow.

"Yes?" Philip cared not that his impatience with the interruption showed.

"Did you find the answers you were seeking?"

"Not any which I liked. She's in a living hell. She jeopardizing her son's life each time she shadow-walks to stay sane. Where am I supposed to go from here? We're not fully bonded - the mezclar has begun but has never finished. We're stuck and I can't see any way to complete the bonding now."

Rand studied him, and Philip felt as if he were a bug under a microscope.

"Your pride, Philip, will be your down fall. Even now after seeing just a touch of what she's gone through in your absence, you still can't find it in you to forgive her for what she was compelled to do -- what she couldn't control."

"Tell me something, King Rand? If your precious Queen had done the same would you be so forgiving?"

Philip watched as first fury and then shrewd calculation crossed his face.

"Turning this away from you will not let you escape this for long, Philip. This is about you and your lack of trust in your chosen. She's been given the most horrible of choices and made her decisions with what she was dealt. Take that into consideration the next time you lash out at her because your manly pride got stung."

Philip watched as the King turned and left. How the hell did he know what occurred?

* * * *

Rand let out a weary sigh as he closed the door to his chambers. He looked up as he felt his wife's eyes on him. Her gaze was hotly smoldering with desire, immediately their link and his body responded to her.

With barely a thought, his clothes disappeared and he joined his wife in bed.

"You called, my dear?" He settled his hard body over her soft one, finding her already wet and waiting for him.

"Yes, I need you." Gracie licked her lips and wrapped her legs around her husband's waist. "And quit worrying about Philip. He'll wise up or Sara will knock some sense into his thick skull." She dragged his head down and sealed her mouth over his as he slid deep inside joining their bodies once more.

* * * *

Philip slipped inside Sara's home the next morning with stealth. Even after their dream merge last night, he still expected her to fight him about going with him. I won't leave her here to go slowly insane or suffer anymore. Gaerwn can rot in hell. I'm taking her away from this. He won't ever threaten to hurt her or her son again. I'll deal with his traitorous ass when I return. It's lucky my brother is gone. I would kill him for his treatment of Sara - if he were still alive. His death of raz-ice and aphrodisiac convulsions was too good for him.

"I figured you would show up thi

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