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A New Neighbor Moves Into The Building.

I obeyed. Twenty years of marriage and Army training makes you understand an order given. I know that when a lady takes charge to enjoy it; don't fight it. She quickly unzipped my jeans to expose her favorite toy. When we dated she would give me hand jobs but no oral sex. We were just farm kids without a clue. We knew how to fuck as we saw it all the time with the cows and horses but foreplay was not high on our list. It was more like, "Just get in there and plow the field". I waited to see the changes that time had brought to my dear friend. She slipped my jeans down to my ankles and sucked my already semi-hard dick into her pretty waiting mouth. It was so warm. I wish I could say it was like old times but no. She was always bright and gifted. She had learned to give great head. She sucked like it was time for the cows to come home or so it seemed. In just a couple minutes, I was ready to blow a big load so I told her to be careful. She just said in a deep sultry voice, "Bring it on". I'd never heard her talk like that. She was so sexy and mysterious. I lost it in a second. I must have shot jism to the back of her throat because she choked just a little. I thought it was going to spoil it for her but she licked up the rest from my dick and came up with a big grin on her face. "Now it is my turn, " she barked.

We switched positions with her on the front seat with her butt at the edge, me on the floor between her legs. That only lasted a couple minutes, as I was too big to get a good shot at that pussy within the confines of the car. I suggested we take to the open air after I noticed a blanket on the back seat. I hated the mosquitoes but I had to have room to take care of this angel. I was already hard again and she was squirming like the teenage girl I remembered.

When we made love, she was always moving like a gunnysack full of bobcats. It excited me to remember some of our past adventures. I laid her down in the middle of the blanket. She opened her legs and pulled my head down to meet her mound. Shaved to just a small patch in the middle, her pussy was just plain sweet. I quickly sucked her clit into my mouth but let go. I had to tantalize this one 'til she exploded. I licked long strokes around her labia even rimming her tight little ass. She just went wild. Her back arched and her muscles quivered. She sucked in long deep breaths whenever I touched her clit. I looked up to find her with tears running down her face. She was smiling but tears were flowing. I asked what was wrong. She said, "just happy". I decided not to think too hard about it or ...

"I'm coming; OH, I'm coming!!!!" She moaned in that deep guttural voice that she used earlier. I continued to lick the outside of her pussy when she erupted in climax. She moaned so loud I thought the farmer down the road a half a mile would hear her. I was not through with her yet. She begged me to stop for a little while, so she could recover.

She said she was exhausted.

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