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Bi married guy meets a chat room friend.

The driver, an attractive dark haired woman, about 30 or so, looked over and down into Chris's open window and obviously saw his huge, hard cock, and my pretty little fingers and manicured nails wrapped lovingly around the shaft.

She called out to me, "Shift that bad boy into overdrive, honey!"

I shook his cock and then pointed the head in her direction. She laughed and honked her truck horn as the light changed and she gunned it.

Chris had a look on his face, somewhere between amusement and sexual excitement. I think he liked me showing off his cock to strangers. He knows how proud of him I am, and how much I love his cock. And he certainly seemed okay with me pimping out his tight virgin ass and his sexy cocksucking mouth to Natalie for the photoshoot.

We drove the main road toward home, and I kept stroking his cock, keeping it nice and hard, touching the smooth head, using my index finger to spread his precum all over the head and some of the shaft. I licked my fingers clean several times, but each time I placed my hand back on his cock, more drops of precum would appear at the piss slit and dribble down the shiny head and over my fingers.

We stopped at a corner to turn right, waiting first for traffic to clear. Two dudes were standing right there and saw me stroking away. One yelled to Chris, "You LUCKY son of a bitch!"

Chris chuckled and I just kept stroking him. I thought it was funny, too. I realized I was pretty thirsty and asked Chris if he was too. He shook his head no. "I've had enough to drink today!" he said.

"Mmm, that's right, how could I forget?! You did drink a lot today, Chris. Did you like it?" I stroked his cock shaft and twirled my finger and thumb around the precum covered head. "That was so sexy, baby. It really was. You made me cum! Did it taste good? I hope so. I loved watching you drink all that hot piss. I mean it baby, watching you was soooo hot. Did you like it?"

Chris waited a moment and I gave his cock an extra little squeeze. "C'mon! Tell me! Tell me that piss delicious. Tell me you loved it ... tell me you LOVED ... drinking ... all ... that ... HOT ... piss!"

I kept my fingers wrapped around the shaft, stroking his cock, feeling it throb against my soft fingers. "Your cock feels nice, baby. Feels so nice. SOOO hard, soooo sexy."

Then, more in a sultry whisper, "I loved watching you take all those cocks in your ass, baby. ALL this nice cocks. Mmmmm. That was hot. But what I REALLY loved ... was how you SUCKED so much cock for me. Mmmmmm ... that was SOOOOO SEXY, baby. You suck cock SOOO well! You really do. It made me so wet just watching you ... watching your lips slide over the head, slowly down the shaft ... when your lips reached the urinal wall I thought I would never stop cumming!! My pussy was so wet and it was so hot watching you ... watching you suck that huge cock ... baby, you are such a total cocksucking STUD!"

Chris was breathing harder, his cock getting harder too, like blue steel, hot to the touch, precum now almost pouring out of the head, making it wet and shiny.

"And you drank all their cum. Mmmm. Chris, honey, that was unbelievable! You drank so much cum. I've never seen so much cum in my life and yet you swallowed it like a man ... ANNNNND ... and this AMAZED ME, Chris ... you ... drank ... ALL their piss for me. Mmmmmmmm. OMG, SO sexy, Chris! You did it baby. You gulped down soooo much hot piss ... cock piss ... I loved watching you swallowing all that piss ... I want you to tell me you'll do it again for me, baby."

He struggled to not cum, but he nodded yes as I kept jacking his cock and drove the car.

I saw a fast food place up ahead and on a whim decided to pull into the drive-through. At the order sign I ordered a medium soda.

When I pulled up to the window, as the girl inside took my money she did a quick double take, then started getting my change.

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