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She obeyed his command turning her body very slowly as her face and chest flushed at being so closely examined. Presently he approached her again and reaching into her corset, he freed her voluptuous breasts with each of his hands. He held them there for minutes before circling each nipple repeatedly with his thumbs. This he continued until an involuntary moan escaped her lips and her nipples betrayed her by rising from the surrounding flesh as firm, deep red points.

He rolled each prominence between a thumb and forefinger as if contemplating how he might use these marvelous objects to his best advantage. Finally he made up his mind and expertly removed the corset as if he were completely familiar with the garment. Now she stood before him in only the thigh-high stockings; her lack of panties confirmed.

Again he commanded her not to move and went to one of the dark pieces of furniture lining the walls. "I told you earlier that I would be better prepared to deal with you here than I would have been at my apartment", he said. The furniture rolled easily on casters back to the center of the room where he locked the wheels in place. "This is a paddling bench where you will be punished for your behavior this evening." "I approve of the clothing that you chose for tonight, but you must be disciplined for tempting me with your pussy scent." Kneel here on these two padded platforms." The platforms in question fully supported her knees and her shins with her feet hanging over the edge. In front of her was an adjustable table that could be raised and lowered to hold her torso when she bent at the hips. Adjusting it quickly, he had her lay forward on the table and then brought up a support on each side of her for her elbows and forearms. The position was one of being on all fours, with her derriere elevated as a prominent target. Her torso, legs, arms and hands were then securely strapped down with heavy leather straps.


"Since it is your first time, I think six should suffice for tonight," he said walking in front of her while holding a riding crop with a broad, flat flap of leather on the end.

"I'm going to ask you to count the strokes as I give them to you, to make sure I don't give you more than you deserve." You may cry out or scream if you wish as there are no neighbors for miles around." "I promise that I will do nothing that will injure you permanently, but you may carry my marks for several days." "Now I really must also ask you if you are willing to receive this punishment as I would never do this to someone without permission?" She nodded her head in acquiescence and tried to prepare herself for the ordeal.

As he positioned himself behind her, she heard the swish of the crop before she felt the impact on her tender flesh. "One", she gasped through gritted teeth as tears welled up in her eyes. The second blow followed rather quickly. "Two", she said as she noted that he was taking care not to hit her in the same place twice.

"Three, four, five", she said in rapid succession; completely unaware of whether she was screaming or shouting. She had retreated into herself and was vaguely conscious of the sweat that was covering her body making it slick and glistening. It was as if she had formed a bond with the whip and by extension, the man who was wielding it. There was no time for recognition of severe pain, only the anticipation, the waiting, for the next blow. "Six", she shouted triumphantly taking the last stroke on her behind and noting that the heat was descending, migrating from the targeted area down to her inner thighs and vulva; quivering with the excitement of the blows. He'd been very precise, hitting only the soft, padded parts of her ass; selecting each place to land the whip with the precision of a surgeon.

He stepped away briefly and when he returned, he applied a cool, moist cloth to her affected parts; then dried the area with a soft towel.

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