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I demonstrate for two young ladies how a man masturbates.

"Maybe we can just have a few drinks and catch up," says Maura, "It's been a while since we spoke."

A few hours later the bar was emptying out while Jake and Maura were still talking.

"It's hard being a mom when your daughter is doing bondage in the next room," she said, "especially with she's going to Europe in a few weeks, I'd feel better if there was someone I could trust there with her."

"Holy crap," said Jake as a Bartender yelled, "Last Call."

"I need to call a cab," said Jake.

"I can give you a lift home," said Maura.

"Are you sure," said Jake.

The two headed to the coat check and Jake helped Maura get her jacket on.

"What a gentleman," she said as they left the bar.

Jake opened the door for her and she slid into her sleek black sports car. Jake got in the other side as Maura started the car.

"There are two ways this can go," said Maura, "I can take you home, or I can take you to my place and blow your mind like my daughter was never able to. I heard you that night, the only night you two got together, she's a girl, I'm a woman."

Jake put his hand on Maura's thigh and pressed a long kiss to her lips.

"Good choice," said Maura with a smirk

Maura led Jake into her bedroom, "strip down to your boxers," she said, "and lay down on the bed, I'll be right back."

Jake did what he was told and climbed onto the bed. A few moments later Maura entered and went to her mirror, "Don't move," she said, "or touch until I tell you too."

Maura unzipped the back of her dress and slipped the straps off letting it fall to the floor revealing a black lace bra cupping her large breasts and a small black G-string. She climbed onto the bed next to Jake and put her hands into his boxers before pulling out his erection.

"Don't get too excited," said Maura, "I want this to last."

Maura took Jake's erection in her mouth and sucked on the tip as she stroked him. She started to take more of Jake's erection into her mouth as Jake moaned in approval. Maura kept going as Jake moaned until he came in her mouth.

"Wow," said Jake, "that was amazing."

"I hope you don't think you're done," said Maura, "Cause I want your hands all over me."

Jake smiled and undid Maura's bra with ease and tossed it aside. He grabbed both of Maura's breasts with his hands and began to lick at her nipples.

"I love how eager young guys are to get their hands on my breasts," said Maura with a smirk.

Jake pinched Maura's nipples as she let out a soft moan. He climbed off the bed and Maura sat at the edge, Jake slid off her panties and Maura spread her legs for him. Jake kissed the inside of Maura's thighs as he worked his way up to her wet pussy. Jake licked softly as he pulled apart her lips with two of his fingers. Maura bit her lip and grabbed her breasts as Jake slowly slid his middle finger into her.

He slid his finger in and out quickly as he licked Maura who let out a bunch of soft moans. Jake got to his feet and slipped off his boxers as Maura laid back and grasped his erection.

"Fuck me Jake," moaned Maura who laid back on the bed and spread her legs for him.

Jake pressed his tip into Maura who let out a moan. He pressed his entire shaft into Maura as he placed his hands on both sides of her before humping her. Maura's breasts bounced as Jake humped her causing her to grasp her breasts and moan.

"Let me stand up," moaned Maura.

Jake let Maura up and she stood against the wall and lifted her leg as Jake began to kissing her neck and thrust himself into her. He held up Maura's leg with one arm and she wrapped her arms around him as he humped her quickly.

"Yes," moaned Maura, "don't stop I'm gonna cum all over that dick."

She clung to Jake's back digging in her nails as she screamed and came on him.

"My leg is numb," muttered Maura.

Jake let her leg down and she walked over to the bed and bends over lifting her one knee onto the bed. He came up behind Maura and put his hands on her shoulders.

"You're not done already are you?" he asked.

"Mmm," moaned Maura with a smirk, "not even close."


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