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He finds himself happily compromised at his massage.

Our connection made this internet lovemaking more than just words. I felt his body on mine, I felt his cock deep inside me, and when our bodies came together, both of us peaking and cumming at the same time, I felt my body responding to him, my pussy clenching around his cock, his cock pulsing inside me as his cum sprayed my inner walls. I was breathless as we both held each other tight. I had never had such an intense experience in my life. I was thunderstruck.

I couldn't have asked for a better way of showing forgiveness than he gave me that night. I felt so close to him, I wanted his even more now, than I had before. I dared to say I loved him. To my delight and surprise, instead of pulling back, he too, declared his love for me. I went to bed that night feeling high from our session. My body was thrumming with sexual tension. I felt so strong a need for this man that my body ached for him. My fingers played across my clit as I recalled our lovemaking. As I stroked myself, my fingers dipping deeply into my wet and hot cunt, I thought of Mark, I thought of his cock, stroking the inner walls of my pussy, I thought of his mouth on mine. As I writhed on the bed, my pleasure peaking, my fingers flying across my clit, my other hand pinching and twisting my nipples, It was Mark who was on top of me. As my pussy clenched around my fingers and my clit swelled and my hips arched up off the bed as I orgasmed, it was Mark whose ear I moaned into. I lay there panting afterward, on the brink of sleep, and as I rolled onto my side, a pillow clutched against me, it was he who I said good night to.

The following week, I would steal snatches of online time while Jeremy was over at friends or playing in the neighborhood. The emails that Mark and I traded became love notes. We yearned for each other. While it seemed silly that two people who had never even met could love each other, I didn't doubt our love for a moment. I had come to rely on Mark as a friend, lover and confidante. He was the person I thought of when I woke up, and the person who came with me into my dreams as I lay down to sleep at night.

It was incredible to me that I could have become so attached to a person in so short a time, but I had. There was no doubting my feelings for him. It seemed as though there wasn't another person in the world who understood me the way he did. There were times in our chatting where we would say the same words at the same time. We would laugh about it over and over as it happened. Our connection to one another was so strong. I felt alive when we spent time together online. I couldn't imagine we could have been any closer, even if we had met and dated under conventional circumstances. And besides, meeting online was becoming the usual way of meeting people, instead of at a bar at closing time.

At the end of the week, we decided we were ready to try a phone call again. Jeremy was going over to a friends house for a sleep over, and it seemed the perfect time to talk undistracted. I felt as if I should get dressed up and do my makeup and nails like this was a real date. I was so excited. I carried the cordless from room to room so I wouldn't miss hearing it ring. We had both agreed upon a time but I didn't want to rely on my poor sense of time and run an errand right at the time he called. I had already wasted one call with him due to my friend Karen's stupid meddling and I knew better than to keep Mark waiting any longer.

When the phone rang, I jumped startled and excited.

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