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She walked in covered in snowflakes and closed the door behind her. She was wearing long sweats, boots, and a heavy coat. She went to the little kitchen as she removed her coat. She looked to be in her 30's, black hair, pale, fair skin, and from under the coat I could tell she was thin but large busted.

Her back was towards me, so I got up quietly without making a sound and came up behind her. My right hand went to cover her mouth and held her waist close to mine with my other arm. I whispered into her ear as I rapidly held her tightly, "Who are you and what did you do to me?"

I held her by her collar bone now so that she could respond. She was gasping out but couldn't make out words. "No por favor, no..." she began. I knew she was speaking Spanish and then noticed a handgun on the table. I sat her down firmly on a chair, quickly grabbed the gun and cocked it. Her eyes got big and she began to wail. "Senior, por favor no!" she whimpered.

"Con quien esta?" (Who are you with?) I asked her.

In Spanish she explained to me that her family has been terrorized by the mafia for a couple of years now and that she was living here alone to avoid being involved. She had removed a bullet from my shoulder after dragging me away from the river and into her house.

I unloaded the gun, while apologizing. "Perdoneme seniora".

The adrenaline hit me hard too, and I went back to the little bed I had. Aside from the rush of interrogation and self-protection, I had developed an erection from having pressed onto her waist earlier. For an older woman, she had a very nice bottom. I looked back at her as I laid back and she was breathing calmly again and going into a relaxed mood. I was observing her and noticed her blouse had two small wet spots across her breasts. My erection didn't seem to fade and instead drained more of my blood. I knocked out once again.

I woke up to her sitting next to where I laid. Her hair was down and for the first time since being hostile to her, I noticed she was quite beautiful. She looked down at me with caring eyes and a gentle smile. "Buenos dias senior. Tiene hambre?" (Good morning sir, are you hungry?) she murmured. I nodded and smiled a little. The pain in my arm was still harsh so I couldn't be all that delighted.

"No tengo mucho aqui. Me acavo de comer la fruta que me quedaba. Quisiera leche?" (I don't have much here, in fact I just ate the last of my fruit, but would you like some milk?)

Milk? I didn't hear or see any cows around. Aside from the snowstorm that began to fall, would she happen to go out and risk getting me fresh milk? I was starving though so I had to agree anyway. I nodded my head to her after thinking about this.

She smiled and helped me sit up slightly but then she proceeded to lay me back down...on top of her lap. My mind was traveling places and then I remembered the last image I saw before my fatigue knocked me out, the wet spots. She began to unbutton her blouse and I could already see beautiful cleavage. Her breasts were remarkably perfect looking even in the large mommy-looking bra that they were in. A black bra with what looked like a DD cup. I had never been breastfed before, not even by my own mother, and aside from that it had been a long time since my last physical contact with a woman so I was extremely excited aside from my intense hunger and thirst.

She unsnapped her bra from behind after sliding off her blouse. She proceeded to lower her right strap and cup from her breast, still covering the other. A large pale breasts capped with a large brown areola and large nipple came into view. She gathered my head close to her and immediately, as if acting out of hunger, I opened my mouth and engulfed most of her areola into my mouth. I began to suck gently at first and she held my head closer and firmer.

At this point I was hungry as fuck so I began to increase my sucking force.

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