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The slave lover of Avalon pays the ultimate price.

g my rubbing I managed to reply "I think I can do that!"

Before hanging up Kara managed to slip in "And you better not think of standing me up!"

Knowing how close Kara lived I knew I had a little time to waste, so I kept playing my video games. Time started to get away from me when I realized I had better leave. I knew I would end up being a little late but that I liked the idea because I didn't want to seem too eager. I ended up being about 10 minutes late and walked in her house like I owned the place.

As I walked into the kitchen Kara was leaning into the fridge to grab a beer so I gave her a playful slap on the ass. She must not have heard my come in because she shot up rather quickly turned and looked like she was ready for a fight. Seeing it was just me started to bring a smile to her face. Wanting to make amends I leaned in and gave her a small kiss on the lips.

With thoughts of a sex marathon on the horizon I leaned in for another kiss and lords knows what else when Kara informed me that one her roommates was going to be home shortly and that her boyfriend was going to be there in about 40 minutes and he was brining pizza. Not sure if I had known Kara had a roommate and the fact that she was bringing her boyfriend eliminated thoughts of a three-way. Waiting for the intruders to arrive I decided to grab a beer and a seat on the couch.

Kara came in and sat beside me. Leaning in she began to kiss my neck while at the same time grabbing my crotch. Telling me that she wanted something to eat it took a lot of self control for me not to tell her I had a protein shake growing in my balls that she could swallow. Just as I was reaching for her tits the door slammed open as her roommate walked in looking slightly embarrassed. Kara jumped up in record time trying gain her composure. She did the polite introduction of Betsy and the 3 of us made small talk waiting for Betsy's boyfriend, Kyle, to show up.

Luckily Kyle showed up earlier than planned and the 4 of us sat around eating pizza, drinking beer and watching a very bad movie. Once the pizza was gone Kara must have need something to do to keep her hands busy because every once in a while I would feel a short 2 minute caress of my groin. The room was completely dark so I doubt that Betsy and Kyle knew what was going on. As soon as the movie ended Kyle and Betsy politely got up and made a quick retreat for her bedroom for what I could only assume was a fuck-fest. They had no sooner left us alone when Kara rolled up and was straddling my lap. Through playful kisses she managed to ask, "You did shower before you left your house tonight, right?"

Not sure why she was asking plus knowing I hadn't done anything since I showered that morning I could only reply with "No, but then again I did shower this morning!"

"Well you are not getting into my bed unless you shower before hand" was the next words out of Kara's mouth.

"Only if you join me!" I stated.

The next thing I knew I was being led down the hallway towards the bathroom. Walking over the threshold she turned to me putting a finger to her lips informing I should remain quiet so her roommate wouldn't hear. Judging from the moans I heard walking past her room I seriously doubted she cared what we were doing. As soon as I was in the room Kara closed the door behind me and started to take off her clothes in what seemed like one motion.

Fully enjoying the sight of Kara transforming to naked girl I was deliberately slow in taking off my own clothes.

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