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There is nothing more sensual than a Swiss (vichy) shower.

Your dear husband to be came by, gets you in bed, sticks his pecker in you, breaks your hymen, makes you squeal, makes you bleed, ruins the sheets and then leaves you there wondering if he just knocked you up and you don't want to think about it? Please. You've thought about it every day since April 29th ten years ago, haven't you?


Wondering how different it would have been if it was the lover picking your cherry.

"Knowing it would have been different."

Why, because he's bigger down there?

"No....... Yes. Some."

Think he would have fucked you the same way?

"No. It would have been pretty."

Not like Saturday night. That was such a pleasure, wasn't it?


Come now, Jane, wasn't that just what you wanted? Your dear husband, having had a couple of snorts out of the bottle, getting you on the bed, pulling off your panties and shoving it in, just about passing out after he came and the whole time you know he was fucking somebody else.

"No, he wasn't."

Of course he was, dear lady. He was balling Wendy with the big jugs, wasn't he? It was Wendy he wants to fuck out, not you. You're just convenient. Available. Willing. You're pussy to him.

"No..... Yes."

Absolutely he was balling the 40 DD tramp best friend of yours. He could imagine those big, heavy breasts, the nipples so hard, all pressed against him as he wallowed in it, couldn't he?

"Wendy's no tramp. I love her dearly. She's not. She'd never. Not with him. Ever."

Bet he thinks about you two going at it, you and Wendy, girl on girl.

"No. That's gross."

And sex isn't?

"What do you mean?"

You said it yourself, the act is gross. Really, be honest, a man takes his penis and shoves into you, sometimes nice, sometimes hard and rough. He keeps pushing until he comes, shooting all kinds of wet, sticky goo into you. That's not pretty, is it?"

"Depends on how it's done."

Ah yes, back to the way your lover handles you. So you would have liked to have been a virgin to him?"

"Yes. Very much."

Well, you were, one way.

"Yes, and I loved it. I loved it he let me."

Your first blowjob.

"I don't like to call it that."

Oh yes, that's right, you like it pretty. To Jane him, much more refined than sucking him off, isn't it? Strange, your husband not ever wanting one himself.

"He just doesn't."

But he'd butt fuck you again in a heartbeat if you'd let him.

"Yes, he would."

He made you a piece of ass for his 50th birthday and he'd do it again.


That's why you went to another man, wasn't it? Your husband absolutely fucking humiliated you fucking you in the ass. Hell, he didn't even use a condom, he stuck it in bare, banged you and then came in you. What was it, a day, two days before all of it got out of there?


Two days with your loving husband's semen in your ass. What a big man he is. What a gracious, obedient woman you are.

"I'd rather not think about it."

No, you'd rather think about that lover of yours, wouldn't you?


Think about how those eyes of his sparkle when he sees you.


Think about how your heart flutters.


How you can't wait to have another of those sweet kisses of his or feel the tenderness of his touch. How you love to feel him getting excited to have you. How you love him and how he loves you.

"Yes... Stop. I don't want to think about that."

Why not? Can't you feel his lips on yours. On your throat. His hand unbuttoning your shirt. You are wearing a flimsy little bra today, aren't you?


It barely covers anything, doesn't it? The little black one that turns your lover on so much he just has to have.


You can see him admiring the view, you can feel him unhooking you. Baring you. So ready to have his way inside you as a lover. As a man.


He's not your husband, is he?


Your lover respects you, and respects you as a woman.

"Yes. God, yes."

You can see him, you can feel him, doing what a real man does.

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