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Shipwrecked, a loving wife finds herself in heat.

"Um," I mumbled.

"Oh dear it is __180 now Cunt."

There it was that bloody awful word or rather her nickname for me! Still 180 quid is 180 quid that would pay a bill, my food for the week, and a hair cut that I was in desperate need of. But kiss her feet! You ought to have seen the look on her face as I got to my knees. I couldn't look up at her face straight away, but when I did she had that fucking arrogant sneer. I just wished I could laugh this off as a joke, but hell I wanted the money. I bent my head slowly forward just staring at her red painted toes through the thin Mink coloured tights. Still at least she couldn't see my blushing face that I'm sure was the deepest red in the bloody universe! She lifted her foot slightly and I got a whiff of sweaty nylon. She tapped her toes lightly against my lips. The nylon sent little shock waves through my painted lips, almost like little electrical pulses.

"I don't feel your tongue yet," she whispered.

I began to let my tongue lick across the nylon. It made the delicate material slide over the glossed toenail of each toe. I heard her murmur with approval. The smell of her feet wasn't as pungent as I feared; it was more of a sweet smell. In fact it sort of made things a little easier. I pulled my head up a little, hoping that just a few seconds would be enough.

"Remember the money!" she spat quickly.

I lowered my head back and began licking and kissing again. Sammy came in and went and sat by her side. Even the fucking dog was mocking me now!

"I think that's enough, besides I'm sure you tried to look up my skirt."

"The hell I did you," I stopped.

She waved the notes in the air.

"Careful you don't want me to put this away do you? And I suggest you change your trousers, they seem to have a wet patch between the legs."

I grabbed the money and raced up the stairs. I sat cringing in my bedroom cursing my damp pussy! How the hell could I have been turned on? I didn't say goodbye I just rushed downstairs and into the street. I couldn't face her could I? Now she probably thought I was a bloody lesbian! God I bet the bitch was having a right good laugh. Even now as I rushed down the road I could just imagine her on the phone to that Yvonne woman. 'Oh guess what she got all wet when I made her kiss my feet for the money', I mimicked in my head.

"Get me pissed Gillian," I spat, slumping down on the barstool next to her.

She flustered with her __5 note in the air.

"Christ, give it to me!" I snapped, grabbing it out of her hand, 'hey Donny how about a vodka and coke!"

"Are you all right Diane? You look awfully flushed."

That was all I needed her voice echoing round my head.

"Look if you want to talk about whatever it is."

I just shook my head, slowly I relaxed poor Gillian had more troubles than me. She just didn't fit in with the rest of us. She was nice, too nice, but she had the worst secret than any of us. She was seeing an 18 year old schoolboy!

"Diane I really do mean it if you want to talk we can go somewhere quite?"

"Look Gillian I don't feel like talking just getting a little drunk. Anyway how is what's his name? You know that schoolboy?"

I watched her shrink and quickly her eyes shot round the pub. Luckily it was noisy and nobody seemed to hear.

"Oh shit I'm sorry," I squeaked, and pulled her to me, "I promised not to mention it, didn't I?"

Gillian had gone home by the time the rest of us hit the club. She really was out of place with us. Now I suppose I should have been more than a little worried about what was waiting for me when I got home. But what the hell I was pretty drunk, and if this guy didn't stop grabbing my ass I was going to turn round and give him, the hottest kiss I could muster! OK you asked for it honey I said in my head. I turned round.

"Oops sorry I thought you were my girlfriend. You know you look just like her, well apart from you having a hotter ass," he said with a cheeky grin.

OK you have just talked your way into my bed I thought.

"So where is she the

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