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Julie's sexual adventures continue.

.. he... it excites him. " Now she seemed hesitant, where before she had been blunt.

One odd situation, it seemed.

"Why me?" I had to know.

"I was watching you, you seemed... nice. "

Well, I suppose I am nice most of the time.

"The room is full of men who would jump at the chance to be with you. " I told her.

"Yes, but you look... cleaner that the rest?"

"Cleaner? I am not sure I understand that. "

"We can't use a condom, I have to... you know. "

I really didn't know but I was getting the idea.

"I see. " I had reservations now, the last thing I wanted was to catch some disease from a loose lady, I nearly always used condoms unless it got to be a long term thing. Long term was damn rare with me, though, I suppose I could be described as a bit of a predator.

She read my mind.

"I am clean, I got checked just this month. "

"Well, how often do you...?"

"Just one other time, but the guy couldn't... you know... just like Jerry. " she looked down.

Good grief. This lady was beautiful, in shape, nice clothes. Her hair was wavy, shoulder length, everything about her shouted nice 30 year old housewife.

Well, I guess that was what she was.

It hit me I didn't know her name.

"I am Danny. "

"Shelly. " we actually shook hands.

Now one thing about me that might be different than other men is I just never mess with married women. Well, at least not knowingly, anyway. You can make book on the fact that women will lie just like men on that point.

I must have gone quiet, thinking.

"Well? Are you interested?" That same almost shy smile was on her face.

My rules went right out the window, I stood up and held out my hand. She rose and took it, we walked out to my car.

She was quiet during the short drive to my apartment. Once inside, I asked her if she wanted a drink. The fact is, I was mildly nervous, unsure. This was something new.

"No, thank you. " She was already unbuttoning her blouse. I watched as she slipped the blouse off, then reached behind to unhook the plain white bra. Then with a quick motion her skirt was down and off her hips, she stood there for a moment in nothing but simple white panties.

Her body was round and soft, her breasts were average size, the nipples soft and expanded.

"Well?" Then she turned and walked into my bedroom, it popped in my head that I was glad I had made it up with fresh sheets.

I followed along, docile. This was really strange.

Shelly stood by the bed for a moment, then slid the panties down and off, pulled the cover back and slid in.

I was left standing there fully dressed, I have to admit with no sign of an erection. But I undressed, watching as her eyes dropped to my cock as I pulled off my briefs.

I slid in beside her, her hands dropped to me fondling eagerly. I quickly felt the rush of blood as my body awoke.

Then she had me pressed back, swinging her leg over me and grasping me as she pressed down. There was no real foreplay, no fanfare, she wanted my sperm.

She began to thrust with her body, almost in a furious motion. I concentrated on lasting, allowing her to use her body as she wanted.

It wasn't easy to do, she was very snug, I could feel myself strike bottom completely as she pressed down firmly.

At first she acted like she simply wanted to get me off, then I felt her change. She became more moist, her breath became ragged. Then she leaned forward and pressed her breasts against my bare chest, letting out a guttural moan as she ground herself repeatedly against me.

Her orgasm seemed to react all the way through her body in waves. I rolled her over on her back and began again, her legs drew up and wider, allowing me full access. Then her head went back, mouth open as I released.

We lay like that for several minutes, then I withdrew. Her hand went down to trap my seed as she sat up, reaching for her clothes.

She dressed quickly, then headed for the door. Pausing for a moment, she looked back at me still lying naked on my bed.

"Thank, you, Danny. That was fun. "

Then she was gone.

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