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Jacqui and Jim expand their sexual experience.

The couple's orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds, after which they passed out in a delightful state of bliss into each other's arms, with thoughts of worms very far away.


Sue was the first to wake up as the first light of the new day illuminated the king size bed. Tom was still asleep, and as she ran her hands over his remarkably smooth chest, she noticed regularly spaced raised areas which created segments lined by red skin. It almost looked like Tom had gotten a bad case of poison ivy, but the outlined areas were like nothing she had ever seen before. Sue quickly looked down at her own chest. There were a couple of raised areas, but nothing as pronounced as her husband's markings. Gradually, Tom stirred and opened his eyes. He looked surprised as he took in Sue's startled expression.

"What's the matter? Have nightmares about worms?"

Tom attempted a wry smile.

"You have a weird rash."

Sue continued to run her hands across the raised welts on Tom's chest. He looked down with little emotion.

"Probably just some mosquito bites, I'll pick up some Calodryl at the drugstore today."

"I don't like the way these bites look at all...they're really spreading. Maybe you should go to the doctor."

"Uh-OK, if you insist."

Tom figured he would say he went to the doctor later just to humor her. Besides there were more important things to do. Tonight was the Annual Halloween Costume Party, to be held on the first floor of the three family Lumbricus home. Sue's older sister and her three children would be there from the second floor, along with Tom's parents that lived in an in-law apartment on the third floor. At first, Tom was going to dress up as Spider-Man, but now a new plan arranged itself in his mind. He would call Sue's sister and ask her and her children to wear worm costumes! Tom was pretty sure he could rig up some funky worm hats for himself and his parents. The only way to get Sue through this was to make light of it, and after Halloween she would then forget about the harmless worms completely.

"What are you thinking about?" Sue abruptly interrupted Tom's reverie.

"Just tonight...have you picked out your costume yet?"

"As a matter of fact, I have...a fairy princess!"

"You'll always be my princess!!"

Tom leaned over and gave Sue a long sloppy wet kiss.

"What are you going to be?"

Sue had no clue what Tom had planned to do for the party.

"You'll see." Tom grinned. "It's a surprise!"

With that, he disappeared into the shower, pausing to take in the look of bewilderment on Sue's face.

The rest of the day was uneventful as Sue worked on the gourmet meal she had planned for the costume party. After an appetizer of chicken noodle soup, the guests would be served lobster ravioli, with delicious goat cheese. Sue was having so much fun preparing the meal she completely forgot about the worm incident. When the doorbell rang at 5:00, a gossamer Fairy Princess answered the front door. Sue almost fainted when seven people in worm costumes slithered their way across the threshold.


Tom was dressed as the common brown earthworm, wearing a mask that was nothing but a gaping mouth. Her sister Claire followed in a bright blue worm costume, with her three children sporting red, orange and green segmented strips that were amazingly realistic. Tom's parents wore cute worm hats with a smiley face and actual pictures of living worms. It was all Sue could do to keep from being completely grossed out.

"We thought we would dress as worms to cheer you up!" Claire squeaked. "And we have worm jokes, too!"

Sue groaned as the motley crew sat down at the large dining room table. Alicia, Claire's eight year old was the first to pipe up.

"How do you tell one end of a worm from another?"

"How?" Tom smiled at her broadly.

"Tickle the middle and see which end laughs!"

Everyone at the table erupted in giggles except for Sue, who felt slightly sick.

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