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Hooking up with an old lover's adult daughter.

I really thought these short made my ass look good because they basically molded to me and cupped my cheeks. The bra was just as sexy and they pushed my tits up even further then they already were and still allowed my nipples to peak out over the cup. I knew guys loved seeing a girls nipples poking through the fabric of their top and I wanted to make Jerry drool.

Deciding I wanted a young look I pulled out some rainbow sock stockings that came up to my thighs and then slipped on some cute tennis shoes to go with it. Looking at the clock and seeing I only had fifteen minutes I hurried up and slipped on my dress , leaving the top couple buttons undone to show a hint of cleavage and if Jerry was lucky he might get a glimpse of a nipple from the side. Taking a look in the mirror I smile at myself and decided to add some hoop earrings to perfect my look. Just then, there was a knock at the door so, I took one last look at myself, straightened my dress, took a deep breath and went to answer the door.

"Well hey there good looking. You sure do clean up nice." I greeted Jerry as I admired his look. His thick chest looked very good draped in the silk shirt he wore. It was colorful with one side being red and the other being blue. His shirt was tucked into a pair of jeans that looked very good on him as they hugged his thighs and then became looser the further down they went. Another thing that caught my eye was what looked like he had stuffed a fat billy club down his pants as it bulged along his right leg to about half way to his knee. I couldn't figure a reason why he would be engorged so I assumed he was a shower and not a grower. Either way, his handgun wasn't the only thing he was packing, causing my nipples to harden and my mouth to water.

He seemed to be pleased with my appearance as his eyes looked me up and down with a wide toothy smile.

"You look fantastic Joey. I could just eat you up." He commented enthusiastically.

Giggling like a school girl I replied, "Down boy! I wouldn't want to have to report you to the authorities!" as my hand lightly touching his chest.

"Pretty thing like you, I'd have to answer that call myself?" He laughed with his wide toothy smile, "You ready to go?"

"Yes sir." I reply with a smile.

He slid his strong hand onto the small of my back and escorted me to his truck. His truck was an older dark green Ford with wide tires and shiny rims. A mix of country and city. I thought it fit him well with his army demeanor and city confidence. He opened the passenger side door for me and I started to step up when he took advantage of the situation by sliding his hand down from my lower back onto my ass and pushed me up into the cab.

"Thank you." I said down to him as my cheeks reddened from his forwardness. He smiled and closed the door for me and I watched him walk around the front of his truck with a big shit eating grin on his face.

Since his truck was older he had one of those long bench seats that stretched the span of the cab. It made me consider the possibilities of maybe sliding over next to him later. His truck was a stick shift so if I decided to do that I would have to straddle the shifter to sit next to him. Just the idea of it made me hot.

We made small talk as he took us to where ever he was taking me. He asked about my youth and what brought me to southern Texas since I obviously was not from here. He wasn't even shy about asking me about my extra appendage and what brought me to my current form. I really didn't have an opportunity to be shy because didn't seem shy at all. He easily kept me talking and I was feeling very comfortable.

We soon arrived at our destination which was a bowling alley.

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