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She quietly and nervously walked over to her brother on the bed while I'm rubbing him down and I motioned for her to take over. I had even walked her through some of the things her brother and I do normally so she'd maximize the chances of him thinking she was me.

She took her brother's dick in her hand as I watched her face light up like I'd never seen her before. She was hungry for him. She desperately desired him and I felt like I was giving a friend exactly what she needed and at first it felt great. She stroked him for a minute, then brought her mouth down to kiss the tip of his penis before starting to lick, then engulfed his huge erection in her mouth. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and she let out a quiet moan as I watched from a chair in the corner of the room. I wasn't going to let this happen without getting to see it for myself. I even rubbed myself a little. This was remarkably hot after all. Incest isn't something you see every day and considering they were both really hot, I couldn't help myself. Plus I might need to step in if something happened.

I could tell Jamie didn't want to let Jeremy cum right away so she worked her way up onto him and kissed him on the lips with an intense passion that only comes from being in love. I was worried about that but let it slide since she was in the moment. As she kissed him, she guided his huge cock (my favorite part of him) to her opening. The deal was for her to use a condom since you know, it was incest and everything but I guess that went out the window since she completely ignored the condom right next to her. "No rubber then?" he asked but neither of us answered. Jeremy just smiled and said "Alright."

Jamie was nervous, I could tell but she still went through with it and lowered herself onto his dick like it was made just for her. She had wanted this for a lot longer than she let on. She almost cried. It was like getting the one thing you've dreamed of for years. She started moving up and down softly. She wasn't fucking her brother. She was making love to him. It was actually romantic in a way.

She picked up the pace a little as she built up her own orgasm. I know Jeremy and he can last a while. I thought she might get two in before losing him. I was also a little worried about them pulling out before he came without a rubber but at least I knew she was on the pill.

A little faster. A little harder she'd grind. Jeremy started getting into it and so far, had no idea it wasn't me. She took his hands in hers and intertwined their fingers as she moved them up above his head. She leaned in and kissed him passionately as she started to fuck the living daylights out of him. He was now bucking and fucking her just as much and the two were going at it like rabbits. I now had a couple of fingers in my pussy and I'm almost about to hit my own climax when I see her hands move with his just enough to bump the blindfold. The corner comes up just a little on the side but the two of them were going at it so hard and heavy that the blindfold rubbed against the bed and quickly slid off above his head.

He opened his eyes and saw his sister on top of him at almost exactly the same time she let loose her incredible orgasm as her legs and body were now quivering as she shuddered almost to tears.

While Jamie is shaking and cumming all over her brother, Jeremy only looks confused for about two seconds before leaning up and kissing his sister on the lips with a passion he's never shown to me. He gets his arms free from Jamie's hands and wraps them around his sister, squeezing her torso tightly to her like a hug from a long lost love while he pulled back from their kiss.

That was when he started pumping his dick into her even more furiously than before.

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