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More letters.

"See -- we have our passports for ID -- we were told we'd not be admitted without proper ID. Earlier the surgeon who was at your media conference phoned me to tell me what a delightful and terribly brave person you were. If you want community involvement then he's your man -- he hinted to me he wants you to replace him as chairman of the fund-raising committee that is $3.2 million short of its target to renovate the existing ward and enhance the facilities in the Government-funded extension."

"But our newspaper ran an appeal for a month and raised from memory almost one and a quarter million dollars and our company donated $50,000 of that amount."
"I know dear, but the appeal target is $7.5 million -- this appeal is for the extras that make good hospital better for patients, visitors and medical staff."

"I'll phone Geoff in the morning -- if security will put my call through."

"Talk to him live -- he'll be in to see Ryan anytime between 6:00-8:00 am as all good surgeons do before going to theatre."

"How is it you know everything, Harriet?"

"I keep my ears open and thank you for that similar comment you made to the media. You still can surprise me at times. We've also had non-stop visitors and phone calls including some of your old school and varsity friends I haven't heard from in years. It was exciting at first but now has become a bit tiresome. Many of them say you'll get a Government award for bravery."

"Ryan is the deserving one, he was incredibly brave."

Harriet gave Maggie a mother's smile. "Don't kid yourself darling. We all saw you on TV remember?"

"You made us very proud of you, Maggie," Max said. "The astonishing caliber of the man you chose for a husband shone through. You two are on the way to becoming our most distinguished citizens, certainly our most distinguished couple."

Maggie laughed and told Max he was losing it. "I've told our entire community that I attempted to shaft them. I'll be lucky that I'm not run out of town."

"Turn on the Sky News Australia, Max, this story has been running on the hour -- we may have missed some of it."

They had -- the film was showing the end of the media conference, with Maggie out in the hallway, crying in the arms of the surgeon while he was telling media representatives wanting exclusive interviews to arrange times for tomorrow with the hospital's PR officer.

The newsreader came back on screen. "This has been an amazing story and has been running all day. I shall never forget the sight of Maggie de Lacey covered her heroic husband's blood and then immediately by her hostage-taker's blood as he was blown away from her by a high-powered rifle bullets through the shoulders. Now for something different: remember this -- earlier yesterday at the media conference at the hospital where Maggie's husband Ryan lay, recovering from a bullet that passed within a couple of inches of his heart..."

The film clip showed Maggie describing how she had came within an ace of selling her publishing company over the strong resistance of husband Ryan.

The newsreader came back on screen. "Well, you'd think that confession would have angered people, wouldn't you, calling for Maggie's head. But take a look at this. This clip shows Maggie's personal assistant Cathie Banks holding one end of a banner and at the other end is newspaper editor-in-chief Clive Boys who almost had his Echo closed by board dealings that almost succeeded. Maggie is now being forgiven because she chose her moment to publicly come clean. The words on this banner say, 'Come Back To Us Maggie, We Love You'. Obviously a woman wrote that, probably Maggie's PA but that crowd of people standing behind the banner waving hands in the air are most of the company's staff who support that call. Now listen to this man, a radio-head on KM-FM on the top rating radio station in Maggie's city."

"Hi you Australians.

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