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Val, Me, Carl have fun with Val's little green dress.

It slid down my shoulder and across the tops of my breasts. I started breathing a little harder. I realized I was starting to get turned on, I could feel the juices starting to form between my legs.

I felt him shift closer on the bed with his knees against me. Both hands were on my stomach rubbing lightly against my skin gently going up and over my breasts. I could feel my nipples hardening inside my bra.

He still was not speaking a word. Just driving me a little crazy with sensation. My hips started to move, trying to get closer to him. I could feel his hot, hard cock laying just next to my naval. It was starting to throb.

"Please touch me, put your hands on my mound" I cried.

I could hear him chuckle.


Finally I felt his hand slip lower and over my pulsing cunt. He pulled his hand back. My hips tried to follow his hand. His cock was moving across my belly. He was driving me crazy.

His fingers teased along the elastic bands of my panties, just slipping in enough to barely touch the lips of my wet juicy cunt. Up and down, in and out, over and over again his hands moved over my breasts to my dripping cunt.

Then his fingers were in my panties moving along my slit, touching my magic button lightly then back out again.

"God, please will you touch me harder and longer" I cried.

Then I felt a metal blade moving along my thigh. God what was he going to do? Was I going to die? The cold metal blade moved between my spread legs rubbing up and down. I could feel him tug at my panties and then I could feel the blade slip inside. I was terrified but still I was so turned on I didn't care if I was going to die, just as long as I could get off first.

The blade sliced through my panties and I could feel the cool air of the room hit my hot,wet cunt. Then the blade slid along my belly to my bra. One slice and it was open.

There was a knock on the door and I felt him get off the bed.

"No don't open the door. Please at least cover me." I heard him chuckle again.

I could hear the door open and there was some whispering done. Then the door closed.

Next I felt his hands slide along the inside of my legs. I bent my knees as far as the silk scarves would allow to give him easy access. He rubbed along the outside of my slick cunt gently. I felt him blow softly. Then his tongue slid along the opening. I just about went out of my mind.

Up and down, and around my magic button. I could not lay still. I kept following his tongue with my hips. He would bring me to the brink and then pull away. I knew it wouldn't do any good to beg any more. He was going to do what he wanted.

His hands kept running along my inner thighs, pausing to spread my lips wider. He laid the his tongue flat and started lapping at me quickly.

Suddenly I felt warm oil being dribbled along my abdomen. Then hands started smoothing it over my belly and to my breasts. I could smell coconut. He was using coconut oil, one of my favorites. His hands circled around my breasts and to my nipples. They were already hard but they got harder.

Wait a minute. His hands were still spreading my legs. Oh my god there were two of them. He had let someone else join him.

There were tongues everywhere, between my legs lapping at my gushing clit and on my nipples. I went off like a rocket. The tongues gentled but did not stop.

I felt the bed shift. A hard hot cock was at my mouth, hands on my tits, and a tongue in my wet hole.

I opened my mouth, and licked the tip of the cock.

"God, that tastes good," as I tasted the precum on the tip. I opened wider and he pushed it in. I swirled my tongue around the head and started sucking.

"Oh baby more," he sighed.

His cock was so warm and tasted so good. Whoever's tongue was working on my clit knew what they were doing. They knew when to lick and when to suck. I was starting to cum again, but they stopped short of my orgasm.

I decided two could play at this game.

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