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That special feeling rose over Audrey and she buried her face in Liz's body, their breasts pressed together as Audrey tried to hide her cries of ecstasy. Audrey felt her juices flow, her pussy swell and she squirted streams of cum into Sherry's mouth. Sherry was unprepared when the first squirt shot into her mouth but then she licked and swallowed, drinking the streams of cum echoing her own sounds of pleasure.

For a moment they stayed glued to one another, too weak to move. Then very slowly, Sherry eased her finger from Audrey's rectum and laid her head on Audrey's thighs with her arms entwined around Audrey's legs. This was only the start of their explorations and now Audrey would take her.

"That was incredible," Audrey gasped.

"Yes, Liz is a very good teacher," Sherry replied.

"I know," Audrey agreed.

"Now it is time for you to reciprocate Audrey," Sherry said sexily.

Sherry and Audrey switched places so that Sherry was now seated on the sofa and Audrey was between her legs. Audrey gently pushed Sherry's legs wider apart and she watched as the outer lips of Sherry's sex spread and the pink inner surfaces were revealed to her. They were already glistening with juices and Audrey knew at that instant how Liz must have felt when she and Sherry made love. Audrey thought it was ironic that she was about to eat the pussy of the woman she at one time despised. Never in a million years would Audrey have expected to be on her knees between Sherry's legs. But all of a sudden, Audrey couldn't wait to taste Sherry's juices. The opening of Sherry's vagina was a dark and mysterious shadow and felt like velvet.

Audrey slowly reached forward and spread Sherry's labia wider allowing her fingers to play up and down the moist slit. Audrey felt Sherry quiver; little goose bumps from her shivers of sensation populated her thighs. Stretching her wider Audrey could see a firm nub of erect pink flesh standing proudly like a tiny cock at the top of Sherry's sex. Audrey knew that this was her seat of pleasure and the cause of all of her urges. Audrey let her fingers tickle Sherry's clit lightly, teasingly causing the realtor to gasp as her thighs jerked in sudden tremor. Audrey lowered head and took the nub of tissue in her mouth, rolling it lightly between her lips and scraping it gently with her teeth. Audrey could smell Sherry's arousal. Audrey tongued and licked gently up and down the length of Sherry's slit and she had to hold her thighs apart as Sherry began to buck beneath her. Audrey knew that Sherry was reaching her crisis as she moaned, almost growling with meaningless sounds of ecstasy arising from her. Audrey slowed her assault as she wanted to extend Sherry's pleasure as long as she could. Audrey fingered Sherry's sex again, ran her fingertips up and down Sherry's sex and scratched lightly at her labia.

With a fingertip Audrey probed the entrance to Sherry's vagina. Sherry's cry of pleasure at being penetrated encouraged Audrey to thrust more fingers in her deeper and faster. Audrey could feel the muscular walls of Sherry's tight pussy grip at her fingers as she caressed the folds and crevices inside Sherry's pussy. Audrey slid her middle finger in alongside the first finger and allowed her thumb to rest lightly on Sherry's clit. Liz lay along side Sherry and stroked Sherry's firm pert breasts and tweaked her rock hard nipples as Audrey worked Sherry's pussy.

Sherry's pussy seemed to suck at Audrey's fingers drawing them in deeper and faster until her fingertips seemed to make contact with Sherry's womb.

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