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Girls get messy when deep anal play hits pay dirt.

She then smirked as she said, " I don't think I'll spank you tonight. But I will remember that for later. Tonight, I just want you naked in my bed. After we have made mom scream and cum, I want to lick your sweet pussy and tight little asshole while your face is still covered in mom's juices."

I placed a tender kiss on her lips as I breathed out, "Baby, you say the sweetest things to make me horny for your pussy. Not that it takes much to make me want to go down on you. I'd do that without a word from you and I have."

We then made our way upstairs hand in hand, to mom's room. We found her naked on her king size bed awaiting our arrival. I briefly thought that Chantel and I should get a bigger bed, since we had now added mom to our lovemaking. Mom smiled at our arrival as she slowly slipped a finger between her wet folds. She trailed the finger up and down, coating it, before bringing it up to her mouth. I moaned out, "No, mommy, that's our job."

I then walked over to the bed and crawled up to her body, as she stuck out her finger. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around her digit. I began to slowly suck and lick her finger, as I moaned at the taste of her pussy juices. Mom moaned out, "Oh, you dirty girl. Licking your own mother's pussy juices from her finger. What kind of perverted little white girl are you?"

As I finished sucking and licking her juices from her finger, I answered "I'm the perverted little white girl who gets off on her mother's and girlfriend's pussy juices. Does that make me bad, mommy?"

I asked the last part with the most innocent and chastised look on my face that I could, as Chantel climbed up onto the bed behind me and placed a tender kiss to each of my red and sore ass cheeks. Mom watched us as she smiled and said, "Oh, I like how dirty my little white daughter can be. Now I believe I have a wet pussy in desperate need of servicing, girls."

We both chorused, "Yes, mommy."

Before she could move to mom's pussy, I grabbed Chantel's hand and pulled her up to the other side of mom's body. I then kept eye contact with her, as I leaned down and wrapped my lisp around mom's hard nipple. Chantel smiled as she mirrored my action to mom's other nipple. Mom moaned and placed her hands to the back of our heads, gently holding up to her breasts as she would two suckling babies. Chantel and I clasped our hands as we enjoyed sucking mom's nipples. I began to lick and flick my tongue over her nipple, as I continued to suck. Mom moaned louder and breathed out, "Oh babies, you do so know how to please your mommy don't you?"

Neither Chantel or I took our mouths from mom's nipples as we both mumbled an affirmative answer. I then winked at Chantel, as I brought our hands down to mom's clit and pussy. We broke our hands apart, as she began to rub mom's clit while I began to finger mom's very wet pussy. Mom moaned loudly and bucked her hips into our hands. Her head fell back onto the pillow, as her mouth fell open to release a continuous soft moan of pleasure. I began to suck harder on her nipple, as I thrust two fingers into her pussy. I curved my fingers up and aimed for her g-spot, as she cried out in pleasure. Chantel began to gently pinch mom's sensitive clit between two fingers, as she also began to suck harder on her nipple.

I could not think of a hotter situation, than all of us naked as Chantel and I sucked mom's nipples and worked her pussy and clit.

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