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New Year's Eve in San Antonio.

During the drive, I thought with some annoyance that it would have been better had my period not started last night, but the more I though about it, the more it fit, and when that Silly beer commercial ditty came on, I laughed out loud as I substituted the Lyrics. Elisabeth, I thought, "This blood's for Yoooouuuuu!"

Using a key I had been given, I entered through a discreet door, and proceeded to the Physical Therapy room, where the games would begin. I laid out my toys on an examination table, and went to let in Lenny, the professional piercing artist in, where I filled him in on the festivities to take place. He went to work immediately, taking his needles, and the three 10 gauge rings, and placing them in the autoclave, along with a pair of Pennington Forceps. By this time it was Eight O'clock, and Doctor Weinstadt and Elisabeth had arrived. She had on a trench coat and high spiked heels that were locked on. When the doctor removed the coat, I and Lenny saw that she was wearing a prisoner's chain belt with a pair of handcuffs, that kept her bound with her arms in front, and a stainless steel collar, and nothing else. If this bitch could blush, she gave a very good imitation of it when the coat was removed. Part of the reason Doctor Weinstadt had chosen me was because Elisabeth had never submitted to a woman, and Lenny only added to her embarrassment. Come to think of it, since she was bare-assed, she had good reason to be embarrassed. The doctor released her and I directed her to the examination table, and told her to put on the bra, she seemed grateful until she touched it, then her mouth and eyes flew wide open. I told her to hurry since we didn't have all night to wait for her.

She gingerly put it on and adjusted it as best she could, (grimacing all the way) and I threw a pair of suspension cuffs to her, telling her to put them on. I also tossed over a huge ball gag, and told her she knew what to do with that. When she complied without a murmur, I grabbed the ring on her collar, and swiftly walked her over to the rings hanging from the ceiling, clipped the cuffs to the rings and raised the rings till her arms were stretched in a "Y" above her. I walked around behind her and tightened the gag one more notch, really opening her eyes. This was going to be fun. I started by warming her pink posterior with the cat, and gave her puss a couple of shots from behind for good measure. She was very good, gasping and snorting but not crying out, of course the gag would have stifled that anyway but she was trying to be good. For my next bit of entertainment, I called over Lenny. I cut the bra off of her frozen mammaries, and he marked where the piercings were to go after toweling off any moisture. He got his gloves on, and picked up the first pair of needles, clamped both nipples with the forceps, and deftly pierced each of her frozen nubs. Having also donned gloves, I the stepped forward with the rings, and inserted them and secured them. There was just a small drop of blood from each nipple, which I swabbed off with a q-tip and alcohol. They looked savage sitting there impaling her nipples, for they not only were large in thickness, they were also large enough to insert my thumb through, but I had other plans. I released her from the rings, and she fell to her knees, moaning behind her gag, and clasping her wounded breasts. I would see to it that she stayed that way for the trip home.

I reached into my bag, and retrieved a pair of slave bracelets I had worn during my days as a sub.

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