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Ting and I enjoy the mysteries of the Nile with good friends.

Foreplay would start with her talking about other men staring at her and then elaborating about what she thought they wanted to do to her. Over the course of the next few weeks, it eventually amounted to her telling me fictional stories about her escapades with other men at work while I fucked her crazy.

After a few weeks of this, I finally proposed an absurd question.

She had just finished telling me about one of the guys at work who complimented her on her choice of shoes. Apparently, he was a fan of her peep toes.

"So...would you ever let him or some other guy...ya with your feet?" I asked.

She laughed but calmed down when she saw that I was serious.

"Ummmmm...I don't know." She said.

I cut her off before she could continue "I don't believe that's cheating. I mean, it's not like it's sex."

"It's a form of sex, yes. But I don't see it as cheating." I added.

I continued "I think of cheating as full on sex when your partner doesn't approve."

She giggled again. "Hmmmm ok ok would approve of that?" She asked.

I paused for a second. "I guess so, yea. Yes. I would approve of that."

"Ok, it turns me on! I admit it." I said.

"I knew it turned you on but I didn't know you would actually approve of me doing that." She replied.

I nodded my head and she smiled back. I could tell the wheels started to turn in her pretty little head. Her grin was growing with each dirty thought.

"Ok. So one of these days, I'm gonna come home and tell you a story but you won't know whether I'm making it up or not!" We both laughed.

Behind our laughter, I think we were both very turned on.

We wouldn't have hot sex every day and it wasn't every day that she would tell me a sexy story. Several days passed by with no sex and no story. I wasn't complaining though. I didn't want her to feel pressured.

A week after my dirty proposal, she had come home from work and I could tell immediately, something was different. It was her mood when she came home. She was immediately ready to fuck.

This day she had worn a low cut button up dress shirt that seemed to be rather tight around her breasts. She matched this with her favorite mid-thigh length skirt. This black, satin skirt was much tighter than her other skirts. It was snug enough that it would often ride up her legs when she sat down. She paired this skirt with her sexiest pair of black, sheer-to-toe, stockings. These were very sexy and playful at the same time because they had a floral design dancing up her feet, ending at her lower calves. The best part, they were extremely soft and silky. I loved these. To top off her legs, she wore a pair of her satin peep toe pumps. It would been hard for anyone to avoid looking in her direction.

It wasn't her clothing that had tipped me off though. It was the way she walked in. Her demeanor. She tried her hardest to act like she wasn't up to something but it didn't take long for her to give in to her hidden excitement.

"So you wanna know what happened today?" She asked.

"Of course..." I replied.

Her story didn't differ much in the beginning from any of her other stories. However, I was still wondering if something actually did happen at her work.

She started her story by telling me about the guy, John, who offered to take her to lunch on her first day there. He sat on the other side of the office and made every excuse to make his way over to her side. She explained that once she started staying late after most of the others had left, he started staying late as well. On multiple occasions, he would use this quiet time to hang out at her desk, flirting with her until she left work.

"So after everyone had left, I went over to John's cubicle and sat on his desk next to his computer." She said.

I already had a hard on. She grabbed onto my dick from outside my pants and slowly started to jerk me off. I didn't waste any time. I quickly started unzipping my pants and unbuttoning my shirt.

"He stopped what he was doing and tried to act cool.

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