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Lawrence and his Mother.

ould they react and would I end up getting the shit kicked out of me by girlfriends with leather studded belts?

My next thought was any of the several dance clubs around my area. One of those had been the setting for my first MFM on Thursday night. But this seemed to be to clich__ for what I have in mind.

Then I remembered a place called the Landsdowne Inn. It was a Irish Pub I had been to a couple years back. I remember it being full of 'tough guys'. Guys that were a little older, a little crankier and seemed to be willing to hurt someone who had broken their 'code'. And the thought scared the shit out of me. I knew this was where I had to go.

I arrived at about 9:30 that night. When I walked in I could see there were only a couple of females in the bar and close to 25 men standing around, drinking hard, throwing darts and listening to Irish music. There would be little doubt as to why I was there. My short black skirt barely covered my ass and the red blouse I had chosen was unbuttoned to the top of my bra so the upper part of my tits were on full display. The blouse didn't leave much to the imagination anyway. It was shear and my black bra was easily seen through it. I was a whore.

I sat down at the bar and ordered a shot with a beer chaser. Within about 35 seconds two guys sat down on each side of me and commenced with the chase.

'hello, pretty thing, what you drinking?' the shorter one asked. His nose had been broken so many times I wondered how he could breath.

'I think I'll be drinking anything you put in front of me!' and we all laughed a little too loud. I turned toward the taller guy and I spread me knees apart just enough to make things interesting.

'Then we'll be serving you some Irish Whiskey to make your night a memorable one,' he grinned as he ordered another glass for me.

'Would you be wanting that drink to be one or two fingers little lady?'

Without hesitation I smirked, 'I'm more of a three finger type of woman.'

And we didn't have to wonder where the drinking was headed. As I finished off another glass, his hand slid up my thigh and inside my skirt. With one finger he flicked aside the slim cloth that was my thong and his fingers began to probe my dampening vagina. I moaned slightly to let him and his friend know they were doing well and I wanted them to continue. From behind, the ugly one grabbed both of my tits and began to squeeze. The game was on.

He quickly unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and let it slip to the floor and one hand went under my bra to start squeezing my hardening nipples.

He whispered in my ear, 'May we take you somewhere that there are less people?'

'No,' I said in a normal voice, 'this is going to happen right here.'

I lifted my hands up over my head and he pulled my bra up and off. Topless, tits on display, I stood up from my chair and waved at everyone in the room. Then I went to my knees, worked out the hard cock from the tall guys jeans and started sucking on him right there. Finally, a cock in my mouth.

'Ryan, where did you pick up that slut?' I heard someone ask.

'She just showed up, haven't even got her name yet,' he yelled back.

Between thrusts into my mouth I yelled to the bar, 'My name is Rachael, and I'm here as long as any of you want me to be.'

With that, he groaned and came all over my face. I used one finger to slide the cum into my mouth and I swallowed what I could collect.

The two guys picked me up and laid me on the bar. It was wet and cold and made my nipples stand up even more erect that they had been. I lifted my hips to encourage them and one of them pulled my skirt off. The other used both hands to grab the straps of my thong and pull it down. Naked, already sporting cum on my face and in a room full of men drinking, my journey began.

Several of the guys came over to start feeling me up. My tits were getting pulled, squeezed and even felt a bite or two. And the fingers were starting to probe inside my pussy as it got wet.

'Well she seems to be more of a four-finger gal,' one of them laughed as he plunged them inside me.

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