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Alan gets to know his hot neighbour with a surprise.

"Ask me to blindfold you, Brenda."

She worried at her lower lip. "Why would I do that?"

"Didn't I suggest something about how to ask your questions?"

She pressed her lips together that time, and I could tell she only barely stopped herself from giving me an evil look. Unwilling to meet my eyes anymore, she looked down. "Why would I do that ... sir?"
Fuck. Hearing her call me that was like an extra jolt straight to my groin.

I couldn't decide if she would be more insulted or pleased if I praised her for following my instructions, and then the moment had passed, so I just let it go and answered her question. "Well, if you don't ask me to blindfold you, I plan to do it anyway. And I will add a gag."

Brenda looked up then, her mouth open in pure surprise. I just looked at her steadily, waiting for her decision.

"Fine, just blindfold me," she said, sounding defeated.

I opted for a quiet threat. "I suggest that you ask me, instead of telling me, or you may find I don't feel you have kept your end of the bargain."

Honestly, I could've just blindfolded her and been done with it. It would've been pretty much the same to me. But I wanted to get her in a different mindset, one that I knew would be hard for her to enter, and it had to be from the beginning.

I watched her patiently once more. Finally, she spoke again.

"Would you please blindfold me? Sir?"

I nodded and set about tying the soft fabric around her head. Once I was confident she couldn't see anything, I moved my hands to the front clasp of her bra. She gasped and moved back slightly, not expecting my touch. "Unclasp your hands," I directed her, and I slid the bra off of her.

"Hands behind your back again," I said, and watched her obey.

This was truly a wonderful sight. Her breasts already had a nice, perky shape, and this position made them jut forward just slightly, accentuating their roundness. Her lips were parted now, and she was breathing a little heavily, so that her breasts rose and fell rhythmically. Her nipples were pebbled hard, telling me that however ambivalent her mind was feeling about this whole situation, her body was at least responding. And now that she was blindfolded, she had given over one more piece of control to me, and was awaiting whatever I had planned for her.

I found myself wondering if I should bind her elbows together. Not cruelly, but just so that her back would arch even more and her breasts would really be at a perfect angle. But judging from how hesitant she was about the blindfold, I thought maybe I should wait. Besides, there was something even more arousing about asking her to hold a position for me.

Well, hm, that could work too.

"Arch your back more."

"What? Sir?"

There was another pause before her 'sir,' but at least she was saying it now, and we could work on making it more natural for her. "Oh, come on," I pressed her. "You know what I mean. Arch your back and present those breasts for me."

I saw her squeeze her hands together for a moment, as if steeling herself. And then she obeyed, sitting up a little straighter and pushing her breasts forward, her hard nipples leading the charge. It looked like she was begging for attention.

"Better," I said, trying to sound detached. I thought I succeeded, but in reality, my mouth had gone dry at the picture my wife was now making. She was straining forward just a little, a pretty curve in her back, even prettier curves in the front.

I stood in front of her for a little while, letting her hold position like that, but soon I couldn't hold back any longer. "Try not to move," I instructed, before I ran my hands up her sides.

She's a little ticklish, which combined with the surprise meant she jumped a little.

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