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At this moment, she considered them all to be fools. Well, all save one. Besand, her master, sat with the Circle. Most everyone respected him. She would serve him until he felt it proper to release her from his tutorage.

The Master spoke. "Dalia, you stand before us-"

"I know what I did, and-"

"Silence!" He coughed. A shadowy figure approached from behind him and laid a delicate white hand on his shoulder. He pushed it aside. Dalia wondered how many others lay in the shadows beyond the Circle. Her eyes strained to see, but dancing torchlight obscured her vision. "You will speak only when addressed! Is that understood?"

"Yes, master."

The Master grumbled. "This is yours, Besand?"


The Master chuckled. "You have to pick the feisty ones, don't you. More fail under you."

The woman in the Circle laughed. "Full of energy, Besand's underlings are. Full of spirit. Many of us lose that as soon as our consummation. Not Besand's. Many fail, but the ones who succeed go on to greatness. I usually applaud your choices, Master Besand, but this Dalia seems too bull headed for her own good."

"Indeed, Sophia," Besand agreed. "What say you Raegis?"

The hooded man to Dalia's left raised his head. "You know I'm fond of her Besand. But there are rules. You can't just kill the most important people in London. People take notice of that sort of thing, and then it's the 600's all over again."

"But he-" Dalia interjected.

"Silence, ungrateful girl!" the Master yelled. He made an almost imperceptible gesture with his hands. Dalia heard brisk footsteps approach from behind her. She didn't dare turn around. They roughly grabbed the dress around her shoulders and tore the fabric down to her feet. She struggled to stay standing. One of them cut the bikini around her waist leaving her completely naked in front of the Circle. A strong hand from one of the men behind her forced her to her knees. "You will respect me, especially in my hall!" He began coughing again.

She heard Besand's voice telling her to be quiet. She cast her eyes down to the floor.

"Don't help her, Besand," the Master spoke. "She won't always have you by her side. She must learn obedience."

"You're correct, sire," Besand said. "She will learn."

"So what shall we do? I don't think the authorities will find his body," Raegis said.

"We couldn't have been luckier," Sophia added. "He often disappears months at a time on excursions with whatever delicacy he happens to fancy that week. No one will notice him for a long time. When they do, they'll all shake their heads and assume he finally got his." Dalia breathed.

The final member of the circle spoke with a reptilian voice. The hair on Dalia's neck curled as he spoke. Besand scowled. "Then she need only suffer a lesson of humility and take away from all this a reminder of our mercy." Raegis exchanged a glance with Besand.

Sophia laughed. "I think with this one, Marcus, you will find no trace of humility in her. And I fear, she will enjoy too much your traditional methods of finding it." Besand and Marcus both rose to their feet.

"I leave her to you, then." Besand said. Dalia lifted her chin slightly to send a pleading glance. Besand turned away.

"I think not, Besand," Marcus countered. "With the utmost respect due your station, she is still yours to instruct. It would be highly unusual for you to be absent. Don't you think good Master?"

The elder vampire just nodded and sipped at something from a golden cup. "Carry on, Marcus. Besand be seated."

Besand's glare was returned by a smile from Marcus as he stood behind Dalia. Dalia watched Besand sit down quietly as the dark hood slipped down over her face. Marcus drew the string tightly around her neck. It smelled slightly of human blood, and her mouth began to water instinctively. She began to realize the extent of her thirst. The air felt cold around her.

Dalia heard what sounded like a hundred voices chant around her. "You have no sustenance without us. You have no haven away from us."

A hand grabbed her wrist

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