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What happened one night after phone sex.

Michael, who was now 21 and active in college, was running on a full football scholarship as starting quarter back.

He never had problems with the ladies - he played football, was 21, and was standing at a height of 6'2", with blue eyes and a nice six-pack the girls like. Not to mention, with the help of Miami's best beaches, he had gotten a nice even tan. He walked into his living room, only to see his sister sprawled on the couch, one hand under her pajama pants, and the other under her long shirt that she used for sleeping.

"What the fuck, Michelle?" he said in pure shock. He looked up slowly to the television set, feeling his jaw drop more when he saw two lesbians in an active sixty-nine position.

"Michael! What are you - weren't you on a date? What happened?" As she threw questions at him, she frantically pulled her hands from the places she was lovingly touching, and had proceeded in turning of the DVD player so the lesbians disappeared. But of course, the image was already imprinted in Michael's head.

"Nothing, uhh, Jessica and me were in the back of the Ford, and I was going down on her when her parents turned on the light. She ran inside," and he left it at that. He shook his head, barely; to make sure he had seen right, and then murmured some fast words. "I'm going to sleep. Later, baby sister," he said, and then took the stairs two at a time up to his room. He had lived alone with his sister since he was her age, because his parents had died in a fire at a party they were in. Michelle and he both were entitled to the house, and rather than selling it, they decided to remain with it.

He entered his room and shut the door; not bothering to lock it seeing as how he was sure Michelle would go to sleep. He slipped on the way to the bed, staying only in boxers. As he lay in his bed, he started to get horny again, and slipped one hand down to massage his cock, which stood proudly at a full height of nine inches, and could be seen through the covers even in the dark. As he ran his hand up and down the length of it, he was startled when he heard a husky voice from the door.

"Maybe I should help you," Michelle said, quietly sliding into the room. She had changed clothes, and was now only in one of his old shirts, which were surprisingly long, yet didn't cover her whole body, and didn't leave much of her lower body to the imagination.

"Michelle, what the fuck? What are you doing?" he said quickly, while she sat on his bed and started tugging down the covers.

"I've seen your dick before, the shower, and I once peeked through the door while you fucked some girl. I've wanted it since I lost my virginity," she said. "Whoa..." was all he could manage saying. This was all new to him - I mean, his hot sister, really hot sister was now laying on his bed and tugging at his boxers to let his monster free. He didn't even picture her as a sister. His other member was thinking for him. He let her do what she wanted, which meant her putting warm, soft lips on his stiff rod.

"Michelle,'re so hot," he said. He meant it, too. His sister was 19, with a 34-DD chest and an ass that was literally to die for. At one hundred twenty pounds and about five-four, she was really what they called "eye-candy". Now he watched as she expertly deep-throated his dick. He almost shot his load right there. Instead, he gave a low grunt, and started meeting her movements.

"Uh, yeah," he said quietly. "Michelle, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum!" he said. She took her mouth off his dick for a minute. Quickly, she said "I want it down my throat, baby...". He obliged.

He gave one deep push into her mouth, and felt his white cum gush into her mouth. "Ohh, yeah."

"Now, it's my turn," she said.

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