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My continuing experiences.

He took one look and gave me the time of 11:30PM - take it or leave it. I took it. So what if my flight the next morning was a 7 AM. Who needed sleep? Tomorrow was Saturday and I could sleep on the plane.

It was 10:30 now and I had an hour to kill. I looked around and liked what I saw. The eye candy in this place was great. And they all were hungry for a good time. The guys in front of the stage were waiving their money around like they had it to burn. Ah yes, I was going to make more money tonight than I ever did at my night job at home. I felt a tingling up my spine, certain someone was watching me. I looked around and couldn't see anyone I knew, but the feeling was still there. What the fuck? Whatever.

Then I saw him. Five minutes before I went backstage saw him. He kept his eyes on me as I walked over to him. In my 6 inch spikes, I was almost as tall as he was, but I still had to look up to see his eyes.

I told you to call. No hello, no nice to see you. Just an accusation. And he didn't look happy. I'm used to having my requests honored. When he said it like that, my mind immediately turned it around to say 'I'm used to women doing what I ask'. I smiled a lot more confidently than I felt and I asked him what he was doing in a place like this. He said he owned it. I was speechless and stammered I'd be back in about 15 minutes - would he wait? He just nodded once and I walked backstage.

Gentlemen, its September. Do you know what this means? Its school time. This is Ashli and she's new to class. Please make my feel welcome!

I walked out onto the stage, my spikes making the sound I like them to - right to the beat I asked them to play. My just over the knee stockings, my pleated green and white school skirt and my white blouse completed the outfit. My hips swayed and my pussy was hot. Oh god yes, as the beat went on and on. I focused on him. Just him. He was the reason my legs wrapped around that bar and clutched it as I hung up side down so they saw my string. I calculated the one guy sitting at the point of the stage was gonna cum when I ripped off my top. I was right! My bra was just enough to cover my titties and my g-string cut me just right. It showed my 'ass'-etts perfectly and I was ready for the finale. I grabbed that pole, my tits on either side, one leg on either side and I slid down it, my juice leaving its mark. I unhooked my legs and spread them wide - my hairless pussy lips open for the entire world to see. I rolled backward, calculating it just right so my bra came off as I stood up. My titties were erect and proud, standing at full attention as I shimmied back up to the pole and started humping it for all its worth. Some times I actually get off doing that. Mostly, the guys get so fucking hot when I do it, wishing it was them. I ended the set with the splits, bouncing up and down before finally hitting the stage. One hot D-cup horny bitch. That was me.

The lights went low and the money was pouring on the stage. I calculated a couple of hundred dollars for 15 minutes work. Damn, life was sweet!

I left the stage right before the next girl and he was waiting at the dressing room door when I came out.

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