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She's So Mouthy.

Jack is finding this adult playtime with Julia so hot that it's hard for him not to touch his penis. But, he won't! He won't touch himself and he certainly won't let her touch herself. He wants the two of them to climax together so he will practice self-control!

Julia sits straight as an arrow. The compression garment isn't considered a corset, but it is certainly stiff enough to make her body subscribe to good posture. That also means, all of her body weight is perched on top of her rectum. She's trying very hard not to show signs of distress, but the stinging is too great and she begins to slightly grind her hips.

Jack's penis jumps with excitement when he notices Julia's hips grind. He stands, refills their champagne flutes and stands beside her so closely that he can feel her body heat. He whispers, "Drink."

She looks into his eyes and sincerely asks, "Am I going to need to drink?"

He shakes his head no and whispers, "Beautiful lady, cross your legs."

She does as she's told and Jack takes a few steps back, downs his champagne, and intensely watches her, soaking in her beauty. After a few moments, he comes back to her side, sets her champagne flute down, takes her hand and caresses her hand and arm. She realizes, he's adoring her; he's exalting her and she thinks how very much she loves this man. After a minute, he breaks the silence and whispers, "Stand and come with me."

"Finally," she thinks. She's finding this torment particularly hard to bear. The two of them have occasionally talked about what it would feel like to be compressed and she's told him she thought she would like it, but she had no idea exactly how erotic she'd find it. She loves feeling compressed and she's about to burst with arousal!

Jack takes her hands, she stands, and he leads her to the bed. Then, he instructs, "Lean forward and put your hands on the side of the bed."

She does as she's told and then she feels him slide a hand up her inner thigh. He's never felt her so wet! She is dripping and there is a large wet spot on the back of the garment where she was sitting. Jack's overjoyed because he's enjoying dominating her this way and now he knows that she's enjoying it too.

His fingers fondle her compressed crack and make their way to her anus. She moans and pushes her buttocks into his hand. Then, she feels him slide a finger into her rectum and deliberately move it rather harshly. She becomes so weak in the knees that she loses control of her weight and beings to drop. Luckily, Jack catches her and stops her fall. He feels her entire body shutter with pleasure and he knows she's ready.

To give himself a little room to maneuver, he uncinches the lowest buckle on the garment. Then, he tells her to lie on the bed, just like before with her knees up and her feet flat. It takes her a bit of maneuvering to get on the bed in the correct position but he is patient and enjoys watching the way her body moves while being compressed. What he'd really like to do is suck the wetness from her vagina and lap until his heart's content but he doesn't want to waste the moment since her ass is slick with coco butter.

Without Julia realizing it, he moves the butt plugs where he can quickly reach them. His hands seize her buttocks and he pulls them apart, separating her crack. The cool air on her hot anus makes her gasp and she wants him to push his member into her vagina so badly she's about to cry. But, she knows he has a plan and he's in control so she focuses on breathing and feeling what his hands are doing.

He pushes his middle finger into her rectum and makes a come hither motion. As he curls his finger inside, Julia grinds her hips into the bed and moans loudly. He continues to make the come hither motion and twists his hand inside her so that all sides of her rectum receive attention. He places his other hand on her outer labia and uses his thumb to make a small circular motion on her clitoris.

Julia's attention hones in on the clitoral stimulation and he uses this moment to surprise her by pushing anothe

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