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Ancient power is released.

.. Soon, she was begging to be fucked-"please come inside me " she moaned... Raymond looked over at me and grinned, then pulled away and kneeled before her. He looked over at me as he grasped his penis and began sliding it up and down her slit. She moaned at his touch and thrust her hips off the bed, begging to be fucked. She groaned and whimpered as he teased her by pushing just the head of his penis into her and pulling it out. With a final glance in my direction, Raymond slowly pushed all the way inside her. A deep guttural groan escaped her lips as his penis stretched her labia and finally stopped buried deep within her. She seemed aware that something was up, but in her state of desire was past caring... He paused and looked back over his shoulder at me as though to say, "I'm taking your woman..."

I felt a small twang of jealousy, but seeing his dark skin contrasting with her light skin, his penis stretching her cunt, and her legs, now wrapped against his hips, nearly made me cum myself... GA cried out, "please fuck me, oh God, please fuck me..." and started thrusting her hips against him. With his penis still buried in her, Raymond lay down on top of her, holding himself up with his arms, and slowly began thrusting in and out of her. She struggled against the cuffs as she thrust back to meet him, biting her lips and shaking her head...

This was the most erotic thing I had ever seen-Raymond's penis stretching her cunt as he pushed into her, her labia clinging to his dark penis, glistening with her juices, as he pulled it out and then plunged back into her. She was deep in passion, her body tensing with each thrust as she pushed her hips off the bed to meet him, trying to pull him deeper into her, moaning deeply with each thrust... Soon their bodies were glistening with the sweat of their exertions and they were thrusting at each other frantically. GA screamed as she came, pushing hard against him; Raymond's hips tensed as he pushed hard against her, pumping his semen into her... They froze like that for what seemed an eternity, her cunt contracting around his pulsing penis.

I was on the verge of cumming with them when my heart froze with terror. GA's eyes were clenched tight as she came, but the blindfold had dislodged with her exertions... As they calmed, she smiled dreamily, completely satisfied, and opened her eyes. She looked right into Raymond's eyes and sobbed; she wrestled herself out from underneath him and curled up into as much of a fetal ball as she could manage in the restraints, sobbing so hard she shook the bed... Raymond looked at me, puzzled, and climbed off the bed to sit in one of the chairs as I climbed onto the bed. Gently I freed her hands from the restraints and held her as she cried.

After a few moments, she turned her face to me and whispered "how could you?" I had no answer... She rolled over and nestled down in my arms form a moment then pushed me on my back... Before I realized what had happened, GA had the cuffs around my wrists... She straddled me and ran her soaking cunt along my penis. I thought she wanted to make love and tried to enter her, but she pulled away-her eyes had a very determined look... "Is this what you want?" She asked as she settled a bit, the head of my penis slipping just into her, but no more. She did it again; again I strained against the restraints, trying to slide into her... Suddenly, I felt something warm and slimy on my penis...

"You know what that is, don't you?" She asked, almost sneering, as she ground her cunt onto me, "that's his cum..." She climbed off me and kneeled beside my knees and patted the bed, "Why don't you come up here," she asked. Without a word, Raymond climbed onto the bed and sat next to me, trapping my arm between him and the headboard...

"I'm GA," she said.

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