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Plato's Cave.

Kal seemed not to mind and Asifa was silent as he rubbed the oil into her firm flesh, stroking upwards to the tips of her nipples as he finished off each breast in turn. In order to demonstrate to the others that his interest in Asifa's breasts was unselfish, Jack also made a token attempt at applying lotion to Asifa's belly, but all that did was draw hi attention to her bikini clad nether regions and the soft bulge of her pudenda. Oh what treasure she must have hidden there!

The rest of the afternoon was without incident but Jack's palms continued to tingle with the memory of the feel of Asifa's breasts and nipples and he had to lie on his front lest his erection betray the fantasies about Asifa that he had begin to entertain.


It was late in the afternoon when Louise suddenly announced that she had a terrible headache - "Too much sun, I think, Jack" - and asked her husband to take her back to their villa so that she could take a painkiller and rest in the cool of their bedroom. Kal and Asifa said they would join them a little later, after bit more sunbathing and a quick trip to the shop for some groceries.

When they got back to the villa, Louise and Jack both took a shower and she joined him in their bedroom while he lay back, dressed only in his boxers. Louise seemed much better and Jack wondered whether the headache had been no more than a ploy to get him alone. He soon got his answer.

Louise stood at the foot of the bed and slipped on a silky negligee as she commented, "So, Jack, I couldn't help notice what an uplifting effect our dear friend Asifa had on you today".

"Oh come one, Lou, I was just being helpful. And you told me to rub oil on her tits!" blustered Jack.

"Oh that's not what I mean, Jack. What I meant was the way your cock perked up every time she was near. Do you like her, darling Jack?"

"Leave it out Louise. Why would I look at another woman when I have you?"

"Because you're a man, Jack. You like to look at pretty women. Or are you somehow different from other men?"

"Well, okay. Asifa's a fit looking woman, but that doesn't mean I fancy her."

"Oh dear Jack, don't get so flustered. After all, you're not the only one that has noticed what lovely tits she has. And as for her arse ..."

"Louise!" retorted Jack, surprised that his wife would be interested in another woman 'in that way'.

Louise leaned over Jack and whispered, "Sorry Jack. Am I being naughty?"

"Wha ...?"

Louise leaned over Jack, lying across his body and resting her head on his chest. "You know Jack, darling. Am I being a naughty girl? I'm afraid I just can't help myself. That sexy Asifa got me all tingly and seeing you get excited just made it all the worse."

Jack saw where this conversation was going and his cock began to stiffen. Louise was being a very bad girl and he wondered how he should deal with her. He stroked her back, the silky slip adding an extra spark of electricity as his palm stroked her warm body. Louise continued her naughty chat while Jack moved his hand over the curve of her buttocks s she added - "You know, I was sooo jealous when your rubbed that oil on Asifa's tits. Did her nipples feel nice? Couldn't you have just sucked them deep into your mouth, Jackie boy? I could, because I'm a very naughty girl"

That was it. Jack knew what Louise was after and he gently tapped her arse with his palm.

"Yes, you are a naughty girl Louise. And you know what naught girls get, don't you?"

"What, Jack?"

"This" said Jack as he gave Louise a sharp slap on her rear. His hand stuck one firm but cheek and gave a little bounce. Oh, he was going to enjoy this.

"Punish me Jack."

Jack rubbed over Louise's silken rear and he used his pet name for her - "Lou Lou needs a spanking doesn't she?"

"Yes Jack. I'm being a bad girl and I deserve a spank."

Jack spanked Louise a few more times. The sharp retort of the smacks echoed in their bedroom and Louise squirmed on his lap. She could feel Jack's cock stiffening beneath her and her squirming added to his pleasure.


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