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Taking It to the Next Level.

Lifting one leg over me she held out her hand for me to grab as she helped me to my feet.

"Okay Jay, I think we did enough for now. Why don't we head off to the shower and meet in room #2. There is a massage table set up there."

"Sounds like a plan" as I headed off to the men's showers and Juice to the ladies.

In the shower, I made sure that I scrubbed all over. I checked my cock and balls and was glad that they were recently shaved. My cock remained rigid throughout in anticipation of the upcoming massage and was not sure if I should masturbate to help reduce some of the excitement. I toweled off and changed into a clean t-shirt and shorts and checked my bag to make sure that I had the massage oils and lubes that I usually carry with me. Checking the mirror and combing my hair with my fingers, I headed off to room #2.

Juice was already there with a towel wrapped around her chest looking like she was wearing a terry mini-dress.

"Jay, I think there is massage oil in that plastic container."

"If you don't mind, I have some all natural massage oil, and some personal massage products that I prefer to use. I also have a massage playlist on my phone that I think you might enjoy."

"You do come prepared, I bet you were a boy scout growing up" she smiled.

"Let's just say I like being prepared. Now lie down on your stomach and let's get started."

On hearing that, Juice opened the towel, threw it into a corner and lay down on the table. To me looking at a woman's naked body is like a painter looking at a bare canvas. We both want to be creative and cover the full area, delivering pleasure to the person receiving or viewing it. No part of Juice's body would remain untouched by my skilled hands.

Pouring oil unto my hands and forearms, I knew that Juice's muscular body would need and could handle additional pressure beyond most of the woman I had massaged. As usual I would start with light pressure, move around the body to warm it up before adding additional pressure from my hands, forearms and elbows. I could tell that Juice was appreciating my movements as I could feel her body begin to purr. I am always amazed how I never get tired of feeling I get when my oiled hands are pressed against naked flesh.

"Jay, your hands feel lovely. In the gym you seemed awkward, shy and unsure. But here you seem to have a confidence that I haven't seen before."

"Juice, your comfort place is in the gym. My comfort place is any room that has a massage table. You just need to tell me if I am giving you enough pressure."

"The pressure is delightful."

After several minutes of massaging the upper back, I moved to the lower back which I remembered needed additional attention. My hands moved over the lower back down her glutes and to her upper thigh. I repeated this using several different pressures and stroke patterns, eventual letting my hand slide down the crack of her ass with every pass. As I massaged her lovely ass I let one hand rest against her pussy letting her feel the vibration caused by the rubbing of the other hand. As then Juice gave me the sign that I have been accustomed to seeing as she opened her legs slightly to allow me greater access. Now my hands were more sensual with their movements as I dragged my hand ever so slowly down the crack of her ass over her ass bud and alongside her outer pussy lips. This one pass would take a full 5 seconds to cover an area of only a few inches. After the second or third pass I would see her ass lift up from the table trying to add to the pressure of my hands. I could tell her pussy was glistening and not from the oil but from her inner excitement.

"Now Juice press up and touch your butt to your heels. Knees open, toes touching"

As she slid into the position she said "You know this is called child's pose in yoga."

"Yes I actually know that but I wasn't sure if you did."

Juice, with her body stretched out as if she was praying to some god, looked like the most gorgeous submissive slave tha

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