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A massage parlour reviewer encounters an unusual masseuse.

I built up quite a reputation for myself as a slag, but who cared, I was. Although Mark and I agreed that that shag should be a one off, we have had sex on many other occasions when my husband was away, but I loved it when he screwed me up against the wall while my husband was in the shower.

I was off the pill and I couldn't help thinking about how sexy it felt to get pregnant by someone other than my husband.

John was the new guy in the office and I gave him a lift to work. I often wondered what he was like in bed and whether or not he was a virgin. One morning when I went to pick him up, he was late so I knocked on the door of his flat and one of his flatmates meet me at the door and told me to go in and get him as he was late as well.

I went into the flat and knocked on his door and told him to get up or he will be late for work. He didn't respond so I went in and pulled the cover down a bit to get him to get up. The answer was soon obvious to why he wasn't getting up as he was nursing a rather nice erection. He was embarrassed and tried to hide it, probably not wanting someone not much younger than his mother to see him like this, but I had seen it and it set my pulse racing and had to have it. I told him not to be embarrassed as I had seen many (I must have had at least 25 men over the past eight years) and his was a very nice one. He remained very quiet and shy.

I sat on the end of the bed and stretched my arm out until it touched his thighs and my fingertips moved up until my hand slid inside his boxers and felt his cock. It felt like a bar of satin covered steel. His eyes were as wide as saucers. I started to wank him, but he was overcome by the situation and came inside his boxers and over my hand. I removed my hand and licked the come of it. I asked him if he was a virgin and he struggled to answer as him mouth was so dry with the excitement, so he nodded. I told him to take his sticky clothes off, while I got undressed.

I teased him mercilessly, taking my smart business jacket off slowly, then turning my back to him when slipping my skirt down my legs, giving him a good view of my round arse as I bent over. He was naked and his cock was starting to become erect again so I quickly took my blouse off, unclipped my bra and slid my knickers down my legs, leaving me with just my stockings and suspenders on. The sight of this turned him on even more if that was at all possible.

I got him to lay back on the bed and straddled him, but not sinking on to his prick right away. I took his solid cock and rubbed my slit up and down his knob to get me wet, and wet I was, my juices were soon flowing freely (many men have commented on how wet I get). I sank down onto his knob, which was at least 8". I slowly began to grind away moving up and down, the expression of pleasure on his face was priceless as I was speeding up and the two of us came together. As I got up and began to get dressed I told him that this was our little secret.

I had a soaking gusset all morning as some of his come seeped out of me into my knickers, I was just hoping that my skirt didn't get wet as well. In the afternoon I pulled John into the stationery cupboard, leaned over a table, hitched my skirt up, pulled my panties to one side and told him to fuck me doggy style, which he duly obliged. I had him several times more that week and in the following three months taught him all he will need to know about fucking.

My daughter was a mistake as I was off the pill determined to give up my slutty lifestyle that I had become accustomed to, and my husband was going to have a vasectomy, as we did not want any more kids.

I went down to the London office for a week and was bored sitting in the hotel at night so asked one of the younger women, Sue, if I could go out with her on the Wednesday night. She agreed and said she would meet me outside a club at 8 o'clock.

She arrived on time with another friend (Wendy) and we went into the club.

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