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Bob & Rachel make a new friend cruising.

To succeed is to be favoured with a stroke of my hair - a signal to pull back, to rest my tired mouth, till once again you require the stimulation. Time has no true meaning during this ritual. When I pleasure you I am whole, joined as one with my Master. To stop is agony, to not have you, to not be allowed to fulfill my birth rite - to be your submissive. This ritual is not about loving; it is far deeper than that. At some base level I can never see myself anywhere else in the universe. A mere smile from you is enough to arouse. A kind word, enough to trigger an orgasm. It is these moments of clarity I understand I am the luckiest person in the world.

A wave of your hand says stand. With deliberate movement you put the book away, finish the drink and raise yourself from the chair. We stand before each other, almost eye to eye. Your nakedness is strength. Mine pure submission. Your hands begin to roam, exploring testing your property. Many times you have done this, but each time it feels new, as if the first time all over again.

A hand finds my sex and with exquisite gentleness fingers descend onto my nub. I see a soft smile on your face as my body reacts without hesitation to your touch. Slowly you step backwards. I am compelled to follow or risk loosing the contact I crave. Guided by the tug of chains, I realize the bedroom is to be the place of honor, the place you have decided, my fate will be decided.

Once in the bedroom, a sharp grab at my throat signals to stop. Without looking, you leave the room. Again my training dictates to remain as I am. To be/do whatever Master instructs, till he tells me otherwise. I have no idea how long you were gone, my body says hours, yet my mind understands it is only minutes.

You re-enter and kneel before me. I look down with pride as I feel cold steel touch my ankles. The spreader bar! My heart skips, I was not imagining, Master is in a mood, a mood to test me to my limits. As he secures the device, it is all I can do to fight the orgasm building deep within.

Next my wrists, bound in soft cloth you raise them over my head and tether me to the hook over the doorway. My breathing quickens as I enjoy the sensations of bondage, the feeling of helplessness, the total reliance on you for my safety.

I hear it before I see it. Our vibrator, not the biggest, but one of my favourite ones. Across my stomach you begin, the soft humming thrilling me to the core. Up between my breasts, pausing over my clamped nipples, the tingle against the metal can only be described as exquisite.

Almost at the point of release you pull away, my body thrusts against my bindings, needing, wanting. You smile a mischievous smile, yes that would be too easy, too simple to let me come that way. You stand for a moment, an artist considering the last dab of colour to complete the masterpiece. Then with lighting speed, almost an under hand thrust, you drive the vibrator deep into my sex.

"Of fuck." I hiss fighting against the wave of pleasure, to be entered, filled, my pussy convulses but I force the urge away, gain control of myself. Concentrate on the breathing. Yes, Master always said that. "Girl it is in the breathing.

He allows all this to happen with amazing patients...then speaks. "Hold my toy for not let it slip, and do not cum, little one." I nod in understanding, as he leaves the room.

I am almost beyond myself, soaring in some other place. It is all I can do to stop the orgasm, to concentrate on the task. "Come one." I say out loud. "We can do this girl, Master knows we can." I feel the device slip. "Shit." I clench my teeth, forcing my sex to grip even harder on the warm plastic.

Tightening the grip only increases the pleasure. I allow a moan, it seems to help. I drift now, out of body, floating somewhere I'll never truly know. I see my head loll back, mouth drooling, eyes almost closed with lust. I see tremours through my legs and thighs, glisten juice flowing from me almost like a waterfall.

Tingling arms bring me back, the blood flow cut is now

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