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Felix's eyes widened. Christ not another injection, she looked over at Isobel who was chewing her fingernails.

Isobel's heart sank. She felt really bad now. This was all her fault.

"She's...she's behaving herself now..."

Felix started to panic, she was looking at Roxy who was mouthing "Ha ha bitch," at her. Felix was wondering where Fern was, wondering if she was okay. But that would have to wait. She felt the two valets stand either side of her and hold her arms as they pulled her up. They followed Klein and Isobel into another room, holding tightly onto Felix as they walked. They took her into the same room she was in before, the one with the cage. The valets pushed Felix down into a kneeling position on the floor, she looked over at Isobel, she was fiddling with the button on her blouse. Isobel sat down on the plush leather sofa and rubbed her temples. She couldn't even look Felix in the eye she felt so guilty. She shouldn't have lost it and hit Felix like that. Isobel saw what Roxy was doing out the corner of her eye, she was lingering in the doorway. Isobel's blood began to boil.

"Get out of this fucking room right now you little whore!" Isobel seethed.

Roxy jumped out her skin and scurried out of the room. Roxy cursed under her breath, she wanted to see this, she wanted to see Felix suffer. She walked back to slave's quarters.

"Roxy has developed a bit of an attitude." Klein tutted.

"I don't know Klein do you think another injection is really necessary?" Isobel looked at Klein as he sat down beside her.

"I know it's not ideal but it's what we need to do right now. Besides you've certainly changed your tune. You wanted her dosed up all the time before."

"I'm entitled to change my mind Klein...."

"Good evening everyone........" Felix shuddered when she heard his creepy German accent. Klein and Isobel both stood up.

"Sorry for calling you at such late notice Doctor, but we had a bit of an incident..." Klein gestured to Felix.

The Doctor put his medical bag on the coffee table and began to prepare the injection. Isobel was feeling really awful now as she stared at the large hypodermic needle laid out on the table

"No, no that's quite alright." The Doctor turned and walked over to Felix. "Let's have a look at our little patient then shall we."

The doctor leant down in front of her. Felix turned her head away from him. The Doctor tutted.

"Come on now be a good girl." He reached out and held her chin, making her face him.

"From what I can see the cut will heal by itself as long as it stays clean and dry, there will be a little bit of bruising. I'll put some sterilising solution on it."

Felix wanted to scream at him to get out of her face. Isobel shifted from one foot to another uncomfortably. The Doctor got up and went over to his medical bag.

"My offer of neuro re-adjustment surgery is still open. She is an excellent candidate." He looked at Klein and Isobel over his glasses.

"Excuse me, what?" Isobel glared at him. She had never heard of such a thing.

"It's a fairly simple procedure." The doctor had moved back to Felix and began applying sterilising solution to her cut. It stung and Felix flinched and breathed in sharply, it stung so much it brought tears to her eyes. The valets held her tightly still. "We make a small incision above the left eye...."

Isobel looked at him horrified. "A lobotomy?"She blurted out.

"Lobotomy is such a harsh word..."

"Unbelievable! Klein!" Isobel looked at Klein angrily.

"It's not going happen..."

"Shit!" Felix pulled away from the Doctor. Her lip was stinging so bad now.

"Shhh, making such a fuss." The Doctors accent was really starting to piss Felix off. He stood up to retrieve the needle. "The offer is still there." Felix watched him move towards her with the needle.

Oh god not again. Okay just breathe and it'll be over. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...

Isobel frowned as Felix was injected.

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