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James takes Alera to secret place.

Then she stopped watching, her eyes shutting as she felt his fingers dip inside of her. "Oh, god..."

Alex started with gentle probing, two fingers up and down her slit, his pointer swirling around her clit every time he reached the top. Then, he dipped further inside of her, his finger wriggling slightly as he slid deeper. Lisa's breathing sped up as he started pumping into her with his two fingers, and she let out a gasp as his tongue began to lick at her clit. She wrapped her legs around his head, a hand in his hair as she rocked her pussy against his face. It had been a long time since someone had eaten her out, let alone as good as Alex was. She allowed herself to get lost in the pleasure of his touch, the curling of his fingers inside her, the feel of his tongue and lips suckling at her... at her...

"Shit!" Lisa gasped, only realizing she'd lifted her body up as the rush of an orgasm knocked her flat on her back. Her legs tightened around Alex's face, and he pushed the rocking vibrations of pleasure further by continuing to devour her, picking up speed where most guys would pull away. Her whole body shook with the continuing pleasure, and before long, she felt it building again, and she was far less demure about her enthusiasm this time.

"Fuck yes, Alex, keep going!" she cried, fully grinding against his face now, a task aided by the way his free arm was wrapped around and supporting her leg. Lisa tweaked her nipples hard as she rode his face, the sensitive nubs sending additional shockwaves through her body as her second orgasm built and built. "Eat that pussy, you're so good at it, make me moan. Fuck! Make me... Alex, suck... suck my... FUCK!"

This time, Lisa fully lost control, her body pitching hard to the side as white-hot energy exploded from her core and flooded her body. Her legs thrashed wildly as she felt herself rapidly contract and expand, the feeling inside her riding long and hard. The bliss she felt was insanely intense, and she allowed herself to enjoy it for as long as possible, basking in it even as the feeling retracted.

She didn't wait too long, though; once she'd recovered, her body was ready for more, and she now had a favor to return. She rolled off the bed and pulled Alex to his feet, sloppily making out with him and tasting herself on his lips. His face was a wet mess, and that reminder of how hard he'd gone on her only pushed her desire to please him further. Lisa pulled away, burning gaze locked with Alex's as she slowly dropped to her knees before him. She dragged it out literally as well as figuratively, making sure her breasts ran the full length of his chest and even across his rigid dick before she finally settled before him. Their eyes were still locked as she took his cock in her hand and began stroking it, lightly tickling his balls with her free fingers. Then, she gave the head a kiss and let her tongue dart out, swirling around the swollen bulb.

"Mmm, you're good," Alex sighed, watching Lisa intently as she began to bob her head up and down on his member. One hand pumped his base in time with her swallows, the other began to intensify her attention to his nuts. Alex's moans egged her on, Lisa pushing herself further down onto his dick with each pump. His girth was a bit more than she was used to, but the challenge of it added to her arousal; once she was taking enough of him, she let go of his dick and used her hand to tease her clit. As she finally took him fully into her throat, nose rested against his pubic hair, Lisa felt a sense of satisfaction, and it was clear from the way Alex had tensed he felt something similar.

"GUH, you don't have to so gentle," Lisa said, gasping for air as she pulled off of him. She started jerking him again as she spoke, her spit making a slick noise as she did so. "I can take it a little rougher."

"If you're sure," Alex said, his voice low as she took him back into her mouth.

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