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More hot tub games.

A painful price indeed.

But he also knew being pampered was not wise either. Just like my dad he made sure I wasn't using my handicap as an excuse. He felt I should hear what seeing people hear. Do what seeing people do. Drew wanted me to experience it all.

Drew's tongue was driving me crazy. I arched my back and pulled the damn plate from under my ass. I heard it crash to the floor but knew it wouldn't break. Drew never stopped pleasuring me. My hands back to his hair followed the journey of his tongue. My fingers might have known every inch of my pussy but his tongue made new trails. I squirmed on the table my back and ass sliding on the slick surface.

I tried not to make a noise so I could concentrate on Drew, listening for any clue what would be next. I could feel my arousal build, faster than with my fingers. Drew reached up and gripped a tit I almost lost it then.

Down one side and up the other. Inside each spongey flap and then outside. When he ran his tongue up the middle I wanted to die in pleasure and then he would tease my clit just enough to remind me there could be even more.

I felt his nose plow through the dense forest of my pussy hair. Fur pie it was! Bastard! I knew the new thing is to be shaven, I read. But why should I do that? I was the only one that had cause to be down there. Still I wonder? Was it true? Would Drew prefer it?

That would have to wait, right now there was a more pressing issue. I needed to cum.

"Drew!" I whispered.

I needed to warn him. Oh God I thought, he needed to know.

"Drew!" I said a bit louder.

Still he kept bringing me closer. My hands pushed and then pulled his head hoping to signal him. Still he brought me closer. His tongue flicked my clit sending me over the edge.

"DREW!" I screamed.

"I'm going ............"

My world isn't visual. I don't see colors. There isn't light or dark there is, well......nothing. But at this point I was feeling something close to a sneeze. You know that slow build up to where you know it's going to happen and you can't stop it? I was there.

"going to............." Now I'm at the point in the sneeze where it feels like cotton balls tickle the inside of your nose.

"CUM!" Just like a sneeze there is this instant release of built up pressure.

I was having an orgasm. Not just any orgasm but my first orgasm without fingers being involved! I couldn't tell you what Drew was doing or I was doing. I just knew inside my body was a burst of pleasure I had never felt before. An intensity that gripped my whole body until it felt so good it almost hurt.

"Andi you ok?" Drew asked.

The intense pleasure now a distant memory a softer gentler one reminding me the journey was real. I could hear my heart beating as the room stopped spinning in my brain. Suddenly I was in his arms and he was kissing my cheek. The pungent smell of my sex reminded me where those lips had just been.

"You smell like pussy!" I snapped.

"You weren't complaining then?" He teased.

"Drew that was amazing." I thank him. "Why? Why did you do that?"

"Because I love you Dee." Drew replied. "You're a woman now. It's time."

"This is too much Andrew." I said seriously. "I'm not sure I'm ready for this?"

"So it's Andrew now?" He protested. "We'll see about that!"

Drew started kissing my body heading back for my tits. Between the eggs, bacon, toast, and the orange juice we were sticky and gross. I pushed his head away before he could get too carried away.

"It's time for another shower!" I sighed.

"My thoughts exactly!" Drew agreed.

He picked me up and started for my bedroom. I was naked he was wearing only shorts. Drew turned us into the bathroom and stood me just inside the shower. He turned on the shower and the frigid water sprayed over me.

"Drew!" I yelled the sound echoing in the small enclosure.

"Drew's gone only Andrew is here." He teased me. "I'm going to clean up the kitchen, Drew will be back to help you dress."

"No you can't leave me!" I shouted, but it was too late.

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