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Wendy gets divorced.

Where were you on the night this murder took place."

"I was in Washington DC attending a meeting of Mayors."

"Good enough. That should be easy enough to verify."

"Have that list delivered to the homicide office addressed to me."

"Is that all"

"For now. I may have more questions."

The mayor looked at him and stood and without another look walked back toward city hall.

Steve raised the newspaper and talked quietly.

"Rafferty. Get up and walk to your car and get in it. When you are locked in I will go to mine. Head back to the hotel."


He looked over the paper and watched as she gathered her trash and walked toward the car. She passed a trash can and deposited the trash and was soon in her car.

"Locked in."

"Start it and pull away. I will be right behind you"

They returned to the hotel without incident. In the room, he stretched out on the bed.

She sat next to him and looked down.


"I really don't think the guy is involved or has any clue. He was in DC when it went down so he certainly couldn't have been there."

"Who is next?"

"The judge who quashed our subpoena"

"Where this time"

"At the zoo in the pavilion in the middle, mid-morning. I checked. There will be about a million elementary school children there. It should be a mad house."

She nodded.

The next morning, he sat in the sunshine watching hundreds of elementary children and their teachers dutifully tromping around the zoo. He was sitting facing the entrance to the zoo and he could see Rafferty parked on a picnic bench to one side of the gate next to one of the drink stands. She had a snow cone.

He saw the judge enter the zoo and look around. He finally spotted who he was looking for and came straight toward him and sat on the bench.

"Who the hell are you and what is this all about."

"I am the detective that ordered the subpoena that you quashed a few days ago."

The man sat silent

"Why don't you tell me about the Dashwood group."

"It is just a bunch of old friends who get together to socialize."

"Is that what the dungeon is for and all those play rooms upstairs?"

The judge cut his eyes around quickly.

"Yeah, I have seen them. It seemed strange to me that the uniforms were stopped from doing a room by room search of that place which is standard procedure. Care to explain why that happened."

"I don't know what you are talking about."

"I will let it go for the time being. I want to know what you know about the murder that happened in the basement of your building and why you wanted to stop the investigation."

"I don't know anything about it. We rent that building all the time. It could have been anyone. I got a call from our attorney about the subpoena. He asked if I could kill it. I told him I could temporarily but if it was a legit subpoena, someone up the chain would reinstate it. That seemed to satisfy him. Why do you think it was our people behind this?

"tI was someone with a key. Now, we have eliminated the maintenance guy. He was at a lodge meeting and his lodge members can vouch for that. One of your keyholders was there to let in whoever did this."

He was silent for a while.

"Judge, can you tell me who you think it might be?"

"I don't have any idea."

"You think on it and if you have any revelations you can leave word at the homicide division and I will call you back. By the way. Where were you on the night the murder happened."

"I was hosting a dinner party at my house. One of my colleagues is retiring and we were celebrating with him."

"Ok, were any of your other members there so I can mark them off my list?"

He named off two more names.

"Is there anything else."

"Not now, but I may want to talk to you again."

The judge looked at him and stood. He walked straight out the gate. When he was out of sight, Steve spoke quietly.

"All done. Same drill. When you are locked in your car tell me and I will follow you out. Back to the hotel."

They again arrived back at the hotel without incident.

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