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Becca and Bobby are married, with benefits.

I have never tired of a woman's hands on my cock and dispassionate as she was, she was also an expert.

By the time she finished washing me, I was about two heartbeats from going off! Finally she walked over and lay on the bed; lifted the bottom of her slip up to her hips and spread her legs.

I had been told that hookers did not kiss and you could not suck their nipples. But I had always imagined that when push came to shove, they would be just as horny as I was. I did not mind passing on the kissing, but when I didn't even get to see let alone kiss or feel her nipples I was a little put off. So I asked her if she would take her slip off. She said, "Yes, but it will cost you five dollars more and you can have a half hour bare naked."

That was getting a little expensive and on top of that I would have had to pay two dollars more to the guy at the desk, so I said never mind and climbed aboard. When I think back on it now and the fact that I didn't even put a condom on; I kind of shiver.

But that was one of the reasons that you screwed a hooker, you did not have to worry about getting her pregnant, which in those na__ve days of long ago was the only reason you wore a condom. The older guys told us that when you bought condoms at the drug store you were supposed to say, "For protection", but the real reason was to prevent pregnancy.

At any rate, my heart was pounding as I settled down between her legs and prepared to enter the largest pussy I was ever to see! She had a bush on her that could hide small animals! I slowly entered her and just as I did I could feel myself starting to come. As I slipped easily into her there was a gentle throbbing that I was sure I could get under control.

But pro that she was, she moved that pussy of hers back and forth about 3 times and I was gone! She didn't even let me finish inside of her, she jumped up so quickly I was still up on my extended arms and thrusting and she wasn't there. She cried "You went off, you went off."

Well, I certainly had gone off but I had gone off before without losing my erection and I was very disappointed that I didn't get to keep going. All my previous fantasies about pounding hell out of her pussy were over in about 5 seconds. She could see my disappointment and she asked me if I wanted to do another one for five bucks more. I asked her if she would take her slip off this time, and she said, "Sure for ten dollars more." So I passed on it.

When I got back downstairs I could see that I still had about 10 minutes on the clock. My partner came down the stairs just after I did. His face was very pale, and I guess mine was as well. He said to me, "Wow, what a piece of ass." And I said, "Yeah, me too!"

The two of us have laughed many times about that night. I can still picture those two "old" girls winking suggestively at us as we tried to screw up our courage to take on full blown women. Their faces will never leave me, and disappointed as I was that night at my inexperience and the lack of passion in my bed-mate, it remains one of my most pleasant memories. I learned an awful lot that night and consider it one of the greatest lessons of my life! No kidding!

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About three years after the above happenings I returned to Rouyn on Christmas break. I was traveling with a friend and co-worker from the same home town and we were on our way home after being in the bush for almost 9 months. During this time we had enjoyed a few evenings with one or two of the few available women in the mining town, but had not succeeded in getting laid during this period. At 21 years of age or so this tended to work on your brain a little too much.

We planned to spend an evening or two in Rouyn enjoying the lounges and clubs.

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