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A young bride faces a marriage she never wanted.

The fact that Sarah generally found those occurrences extremely hilarious didn't ease the embarrassment at all.

But, while working with Sarah was quickly looking like the beginning of something Kayley had never admitted to herself that she wanted more than anything, her whole life was quickly becoming pure torture. Especially when Andy stopped by to say "Hi."

Sarah always tried her best to be nice, but it was hard for her. Every time he left she would find some way to jokingly mock him. Kayley laughed every time. She knew she shouldn't, but she just couldn't help it. She knew it wasn't going to last. It was over. They both knew it. Hell, she was pretty sure Andy knew it as well. They were just going through the motions

Then Andy had to go and make the decision easy for her by doing what she knew he'd do all along: He disappeared. Not only that, he managed to make it worse by disappearing right after visiting her at work and promising, not once, but multiple times, to be home and up when she got out of work.

As it turned out he may have been up, but he was most definitely not home. When she got inside she found a vaguely written note about having to go in to work for some guy. It would have been a great excuse since Kayley knew there was never anyone around to answer the phone in the office for the night shift.

Except for one little thing: the night before the asshole had told her the factory he worked at had just laid off the entire night shift because there weren't enough orders. He'd actually gone on and on about it while she'd been trying to watch a movie. She'd actually had to punch him in the arm to get him to shut up about it. Bitching about work was an annoying habit he had when he was tired and stoned.
Remembering that had caused Kayley to rip up the note on the spot before deciding that enough was enough. She packed up Andy's clothes and his toothbrush in his suitcase and overnight bag and that's when she noticed that a couple of those things were missing. Namely the ones someone might need if they were staying the night at someone's house. No toothbrush, no deodorant, no razor, no overnight bag.

For some reason that discovery made her cry, but not necessarily because of the deep sense of betrayal she now felt. No, it was more because of the overwhelming feeling of stupidity she felt for not having noticed it before. It was like it all suddenly made sense.

She suddenly recalled noticing a thousand times over that something was missing when Andy was "working late" or "crashing at a friends house" and just never connecting the dots. She felt so dumb for not having connected the dots before.

She was always burying her suspicions and giving him one more chance. How could she have been so blind? How could she have ignored that little voice inside her and forgiven his cheating ass every fucking time his lying ass came back to her?

It was the last straw. After getting control of her tears she did exactly what she's set out to do in the first place and packed his stuff for him and stacked it by the door.

She then called his phone knowing full well it would be off and instead of hanging up or leaving a pleading, passive-aggressive message as she had in the past, she left a short message that said: "Hey, you fucking asshole, this is it. We are through. Your shit is packed and waiting for you at the door. I suggest you come pick it tomorrow and get the fuck out of my fucking life. I don't where the fuck you are, but I know you ain't working for Julio or Julian or whoever the fuck you said. Fuck you and fuck whoever you're fucking or whatever. I don't fucking care. We're done. Come get your shit while I'm at work. I don't want to see you around anymore. Fuck you!"

After that she locked the deadbolt that Andy claimed he had lost his key to a couple of weeks ago and slid the bolt shut for good measure before taking a sleeping pill from her stash with a shot of tequila and heading off to bed.

She woke up later than usual with her phone beeping intermittently letting her know she ha

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