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Tearlag agrees to help, Thorburn and Stuart scout.

"Yes Mummy Adele, I also love Anthea Turner and Yvette Fielding," I said in Adele's ear.

"A little birdie also told me that you had kinky fantasies about Mummy Sally Webster on Coronation Street. perhaps she will let you be her teenage daughter Rosie," teased Adele.

This excited me so much that I pulled another large, sticky bogie from Adele's nose. I eat it in front of her, as I creamed inside the palm of her hand. Sticking my tongue up her nose, I licked the inside of her nostril. I pumped my cream, until it overflowed over Adele's blouse.

"Good girl Sissy Jessica, Mummy Sally Webster would be proud of you," laughed Adele.

Adele called Joanne over, placing her sticky, semen hand over Joanne's mouth. Joanne Harper licked Adele's hand clean. Francesca went upstairs to fetch our nightwear. Adele and Joanne took their lingerie off. I watched with an erection on again. We all had different coloured satin pyjamas. Adele looked sexy in black. Francesca had a red pair on. Joanne looked very cute in yellow. I of course had my pink pair on.

Nobody seemed to be hungry except me, so Adele sat me on her lap, breast-feeding me from her opened black, satin, pyjama jacket. I sucked her nipples drinking her sweet, breast milk. Adele let out her infectious laugh, while blowing her nose into several, small, white, paper hankies.

"Want some help Mummy?" asked Francesca.

"Yes please Francesca, bring me those sweaty socks you used for hockey, I want Jessica to suck them clean and your sweaty, navy, blue panties as well please," ordered Adele.

After I had finished on her left breast, Adele wiped my mouth with her snotty hanky. She then stuffed it into my mouth. Adele forced my lips onto her other breast. I sucked happily away. Adele then forced me to suck Francesca's sweaty socks. I got an enormous erection while doing this. my cock was at bursting point as Adele stuffed Francesca's sweaty hockey panties into my mouth. Tasting Francesca's bodily juices was a lovely experience.

Joanne Harper was lying on the sofa, giving me a sickly smile. I couldn't resist her anymore. Jumping on top of her, I pulled down her yellow, pyjama bottoms and thrust my cock between her legs, into her tight, little pussy.

"Oh! Joanne Harper, let your sissy Jessica make you pregnant," I shouted.

As I fucked pretty Joanne slowly, Adele laughed hysterically. Francesca picked her nose in a provocative way. Joanne's breasts were soon being fondled in my hands. What a fantastic shag Joanne Harper was. What made it even more kinkier, was that we both shared the same short, blonde hairstyle.

"I wanted to be fucked up against the wall, my sissy sister," said Francesca.

"Your wish will be granted, my pretty Francesca," I replied.

I ripped open her pyjama top, fondling her small, round breasts. Francesca giggled as I sucked at her sweet nipples. Pulling down her pyjama bottoms, I rammed my cock between her legs. I fucked her hard in front of our proud Mummy, against the living room wall.

"I would love your Daddy to see me fucking his pretty Francesca," I said.

"Oh! yes Jessica, my kinky, transvestite sister, fuck me to death you pervert," screamed Francesca.

"That's my girls, dirty, fucking sluts just like their Mummy," laughed Adele.

After I had pumped my semen inside Francesca, I waited to fill up again. Adele hypnotised me with her sparkling eyes. Joanne went over to Francesca, to give her a cuddle. Adele watched for the bulge inside my pink, pyjama trousers.

"Are you sure there are not any more kinky secrets you would like to shout out to me, before I take you upstairs to my bedroom, my kinky Jessica," taunted Adele.

"I have a kinky crush on Julia Green and want to have kinky sex with the 59 year old, in front of her husband Tony," I shouted.

"That's lovely Jessica, you can tell me anything sweetheart," smiled Adele.

"One more thing Mummy Adele, I love Auntie Francis Ward, my fat, cuddly, fucking, cunt, ring her up and tell her I want to wear her daughters pretty

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