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Alexander starts to draw her in.

So tonight we will settle for twenty swats over my knee.
I duly bent over Walker's knee and was spanked hard like a child with Walker's bare hand. He spanked me about as hard as one can. After so much pain and embarrassment in the past, one would think I would not mind, but the pain and embarrassment of this spanking in front of so many people I knew reduced me to tears after about the first 9 swats. The fact he was grinding his knee into my pubic area only made it worse.

I'd been spit-roasted earlier, well away from the pigs, like the other slaves with a cock up my ass, but had otherwise hardly been used Friday. I was being saved for Fergusson and Hochwasser to be used hard. Fergusson volunteered that "Martyr Laurel Day" was not his idea although he probably was the one who suffered most from my shenanigans. "Several of the clients said flat out that the firm had stuck its best lawyer in a brothel overseas leaving their interests to be managed by idiots. As you perhaps expected, some of them threatened to move their business if you were not brought back to work, only this time with watchful oversight. Naturally, most of the other partners blamed me for the mess although some of them had also been asleep at the wheel.

When Walker suggested that giving you a very hard day should be put on the party schedule, I did not feel it was fair but did not object. I am not staying for tomorrow. I don't like to see you suffer and I have business in Houston." "I am staying," Hochwasser chimed in. "I expect to enjoy the day greatly."

When the sex began that night with Fergusson and Hochwasser, I initially had a hard time focusing. Something about the fact that I would spend the next day being an intense focus of derisive merriment and abuse distracted me from the immediate business. Eventually, my body took over, as it always seems to do, and I squeezed, met thrusts, sucked, licked and had orgasms the way I generally do.

I fell asleep very tired. I woke just before dawn on the floor where Anderson and Hochwasser had directed me to sleep.

I was terrified. I got only a light breakfast while everyone else had all sorts of rare goodies. "That's not Walker's fault," Sofia said, "We asked them to give you a light breakfast to reduce the risk of vomiting or choking." Sofia immediately realized that that explanation had not made me feel better and turned red from embarrassment.

When I saw the colonial style equipment for putting a standing victim's head and arms through wooden stocks while exposing everything below the neck to torture, I almost fell apart. Sofia had had her Wheaties. She started yelling before I could even sob. "You are not going to have Laurel in the sun for hours, you idiots. There has to be a good tarp over her and fans and we are going to post two people next to her all day, one of which will be me. She gets a break to restore circulation every hour and I am going to watch every blow. First time I see a drop of blood, we are out of here and I don't care what you are paying to do this." I think she was pissed that this was spoiling a day that she had hoped to sip cocktails by the pool.

When Svetlana opened her mouth, in Russian, I expected her to try to calm Sofia down and remind her that Walker was paying a bundle. Instead, looking at the man we knew only as Walker, she said roughly, "Ivan, you really are a brutal jerk. You're not a mercenary anymore. You seem to be taking pleasure in testing the limits like a naughty schoolboy. You know we cannot allow you to hurt any slave, least of all Laurel, but you are going to make us spend the day making sure you don't by setting up scaffolds in the sun and setting out electronic toys that I can see are not suitable and who knows what else you have planned. You make the BSP look good."

It took a half hour or more before Sofia, Svetlana and the other members of Sofia's team were satisfied that I would not be permanently injured.

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