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You discover an old fuck-buddy while on the prowl.

Are you kidding? You should keep that. It's too late to apologize. Just don't get on your high horse about what a sweet innocent girl you are." For someone who was trying to sell me her bi-sexual lifestyle, she sure was just arguing and angry!

"Oh, I am so embarrassed, Julianne. I am sorry," I pleaded. "I should never have caused such trouble."

"Trish. How much more of my things have you stolen?" she accused bitterly, removing any chance of converting this argument into a pleasant situation.

"Nothing. I have never stolen anything before. I just got curious if you had those things, and I had to look," I said, defending my motives. At that point, she got out the dildos out of her bag. She took them out one-by-one, and started running them up my leg.

"Curious, huh? Why didn't you steal the big ones? Look this one really vibrates," she bragged, flicking the switch. Whirr. Buzz

"Julianne, please no." I begged.

"Do feel uncomfortable around lesbians?" she pressed.

"No, really, I am fine with that. It's just that when your, um ... naked friend was in the kitchen. I mean, I don't know. It was weird. I can't explain, but I..." I blathered like a nervous fool. "I don't want to fight with you or have misunderstandings."

"Oh...I get it," she answered with calm wisdom. "You like Beth."

"I, er, I ..." I continued stammering.

"Ok, you have my blessings. You can take it as far as it goes." Julianne said. "Really...My blessings. I won't stand in the way of a girl crush."

With that I burst into tears. "No, that's not it. It's not Beth...I am not a lesbian!"

I thought about crying on her shoulder, sorry to have acted superior to her.

For the next weeks, I avoided Julianne. I studied at the library. I had meals at other people's houses, or fast food. When I was home I stayed shut in my room.

For Julianne's part, she was nice. She'd leave me little notes, and buy food to share. She did extra cleaning, but not so much that it imposed on my space.

I occasionally saw Beth around campus and each time I saw her she was extremely friendly and happy to see me. She waved to me energetically, and once even ran across the grass area to hug me.

One particular time she had her purse strap right between her breasts. She is fairly busty anyway, but this sexy sight made my knees go like pudding.

"So how are you? Trish, right? God, you look great. I haven't seen you because I haven't been hanging out with Julianne. You know... it's hard. I mean she's nice, but I ..."

I just watched her rattle on. She was such an energetic spirit. I just listened and watch her go. We were becoming friends. I kept staring into her eyes and at her breasts.

That night, I casually mentioned to Julianne that I had seen Beth on campus. She asked, "How did she look?"

"She looked great. I mean...she is always so...energetic." I said, surprised that I didn't downplay her attractiveness, mentally picturing her pale skin, and bright smile, and green eyes.

"Yes, I agree, she's cute. I just didn't treat her right," she confessed. "Same with you. I didn't treat you right either. I shouldn't have gotten you mad when you were playing with my vibrators. I don't want to be the evil all the time. I'm too argumentative, right?"

"Actually, yeah, like intimidating. I hope you don't mind my saying that. I felt like I had to sneak around or something."

"Oh, I am sorry to be like that," she said. "Look, isn't your birthday coming up on Wednesday?"

"Yes, actually it is." I answered.

"Why don't I treat for Chinese Food?" offered Julianne kindly.

"Well, that would be wonderful," I said enthusiastically.

"Ok, I have a late afternoon class, and I will meet you there, ok?"

"Sounds good. I will drive over on my own," I assured her.

"And I am inviting a special guest," she announced slyly.

"Oh?...Who?" I asked giggling, but she wouldn't say. I was secretly hoping it would be Beth. This is a very intense Girl Crush.

She never told me who was coming to dinner though.

I don't even know if Beth is seeing anybody, or if she would consider hooking up with me

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