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She had done a student exchange at Harvard and even knew some of his old professors. He wondered what some of those lecherous old guys would have made of her. There is nothing more disarming than beauty youth and brains he thought. The drinks flowed continuously, so too the gourmet food. He noticed some men come and go with one and sometimes two women on their arms. They would disappear into the private chambers that surrounded the stateroom. Sometimes they returned sometimes just the women returned. Some of these old guys couldn't hack the pace. He laughed to himself.

There was a small jazz trio playing in one corner of the room and some were dancing. An opportunity to get close to the women he guessed.

" Would you like to dance Candice?" He said hopefully. As intriguing as the discussion the discussion had been all business in a hot very distracting wrapping.

" But of course Monsieur Benjamin, I am making you work when you cam here to relax and enjoy our company. I would love to dance with you."

He encountered her body intense gentleness, savouring the slender waist where his hand pulled her to him, feeling the warm firm breasts touch his shirt, and shivering as her breath touched his neck. Her hands caressed him lovingly, immediately they touched like he was a long lost lover. Her body moved close to his until he felt her almost grinding against him.

" Do you know I wanted to do this all night? Do you believe in instant attraction?"

He moaned a 'yes'.

" I had just hoped you would not find me too young or too shallow!" She purred in his ear with her sweet French tones.

" Are you kidding? I mean every guy in this room would want you. The only thing that I wondered was whether there was some catch to all this. You know I mean are some of these women hookers?"

He regretted saying that instantly.

"Monsieur, no money changes hands here, but some are rewarded for their devotion and some who crave intimacy are given the opportunity to have it. Do you crave it?" She kissed him sweetly on the lips. He felt a tingle where the flesh met and a wave of excitement. Suddenly she was the only thing he could see and feel. He struggled to answer her.

" If you mean do I want you? Then the answer is perhaps more than I've wanted anything in a long time. I don't even care if it costs."

She kissed him this time like a lover, deeply gently and passionately. He held her close feeling the warmth of her body against him.

" There will be no cost only dividends that will be beyond your wildest dreams. Come with me. I want you to make love to me."

She took his hand and led him to the elevator. She pressed the button for the 6th floor and then kissed him deeply.

" Touch me!" She purred.

As the elevator descended slowly he felt the outline of her nipple rise against the tight thin halter. He pinched them one at a time and then slid the halter aside so he could attack them with his tongue.

"I'm so wet for you Benjamin. Feel how much."

He slid his fingers beneath her skirt through the slit and found her panties, moving urgently to her pussy.

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