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He said he just likes to cum.

They always joked that business would be great if it weren't for employees and customers. Too bad it was true. They frequently ended up back at Carmen's condo on days like this. Passionate lovers' for almost five years, fucking was a prime pass time and a helpful release. Although Carmen always worried about 'fucking around' when they should be working, Todd argued that the opportunity to be together was a key part of their modest success. Both were sort of correct although there was no question that each was a significant distraction for the other from the business.

As CEO, Todd had responsibility for customers and thinking ahead on their next big move. Although Todd was comfortable with people, he left the people side of their business to Carmen. Carmen's natural, warm personality and non-threatening approach made her a hit with men and women alike. In fact, she got along extremely well with power-women, the type to seldom share anything with anybody, and definitely not another female leader. Unfortunately, there were lots of days like today in their business. One step forward and two steps backwards.

Gripping tightly onto her hips from behind, Todd's ground his swollen member into the soft crevasse separating the perfect soft, round mounds of Carmen's ass. Bending over slightly, Carmen teased an invitation to enter that briefly took Todd's breath away. Grinding harder, Todd penetrated Carmen with his fingers. With Todd stroking her forcefully from behind, Carmen soaked his deepening probes with a sticky flow of scented juices. Purring, Carmen spun around to face Todd, her furry mound pushed hard against his upright cock. Releasing himself from her bawdy grab, Todd dropped to his knees, his tongue buried in her musky forest. Carmen squealed, forcing his face firmly against her swollen mound. Unable to stand it any longer, Todd rose to his feet, guiding his fully hardened cock up the inside of Carmen thighs and thrusting the tip of his penis into her dewy thicket.

Carmen tugged Todd knowingly with her right hand and guided his cock up into her waiting gap. Todd marvelled at her ability to open up for him even when standing. Fascinated, he watched in the mirror as his rigid, purplish shaft disappeared repeatedly between Carmen's thighs. If he grabbed her ass cheeks firmly, Todd could increase the intensity of his thrusting at will. That only made him harder. It made Carmen wetter, and Todd's cock slid easily in and out. Gazing down over his rising chest and firm belly, Todd had the perfect view as his loins merged sensually with Carmen's furry bush. He felt her sticky wetness dripping from his cock, down over his swollen balls and clinging coolly to his smooth, strong thighs.

Suddenly, Todd pulled out completely, moving behind Carmen again and bending her over the bottom of her king-sized bed. Spreading her soft ass cheeks as far as he could with both hands, Todd easily penetrated Carmen's wet, pink folds with his hungry cock. Standing bent-kneed behind her, his stomach and stiff cock rammed up against her round ass, Todd pounded into Carmen with increasing ferocity. He pushed Carmen further forward until she lay face down on the end of the bed, both feet off the floor, her gaping pussy and parted cheeks arched enticingly upwards. The round, darkish hole of Carmen's anus sat mesmerizingly exposed as Todd rammed his stiff rod into her folded cunt. So much for foreplay.

Withdrawing completely, Todd stroked the full length of his slippery, hot shaft, transfixed by his view from behind.

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