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It wasn't a big ring, but it was good quality and spoke of good taste. Unfortunately, the ring needed to be resized and wouldn't be ready until the middle of the next week. It would give Robbie a chance to meet with Julie's parents on Monday night while Julie was off work and formally ask permission to marry their daughter. He didn't want to think of what he would do if they objected.

Robbie phoned Evelyn Payton on Monday morning and asked if he could come over to talk to her and Mr. Payton that evening. She readily agreed and they set the time for eight. Robbie was nervous as he walked up the front steps, holding hands with Julie. He was sure Julie was as well as she had been quiet throughout the afternoon and their supper. He let out a big breath and smiled at Julie as he raised his finger to the door bell.

When they had been greeted and seated, the usual small talk prevailed; although Julie remained quiet, sitting beside Robbie with her hand on his. Finally, Robbie knew the time had come.

"Mr. and Mrs. Payton, I'm sure this won't come as a big surprise, but I've come here tonight to ask for your permission to marry your daughter."

There was silence and Robbie saw John Payton shake his head with a wry smile. For a moment he felt a bolt of fear that he was saying no, but then Julie's father spoke.

"Robbie, you never cease to amaze me. You don't need my permission; Julie's twenty one now. And this certainly doesn't come as a surprise to us. We've been expecting it. But you keep showing me you have class and courtesy and ... oh I don't know. I just know that Evelyn and I will be proud to have you as a son-in-law." He ended his comments with a big, open smile; standing up and offering his hand to Robbie..

"Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Payton. I'm very happy and I know Julie is too." Robbie said, shaking his prospective father-in-laws hand. He looked at Julie and saw the tears trickling down her smiling face. "She not talking much tonight." he laughed.

"Mom and Dad, Robbie got a big raise and a bonus and he's next in line for crew chief at Blanton. I'm so proud of him." she gushed.

"Well, I guess that answers the only real question I had, Robbie." John Payton said smiling. "Looks like you're well on your way. What do you say mother?" John looked at Evelyn and saw the same tears on the same smiling face as her daughter and she went to Julie and hugged her wordlessly. It was obviously an emotional moment for them both.

"I've been saving something for this moment." he said as he left the room and headed for the kitchen. In a few moments, the unmistakable sound of a champagne cork was heard and in another minute he returned with a bottle of Freixnet and four crystal flutes. He poured the sparkling white wine and passed the glasses to the women and then to Robbie. "It's not Dom Perignon, but it is Spanish, in honor of our soon-to-be son-in-law. It's our way of saying "yes, you may marry our daughter" and I must say, we're very happy to have you in our family, Robbie."

"Thank you. I'm very happy to be a part of it. You've been very good to me and I will be very good to your daughter. You can be sure of that." he said emphatically, taking a sip of the wine.

"Well, have you set a date?" Evelyn finally asked.

"No, not yet." Julie spoke up. "We have some planning to do. Robbie's apartment isn't big enough, so we need to find a place to live. But, I do have a ring!" she grinned. I picked it out on Saturday and I get it on Wednesday. I can't wait to show you and all the girls at work. They'll be envious." she crowed.

They spent the next hour talking excitedly about the future; what kind of wedding, where to hold it, who would be invited and what to wear.

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