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He gets a chance with his sensuous niece.

Kayla ground her pussy against his smooth-shaven, muscled chest, smearing him with her juices, and assuaging the ache between her legs - slightly.

Once again, she wanted to see his eyes. She focused on the blindfold, and then quickly glanced at Mary, the blindfold, and back to Mary again.

"Do as you wish, darling," the older woman said.

Kayla leaned forward, and slipped off the blindfold. After blinking against the sudden burst of light, his brown eyes widened and sparkled at the sight of her astride him. Kayla shivered as she beheld them. The deep brown pools and the excitement within them drew her in for a few seconds.

Gregory kept his gaze locked with hers as she sat up over his chest. She ran her hands up and down her waist, and could see the tiny flickers of movement in his eyes, as though he was struggling not to watch what she was doing.

"You can look," she said, and after a moment, remembered to add, "My little lamb."

Look he did - enthusiastically. A smile spread across his face as her hands glided up her body, and cupped her breasts.

"What do you think, my little lamb?" she asked, still cupping her breasts.

"You are so beautiful and sexy, Mistress Kayla," he answered.

Kayla heard the top of the lube bottle pop open, and looked over her shoulder at Mary. The older woman held up the bottle with a question in her eyes, and a chill ran through Kayla. She nodded.

Gregory groaned and his muscles tightened when the cool lubricant drizzled over his hard organ. Kayla sat atop his chest, running her hands over his body, watching him strain against the ropes holding him down. It was exquisite to see him completely at her mercy. He grunted when she once again rubbed her pussy against his skin, making it even more slippery.

The click of the bottle closing preceded Mary saying, "Your toy is ready for you, Mistress Kayla."

"Thank you, Mistress Mary," Kayla responded, and then scooted back. When she felt his slippery organ press against her butt, she shuddered.

Mary leaned in to whisper, "Take your pleasure. All that you desire. As deep as you wish."

Kayla dropped down onto her hands, but before she could reach between their bodies to slide his cock inside her, Mary took the thick organ in hand. She guided it to the entrance of the blonde's canal, and held it there. Kayla took a deep breath, mastering the moment of fearful anticipation caused by his huge cockhead poised at her entrance. She pushed back against it, and despite her desire, her intimate muscles clenched tight, resisting the massive invader.

She willed herself to relax, breathing quickly, and then pushed back again - harder. A loud yelp burst from her lips when his cock popped into her canal. Kayla fell atop his chest and trembled. With little more than the head inside her, she already felt as if he was going to split her in half.

"Does she feel good, my little lamb?" Mary asked.

"Yes, Mistress Mary," Gregory answered. "Your pussy is so tight, Mistress Kayla. I want you to come."

"Oh god," Kayla said in a whispered squeak. Stretched like never before, she twitched and shifted her hips, adjusting to his girth. Once the initial shock faded, she pushed back, and a growl rumbled in her chest when another inch penetrated her.

"Slowly, darling," Mary said. She wriggled her fingers beneath the blonde's hip. "Let me help."

Kayla summoned her strength and lifted up from Gregory's chest. She cried out and her back arched as his huge cock shifted inside her. Then she gasped when Mary's fingers found her clit.

"There you are, darling," Mary said while flicking and rubbing Kayla's clit. "You'll know when you're ready for more. I know you want it, darling. Let him fill you."

As if triggered by her words, Kayla felt a yearning need in her depths.

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