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Mississippi girl seeks truth in Dallas.

At the same time I rubbed his penis through his jeans.

Ron responded by saying that he didn't want to just 'fuck' me, but wanted me to have a really great first time. He said it should be slow and gradual. We should "let nature take it's course." He removed his shirt.

I pulled off my shirt and told him I was sure 'nature' already had me in it's grasp. I turned my back to him.

He took the hint and unclasped my bra, claiming I might not realize how much tighter 'nature' can grasp. I turned back to him and unbuckled, and unzipped his jeans Then I pulled both jeans and underwear to his feet, revealing his penis, now a four inch, soft tube of flesh. It looked different when it wasn't erect. It was soft and pliable and completely covered by a tube of skin that was squeezed into a tiny tube at the tip. When I touched it, it quickly grew an inch longer. The head peeked out from the foreskin. I sucked it completely into my mouth and in response it grew more. The head emerged from the foreskin and it was firm, neither hard nor soft.

I was on my knees and I put my hands in my waistband and pulled off my yoga pants and panties. I grabbed his head, brought my face to his and gave him a huge kiss, full of tongue. I remembered doing that when he broke my hymen and something about it really turned me on. It did the same this time. Our tongues each fought for control of the others mouth and he pulled me to him by the butt. I felt his, now hard, penis push into my belly.

I felt his legs moving to shed his shoes and I guess nature had taken its course because for the first time ever I felt something inside my vagina. He had thrust fingers inside me and lifted me by crotch and vagina to throw me onto the bed. I felt myself gasp with pleasure. He maintained the kiss and fell on the bed with me.

His fingers were still inside me. I could feel him moving them in and out and wiggling them and rubbing against my vaginal walls. His hand was on my labia and I loved the feeling. I wiggled my hips to feel the changes in his touch. I rubbed my breasts and nipples against his chest. The whole combination gave me sensations I'd never had before. I couldn't help tightening the muscles in my body in anticipation.

He kissed my neck, nibbled my ears, sucked my breasts, Licked my nipples. His fingers never stopped moving inside me. It was strangely pleasurable and yet so unfulfilling. I needed something else, something more.

He moved his head between my legs and kissed up and down the inside my thighs, his fingers still inside. Then he dove in and began licking my clitoris.At the same time he did something inside me that gave me a tremendous shock of pleasure. My body tightened and my back arched involuntarily. But he pulled his fingers out of my vagina and knelt between my legs. He just knelt there, gently caressing my genitals.

He pushed a pillow under my butt and said "I think you're ready." I'll never forget, those were his exact words, "I think you're ready." Said gently but firmly.

I naively asked, "Ready for what?" though I knew exactly what since his penis was pointing right into my crotch.

Then he said, "For this." he didn't say it roughly or suddenly but very gently. And just as gently, I felt his penis slid softly and slowly into my vagina.

It was an amazing feeling, just what I needed. It filled me up and felt perfectly comfortable inside.

He embraced me in his arms and kissed me as moved the penis in and out.

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