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A conversation between father and daughter.

I pushed out against the pressure and felt the pleasure and she slipped something into me and then regret when she quickly pulled it out again. Pressure came again and this time I could tell it was much bigger. She fucked me with it, slowly and steadily, and then left it in me. It must have been a plug, because it stayed in.

Kelly interrupted me, "You look like a man who wants his cock sucked."

I nodded reflexively. She didn't give me much chance to stop her, but as soon as I saw her lips approaching my groin I didn't want to. She moved quickly to my dick but slowed her pace and began gently blowing on it and tantalizing me with the tip of her tongue. I was in agonizing heaven.

Kelly secured a ball gag to my mouth.

"Let's check on Mercy and Doug." She said.

I had totally forgotten about them. Kelly lifted off my blindfold and opened one of the cabinets to reveal a large flat panel TV. She held a remote, and after she hit a couple of buttons I saw Doug walking down the hall towards the front door, dressed up and looking sharp. This was not the grainy videotapes like we had made of Stacy's soccer games and other home movies, but high-quality HD with clear sound.

"We have high-def cameras all over the house with high-quality sound. Doug has also devised some kind of tracking system that 'learns' to change cameras and camera angles and does a pretty good job. We can watch everything Doug and Mercy do."

Doug opened the door and Mercy walked in. She looked fantastic. She was wearing a fancy cocktail dress that showed off her cleavage and her legs. The sight of her made all kinds of emotions run through my head; shame and lust and desire for her. She gave Doug a friendly kiss and he escorted her down the hall.

Doug made Mercy a drink and they sat and talked for a little bit. Doug complimented Mercy on her dress. He was raping her with his eyes, and she was enjoying the attention. He talked to her as if they were both single and he was trying to slowly seduce her. He was very smooth. I was captivated with jealousy and excitement. I resolved to stop Kelly as soon as she removed my gag.

Kelly began to play with my cock again, and once again my resolve began to fade.

Up on the screen, Doug was bringing Mercy a second drink, and then he turned on some slow jazz music.

Kelly spoke up, "Let me tell you about our bet.

"I knew Mercy would be reluctant to do anything with Doug, so when I had her over here earlier in the week, I made a deal with her.

"The first part of the deal was that if I could get you to lick my pussy, she would let Doug undress her. You did that.

"The second part was that if I could get you to ask me to touch your cock, she would let Doug touch her everywhere. You did that. In fact, you begged me.

"So far, both of these have happened.

"We have a very high tech system in this house. Everything we are doing down here is being recorded, and Doug is able to access it and if necessary replay your words to Mercy each time I accomplish a task.

Kelly moved determinedly but slowly, licking my balls and playing with my butt plug. Doug came over to Mercy and asked her to dance. I was never very good at dancing to Mercy's chagrin, but she did say it put the lie to the saying that a man could only fuck as well as he danced.

I was hoping Kelly would move faster, but she just kept the pace teasing and steady.

Doug pulled Mercy close to him and they were doing a slow dance. His hands played over her back. Doug's hands slowly but firmly explored Mercy's body. She leaned in to him, resting her head on his shoulder, and every so often he whispered in her ear. As I watched them, I realized that if everything Kelly was telling me was true, Doug would soon be undressing my wife and touching her all over, and I would be watching it all live, and there was nothing I could do about it. I struggled against my bonds and only grew more excited.

Kelly continued to tease me, adding a little more tongue and varying her pace.

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