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If you paid me enough." I smiled at her.

"As long as we know that you've always got a price." She nonchalantly grabbed my hand and pulled me towards my car.

I unlocked the car door and asked, "Do you want to get something to eat?"

"Maybe? What if we pick up take out and just go back to your place?"

I considered this. Maybe we could...

"Sure, that sounds perfect!" I had to see if I could turn my fantasies into reality. I had to know if there was a chance.

We bickered briefly over whether we were going to get Chinese or a pizza, tossing good natured insults at each other with comfortable familiarity. I allowed her to choose (Chinese) as I felt it was only fair. I mean, I was planning on feeling out my chances with her.

We set the food on the table when I remembered a new pair of shoes I'd bought a few days before.

"Sophia, you've got to come see these shoes I bought. It's absolutely me. Well, it's you also, but I saw it first." I grinned wickedly.

"Sounds nice, maybe I'll have to steal them from you."

I pulled her to my bedroom to lay my purchase out before her.

"Oooo..." she squealed. "They are perfect! Can I try them on?"

I nodded as I watched while she chucked her shoes and slipped her fit into the chunky sandals I'd spent a small fortune on. I threw myself on the bed and laughed as she peacocked in front of my full length mirror.

"These do look great, don't they?"

I nodded. "They do. I bought them to go with that dress I got a few months ago. All that's left is jewelry. Not that I have anywhere to wear the outfit, but since when was that ever important." I grinned.

She turned and looked at me. "Never. One never needs a reason or a place to buy fabulous things. Provided one has the budget. Which is why I drive a very cheap car. Sometimes one must make sacrifices." She smiled at me and flopped down on the bed next to me. I couldn't help but stare at her. Her eyes just drew me in and I watched as she arched one eye brow in a questioning look.

I leaned towards her. "These earrings are perfect. Where did you get them?"

"I got them at- *gasp*." I had laid the lightest kiss on her neck.

Sophia pulled back for a moment and looked at me before moving closer. I took the opportunity to press my lips against hers, kissing her chastely for a moment before parting her lips with my tongue. I leisurely explored her lips, her tongue and her mouth before running my hand up to the back of her neck and bringing her closer to me. She was breathing faster and I was lost in the taste of her mouth.

Slowly I pushed her back on the bed, never releasing her mouth. I leaned over her fluttering her mouth with my kisses and gently rested my hand against her breast. With the lightest of pressure I caressed the firm globe, brushing my fingers against her nipple, feeling it harden.

I traced a pattern with my lips from her mouth, along her jaw line and down to her neck just below her ear. As I tasted the skin on her neck I allow my hand to drop to the hem of her shirt and slide my hand gently underneath. I felt the softness of the skin on her stomach before moving my hand up under her bra. I catch my breath when my fingers make contact with the pointed tip of her breast and begin to rub it in earnest.

Sophia shuddered as I pulled my hand out to slowly unbutton the shirt she is wearing, revealing her cleavage button by button. I peel back the front of her shirt to reveal the lacy light blue bra that hid her breasts from me. I pulled her up long enough to untangle her from her shirt and unhooked her bra before laying her back down again. My mouth returned to hers and I brought my fingertips slowly across to the other breast, tracing a light pattern around her nipple and watching it harden from the corner of my eye. I left her lips and placed a trail of soft kisses down her chin, to the scented skin of her neck, playing my tongue in the hollow of her throat.

I move from her lips and leave a tail of soft kisses down her chin, to the scented skin of her neck, playing my tongue in the hollow of her throat before

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