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Abigail wraps up another year with her students.


"Have you ever stolen panties or any other garment from a washing line?"

"No, never."

Right that concludes my questions. I am happy that you were able to lay your experiences and desires before me. However, the first time I let you wear my lovely panties you told me you had never worn women's underwear before and for that you shall be punished sometime in the future." Oh no, I did tell her I'd never worn panties before. Why did I say that? I don't know. What I really meant was I'd never worn them "officially." Boy I'd really done it now.

"Right Josh, despite your little panty lie, I am very happy with you otherwise. Your obedience clearly shows that you are a devoted little slave and that makes me very happy.

"Thank you very much Mistress!"

"Therefore I will reward you. You obviously want to make love to my panties don't you."

"Yes Mistress I'd love to." Then suddenly Marilyn pulled down her pink satin panties from under her skirt and took them off, holding them in front of me.

"However, if you want to make love to my panties you'll need to seduce them by telling them that you are attracted to them!"

Now on my knees I looked at Marilyn's panties and said, "You're such beautiful panties and I find you very attractive!" This was agonisingly embarrassing but at the same time, a real turn-on.

"Right now you can show them your love by kissing them!" So then I started kissing them all over.

"Tell them you love them!"

"I love you panties!"

Marilyn then layed them onto the carpet and said, "They're all yours you little pervert!"

"Thank you. I'm very grateful." I started to wank myself off with the panties in front of me. I couldn't wait to cream all over them.

"Mistress I love serving you. I adore you and want to kiss your thighs and lick your pussy."

I had made a mistake of catastrophic proportions!

Suddenly the mood changed and Marilyn stood up and snapped,

"Ok take your hand off your penis and stand up worm! Your Mistress is and will always be forbidden to you and you know that. You will never see or taste my pussy and you have shown me great disrespect with this!"

"I'm so sorry," was all I could say.

Then Marilyn walked to the window at the back of the dining room. I could hear much joviality and jollification from next door. The lady of the house was in the garden with her two daughters enjoying the summer weather.

"I think what you need Josh is some fresh air to clear these dirty thoughts from your mind. What do you say about accompanying me in the garden for some exercise?"

"You mean naked?"

"Of course that's what I mean!" Although Marilyn was asking, I knew I really had no choice in the matter as this was my punishment for disrespecting my Mistress. I'd been naked in her garden once before but on that occasion I lay on the grass at her feet. This sounded frightening.

"I'd be happy to Mistress!" What else could I say? So the humiliation was mine to suffer. Into the summer afternoon I strode naked and on a leash as Marilyn led me out the back door and into her garden.

The two teenage girls on seeing my arrival shrieked and screamed.

"Oh my God. Look at that. He's naked and look at his cock," said the first sister who was a rather flat chested, attractive girl with tanned skin and long brown hair. "It's not very big is it?"

"Well I think it's cute!" countered her sister who had long red hair and a rather curvy shape."

"What's all the fuss about?" enquired their mother until her eyes fell upon me. "Hi Marilyn. Putting young Josh through his paces are you?"

"Yes Mrs Clarke. You've got to keep him fit for purpose," Marilyn replied.

I was then led round the garden by the leash much to the delight of the three watching women. Marilyn then ordered that I run round the perimeter of the garden as she led me, much like the show dogs in the competition Crufts.

"Right then Josh ten star jumps get to it!" was followed by, "Start running on the spot there's a good boy, chop chop!" The star jumps were particularly humiliating as my cock and balls jiggled about which was met with great lau

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