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Daughter catches son and Mommy.

Was she encouraging me to suck her toes or was she just teasing me?

I held her foot and poured some oil on it. I slowly rubbed the oil over her whole foot then began gently massaging her foot. Mom grabbed another pillow and laid down. When she did this, her bathrobe opened slightly. Her open robe and her words of encouragement made me rock hard.

"Mmmmmmmm....Your hands are very skilled, baby. I haven't had a massage like this since your father passed."

I paused a moment before saying, "Dad used to give you massages?"

She answered, "Yes, he did all the time. He said he loved to treat me like a princess."

I continued kneading her arch and moved to her toes as she occasionally moaned softly. As I started her toes, she spread her legs further apart and pressed her free foot into the pillow. I felt her heel press on my hard-on and I held back a moan of my own. Mom then teased me further as she pressed her heel along the length of my shaft while purring softly, "mmmmmmmmmmm.....It feels sooooo nice."

I glance up her legs as much as I could while massaging her feet. I couldn't tell what she was wearing until I was almost finished. Her robe was finally open enough that I could catch a glimpse of a black nightie. I had seen her in this several times over the years, but just quick glances. It was sheer looking, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. I finished the massage and Mom got up and kissed me on the forehead before tending to dinner.

Over the next couple weeks I massaged her feet a bunch of times. Sometimes with barefeet and others with pantyhose on. She continued to tease my hard-ons with her feet, but nothing else came of it until one Saturday evening.

I was watching television while waiting for the shower to open up. I needed to wash up before going out for some beers with the fellas. Mom came out of the bathroom wearing her robe and carrying the bottle of massage oil.

"Would you be a sweetheart and give me a massage before you go out tonight?" she asked so innocently.

I knew I had time, so I said, "I've got some time yet, sit on down."

Mom laid down next to me and propped her feet in my lap. I asked, "Could you hand me the pillow?"

She answered, "You can go ahead without the pillow this time."

I was a little nervous since I always used the pillow so she couldn't see my swelling. Anyways, she's felt it enough times she just hasn't seen it. I started the massage and like clockwork it started to rise. I could see her staring at it as it grew. This caused her to openly talk about it for the first time.

"I see that you become aroused rather quickly when you massage my feet. Do you find them attractive?"

She already knew the response; she just wanted me to openly admit it.

I paused a bit before replying, "Yes, I do find them attractive. Your feet are so soft and your painted toes are sexy to look at and touch."

She replied, "Thank you my dear. I'm glad to know that your father passed along his love for my feet to you. I've noticed how you've looked at my feet since you came back home, I wanted to see if you had the same fever as your father"

I brought her foot up to my mouth and kissed her big toe. She smiled at me and proceeded to take her free foot and trace it along my full-grown shaft. I used my thumbs to massage her arch as she spoke to me.

"Your father loved to see me in pantyhose and nylons. He loved the feel, as he would massage my feet. He rarely massaged my feet while they were bare. Which way do you like them?"

I answered quickly, "Your feet are sexy with or without. I would have to say that I prefer the look of your feet in pantyhose though. Nude or black being my favorites."

I moved to the next foot when she asked, "Since you're being so honest, have you thought about doing anything else to my feet besides massaging them?"

I answered without saying a word as I took her foot and moved it toward my mouth.

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