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The baronessa's past is brought to light.

It was boring at best but the two girls hung in there hoping that after they'd filled Maccord's glass many times, she'd loosen up. The Caesar salads were delicious and so was the bread and wine. Over and over again, Marilyn refilled Mari's glass yet after polishing off two of the bottles, Maccord acted like she'd only been drinking water. Neali and Marilyn, on the other hand, were feeling quite buzzed. Mari's speech was crystal clear while their's had already begun to slur from the effects of the alcohol.

Marilyn took the last bottle and having some difficulty opening it, said, "More sswine? SssssMari?"

Standing quickly, Mari replied, "Oh no thank you! I must be getting back now."

Midst the dazed looks of Neali and Marilyn, SoundTek's finest left the room. It took a while before the girls could process the event and what happened but when they did; both realized that their plan had failed miserably.

"Well!" Neali said. "The salads were good and the wine was great!"

"Yeah right," Marilyn said in frustration.

"Now Marilyn, don't get your panties in a wad!" Neali said.

"Panties in a wad?" Marilyn said as she quickly turned to her blonde friend. "That's it Neali, that's it!" she said like the GE light bulb had just come on.

"Huh?" Neali said confused.

Marilyn quickly went to her dresser and opened the drawer. From it, she pulled a pair of pink panties, wadded them up, and threw them at Neali. When she caught them, her eyes darted from the wad to Marilyn then back again. Neali knew her friend was sometimes weird and this must have been one of those moments.

But when Neali looked back at her, she said, "And what should I do with these?"

Not answering, Marilyn smiled, walked over to her, and kissed her softly on her lips. She then started to slowly caress the blond, remove her clothes, and then lead her over to the bed. Neali then positioned herself so her butt was sitting on the corner and her legs were parted.

"Lie back Neali!" M said. "I'm gonna do something I've never done before to you."

Now Tingling at what her friend might have in mind, Neali's back went down onto the mattress giving Marilyn full access to her lover's inner thighs and pussy so she knelt and began to kiss and caress Neali's soft skin. Starting at Neali's knees, she lightly slid her fingers upward to caress till she reached the edge of her auburn fir. Lingering there, she softly ran a finger or two all around the perimeter of the patch till they came back again to Neali's now moist labia.

Soft moans came from Neali as she experienced Marilyn's caressing touch. Marilyn continued her pursuits for quite a while till Neali's pussy was noticeably wet and her cuntal lips had opened in anticipation of the main event. Then slowly, she took the pink material of her own panties and began to stuff them inside Neali's hot mound.

What resulted were incredible waves of desire that spread throughout Neali's body, over and over again. To stuff the material in meant that Marilyn's finger had to penetrate her tunnel of love. In and out Marilyn finger-pushed the panties till all were in except for one inch of material. Then continuing to caress her inner thighs, she went down on her lover.

Sighs and deep moans filled the air as Neali felt Marilyn's lips wrap around her swollen clit. The tonguing action was hot so it took only a few minutes to bring the blonde to the point of no return. Sucking, licking, and blowing warm air onto Neali's sex finally pushed her into the abyss of orgasmic thrills...

And as the ecstasy overtook her, Neali grabbed M's head and held it where she wanted it, and screamed out her pleasures until she could cum no more. Wave after wave of overwhelming delights crawled up her body and down again. When she finally came off her high, she realized her sucker was pulling the soaked material from her cuntal cavern.

Then handing them to Neali, Marilyn said, "Now stuff them in

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