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Lady lawyer with a secret gets her comeuppance.

"Mykal, you are still recovering; you can't push your system this hard." Mykal waved a hand in dismissal, an obvious sign to the two royals that he was fading fast. "I just need some sleep and I'll be fine. I can catch up tomorrow; I don't think I have any extra duties." Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes telling himself, I'm just going to rest my eyes for a moment and then I'll go back to my quarters. Only a few seconds later, he was in the clutches of deep sleep.


Hans looked down at the young man laid out on the couch in his office. His wife was tucking a blanket over him; having removed his belt, uniform coat and dress boots. When she had tried to disconnect the saber from his belt, his hand had instinctively latched on to hers to stop her. She had leaned forward and started to whisper in his ear, and he had eventually released her hand and allowed her to remove the weapon now sitting on the king's desk. Lying there sleeping, he still seemed ready for anything; a spring wound tight and ready to launch into action at a moment's notice.

"Who could have ever given up such a wonderful soul Hans? He deserved to grow up with a family."

Hans pulled his wife up from where she was kneeling next to the couch and wrapped his arms around her. "Perhaps his family died and there was no other family available to raise him." though even that seemed unlikely in this day and age.

He felt her shake her head against his chest. "I went into his files from the orphanage. There isn't much there, but even that tells a kind of story. It specifically says that he was given up by his parents, but their name is not there, nor is his name really McDaniel. They gave him the name of the orphanage's founder, like they do for children that they know nothing of. So much missing, and not just because it was unknown; it is like his past was erased for some reason." She looked up into her husband's eyes. "Why would someone do that?" He could see the tears start to form in her eyes.

"Once we get home, you can track it all down if you really feel the need. He's not going anywhere for the time being. Today showed that we have so few people that we can truly trust, and I firmly believe that this young man is one." He lightly kissed her forehead and began leading her to one of the seats across the room.

"Where did we go wrong with Marcus? Didn't we give him enough love? He knew he was next in line for the crown, you had told him as much, and about your abdication plans." Elaine asked her husband quietly.

"I don't know my love. We know it was him, but we don't know his motivation. That is why I want to be careful about how we try and track him down. I don't want the military types to start demonizing and inadvertently killing him before we get the answers we need." he answered softly.

Just as they sat down, the door slid open and a whirlwind flew into the room and grabbed her father in a crushing hug. The red-haired tempest was followed more sedately by her younger brother, who was dressed in his duty uniform; some small spots of grease and other chemicals staining the pants where he had wiped his hands.

"Are you okay? I was so worried! I came as soon as I heard what happened; why didn't you call me...?" The petite redhead babbled into her father's chest as she clung to him as if he was about to disappear.

"Brigit, calm down sweetie; I'm fine. We didn't call you because we haven't had the chance, and there was nothing wrong. To be honest, I'm surprised that you heard about it so soon."

"So soon? Daddy, it happened two hours ago, and I was in the medical bay when that bastard was brought in to be treated." she said ignoring her mother's irritated tsking.

"Brigit Elenor, watch your language. Even if you are a doctor, you are still a princess and you will behave accordingly." her mother said with a stern look. Elaine stood and motioned to her youngest, which was just standing by the door, smiling at the scene playing out in front of him. "Come give us a hug."

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