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Could their marriage last with her as a writer?

She stood almost perfectly still as my fingers lightly traced the top of her stocking. I felt her legs slightly part, urging my hand to continue its journey. I obliged. The feel of nylon gave way to the soft flesh of inner thigh and finally the feel of damp cotton panties.

"Oh Jim," she gasped as my hand reached its destination. Her eyes closed and she bit the corner of her bottom lip. Her breathing became heavy as I began to rub my palm into her panty covered cunt. I felt her hips begin to rock slightly, and then more pronounced until she was grinding herself down against my hand.

She leaned forward slightly and placed her hands on the edge of the desk. She let out a low moan and I felt her once fluid movements become jerky and erratic. She stifled a squeal, and her thighs shuddered and squeezed together to hold my hand in place. She managed to keep herself quiet as her orgasm ran through the curves of her body like a wave, but she couldn't help the movement of her hips or the quivering of her legs as I felt my hand grow slicker even though her panties still separated my palm from the source of the moisture.

I stood up, removing my hand from under her skirt and walked toward my office door which had stupidly been left slightly open. Through half lidded eyes over the top of her glasses she watched me close and lock the door as she struggled to hold herself up. She began to push herself into a standing position and started, "Jim, I don't think..."

But I stopped her short ordering, "Stay where you are. We're not done." She obeyed, dropping her eyes to the desk and letting out a soft whimper. Heather always had a bit of a submissive streak, and I planned to make full use of it today.

Coming up behind her, I lifted her skirt revealing for the first time what my fingers had already discovered. I ran my hands up the outside of her legs enjoying the feel of nylon and flesh. She moaned when she felt my fingers hook into the waistband of her panties and begin to slide them down the length of her legs.

She stepped out of them without being told, and I stood beside her. She looked lovely bent over my desk, bare ass presented to me, black stockings and garter contrasting with the pale flesh of her upper thighs. I ran my hand up her bare thigh to her now exposed cunt. My fingers invading her soft wetness for the first time in year. She moaned at my touch.

"Now Heather," I said, as my fingers worked over her still engorged clit, occasionally sliding a digit inside her, "You'll be a good girl and stay quiet, right?"

"Mmmm," she mewled, "It's sooo hard."

"That's what I thought," I said with an air of mock disappointment. I removed my hand from her cunt and she whimpered. Knowing she liked a bit of rough play, I took firm hold of hair and gently raised her head up. "Open your mouth," I ordered.

Her eyes went wide because she knew what was coming, but she obeyed anyway. When she did I pushed her balled up, wet panties into her mouth to muffle any noise she might make. I whispered in her ear, "Now feel free to make any sound you want." She whimpered into her panties.

I took my position behind her, I was as hard as I could remember being. Undoing my zipper, but keeping my pants up, I released my cock from its confinement and rubbed the head against Heather's cunt. Aligning myself to her opening I pushed the length of my cock inside her with one thrust.

She was so wet, her cunt was so slick, that even though her soft flesh gripped me tightly I encountered nothing like resistance. Taking firm hold of her hips I began fucking her in earnest. Driving the length of my cock into her, pulling out in a steady rhythm.

She mewled and squealed. All of her sounds were muffled by the wet panties in her mouth as I fucked the curvy secretary from behind. With each thrust she began to push back against me, my cock stretching her cunt and reaching deeper with each hard thrust.

I reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her head up, forcing her to arch her back.

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