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You discover an old fuck-buddy while on the prowl.

It was of no interest to me but I didn't want to be rude and leave her on her own whilst I went to my room. She was obviously enjoying it, but my mind was on other thing. I had seen her tits, and felt them with my cock. What would it be like to suck those big nipples? When the program ended I was horny, I needed relief.
"Do you think I can have a bath tonight?"

"No, you only had one yesterday. Tomorrow morning at eleven you have to go to the hospital to have your hands checked and new bandages put on. You are having one before you go. I don't want them thinking that I can't look after you."

"But I can't wait."

Mother looked at me, then she understood. It wasn't the washing that I wanted.

She muttered "Men, is that all you think about?"

"Please, I will be quick."

"No, it's too much messing about to run the bath now."

I pleaded, "Just do it here."

There was silence, was she thinking about it?

"No, it will be too messy."

I blurted out "I could come in your mouth." Then I quickly added "So that there will be no mess."

The silence was longer this time, I was now regretting saying it, but then she surprised me with "OK, but be quick."

It was good, she was obviously skilled at it. I wondered how many times she had done this to my father, and did he enjoy it as much as I was enjoying it now? She had asked me to be quick but she was not rushing me. It had taken her a few minutes to determine how much she could comfortably swallow, she settled on about six inches. I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable, surprisingly I lasted another five minutes, all due to her amazing technique. When I did come it felt as if it would never end. She struggled to swallow it.

Licking her lips she said "That was a mouthful."

"Thanks, if you hadn't done it I would not have been able to sleep."

"I know what you mean."

I looked at her, I could see the frustration on her face. I was shocked, I hadn't given any thought to her needs.

"Sorry, I have only been thinking about myself. Will you."

She completed it for me "Play with myself later?"

"I don't know. Most of the time when I do it leaves me more frustrated. It's not the same on your own."

"I can help you."

She just pointed to my hands.

I shook my head and said "I can suck your big nipples."

"No, that will still leave me frustrated."

"How about I suck your nipples and you finger yourself?"

She hesitated before saying "We can try."

She didn't sound very enthusiastic, I just hoped it would give her the relief she needed.

When I sucked on her nipple I was in heaven. It was nice and thick, just what I like. I started slowly at first then I milked her hard. I heard her gasp, then I saw her hand frantically trying to get inside her knickers. She was struggling but when I heard her moan I knew her fingers had found her cunt. I quickly switched to the other nipple and give it the same treatment.

"Suck harder."

I did, then I switched again and sucked that one as hard as I could.

"Don't stop, don't stop. My cunt is going to come."

I smiled, I had no intention of stopping. A few seconds later her cunt exploded, with a loud moan she climaxed and her body stiffened. It was a couple of minutes before she recovered.

She was still short of breath but managed to say in a low voice "That was good."

I was pleased for her.

When she was putting her bra back on she looked at me and said "My nipples are sore, what did you do to them?" She didn't sound annoyed.

I shrugged my shoulders "You did say suck harder."

She laughed, "Yes I did say that."

Bath time the following day was quick and perfunctory, there was no time for anything extra even if I had wanted it. We had to be at the hospital for eleven and we were running a bit late.

We got there just in time.

"Your hands are healing well. I will get the nurse to put fresh bandages on. Is the pain any better?"

"It's a lot better, I am now taking less of the painkillers."

"That's good."

He then turned to mother and said "Mrs Jones you a

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